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The degree to which "Skin Gang" portrays the bonding power of the skinhead gang's now rough-and-tumble, now tenderly submissive gay bouts of skinheads go gay, and even love, creates a sexually more gay avatar show as well as, of course, more explicitly raw bond between the young men portrayed that "Skin Flick", by contrast, only implies, compared to the hard-core version.

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On the other hand, the action of "Skin Flick" moves along more smoothly and quickly, with superior narrative pacing, not being bogged down in so much sminheads "XXX" footage, gay video stream telling the story more directly and efficiently. The two versions really are quite different works of art, "Skin Flick" being more akin to skinheads go gay cinema and thus perhaps of more interest to the wider heterosexual public, "Skin Skinheads go gay which exerts a magnetically primal appeal to gay men being more nearly a specimen of gay pornography except that Bruce LaBruce, a consummate artist, achieves a level of inspiration and of emotive and yet still narrative power from which very little porn tends to benefit.

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Alas, Channel 1 Releasing provides no subtitles, in English or otherwise, but the Skinnheads working-class accents and the feigned neo-Nazified German one, to the extent skinheads go gay they even are present, are not likely to be a barrier skinheads go gay most North American viewers; after all, bear in mind that Bruce LaBruce is a loyally Skknheads director!

Get both "Skin Gang" and "Skin Flick", now dudes free gay it is so much easier to have the two films for home playback in the Dominion of Canada and in the U.

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I honestly had no idea what I was getting when I got this movie, reccomended to me from someone else, I went skinheads go gay that and bought it, I was absolutely shocked when I started watching it. Very graphic sexually, and dog training gay slurs are a little skinheads go gay to hear constantly but some of the scenes are pretty darn skinheadz and the music in it is actually pretty good.

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If your into the more obscure cultish flicks, and like Bruce La Bruce and Steve Masters, then you'll probably think this movie is ok. Worth watching at least once?

Sergeant Miles

Yes, this movie isn't for everyone. Anyone who knows Bruce LaBruce, knows these are the kind of movies he makes.

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You don't watch this particular film for its cinematography or stunning dialogue- frankly, you watch it for the porn. And if you have skinhead fetish, this will skinheads go gay satisfy it.


It IS hardcore and rough, and I really did enjoy it many times. It sounds like some of the people that reviewed this film were expecting something more "indie" skinheads go gay "low-budget" kind of movie. gay feminization

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Well, it is indie and low-budget, but it's a porn movie, NOT a skinheads go gay movie though I think it is masked as one from the descriptions. This is LaBruce's first hardcore porn aside from the other "softer" ones.

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There is one particular violence scene where the group of skinheads break skinheads go gay a salt-and-pepper couple's home and torture them. That did make my jaw drop thinking "can they really show that?

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skinheads go gay All in all, it was really campy, bad dialogue, bad acting, but fantastic looking men, and steamy scenes, with an actually decent soundtrack behind it.

So, if you're into skinhead sex, this is for you.

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