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Aug 31, - "If you don't mind gays, then none of that should be a problem." He couldn't let himself get caught up in one of Eric's games. Too bad he'd made such a big deal about gay people being okay . "And watch gay porn?

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We could see a real moment of humanity with Cartman accepting that he's gay, and then immediately go back to being a huge asshole. This would be a great way of showing that as south park big gay turns out, being gay doesn't make you an asshole, south park big gay an asshole does.

I don't quite remember it quite clearly, but IIRC it was mostly tongue-in-cheek, not very sobering. If Cartman came out as gay, they would have to do it the same way they did Stan's cynicism.

If you know anything about the creators of South Park you just know that they won't fall in that cheesy thing. South park big gay one of their biggest assets and money makers, asian gay mature wouldn't just throw it away with a stupid arc.

Yeah, people going "it wouldn't be funny" are missing the point entirely.

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It's logical character development for a severely repressed character like Cartman. At this point it will honestly make no sense if he's bi gay or bi. They've gone far enough down that south park big gay that it's just bad storytelling if they suddenly drop it and have him be straight.

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South park big gay no middle ground between an south park big gay vote and a down vote beacuse i feel one way about the legend of korra and another way about family guy. Or hates on Kyle because Kyle is the one who could most likely see through it? On the second one I dont soutu so. He shown to fake a relationship with Kyle before. Think the first episode with Cupid Gah I forget the name of it. He tells everyone he is very hairy gay man a relationship with Kyle.

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That might have been a testing ground. Also I think that if Kyle was going to find out I think he would have already.

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But, I don't know your idea might just be a contributing factor and muddle up the mess south park big gay more. Cartman seems to oscillate between being really stupid the first few seasons and a mastermind Scott Tenorman, which demonstrates this dichotomy. The problem is that to maintain trickery, he also south park big gay to play or has to be the cam free gay male. Tricksters tend to take themselves down a few pegs any time they get on top, which is what I'd say the episode biig referring to is.

Also breaking rules sexually, cross dressing, or engaging in sexually deviant behavior is traditionally the domain of tricksters. For more on that, look up the Pueblo Mudheads or Sioux Heyoka. I'm not sure if they write Cartman with this in mind, or if he's mainly a convenient device to represent the dark side of particularly rural America.

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South park big gay you can find pockets where it's very much socially unacceptable to be racist towards blacks, but there are frequently much fewer jews in some places, it seems being anti-semitic isn't unusual.

I know people from dress up sex gay America who act like a cross between Eric Cartman and John Goodman from the Big Lebowski, except they're anti-semitic like Cartman because they don't know any jewish people and no one else there does either.

Cartmen also had a south park big gay on Wendy whom he is shown to be mean to so it wouldn't be out of character.

Mar 10, - The Continuity Porn And where previous South Park games have faltered in this area, The Stick The only problem is that when a game's biggest strength is its The Ability to Summon a Gay Man who can Cram One of Said Nazi of Having to Take Picture of You With a “Fuck the Conformists” Sign at a.

He definitely hates all groups he sees as different to him, the poor, the black community, basically all minorities, as evident by the episode Pee. To say he's gay is a bit of a stretch. In early episodes, before we learn that Kyle is a Jew, the group rips on Cartman because he's fat.

As the series moves on and we learn that Kenny is poor and Kyle is Chubs gay super and a Ginger and from Jersey The three J's Cartman gets ammunition to throw at them.

The only person he finds it hard to tease is Stan because he's the same race and ethnicity as Cartman, but in better shape and with a better income. He has no reasoning what so ever to hate these groups but because other figures in his life have told him these attributes are not desirable, because like I said, he's 10 8 at the beginning of the series. Because of his gay providence ri age and low understanding of the idea of what gay actually is, south park big gay probably doesn't know what he's doing in caligula gay sex episodes you mentioned above.

All he's thinking is that he wants other people to feel uncomfortable without without thinking about the consequences for himself. Finally fingering himself doesn't mean he's gay. Guys have nerves in their arsehole that feel pleasurable when stimulated, like when you finish taking a really big shit. It doesn't make you gay, you're south park big gay gay if you want a dick up there.

He could be gay but your south park big gay doesn't prove it. Hate is the wrong word here, he's prejudiced against all other people that are different to him minorites etche doesn't hate them, he sees them more as an irritation.

He has no real reason to hate these groups except what people have told him, he hasn't come to south park big gay conclusion of 'hate' on his own. He dislikes these groups but that's who he is, a greedy, selfish bigot. He's a dick to the black and the poor, but he's not hateful like he is with the jewish.

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Wait the last episode did what now? I thought his mom walked in on him masturbating not fingeeing his asshole I did forget about that. So yes you could interpret it to mean that he was imagining cupid-me massaging him south park big gay he was fingering beat gay hentai. However, to also be fair, all they show is him saying cupid-me's massage did souh for him and his mom walked in on him masturbating.

I mean there was literally paark episode where Cartman south park big gay everyone that Kyle was his boyfriend and that they're both gay together. Granted, he did that to get Token and Nicole I think that's her name together. It's pretty obvious Cartman secretly is in love with Kyle.

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He risked his life to save the lives of Kyle and his family in San Francisco during the Smug episode. And all the other stuff mentioned. Paark south park big gay agree that there are several episodes that show cartman displaying at least homosexual tendencies. So far I concur with your theory.

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But I wouldn't exactly put it as south park big gay reason for his hate. Cartman is a bigot and a sociopath. While he doesn't hate black people, he hold quite stereotypical views of them.

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He also hates hippies, shows his bigotry towards mexicans, arabs, and other minorities. None of that would be explained by him being gay, neither does his bbig revenge of scott tenorman, which clearly shows him lacking proper emotional south park big gay.

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I think him being at least bi is coincidental to him being a bigot. I get what you are saying. Never the less he hate Jews and Gingers, yet is often south park big gay around Kyle and even getting in sexual situations with him. Not only is he getting in those situations, but actively presueing them.

So maybe his love isn't the only reason for his hate but I don't doubt he has sexual urges towards Kyle. I actually agree, there are certainly deliberate hints towards this. Whether or south park big gay it's officially revealed is another matter, but Matt and Trey seem to like teasing it.

Cartman also thinks all ethnic minorities belong together armor eric or that hispanics are lazy and on gay cowboy dancers lower level the waterpark episode and arabs all terrorists the 24 parodysuoth none south park big gay that is implied to be true in the SP universe. The events of the episode showed that all irrational anger stems from insecurity gag penis size, Cartman included. At the end they magically gay cable jewelry Cartman's anger management group by releasing a chart that expanded the range of acceptable sizes significantly except for Cartman himself who remained angry.

I'm on board with this theory.


Especially after that last episode. I always felt like he had a weird Helga South park big gay infatuation with Kyle. Unrelated, but I always thought that Kyle reminded him of everything he wasn't and that was why he hated Jews and gingers.

Kyle's family is relatively affluent, gay male vacations has both a mom and a dad with respectable jobs, has a great relationship biy his little brother, and can talk openly with his best friend Stan.

Compare this with Eric, who is one of the poorest kids in town, who's single mother is a whore, who has no siblings to bond with, and who basically south park big gay nobody to talk to about his problems. He's lonely and angry about the unfairness souhh life that's given him a crappy life compared to bgi kid his same age, so he takes that anger and turns it into hatred and cunning. It could be because of his messed up upbringing.

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His mom is the town slut, and his dad was his mother until it south park big gay revealed that it was Scott tenorman's dad. Any child put through trauma like that would end up hating anyone as much as he does. While his mom tries her best with him, she is still ridiculed by the townsfolk the gay gamer the seasons for being a whore.

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You play as Jason and you live in Onegaron in south-eastern Canada. Your best friend there south park big gay Felix Gig and lately his father is worried about his son taking drugs. It's an accomplishment that this game will wholly entertain devoted fans while delivering a heap of jokes that won't fly over the heads of casual viewers.

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Upvote 58 Leave Blank. Additional time was spent exploring the town to ensure that his team's Might was high enough to tackle everyone from bigoted rednecks to unsavory priests. Review codes for all platforms were provided by Ubisoft for this review.

South Park BJ - South Park gay animation by LustFreak. Stress Relief Break: Sam and Max gay furry sex game by Draqen. Attack On Eren Attack On Eren.

You're Good to Go! Free gay fuck tbe the short segment south park big gay soldiers marching to the U. On the emergency room's doctor-schedule sign, Dr. Churnsky's duty is to "disembowel Kenny. During the "La Resistance" scene, the map of the camp that is holding Terrance and Phillip is the same used for the hospital in the episode "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut 2.

This film originally had an NC rating. Winona Ryderone of the celebrities parodied in this film, is portrayed as being pro-war.

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When she gets onstage at the South park big gay show, she makes an inarticulate little speech expressing wonder about war "I mean, war, man. Ironically, in real life she was raised in a hippie counter-culture environment and has said in interviews she was taken to anti-war marches and sit-ins at a young age.

South park big gayshe protested the Iraq War. When the mole looks at his watch, above the numbers it reads "Third Act: Some fans triumvirate gay that the trilogy of Season 11 episodes "Imaginationland" are the sequel to the movie.

These three episodes, released inwere later edited into a direct-to-video parkk, Imaginationland: It was rumored that an actual sequel to South Park: Trey Parker and Matt Stone have said that if a sequel were to be made, it would likely be the series finale. Kyle's parents, Gerald and Sheila, are named after Matt Stone 's parents.

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South park big gaythis film was voted 5 on the list of the 50 Greatest Comedy Films on Channel 4. As Stan passes through a TV shop singing "Mountain Town," television screens show two scenes and the title of the second season episode "Not Without My Anus," which was entirely about Terrence and Phillip.

As predicted through the actions of the boys in the film, there were numerous news reports of underage South Park fans engaging in unsuccessful attempts to gain entrance to see the film at theaters.

The ending of the song "Uncle Fucka" south park big gay by Terrance and Philip in the south park big gay makes reference to the famous south park big gay song from Oklahoma! Ironically enough, the only song in the entire film that contains no profanity is Satan's performance of "Up There. At the Oscar ceremony, Parker and South Park co-creator Matt Stone notoriously appeared in drag, wearing dresses made famous at previous Oscar ceremonies by Jennifer Lopez and Gay massage paris Paltrowwhile Shaiman accompanied them in a furry blue and gray "pimp" suit.

Satan's boat is called the S. The style of combat when Cartman is cursing and throwing energy is said to be influenced and inspired by the Dragon Ball franchise. Coincidentally, Satan refers to himself as "Mr. Satan" when using the Mr. Satan is also the name of a Dragon Ball character.

Gay fuck amsterdam the boys using constant bad words Stan hardly swears at all in the film. Barbra Streisand is said as a swear word by Eric Cartman during gay black butt fight between him and Saddam Hussein.