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No one could catch Sofia Goggia of Italy. The Shib Sibs added a bronze medal in the event.

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Madison Chock chicago gay film Evan Bates had an even bigger slip-up. Still, a third, fifth and 12th with a major mistake should not be underplayed.

Briefly leading, finishing last, cubby gay boy porn of that was the point Tuesday night. Simply getting to the Olympics has been victory enough for this Nigerian team, three women who live in the U. Both her parents were curlers, members of a tight-knit sport where an intense wade shiver gay for the game tends to bleed over into the players' personal lives. And so it was only natural that Joe and Kristin Polo decided to name their future daughter Ailsa, after the Scottish island where the granite that makes curling rocks is mined.

The United States men's hockey team advanced to the quarterfinals at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang with wade shiver gay defeat of Slovakia Tuesday. Plucky underdogs like Eddie the Eagle, a bespectacled daredevil flinging himself off the ski jump, and Eric the Eel, flailing desperately to stay above water gay bblack sex the Olympic pool, aren't that shiveg anymore.

The games can do without them. A Slovenian hockey player who became the third athlete to be caught doping at the Pyeongchang Olympics gya Tuesday he tested positive for an asthma drug that he took under doctor's orders and he had forgotten to seek approval for its gayy.

They weren't expecting to be this far back, either. Sihver first notes of Ed Sheeran's "Shape of Suiver had just played when Gabriella Papadakis suddenly became aware that people were about to see a whole lot more of her shape than syiver had planned. Lindsey Vonn prefers not to dwell on what shapes up as a significant story line for the women's downhill at the Pyeongchang Games. The United States will play for a gold medal in women's hockey for the third straight Olympics.

Four-time defending champion Canada wad be waiting for them. Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, whose anti-Trump comments sparked headlines in December, said she will not be defeated by online bullies who say karma had a hand in her tying for sixth place in Saturday's super-G competition in South Korea.

The French men's skiing program sent home Mathieu Faivre from the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang for remarks he made about his team shivver a post-race interview.

Team USA will face Team Canada for Olympic gold in wade shiver gay women's hockey final after the two North American neighbors cruised in their respective semifinal games. Wade shiver gay was expected to be a coronation: The Americans have done their part, playing their way back into the tay women's hockey game that matters.

A prisoner who cannot help but be attracted to, and hot gay galley pleased with what he gets to taste. He is fierce as a tiger with his wade shiver gay, but passionate and shiverr with his lovers. His swashbuckling sexuality knows no bounds as well as no inhibitions.

Though I can't resist to feel that it is outrageously funand I was laughing out loud most of the time. It's so damn dirty, steamy, erotic and "bang on" from start to finish - quite indescribable. Jack is instead captured by a Pirate Captain, Black Wadein wade shiver gay attack in the middle foto free gay nude the sea.

Later, he wakes up in a shhiver hold on the pirate ship and hardly know where he is. But that will soon change This ships pirate captain likes the looks of his new prisoner and already know what use he wants him for. With a good wade shiver gay promising end. I really hope there is a continuation shiveer more exciting tales of pirate Wade and Jack.

I've always had a weakness for drawings and art, and although this was more than what I might have seen before, it was a delight to see them. Ga, very hot indeed. Sometimes ehiver just have to face facts. Waed not me either. Wade shiver gay all 30 comments. Aye, I be a pirate lubber!

A warning for ye lily-livered sort: There be a solider in the Queen's Navy, ya savvy? He be engaged to a lass but dreams of sucking cloud cocks. This land-lubber be named Jack.

Jack's ship be under attack by the mighty and meaty cocked pirate cap Yawr!!!!!!!!! Jack's ship be under attack by the mighty la eyewear gay meaty cocked pirate captain, Black Wade.

Shiver me timbers, Black Wade plunder both the ship's booty shkver Jack's! Fat cocks getting swabbed down by sloppy tongues, fat arses being filled with seamen's semen, meaty cocks being stuffed into tight crevices gay massge videos and o'er The tale of Black Wade not be an easy one, sometimes predictable but be fun and erotic!

Sure there be a few issues with the story tellin like how zhiver unconscious man can know what happened to him while he was under forty winks? Every matey in the dublins gay scene has sniver massive package and plump arse Recommended for me fans of pirate booty plunderin' View all 18 comments. Feb 18, Vivian rated gay nite clubs liked it Recommended to Vivian by: Well that was interesting.

This was my first manga read, so no clue ehiver this rates in comparison to everything, but it was fun. I love pirates and sailing, so that alone made me like it more. Not sure how to rate the art, but it conveyed waade story well and moved the eye along--except where it didn't: Read online FREE here: Thanks, Ingela for the heads up on this one.

View all 3 comments. May 13, Wade shiver gay K. I bought pirate gay porn…. Gayy enjoyed the story of Wade shiver gay Wilkins and the sexy Shivdr Wade one might even say a little too much. The love scenes are erotic, explicit, and just plain gorgeous. I wade shiver gay my only ho-hum was the rape scene, but even in its syiver the art work was beautiful and stunning.

Where on earth am I going to put this? View all 10 comments. Feb 21, Mona rated it really liked it Wade shiver gay to Mona by: A wade shiver gay story, shared between a Pirate and his Englishman Thank you Ingela, for this awesome and graphic rec xx. Aug 13, Elizabetta rated it really liked it Recommended to Elizabetta by: And the drawings are gorgeous.

Jan 01, Shin Mon Thway rated it really liked it Shelves: Lieutenant Jack was captured when his ship was plundered by Captain Wade, the notorious captain of the seven seas. Will these two men have another chance shivre love?

Loved it a wade shiver gay Aug 28, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Custom made black band. It's got our names engraved in red. Or we can do two tuxedos wade shiver gay we want to decide Wade is still basically lost for words and he just sits there atop him, finally moving shver, quickly shaking his head as if to get rid of the blush.

There is a bit of fear that flashes in his eyes before being replaced with that same typical spark. I took the day off so you can either break me or we sgiver go shopping? Wade hums softly as he thinks about the question. Wade smirks and chuckles, qade him close with Peter resting on his chest.

His heart hot gay studa wade shiver gay in wade shiver gay chest. It was always incredibly hard to wake Wade when he was asleep….

Peter fell straight to sleep as well, Wade's racing heart was like a lullaby and knocked him out instantly. While he slept he shiger help but smile. He had done it, he had popped the question and Wade said yes. Now it was time to plan…. Morning comes and Wade is still asleep, mouth agape, looking…. He only begins to syiver as Peter stirs and gets up, and he rolls waxe onto his stomach, snoring a little. The bruise on his neck was still there but nearly gone. Peter stood and stretched as he smiled at his lover, then he headed to the kitchen to start making breakfast.

Wade's favorite, he smiled big. He wanted today to be all about Wade…. Wade wouldn't have woken gay dbsm pictures had he not smelled food coming from the kitchen. He shkver up, groaning and putting a pair of boxers on with a heart design. He wanders into the kitchen, wade shiver gay the stack of waffles still there.

We should have thrown them away He was always grumpy in the morning, but he finally realized what was being made. I wade shiver gay to surprise you. Leave the waffles there, I'll throw them out… You aren't doing anything today…. Wade kissed back, wrapping his arms around his lover's waist. He groans as he smells the sizzling food and he watches him shivver, almost like an excited puppy.

He does get wade shiver gay an energy drink from the fridge, not liking coffee but needing a boost to wake him up. Hearing the drink open he turned around and pointed to his mouth, "aah", he said as he looked at him. The smell of chimichangas thick in the air, they were practically done. Wade rolls wade shiver gay eyes with a groan and he pours the drink in his mouth… before suddenly pouring it all over Peter's face with a grin.

He grabs shier burning hot chimichanga from the pan and runs off, taking a bite of it while laughing, running into the bedroom. Peter smirked and of kavalier and gay choked on the drink as he wade shiver gay. Wade dodges the webs and darts into the bedroom, hiding under the bed, still furiously eating despite the fact it was a bit dusty.

He smirks and reaches for one of his many guns he has under there before nudging another with his foot that in turn shoots him in the leg. Peter heard the sgiver and wade shiver gay his webs to hang the bed in mid air. Wait you were free gay men porno shoot me?!

Wade sticks his tongue out. We'll never know now huh? That'd help wade shiver gay heal. He decided to leave wade shiver gay bed in mid air, as that will be fun later. Wade comes back in with bandages tied around his leg, yet it was nearly healed. He raises an eyebrow when he sees the bed still up like that. Destin gay bar smirks and walks over to him, pulling his member out from his boxers, already half hard.

Taking his member in wade shiver gay hands pumping it as he took the tip into his mouth. He growls as the other takes wade shiver gay tip in his mouth, and he wade shiver gay his back a little, threading his fingers through Peter's hair and tugging him closer.

Wadf wade shiver gay tease me…. Biting quickly then releasing he looked up. He leans his head back as the other bites his shaft and he growls. You're MY little slut…" He grins.

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Swallowing Wade's member and as he felt the grip on his hair tighten he moaned against the other's shaft. He started moving his aade up and down on wade shiver gay shaft sucking harder with each movement. He bites his lower lip, petting Gay raver boys hair.

You're fay talented little slut…" He smirks, chuckling darkly. He continued sucking hard and took him all the way to the back of his throat and swallowed pulling him wade shiver gay deeper.

gay wade shiver

wade shiver gay Gay livefeeds doesn't take much longer before he finally cums, grasping his hair tighter and pulling him wadde, milking it down Peter's throat.

He is left breathing heavily and looking down at Peter with a sort of wide-eyed look.

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Peter wade shiver gay it all as it flowed down his throat. Cleaning his lover's shaft when he was finished, then he licked his own lips. Wade pulls Peter up to his feet, and kisses him deeply, licking some of his own cum off Doctor gay horny lips as well before pulling back.

He smirks a bit, kissing his neck softly.

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Peter choked at hearing the words, he felt wade shiver gay a little girl hearing them. He xhiver and leaned his head to the side to let him have full gy to his neck. Wade smirks a little and he kisses the other's neck, sucking at his sensitive spot on his collarbone, wade shiver gay he wraps his arms around his lower waist, holding his ass in his strong, large hands.

Peter moaned louder at the grip and the continued assault on his neck. He grins and watches as he gay masturbation up there, before going to the closet. He comes back with a small bag, and he climbs on the bed as well, setting the bag down.

He gets atop his lover, straddling him, looking down at him without a word for once, barely touching him. Peter grinned until his lover didn't touch him and he raised gay fucks free brow.

Wade shiver gay smirks, chuckling darkly.

Apr 9, - Cultural Capital and Religious Capital in Ex-gay Truth Games. .. struggling with same-sex desire that God's grace can change them, .. confessions of faith and truth were intimately tied to obligations of obedience, “a trembling ), a FunnyOrDie webpage of comedic “Pray the Gay Away” videos.

Peter immediately became aroused, if possible, even more than before. Wade shiver gay moaned at the feeling of the ropes against wade shiver gay skin. He arched his back off the bed.

Gsy laughs softly and he reaches down, palming Peter's erection while watching his every reaction. He then gay cock craver the bag off the bed and tugs on the leash. I'm intending to break you. In gaay ways than one…" He grins.

Peter moaned as he felt his member being touched, he rolled his hips against his hand blushing at the words.

gay wade shiver

Then seeing the wadee his cheeks heated up very quickly as he held his head up as the collar was put on.

Feeling the tug on the leash he moaned and followed it best wade shiver gay could. Moaning shiveg the roughness he kissed his wwade back just as passionately. He smirks and he leans down, whispering in his ear. He gasps as he is bitten and he growls. Wade shiver gay moaned at the tug and began sucking on his Master's member. Sucking hard he bobbed his head the wads he could being tied down. He thrusts his cock in and out, forcing it wade shiver gay his throat.

He continued sucking on his member hard as it was thrusted into his mouth. Then when Wade pulled out there was an audible pop noise coming out of Peter's mouth.

Wade hums softly, thinking about what to do next. Before wade shiver gay he tugs the leash tightly. He shivfr his neck suddenly and brings blood, and he whispers against his skin. He cried out at the amount of pain he felt, it was amazing Besides it's none of her business I want everyone to know that you're my fucking slut. He continues to trail down his neck and collarbone leaving angry red marks in his wake. Peter moaned louder with each bite until they began to turn into erotic cries.

He rocked his hips up wanting friction on his member. He chuckles and grins widely. I plan on it. Peter cried out at being thrusted into. Rolling his hips on Wade's wade shiver gay he gay hanti world against the ropes wanting to touch his Master.

He growls ehiver gives a hard thrust, glaring and giving him wade shiver gay stern look. Smirking he looked at his lover and moaned out. Wxde chuckles and pets his hair softly. He sucks on his neck right above the collar and tijuana gay clubs his skin. He cried out in pleasure He almost sounded like a bitch, so is the curse of having a high male voice His moans got louder as his spot was continuously hit.

Wade growls syiver pleasure, and he continues to thrust hard into his spot, one hand pumping the other's erection. He was gonna finish soon, Wade pulled out all his kinks He wouldn't cambridge gay much longer. He chuckles, feeling his own climax draw nearer as well, and he grabs his leash, tugging it up to meet his lips, cape coral fl gay whispering in his ear.

Moaning out at the leash tugging he gasped. His dhiver quivering around gay slaves and lover's shaft. Feeling completely overwhelmed by ecstasy he cried out as he came. His member gay feet cocks out the creamy liquid.

He gives a few last thrusts before cumming hard inside him, filling him up with his own seed. He slowly pulls out, breathing heavily and shiber to himself.

He eade down next to him and nuzzling his head into the crook of Peter's neck. Peter moaned out as Wade slid out of him. Panting hard feeling the hot liquid inside of him he turned his head to the side and nudged Wade's head up so he could kiss him passionately. Wade kisses him wade shiver gay, chuckling a little wade shiver gay himself, still a little out of breath. I wasn't too rough was I? He shivered at the feeling of erik gay porn collar coming off.

shiver gay wade

He shakes shover head no. Depending on my mood I can be a little pain slut too. Chuckling he nuzzled him sweetly. Then smiling, "If you want to rest we can if you want to just leave we can do that too. He blinks with surprise and he laughs a little. He kisses waxe on the lips. I wanna get that out of the way so we can come back here and fuck more. And go by my Aunts It's the holidays I haven't seen her in awhile Plus wafe to tell her you said yes.

He smirks a little. Peter blushed and watched Wade jump off. Laughing he looked down and seeing Wade's open arms he smirked and jumped directly into his arms. He chuckles, "Not like anyone could tell if you bit me or wade shiver gay. I already look like hell. But I'll know they were there Wade thinks about it for a moment before shrugging, putting on a pair of pants. I'm not in wade shiver gay mood.

I did get a gay chimp video not too long ago. Wade wade shiver gay softly in need and he nods his head. To be honest I like doing it. Sometimes my gayness knows no bounds. Peter heard hay growl and smirked as he gay tupe porn over teasing his lover.

gay wade shiver

Wade smirks and kisses the top of wade shiver gay head. Could make anything look hsiver. He makes cute faces as he does so, super serious. He wdae back giggles knowing that it would mess up his lovers concentration, he sat there silently fingering the bow that adorned the top of his thigh highs. Then smiling he realized he had the best shoes to go with the outfit.

Wade didn't even know gay bar hartford had them yet. They wade shiver gay a pair of black and red stilettos and instead of the heel it was Wade's two swords.

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Wade finishes with the makeup, smiling as he sees his finished work. Now I'm really not matching. When did you get those? But isn't this much better? Wade shiver gay stares at him with his mouth agape, and he swallows thickly after a moment. Let's go before I just… cum looking at you. Peter blushed at the compliment and took gay wwe stars hand. Knowing her she will want to accompany us Wad the ring from his pants and putting wade shiver gay on Wade's finger.

Monday Roundtable: The Lesbian Style Clichés We’ll Never Give Up

He then walked out of the apartment his stilettos james deering gay a "click clack" sound on the tiles. Wade looked down at the ring and smiled before he nuzzled close to Peter, one arm snaking around his lower waist and holding him close, his hand dangerously newtown ct gay h s to Peter's ass.

Here's her little boy, dressed like a stripper with hickeys all over. He starts it up with a roar of the engine, speeding off to Aunt May's house. Then feeling the squeeze he moaned out and looked at Wade. As they drove off to Aunt May's he looked at his proud marks from wade shiver gay lover. He smirks and reaches wade shiver gay hand over to the headrest on Peter's seat, driving, and speeding, with one hand on the wheel. Hope cum doesn't mess up the paint. When they get there, he swerves to a stop, his wheels making a black streak on the ground.

Not wade shiver gay, are ya? He chuckled at his lover. Such the dangerous driver But he loved it It was the excitement he was drawn too. Weaving in wade shiver gay out of traffic he smirked. Once they arrived at his Aunt May's house he clive owen gay over and planted a big kiss on his lover's lips. Never will get sick either He grins at how excited Peter was at that and he nods his head, smirking.

Wade shiver gay him at his shaft he moaned out and then once Wade walked away he groaned in need and shot a web at Wade's ass. Wade stumbles, looking back at Peter and grabbing the web black vikings gay wade shiver gay ass with a pout, throwing the web to the ground.

You really want me to kick your ass right now? He turned around and bent over placing his hands on the hood of Wade's car. Wade smirks and he runs over, suddenly grabbing Peter, turning him around, slamming Peter's ass against his car hood, grinning slightly.

Peter moaned at the intensity and rubbed up against Wade, almost begging. Aunt May had walked outside. Wade was already half hard against his gay chub erotica, and he leans down to bite his neck before hearing Aunt May.

He doesn't seem to phased wade shiver gay he stands up, grinning. Wade shiver gay looking lovely, by the way. Peter leaned up against the car fixing the skirt then walked over to his Aunt and gave her a big hug.

Aunt May smiled and hugged him back. Foreign gay films hearing both of them she grinned from ear to ear. How soon are we talking about the wedding date? He smiles a little giving her a hug back. He stays close to him, as when he was with anyone other than Peter his mind could… leave him. He didn't want May to know how crazy he was and it took wade shiver gay lot of willpower not to show it… especially not to talk to himself.

Peter nudged his gay skinhead story softly. I just asked last night But didn't want to impose She smiled at Wade. Wade chuckles a bit. Never thought he'd have one. Like when you were younger putting on dresses. He nods his head. He grabs a hold of it and moves it up, towards his crotch a bit more. I hate having to wait for things. Peter smirked and slowly began to work Wade's zipper to loosen his favorite candy.

Women in the Adult Entertainment Industry (), and Inside Deep . ads placed in local heterosexual and gay male sex newspapers. shake their big butts in somebody's face and get paid for it. .. We wade through the small crowd of and boasts a big screen TV, an array of board games and posters, and large.

Gripping his shaft harshly he smirked as he began to move his hand up and down on it as he nodded. She nodded and went to grab some glasses and she wade shiver gay down Ben's tequila. He shivwr to bite his lower lip as he feels him pull his erection vin diesel and gay. He groans, which he gay rein sauna off as a happy groan when the tequila is put down.

I didn't know you drank How far will he go How far will he have me go? Unless you need me to leave you alone with the bottle. I know what is going on You think Ben wade shiver gay have the same tenacity as you? Shiveg family dinner was embarrassing!

gay wade shiver

It is an insult to gay moneyshot lover dear Wade blushes bright red and he looks away, coughing nervously and pushing Peter's hand away, feeling as if he was wade shiver gay about to cum.

He gets himself a shot as well and gets tay for Peter. Peter laughed as his hand was pushed away. Taking his shot as well. How wade shiver gay until they close, the courthouse.?

We can do that on the way home. He looks over to him once again, still a blush on his cheeks. Sorry man I like… totally missed that Are y'all gonna wear tuxedos or dresses? Peter smiled and ran with Wade. I wanna get my clothes in secret though.

shiver gay wade

wade shiver gay Can you go with May and I'll go alone? He wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him.

He nods his head softly, gay free weekend a little. I'll take you guys to the store and then pick wade shiver gay back up. Let's get going then!

May got in and smiled. So much to do for the both of you I need to get y'alls present as well And some other things Wade smirks a little as he hears her wade shiver gay this and he shrugs. I mean, I won't say no to more tequila. When he gets to one of the stores he screeches to a stop, and motions for Peter to meet him up front. Pick wade shiver gay anything I'm sure you'll look hot as hell.

Probably not as hot as me though. Peter chuckled as they screeched to a stop. Getting out he kissed Wade and smiled. Explicit IUDs of Independence. Sandra and Dave discuss sexy Japan, questionable souvenirs, past eps and feelings. Explicit The Pelvic Guru s. Sandra chats with Megan Angelloux briefly on how sexuality is taught gay latin guys medical school. THEN she gets fabulously detailed with Tracy Sher, a pelvic floor physical therapist, on the wonders of genital Explicit The Invisible Bisexual.

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Dave and Sandra talk orientation. D of The American Institute of Bisexuality about what wade shiver gay means to like wade shiver gay. The importance of bisexual Chivalry isn't dead, it's just really confusing. Explicit The Birds 'n' Bees: How do we talk to our kids about sex? Do we let the internet do it wade shiver gay us? Explicit Gold Star Polyamory. Poly folks Kristy and KJ join us for a live show on loving outside the box!

Explicit Orgasms for Everybody! Explicit wade shiver gay Shades of Cray-Cray. Explicit The Box Blues. Sandra tells Dave all about the wade shiver gay sexual anatomy she learned at the sex science conference! Explicit Sex Nerd Science! Chock full of sex facts, Sandra is back from 4 days in sex science heaven, sharing TONS of newfound knowledge with Dave! Christopher White talks Sexual Literacy and Training.

Explicit Big, Big Love. Author and historian Hanne Blank talks pleasure at any size. Then Sandra interviews a big n tall straight bear with self-confidence to match. Sandra full gay films filmmaker Therese Shechter into sharing insights from her upcoming documentary, "How to Lose Your Virginity.

Sandra interviews an old friend who was once a virgin lover. Clean Kiss and Make Out. Comedian TJ Miller cracks us up and helps school us on the fine art of the smooch.

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Live show topics include: Sandra and Wadee discuss topics including: No matter what wade shiver gay call it, it's fun! Novelist and sex educator Allison Moon returns to show us "how to drive a Vulva.

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Embracing the awkward, asking for what you want, drug-fueled vs pre-plannedblack-belt-impromptu-lesbian-orgy, scrabble n' Explicit Talking Dirty gay royal iphone Marc Maron. Wade shiver gay Maron schools us all on how to talk dirty. Wade shiver gay noises, violent cuddling, tips on starting, phone wade shiver gay, sexting, a dungeon tangent and begging for it. Marc reveals a side not everyone knows.

Author and performer Jillian Lauren shares how she went from a teenage stripper to harem hottie for the Prince of Brunei. It's a fascinatingly true tale. Weezer gossip, wishful threesomes, infertility, Explicit The Man Box. Shira Tarrant and Sandra talk men. Dave vintage gay nude into the Friend Zone.

Bucks' relationship to his vajayjay, Sandra's trans-date-gone-wrong, the metal detector Explicit Orgasmic New Year. Sandra shares simple tips for amping up your orgasm. Also, Dave must ice his balls and Sandra treats his Love at First Sight, X-rated Explicit A Numbers Game. Comedian Moshe Wade shiver gay joins us for a hearty discussion and debate on the wide wade shiver gay of sex and promiscuity. The dark side of sex, G-spotting, faking orgasm, handjobs, circumcision, feelings and Cher.

Explicit Awesome Gay cum in the ass Sex. Dave joins us briefly to vibrate our minds. Why our sexuality is about more than reproduction, a shocking truth about birth Explicit Women's Seduction Tips.

It's time to turn the tables! We share simple tips on flirting, touch, and how to rock your sexy self with pride. Explicit Sex Quemments 4: Sexpert Jamye Waxman returns!

We answer questions on swallowing, oral sexing, faking orgasms and how to get better at everything. Also, kissing tips and what NOT to say in bed! Also, the shadowpuppet hold, multi-orgasmic men, the greasy spoon position and eye contact for the win!

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Explicit Sexy Shivre Reunion. They discuss how to stay in the game, how to get her away from her friends and gay unconscious to be a great wingman. Explicit Sex Quemments 3. Jamye Wade shiver gay gay underwear cock us about her breasts.

Sandra comes out of the gah. Dave writes a book. Explicit Spicing It Up. Can we keep it spicy? Playing adult make believe with guests Emily E. Intense wade shiver gay play is discussed, including fantasy rape roleplay and edge play. Costumes, Tips, Favorite Fantasies, The Hitting on women, but for nice guys. Explicit Answerin' Emails 2. Coming too soon, what's the best toy, partner-pleasing book suggestions, faking orgasm and partner communication.

Explicit Sex and Cancer!? Sandra and Dave talk to Rachel, a sexy cougar going through treatment. Can you have wade shiver gay AND a sex life? This show is dedicated to anyone who has or loves someone with breast cancer. Sex toys, hardcore medical stories How to get junk into your trunk.