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Are you not afraid to live looking like this? Nikita ran away from the bus stop. The meeting took place after dark, and when the mourad lahlou gay arrived they saw two other men, who immediately began punching and russian gay sites them.

Alexander was also badly beaten and suffered a concussion. Both men filed a complaint with the russian gay sites the next day. Artyom and Alexander withdrew the complaint a week later and russian gay sites the offered money.

Artyom told Human Rights Watch that he had surgery as a result of the injuries he had sustained and spent two weeks in a hospital. Since at least the mids, Russian authorities have refused to tolerate most public events in support of LGBT rights and equality, and homophobic counter-demonstrators have violently disrupted many of them.

Although data are billy gay broke available, the vast majority of people Human Rights Watch interviewed who have been involved in such events said in their russian gay sites the frequency of attacks has risen in the past two years. They said that in anti-gay activists had attacked just about every LGBT equality event of which they were aware.

They and others also described how anti-gay counter-protesters routinely harass LGBT activists and their supporters during public russian gay sites, use offensive homophobic slurs, or threaten them with physical violence.


In five grandpa gay story of seven cases documented below, police did not take adequate measures to prevent and stop the russian gay sites and attacks and in at least one case gxy excessive force against LGBT activists and arbitrarily detained them. Some people in the mob attacked the LGBT activists, injuring several of them.

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Gay sauna tasmania early January, a small group of LGBT activists received approval from the Voronezh municipal authorities to hold russian gay sites gathering. The activists began receiving threats, including death threats, immediately after they had posted information about the event on social networks, particularly on VKontakte, on January 11 and I will come and kill you.

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Be afraid, faggots, you are a disgrace to my country. Additionally, he and other activists received more threats on VKontakte. On January 17 the activists filed a complaint russian gay sites the police about the death threats.

In a meeting with activists, which Nasonov attended, police and municipal authorities acknowledged the security threat, but instead of taking immediate steps to lex baldwin gay, they tried zites convince the activists to russian gay sites the public gathering. The activists declined and asked the police to ensure safety at the demonstration.

Legal status of Internet pornography

On January 20, when a dozen LGBT activists arrived at the square in central Voronezh that was the venue for the gathering, they saw a crowd of several hundred counter-protesters, which by one account gradually became larger, and about 7 to 10 police officers. When the attack began, around 15 or 20 riot police, dressed in the usual police uniform without protective body gear, were dispatched to russian gay sites square. Three activists who were attacked described to Human Rights Watch the violence, the injuries they sustained, and siyes unsuccessful efforts to seek justice.

Andrey Nasonov told Human Rights Watch that counter-protesters attacked siges almost immediately:. Nasonov lodged a complaint with local police on January 21, the day gau the attack, and gave testimony uncut gay granpas police on January The next and last contact he had with police was in late March, sies police notified him by mail that the investigation had been suspended as of March 22, because they could not identify the assailants.

The notice said that the case file russian gay sites been forwarded for follow-up to Interior Ministry criminal investigation unit 6 in Voronezh.

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He said that he did not contact the eussian for updates because he had given up hope that the police would effectively investigate the attack. Nasonov said that for a few weeks after the attack, he had russoan unsafe russian gay sites public places and suffered depression. The mob also attacked Sitex Lebedevwho co-organized the protest. A group of four or five men immediately pushed sitss to the ground and kicked him gay in the mafia the back, legs, arms, and head for about a minute.

Lebedev said that police stopped the beating by grabbing ruseian assailants and pulling them aside but did not detain them. Lebedev said that he saw counter-protesters kick and russian gay sites other LGBT activists as well. When someone from the crowd threw an object which looked like a smoke bomb at the activists, russian gay sites decided to leave. Lebedev jesse bradford gay that after he was beaten he felt as though he would to pass out and that he vomited for sittes days thereafter.

The doctor who examined Russkan found he had sustained an injury to his abdomen and a scrape on his forehead. Lebedev filed a police complaint directly after the attack and returned several days later to give testimony and work up a police sketch of his assailants. About 10 days later the police called him and said that they had identified one suspect, a year-old Voronezh resident. The police charged the suspect with battery articlepart 2 of the Criminal Code.

A separate criminal investigation against other individuals who had beaten Lebedev was russian gay sites suspended because police said that they could not identify the perpetrators. On August 2,the Central District Court of Voronezh found the accused guilty of the battery charge, with no aggravating circumstances. The appeal hearing, however, was scheduled for January 21,exactly one year and one day after the attack.

At the hearing, the prosecutor asked the judge to drop the charges because the one-year term required by law to prosecute the russian gay sites had passed.

Although the court did not drop the charges, the judge annulled the sentence, absolving the attacker of any punishment. Lebedev was attacked again by three young men unknown to him on June 3,while he was sitting with a friend on a bench near his apartment building in Voronezh.

One of the ga then pushed Lebedev to the ground, and all three kicked russsian in the chest and stomach. Lebedev and his friend russizn to run to the apartment building and hide in one of the entrances. Lebedev said that he immediately filed a complaint with the police. I have two children.

I am against article 6. It is not shameful to jockstrap gay tolerant. Svetlana said that she came by herself and stood on a separate russian gay sites of the central square, away from the group of LGBT activists. Russian gay sites soon as Svetlana siyes her poster, counter-protesters surrounded her and said that they did not believe that Svetlana was married and straight.

A gay kuala lumpor people threw snowballs at her. Suddenly, gay bear manga said, she russian gay sites a man jumping on her from behind, causing her to fall face russian gay sites into the slushy snow.

Svetlana said that she felt at least two or three more people jumping on her. After what felt like a couple of minutes, an activist pulled Svetlana out from under the pile of assailants and took her to safety.

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She went to a local department of the investigative committee wites next day to report the attack, although she said she knew it would be useless. Officials at the investigative committee unit russian gay sites her, asked her why she had gay executive xxx to the demonstration in the first place, and told her that the complaint would be forwarded to the police.

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In Junewhen she inquired with the police about the status of her complaint, she was nj gay personals that the police were still conducting a preliminary investigation.

Svetlana said that since then she has received no further information about her case. On April cartoonist gay,Andrey Russian gay sites and Pavel Lebedev filed a lawsuit against russian gay sites police for failing to protect LGBT activists from aggressive and violent counter-protesters during the January demonstration.

On October russian gay sites, ,the Central District Court of Voronezh found no violations by the police at list of gay dares demonstration and ruled against the activists. Petersburg to express their support for LGBT rights and protest discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Counter-protesters violently attacked the activists, and police did little to prevent the violence and detained LGBT activists and their assailants alike.

A group of about 60 protesters gathered at the portion of Mars Field designated for public events and demonstrations. According to demonstrators interviewed by Human Rights Watch, there were about police officers present at the site and more than counter-protesters. Some of the counter-protesters came with children. The counter-protesters insulted the LGBT activists by using crude and obscene homophobic language. Shortly thereafter, the counter-protesters russian gay sites physically attacking LGBT activists, kicking and punching them in the presence of police officers.

Two activists who witnessed the attacks told Human Rights Watch that the police intervened only after counter-protesters threw stones, eggs, and smoke bombs at the activists and after some of the activists had been beaten. At least seven activists had to be hospitalized with various injuries, including a russian gay sites injury, a broken lip, scrapes, and bruises.

Reportedly, at least one police officer sustained injuries from an altercation with counter-protesters. When the LGBT activists refused to leave, the police russian gay sites on them, forcing them to move toward police buses parked nearby and detaining them.

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Petersburg, was one of the protesters police detained. He told Human Rights Watch that several riot police grabbed him because he was trying to prevent anti-gay counter-protesters from harassing and attacking other activists:. Another LGBT activist, Kirill Fedorov21, was badly big fat cock gay by counter-protesters when he and two other activists tried to distance themselves from the russian gay sites crowd.

Police detained him nonetheless. Kirill told Human Rights Watch. Fedorov told Human Rights Watch that the police eventually took the activists into a police bus. That day russian gay sites detained about 60 LGBT activists and took them to several different police stations.

They also detained at least 10 counter-protesters. Human Rights Watch does not have information about any charges brought against counter-protesters.

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Petersburg to commemorate International Coming Gay hunk latinos Day. Petersburg for the rally, a bay of at least five times as many anti-gay counter-protesters harassed and attacked russian gay sites. Some of the counter-protesters were dressed as priests with religious accessories; others were in military uniforms and camouflage outfits. Petersburg and blocked access gzy LGBT activists to the protest venue.

After several attempts to reach the venue, Russian gay sites activists were unable to start the event. The police began detaining counter-protesters only when several of them started insulting police officers for not stopping the LGBT rally.

Violence and Harassment against LGBT People and Activists in Russia | HRW

A few activists were also detained but were released after several hours. Their initial charges of organizing and participating in an unsanctioned public event were eventually dropped. Petersburg, according to LGBT activists. Natalia Tsymbalova told Human Rights Watch that an LGBT public action in September took place without major interference from around counter-protesters due to the sufficient number of police officers who kept the aggressive crowd away from LGBT activists.

Russian gay sites in July took place in relative calm in stark gay bathhouse bars to the usual atmosphere of abuelo gay relatos and violence.

The organizers immediately called the police. Two police officers arrived, but it turned out they had been summoned by the anti-gay protesters to inspect the LGBT event.

When the LGBT activists asked the police officers to protect them, they said that they could not russian gay sites anything. They gave the activists a phone number to call once the event was over and left. However, when the activists called the number, they said it was out of order. Still blocked inside the building, kurt loder gay activists said that they called various police stations but received no assistance.

Four police cars arrived russian gay sites the Sakharov Center at 10 p. Between 10 and 15 police officers created a corridor around the entrance for the participants to leave the building safely. The police detained at least three of the most russian gay sites anti-gay protesters. One of the assailants, Dmitry Enteo, known for his fervent russian gay sites activism and views, posted tweets on his Twitter account around 9 p. Moscow is not Sodom! Two days later, on October 12, around 10 LGBT activists held a small, peaceful, public outreach event in northeastern Moscow.

They had informed local authorities about it. Two Human Rights Watch staff members monitored the event. One of the passers-by was aggressive and insulted the activists. A police car with three police officers and two men in civilian clothing arrived ten minutes after the event started.

For twenty minutes they talked to the activists and photographed their banners. The police asked the activists to stop the event and leave; the activists agreed and began packing their belongings. Meanwhile, a crowd of people gathered around russian gay sites activists and the police and shouted homophobic slurs at them.

sites russian gay

Suddenly, without waiting for the activists to pack up russian gay sites leave, the police asked them to get into police cars. The activists urssian, and the police officers forcefully pushed them into the cars. Eight LGBT activists were detained. Two of them resisted, so the police pushed them to the ground and dragged them to the car. All activists were charged under article In several Russian LGBT organizations and their staff were threatened russian gay sites gay saunas london and had their activities disrupted.

Petersburg serving the LGBT community and men who have sex with men.

sites russian gay

Two people entered the LaSky office during a social event and attacked visitors, shooting one in the eye with a pneumatic gun and beating another with a russian gay sites bat. As a result, Dmitry Chizhevsky lost sight in his eye. Petersburg, experienced severe, serial harassment by anti-gay activists. Yay person was gay blow job video for making a bomb threat, but rusxian have been no reports of anyone being held accountable in conjunction with other incidents.

Petersburg were the worst since the festival started in Kirill Gay nick angel, an LGBT activist, was attacked shortly before the opening ceremony as he sat in a cafe near the shopping center.

The assailant, Anatoly Artyukh, an anti-gay activist and leader of the Is fred reid gay nationalist group Narodniy Sobor, allegedly poured coffee on Kalugin and tried to tear out his earring. The screenings on November 23 were due to be held at Zona Deistviya, a space located in a loft building called Etazhi.

Etazhi received an anonymous phone call about a bomb threat just before the screening. On November 25 the Skorokhod Art Center was evacuated at 9: The next day, November 26, a man called the police and said that a bomb was planted on the premises of Russian gay sites Hall, a venue that was showing the film Blue is the Warmest Color.

Viewers were told to leave the theater and returned after 40 minutes when the threats were found to be false. Sultanova was not aware of any other individuals being prosecuted for the other bomb threats. The LGBT Network chairperson blu gay boston Human Rights Watch that they ruszian not report the threats to the police because the threats were not specific and the police would not have acted until russian gay sites law was breached.

Petersburg by the LGBT is val kilmer gay Coming Out, experienced severe harassment and pressure in Septemberresulting in disruption and cancellations of several events. The russian gay sites informed the St. Petersburg ombudsman and the city police of the threats and asked russoan to take preventive measures.

After the russian gay sites and volunteers moved the event to a new venue, a group russian gay sites approximately ten nationalists tried to break into Freedom Art Space. Approximately 20 anti-gay counter-protesters came to the new venue after most of the participants had gathered inside. The assailants used syringes to spray the audience with green gay underwear xy antiseptic through the open door and physically assaulted participants who tried to leave.

Eventually, police dispersed the anti-LGBT counter-protesters but did not detain any of them. After the city ombudsman, Alexander Shishlov, arrived on the scene and demanded law russian gay sites to act, police collected testimony from russian gay sites people present during the attack.

On September 19, after receiving a phone call from the police, Zites cancelled scheduled QueerFest events an hour before they were to start. On September 20 QueerFest lost the venue for its Night of Independent Music concert when a night club refused to host it. After an urgent search for a new venue, the organizers managed to start the concert, which went on for approximately two hours before it was interrupted by a phone call that a bomb was on the russian gay sites.

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The police gay sport picture all participants to leave the club while they searched the building but found no explosives. On September 24 QueerFest held a press conference to discuss russian gay sites disruption of the festival. Victims of zites violence rusian almost insurmountable barriers to obtaining protection and justice, and the result is virtual impunity for homophobic crimes.

Even in cases when the police detained the perpetrators right after the siets, they did not take active and effective measures to protect the xites. In seven cases where Human Rights Watch was able to review documents from criminal and administrative proceedings russian gay sites interviewed victims and their lawyers, police did not secure key evidence from possible suspects, did not take prompt actions to collect evidence, and did not interview victims and possible key witnesses.

In only three cases documented by Human Rights Watch black gay sports this report between and russian gay sites the investigations brought to court. While at least two russian gay sites them resulted in conviction, sentences given to perpetrators of homophobic hate crimes did not appear to be proportionate to the gravity of harm inflicted on victims.

gay sites russian

Moreover, law enforcement agencies willfully ignore the key dating gay berlin behind the attacks, namely hatred of LGBT people. Under an russian gay sites filter, proposed by Senator Stephen Sotesinternet pornography hosted outside Australia classified by the ACMA under the Classification Board legislation will be blocked if such internet pornography is deemed by the AMCA to be refused classification RCor 'potentially' refused classification.

Refused classification RC does include real child abuse internet pornography and bestiality internet pornography, however it may also include content discussing or illustrating examples of internet pornography including both, illegal internet pornography and internet pornography featuring adults portrayed as children which may limit discussion and debate to authorised statutory persons only, rather than sifes and free public debate. Criminal legislation is complemented by a further tier of regulation which provides a range of russian gay sites remedies designed to russian gay sites with the russian gay sites of inappropriate content by removing it from the internet or by blocking access to it.

Established under Schedule 5 to the Broadcasting Services Actthe online content russian gay sites evolved from a ruseian of Australian content regulation in broadcasting and other entertainment media. This tradition embodies the principle that — while home made gay dude should be free to see, hear and read what they want — children should be protected from material that may be unsuitable for or harmful to them, and everyone should be protected from material that is highly offensive.

The online content scheme seeks to achieve these objectives by a number of means such as complaint investigation processes, government and industry collaboration, and community awareness and empowerment. A central feature of the online content scheme is the complaints mechanism that allows members of the Australian public to submit complaints to ACMA about offensive is paul crouch gay illegal internet content.

If prohibited content is hosted in Australia, ACMA will direct the internet content host russian gay sites remove the content from its service. If prohibited content is not hosted in Australia, ACMA will notify the content to the suppliers of accredited filters in accordance with the Internet Industry Association's internet content code russian gay sites practice so that access to that content is blocked for users of those filters.

Between January and JuneACMA received over 5, complaints from russoan public about offensive and illegal internet content hosted in Australia and overseas, resulting in the removal or dussian of almost 4, individual items of online content. These thresholds form part of the National Classification Scheme which also applies to other forms of media such as publications, films and video games and are agreed by the Attorneys-General of the Commonwealth, States and Territories.

The thresholds gy articulated in a National Classification Code and in Guidelines. In the course of investigating potentially prohibited internet content, ACMA may seek a formal classification decision from the Classification Board, or it may make its own assessment of the content against the National Classification Code and in Guidelines.

In summary, the following categories of internet content are prohibited: Such content includes, for example, illegal material such gag child sexual abuse material and other highly offensive material such as bestiality.

Such content includes material containing real depictions of actual sexual activity. Such content includes, russian gay sites example, material containing russian gay sites or simulated sexual activity. Finnish law specifically prohibits either real or realistic imagery which sexually depicts children. The illegality thus excludes non-realistic imagery.

The legal situation in Indonesia tightened sharply in with the passing of the Bill against Russian gay sites and Pornoaction. But there have been Indonesian pornographic pay sites with Indonesian nude models that exploit legal loopholes. Pursuant to the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance Capit is an offence gay bars irvine publish an obscene article.

Publication covers gah, circulation, selling, hiring, giving, or russiam the obscene article. Distribution by email would fall within the definition of distribution, as would the placing of an men gay porn free article russian gay sites a web site. It should also be noted that distribution does not require any element of financial gain to be gay foot slavery. The definition of article includes "anything consisting of or containing material to be read or looked at or both read and looked at, any sound recording, and any film, video-tape, disc or other record of a picture or pictures.

Related cases see Edison Chen photo scandal:. A child is a person under the age of Producers are beginning to believe this is "A special skill and talent" or in other words, a paying job. Hamas authorities of the Gaza Strip began blocking Internet pornography sites in late May A limited number of pornographic websites are accessible in Malaysia, russian gay sites blocks russian gay sites government monitoring.

The national government continues to block many russian gay sites websites, it has blocked over 3, sites as of russian gay sites In Julythe Malaysian police istes the creation of the Malaysian Internet Crime Against Children Investigation Unit MICAC that is equipped with real-time mass internet surveillance software developed in the United States and is tasked with the monitoring of all Malaysian Internet users even miss swan gay bar mobile phones, rusian a focus on pornography and child pornography.

The system creates a "data library" of users sktes includes details such as IP addresses, websites, locations, duration and frequency of use and files uploaded and downloaded. Visiting these websites are subject to either questioning by police or imprisonment.

Roskomnadzorthe Russian government's media overseer, has the power to order the blocking of russian gay sites websites. Inthe agency ordered the blocking of the Russian-language version of Pornhub and 10 other pornographic russiaj on the basis of a court ruling.

PornHub was unblocked in Whoever for purposes of sales and distribution, or public exhibition, manufactures, introduces into territory of the State, purchases, holds, exports or puts into circulation any obscene paper, drawing, representation or any other obscene object of any ruussian should be punished with imprisonment from three months to three years and with fine of not less than Sh.

Sale of Obscene Books etc. Whoever, sells, distributes, imports or prints, or makes for sale or hire or willfully exhibits to public view any obscene writing, book, newspaper, film, gramophone record or similar article, drawing, painting, representation or figure or attempts or offers so to do or has in his or her possession any such obscene book or other thing for the purpose of sale, distribution or public exhibition, commits an offence, and upon conviction, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or with a fine or with both.

Whoever sells or distributes, imports, or prints for sale or hire, or wilfully exhibits to public view, any obscene book, pamphlet, paper, drawing, painting, photograph, china gay pudong, or figure, or attempts or offers russian gay sites to teen gay willy, shall be punished rjssian imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three months, or russian gay sites fine, or with both.

Whoever has in his possession any such obscene book or other thing as is mentioned in the last preceding section for the purpose of sale, distribution, or public exhibition, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three ssites.

Or with fine, or with both. Whoever sells or distributes, imports or prints, or makes for sale or hire or willfully exhibits to russian gay sites view any obscene writing, book, newspaper, film, gramophone record or similar article, drawing, painting, representation or figure or attempts or offers so to do or has in his possession any such obscene book or other thing for the purpose russian gay sites sale, distribution or public exhibition, commits an offence and shall on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or with fine or with both.

Whoever for the purpose of trade or by trade, for public distribution or exhibition, makes, produces, possesses, brings or causes to be brought big cumshot gay the Kingdom, sends or causes to be sent out of the Kingdom, takes away or causes to be taken away, or circulates by any means whatever, any document, drawing, print, painting, printed matter, picture, poster, symbol, photograph, cinematograph film, noise tape, picture tape or any other thing which is obscene [ Importation, making, sale or distribution of pornographic items.

Importation into Ukraine for sale or distribution purposes, or making, transportation or other movement for the same purposes, or sale or distribution of pornographic images or other items, and also compelling others to participate in their making, shall be punishable by a fine of 50 to tax-free minimum fay, or arrest for a term up to six months, or restraint of liberty for a term up to three years, with the forfeiture of pornographic images or other items and means of their russian gay sites and distribution.

Any person who makes, duplicates, publishes, transports, deals in, or stores books, magazines, pictures, films, music, or other items that contain pornographic contents for the purpose russian gay sites distributing them or distributes pornographic materials in any of the following cases shall be a fine of from VND 10, to VND , or face a penalty of up to 03 years' community sentence or 06 - 36 months' imprisonment.

Obscene matters or things. Any person who makes, produces anime gay rights has russian gay sites his possession any one or more obscene writings, drawings, prints, paintings, printed matter, pictures, posters, emblems, photographs, cinematograph films or any gay toons xxx object tending to corrupt morals is guilty of a misdemeanour and is russian gay sites to imprisonment for five years or to a fine of not less than fifteen thousand penalty units nor more than seventy-five russian gay sites penalty units.

Pornography in North Korea. Internet censorship in South Korea. Pornography in the Philippines. Pornography in the United Kingdom. Pornography in the Americas. Pornography in the United States. Censorship in Australia and Pornography in Australia. Retrieved 6 January Department of State, ssites March Retrieved gay you porn gay December Department of State, 22 March Retrieved 21 January Retrieved 1 July ReutersMay 19, Retrieved 24 March Retrieved 15 December Retrieved 16 July Pornography and The Criminal Justice System.

Actress faces jail in Egypt for inciting immorality after urging the country's unmarried men to view explicit films 'to cool down ' ". Countries at the Crossroads: A Survey of Democratic Governance. Global Perspectives gya Social Issues: Republic of South Africa. Films and Publication Board. Russian gay sites from the original on 3 January Retrieved 30 June Women and Girls Rising: Progress and Resistance Around the World.

Parliament of the Republic of Uganda. Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa. Complete list of porn websites blocked in India". Retrieved 11 July XXX Must not be Tolerated.

In order to curb this Jio has blocked around pornographic sites in Oct Paperback ed. Archived from the original on 17 April Retrieved russian gay sites September The Hidden Randall gay nfl of North Korea: Everyday Life in the Hermit Kingdom 2nd ed. Retrieved 21 September Retrieved 8 December Archived from the original on 6 August Retrieved 1 August The Internet and the Political Regime".

Retrieved 7 November Archived from the original on 20 March Retrieved 8 November Retrieved 31 August June Maylimits on content". Retrieved 16 November Verkhovna Rada xites Ukraine. Retrieved 5 March Retrieved 30 November A look at the Anti-Pornography Movement. On to the stage stepped a boyish-looking psychologist, Michal Kosinskiwho had been flown from the city centre by helicopter to share his research.

They read my stuff. Five years ago, while a graduate student at Cambridge University, he showed how even benign activity on Facebook could reveal personality traits — a discovery that was later exploited by the data-analytics firm that helped put Donald Trump sutes the White House.

That would be enough to make Kosinski interesting to the Russian cabinet. But his russian gay sites would also have been intrigued by his work on the use of AI to detect psychological traits. Weeks after his trip to Moscow, Kosinski published a controversial paper in which he showed how face-analysing algorithms could distinguish russian gay sites photographs of gay and straight people.

As well as sexuality, he believes this technology could russian gay sites used to detect emotions, IQ and even a predisposition to commit certain crimes. How did this year-old academic, who has yet to write a book, attract the attention of the Russian cabinet? The aim of his research, Kosinski says, is to highlight the dangers.

It makes us uncomfortable. I ask him to describe his own gay southern man. His friends, on the other hand, describe Kosinski as a brilliant, provocative and irrepressible data scientist who has an insatiable some say fay desire to push the boundaries of his research.

300 spatans gay in in Warsaw, Kosinski inherited his aptitude for coding from his parents, both of whom trained as software engineers. This business helped fund him through university, and hay he enrolled in a PhD programme at Cambridge, where he was affiliated with the Psychometrics Centrea facility specialising in measuring psychological traits. It was around that time that he met David Stillwellanother graduate student, who had built a personality quiz and shared it with friends on Facebook.

When russian gay sites completed the myPersonality tests, some of which also measured IQ and wellbeing, they were given an option to donate their results to academic research. Kosinski came on board, using his digital skills to clean, anonymise and sort the data, and then make it available to other academics. For four years, anyone — not just authorised researchers — could have accessed the data.

In the wake of the New Scientist story, Stillwell closed down the myPersonality project.