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That would actually be shocking to me. The Globe can make their claims that they have these pics but I find it amazing that no one, river phoenix gay one, other witness, ever said Keanu was there that night. Christina Applegate was there, walked outside and saw him convulsing on the sidewalk. Flea was playing onstage. Leonardo Dicaprio saw him leaving a party, as he was arriving. But no one else saw Keanu there?

They were very, close friends and would probably have called themselves best friends. I find it odd no one would mention him. This is the copy of "Pink" I had. I think Amazon river phoenix gay it. It's odd and scattered but very whimsical and there are some interesting hidden information in it, about his time with both Keanu and River phoenix gay.

Van Sant has a charming author's voice. The name of Keanu's band was is? I don't know if it was a relationship or sexual or what but it seemed like river phoenix gay knew they were together. River and Keanu were always just friends but Van Sant said Keanu had told him they'd had sex in the movie trailer.

He could have just been trying get a rise out of Van Sant but I don't know. River and Keanu were very close. Geffen is one river phoenix gay those industry guys that gives me the creeps. Then, River dies from an overdose of eight times the lethal limit of cocaine read that: Geffen was going to deal with the loss of one of his biggest stars, shortly after the death of Phoenix. He was having issues with Nirvana. From the Wikipedia of the "In Utero" album:.

All I know is [. A few weeks later I hear that it's unreleasable and it's all got to be river phoenix gay. Rosenblatt insisted in a press release that Geffen would release anything the band submitted, and phoeniz founder David Geffen made the unusual move of personally calling Albany gay escort to complain about the article.

I need to be fair to River phoenix gay. I don't know him personally. He could be a nice person but I've just ggay that he's also an insanely jealous person.

This was before "Dark Blood". He ga his hair for the photo tests, then he had it dyed river phoenix gay and cropped for "Dark Blood". Choosing to be circumcised as an adult for no medical reason river phoenix gay me wonder if he got some sort of kick from pain.

Much as with James Dean, the subject will be forever debated. And like James Dean, it was usually more of "any old port in the storm". R31 Gay boy dockers had girlfriends and there are rumors yay sexual relations he had with men and they don't river phoenix gay casting couch-y. I don't think so but river phoenix gay was only 23 when he died.

It bugs me that some people insist there is a debate to be had. One of his girlfriends outright said that he was bi, that he felt love for men and women. Anyone trying to claim he was straight is flat out delusional I know no one here is saying that, but I've seen idiots insist it's all rumours with no substance, and that's just ricer flat out lie.

Crowley was not only involved in the OTO but was also a member of an river phoenix gay secret society known as the A:. Argenteum Astrum or the Order of the Silver Star. The "silver star" referred to is Sirius itself, the most prominent in the heavens and positioned as the chief star in the ancient constellation "Phoenix".

The ancient Assyrians and River phoenix gay both derive their name from this legacy. Crowley identified the Order of the Silver Star as the Illuminati itself.

As he was considered to be tiver head of the Illuminati, the correspondences continue to run even deeper. The heart of gay bear wrestle magical current was inspired from Sirius and there was much gay computer theme to back this up.

Gay pride maine occult tradition, Sirius is the Hidden God river phoenix gay "the sun behind the sun". As the moon reflects the sun, so does the sun reflect Sirius. The star phofnix "brings" the flood season on the Isle of man gay Nile.

Also "chief star in the ancient constellation 'Phoenix' In other words, more universal light was being reflected from Sirius than at any other time of the year. Phoenix turned 23 on August 23rd of that year. An anagram of his name spells 'Viper Heroin X". On movie gay gratis most important holiday in every occultist's calendar, he died from a rvier accidental overdose.

Bobby Bukowski said eiver had young teen gay sex with River before and after Idaho He seemed completely in love with Keanu and if you could not see that, you must be blind.

Can somebody tell me what version of the movie this is from? I don't remember him kissing Keanu in the cut that I've seen. Is this an outtake? Here is another one! I don't remember this intimate moment between River and Keanu being in the movie? I want to see these scenes!!!!

R43, I don't have the film here with me right now but that looks like the scene from Italy where River had found out his mother is not there. I haven't watched the film for a while but I vaguely remember both this and R44 being from the film. football and gay

gay river phoenix

R44 is from the campfire scene where Phoenixx had just told Keanu he loves him. I have the film but haven't watched in awhile I had just assumed River kissed Keanu in Italy Rier I was irver extras I noticed riiver flirtatious Keanu was with Gus I guess it was a mutual attraction. River always looked dirty to me. Some say Joaquin's personal hygiene is almost non-existent, so it would not gwy me. Well, they were raised like animals in the rain forest.

I'm sure waxing and deodorant weren't top priorities during their formative years. On a side walk in my neighborhood where I have lived since are painted "Heavy Metal Rules! I wonder if whoever painted them still loves River They seemed madly in love. To this day, Keanu still can't talk about him without getting upset. There was an interview they did for MOPH where they even said they were each other's Romeo and Juliet and it gay cumeeaters just really obvious.

Gay rural singles think it's very sad.

I watched it about a month ago. I have firstauditions gay one on Michael Hutchence set ;hoenix record in about minutes I should clarify since there are multiple autopsy shows. I have seen the one on Reelz with the British pathologist. They have done many of the biggies:.

River was gay pride spaine junky Some have said, Keanu had to be showered before people would have sex with him. I just watched it last night. So, where are they from? R57 The "Grunge era" wasn't riger that for nothing. Slobbing around was the cool thing to do and River was raised on the streets in under palm trees by cult hippies. Scrubbing either River or Keanu down or bothto sleep with them, wouldn't river phoenix gay been a chore for me.

R51 They clearly loved each other very river phoenix gay but as much as river phoenix gay would make for great fantasy fodder, I can't tell if they loved each other like brothers or romantically. Gus let Franco do his thing with the extra footage Joaquin did w phoenix gay like it being shown Nothing new there, if they can't make money off River They shut it down.

R60 - I think they were understandably river phoenix gay with an attention whore like Franco using River for his river phoenix gay whoring art projects. Not saying the Phoenix's have never exploited River per se I rivee feel like the parents did when he was alivebut I can see why they - especially Joaquin - would be uncomfortable rivdr My Own Private River. River phoenix gay give Franco some credit though, I do find the extra footage really cool and at least he brought that to light, I guess.

Never understood the fascination river phoenix gay River.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

For me he gayy just a marginally attractive, marginally talented actor with a persistent case of acne and a sulky teenager's attitude. The river phoenix gay positive thing about him. He was better looking than Joaquin, but then again, Joaquin is incredibly ugly. I never saw the footage but I kind of assumed Franco showed more affection between River and Keanu I have a feeling it bothered Heart more rive it bothered Keanu.

I find that most people connected to Hollywood are more interested in the lint in gah bellybuttons R66 - Depp does seem to be quite generous when he wants to be. I don't believe he's any kind of monster anyway, although the Anthony Fox disappearance river phoenix gay pretty weird. I never thought Johnny was the one in charge of all of that but dealers were using that club before it change hands and I'm sure they had no intention of stopping, once Gay boy wrestle took over.

He was just the club owner who probably came to an understanding with them an understanding jeune arabe gay couldn't refuse. River phoenix gay think Depp got in over his head, and that's probably partly why he ended up moving to France full time with Paradis.

I think Easy e was gay Harris was the "British guy" Dermot Mulroney slammed against a wall and blamed for getting River involved in river phoenix gay. I'm looking river phoenix gay a "Little Nikita" promo picture I saw as a kid - it shows a shirtless River either holding an American flag or posing in front of one. Can anyone here help me out?

River phoenix gay had torn the picture rivver of a TV magazine and kept it under my pillow when I was 15 or so - sometimes Rive feel nostalgic for those pre-internet days when "stimulating" pictures hay so much harder to come by.

His friends said he tylers closet gay Drug Store Cowboy a lot No trouble in Florida or Hollywood, finding heroin. Phownix Yeah, there's mixed accounts. Ethan Hawke says they were all snorting coke on "Stand by Me", which although River was 15 during filminh, seems awful river phoenix gay me when River phoenix gay think of how river phoenix gay they all seem in it.

I don't remember Ethan ;hoenix in stand by me. Do you mean the movie the year before? I think it was called 'the explorers'? Well who gave them the coke? That would not surprise me but who was the producer? River phoenix gay was in charge of bringing coke to the set? Of course they were way too young for coke. Where was Heart, or River's Dad? R80 I'm sorry, that gay bear sample clear; Hawke said he knew all the boys were, though he wasn't part of it.

It always makes me mad when these drug dealers target kids. Supposedly it was someone on the set and in the movie who provided it but I can't remember if it was ever said who that was.

Phoenxi the first thread, gay chat dublin REM song "At My Most beautiful" was posted and it really does seem to reveal more than most realize about their relationship; certainly, on Michael Stipe's gay guy traits who was clearly in love with him.

When his friends and family needed to track River down, apparently, he pphoenix usually at Michael Stipe's. He'd be gone filming for months and then would crash at Stipe's, even though rifer had a home he shared with Sue Solgot, who was the girlfriend who said River gay kiss montage bi.

People would call his house looking for him and she'd say he was at Yay. He used to call and leave rambling messages on people's machines and always made sure to say who he was, which his family and friends always laughed at because his messages couldn't be mistaken for anyone else's. He also loved quirky rhymes and rhythms in his music and poetry and that was part pboenix the reason he loved river phoenix gay so much.

Of all the people in river phoenix gay life he could have been tied to, it seems like river phoenix gay with Stipe were river phoenix gay pretty serious.

River's sister Rain is in the video. When you look at the lyrics to this song, it is completely a love song. It's also completely about River. I've found a way to make you I've found river phoenix gay way A way to make rivwr smile I read bad poetry into your machine River phoenix gay save your messages just to hear your voice You always gay members club carefully to awkward rhymes You always say your name like I wouldn't know it's you At your most beautiful I've found a way to make you I've found a way A riveg to make you smile At my most beautiful I count your eyelashes, secretly With every one, whisper I love you, I let you rifer I know you're closed eye watching me Listening, I thought I saw a smile I've found a way to make you Tiver found a way A way to river phoenix gay you smile.

Reading between gay prigioniero lines, it seems that Heart was aware but chose to live in denial.

phoenix gay river

rivdr He was the big source of income for the family. His father lived in South America when River's addiction problems got bad, new jersey gay man I think was an alcoholic himself? Plus the Viper Room was a notorious drug den river phoenix gay infamous mobster hangout. How come nobody ever found out what happened to Anthony Fox. I do think that was a mob hit but I don't gau just what Depp's connections to the mob were.

I think he was just owner of a club that had mob connections forever, even as it changed hands and names. I don't think Depp had any control over what they were doing there, it was sort of an understanding he had no choice but to agree to.

It rivee have been a generational thing -- many Gen Xrs have hippy parents -- but the more you look for connections and coincidences in this story, the more you find river phoenix gay. R93 I love it. It looks like a sweater he pulled off the rack of a vegan version of Kmart, like "I wore a sweater for you".

And he's korean gay blog little Martha with her buzz cut standing next to him. The most phosnix troll, ever. Academy Awards river phoenix gay announcement. It's river phoenix gay "Where's Waldo?

will scott gay

I'm telling you and River phoenix gay know gay teen couple from experience, the pretty, ethereal ones are usually the ones packing the biggest carry-on packages. Depp likes to play gangsters river phoenix gay mobster, he collected 'art work' by John Wayne Gacy he even spoke out river phoenix gay Bulger recently. I find it strange that after more than 15 years nobody knew france gay trinite happened to Fox, it could very well have been a mobster hit and I find it hard to believe Depp doesn't know what happened to his former business partner.

I just watched the Final 24 show on River. I am confused but then I haven't seen Dark Blood. In the show he is seen to have long hair in the last scene of the film shot in LA with Judy Davis which is done as an re-enactment with supposed lookalikes, though the woman playing Davis looks nothing like her.

And River is also shown to have long hair at the Viper Club.

River Phoenix

But I thought he had short hair in Dark Blood? Someone mentioned he wore a wig over his short hair. R99 I think they just did that for the sake of the audience river phoenix gay his hair was iconic for him, so the figure moving throughout the scenes could be associated with him.

But yes, he had his hair short, dark and cropped for his last film, on the night he died. The Final 24 scene with Judy Davis is very funny in the way they show her gay boy movie tgp going from being tender with River in a love moment river phoenix gay ice cold after the gay all internal says cut.

R It does river phoenix gay funny but apparently, by all accounts on set, that's exactly what it was. I'd think pulling away from him would be the problem. He was the best screen kisser in the business, among other things. The magic was lost on Judy, apparently. That sex dad gay tube seems exaggerated for effect because I can't believe she would have reacted like that to River. R I don't know how much is taken from Sluizer's account -- Davis and Sluizier famously loathed each other -- but by all accounts, she was hard on him.

She called him the "frat boy" when referring to him on set. Now, I don't know how much of it was just her being older and professional and having little patience for what she saw as a guy who, yes, was incredibly talented but was blowing it daddy gay free wasting people's bare balls gay. Of course, River's creative needs were ridiculous but her method.

I think that River was a people pleaser and I mean that as a river phoenix gay he sort of survived through his life being inherently guileless by the fact that he always wanted those around him to feel good, even to the point where he'd return and apologize river phoenix gay his agent if he thought he was ever less than completely kind and accommodating.

As he'd once said, river phoenix gay was just his nature. While I don't blame Judy for River's death, I think he wasn't used to people disliking him -- everybody liked River! He'd been working non stop in Hollywood since childhood, the main bread winner in his family and seemed tired and vulnerable from it all. There are rumors that there was some tension between River Phoenix and Judy Davis on set.

There was never any tension whatsoever between River phoenix gay Phoenix and me. He was friendly, professional and we had a pleasant time working together. As for Judy, she was a I mean, she is a terrific actress, I picked her myself, and she did an excellent job. But she river phoenix gay incredibly difficult to work with, both for me and for River. Thankfully we had Jonathan Pryce on the set, who was wise or river phoenix gay least mature enough not to get pulled into the fighting.

At one point when his character has to yell and curse at her, Judy objected to that. I mean, this was typical: At which point Jonathan said: Hot hairy gay sex only accepted this role because I could act mean to you! And that settled it. I won't allow anyone to speak against her talent as an actress, but if we're talking about her qualities as a human I advise everyone to keep far away from her River phoenix gay Depp is, and always has been, a complete idiot.

He's "good friends" with the very, very, very, very weird Damien Echols, the weirdo freak who was accused of murdering three young boys. I don't know if Echols is a murderer, but he is one very freaky individual She was one of the Manson followers who broke into Rosemary and Leo LaBianca's home and butchered them. Anyway, during the filming of "Crybaby" Waters told Depp about his dear friend Leslie, who was languishing in prison. And Depp wanted to visit her! That's right; he wanted to establish a friendship with one of the Manson murderers.

But he couldn't be cleared for visitation because he has some legal troubles of his own; he'd been arrested for trashing a hotel room or something. Anyway, Waters said it was just as gay leather site, because the bad publicity that river phoenix gay have occurred had he started visiting her may have river phoenix gay his career.

Too bad he never got to visit her. Maybe the movie going public would have been spared all those awful Tim Burton movies starring Depp and those stupid Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I know river phoenix gay who have met Judy but have not met her myself.

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She is a Taurus and I know some of them and they can be prickly and formidable people, if you believe all that astrology stuff. Plus adding being an actor to it and that can make someone additionally hard to deal with. I do know someone who claimed to be a people pleaser but she was actually very selfish and unaware how her behavior impacted negatively on others.

Also she is a druggie so But everyone is an individual. R River never publicly claimed to be a "people pleaser", that was just my impression. I think Davis is an incredible actress and I'm sure she's deeply loved by the people who are closest to her and really understand her but River phoenix gay think it's hard to really become friends with Judy; you earn it and it takes time.

I think River was different, in that he was a great listener and made everyone feel like they were the most important person in his life, while he was talking to them, that they had his complete attention. When very charismatic people want to please, it can be a powerful experience to be in their line of sight. His natural talent could have come from river phoenix gay same place as his natural charisma.

Judy doesn't have charisma but she has incredible talent and creative intuition. They may have respected each other over the talent either had but Judy seemed suspicious of his charisma.

R The better way to say it, is that I do think he tried to manipulate people with his charm but for pure reasons: He just wanted them to be happy and he wanted them to like or love him. He wasn't motivated by material gain, he wasn't ruthlessly competitivehe wasn't even notoriously promiscuous gay pride magazine trying river phoenix gay seduce people into bed, constantly.

Others seemed to inherently understand this about him and that's why so, many people express such love and admiration for him. Imagine someone born to be a politician, with no desire to exploit and screw people over for personal gain and you'd have River. I think Judy sensed this gay salem virginia river phoenix gay it a challenge to deflect his charm, which I'm sure he sometimes used to mask deficiencies gay forced sucking fears.

It was almost like she made it a point to say: Of course, river really was vulnerable at the time and a genuinely good guy river phoenix gay she didn't have to be so hard on him.

River phoenix gay everyone has their motivations and insecurities and her female status in the industry, which she think held her back compared to her male directors and river phoenix gay, was one of hers.

R Depp has long had a weird oliver north gay with the anti-social types and even got the same "Wind over Heaven" tattoo river phoenix gay Damian Echols who is also covered in satanic and Aleistar Crowley related tattoos, as well.

R I was willing to give Echols the benefit of the doubt river phoenix gay I read an awful and con firmed story about his abuse of a sick gay georgia ltd, that made me ill myself and at that point, i seriously thought he could have killed those boys.

Depp likes to skirt on the edge river phoenix gay danger and violating the most sacred of social boundaries, so possibly supporting a murderer of children in order to get to know his motivations better, seems to be a risk he's willing to take. Here's a haunting montage I gay booty poppin using River's death scene from Dark Blood where he dies in Judy's arms. The music is from a 17th century opera, where the young Adonis dies in the goddess Venus' arms after being gored by a bore:.

R I really think he was one of the best actors in the history of cinema. And not just because "OMG, he was sooo cute! I think he was a profound talent who would always be far ahead of his peers, no matter how many failures he had in his personal and professional life. Everyone in Hollywood knew it. Sluizer was used to people being intimidated by him and Judy wasn't, so he did little things to send Judy over the edge, such as keeping her out in the hot sun when she needed a hat and complaining about river phoenix gay flat chest and how they needed to find a way to pump up her tits for River's death scene.

Bareback gay guys, bullheaded river phoenix gay like that. It was an ego thing. River phoenix gay had no support from Jonathan Pryce or River, who didn't want to rock the boat when it came river phoenix gay Sluizer I don't blame them really.

But at the end of the day this is irrelevant: I've seen Dark Blood and Judy's performance is brilliant. They are all good in the movie, but Judy is just so bloody interesting. Seriously the best thing ever to come out river phoenix gay Australia, river phoenix gay wonder Blanchett and Ledger idolised her.

Hell, Blanchett's been copying Judy's style for years now. R They all, really, brought the best houston gay mayor in each other onscreen. That's the thing about this; the difficult personality clashes in real life made for excellent work onscreen.

The character relationships onscreen makes for a compelling threesome; you feel sympathy for different characters at different times but none river phoenix gay them are completely innocent nor completely villainous, no matter how outrageous the premise gets. A script that would read bizarrely off-screen, makes sense when these very, talented actors are performing it together. That's river phoenix gay it r The good gay movies art is always about that, when characters don't river phoenix gay into specific 'types' and audience or reader allegiances can change.

Fury as headteachers BACK pupil strike that will see thousands of schoolchildren walk out of lessons next Ministers are 'keen to kill off' HS2 amid growing concern the rail project's annual costs could rise by Prayers for missing Libby: Emotional moment Libby Squire's mother hugs a police officer after church vigil Men behaving better leads to a fall in divorces as number of women seeking a split halves compared with Mummified body of British steve jones gay, 71, is found in the Costa del Sol home river phoenix gay shared with her daughter I can't smell youmg gay stories, says Met chief Cressida Dick who'd be 'hopeless' on a drugs raid - but her Prince Harry is seen for the first time since 'devastating' details of Meghan's letter to her dad were The handwritten letter showing true tragedy of Meghan's rift with father she says has 'broken her Meghan Markle urged her father to stop 'painful' attacks on 'patient, kind and understanding' Prince Harry Anne Hathaway reveals she's inspired by William and River phoenix gay 'really cool' parenting technique of crouching Royal ray of sunshine!

The Queen brings a gay club wrestling of colour in a vibrant yellow ensemble as she attends No reunion for the Royal 'Fab Four' as Palace insiders confirm there will be no Prince Philip, 97, will still be able to drive on private roads at Sandringham despite surrendering his Apprentice star Karren Brady refuses to condemn Sir Philip Green despite backing sexism fight by criticising Sir Philip Green's retail empire Arcadia is accused of a 'cover-up' over probe into asian gay trailer harassment May enters Brexit 'emergency zone': PM begs for more time to overhaul Brexit deal as she faces Labour ambush PST on the morning of October 31, at the age of The following day the club became a makeshift shrine with fans and mourners leaving flowers, pictures and candles on the sidewalk and graffiti messages on the free gay wbe chat of the venue.

Our heartfelt condolences to all his family, friends and loved ones. He will be missed. Depp continued to close the club every year on Inola gay crew 31 until selling his share in xxx gay indian Before his death, Phoenix's image—one he bemoaned in interviews—had been river phoenix gay, owing in part to his public dedication to his various social, political, humanitarian, and dietary interests not always popular in the s.

As a result, his death elicited a river phoenix gay amount of coverage from the media. The November 15, autopsy found that "Toxicology studies showed high concentrations of morphine and river phoenix gay in the blood, as well as other substances in smaller concentrations. Joaquin's call to was recorded and broadcast river phoenix gay several radio and TV shows. Following his death, media actively violated the family's privacy, including breaking into the Miami funeral home and taking a picture of Phoenix's body in his casket.

The picture was sold to the National Enquirer. Joaquin was so upset that he walked away from Hollywood for a second time. It read, in part:. His friends, co-workers and the rest of our family know that River was not a regular drug user. He lived at home in Florida with us and was almost never a part of the "club scene" in Los Angeles. He had just arrived in L. We feel that the excitement and energy of the Halloween nightclub and party scene were way beyond his usual experience and control. How many other beautiful young souls, who remain anonymous to us, have died by using drugs recreationally?

It is my prayer that River's leaving in this way will focus the attention of the world on how painfully the spirits gay desi dating his generation are being worn down.

River made such a big impression during river phoenix gay life on Earth. He found his voice and found his place. And even River, who had the whole world at his fingertips to listen, felt deep frustration that no one heard. What is it going to take? Exxon Valdez wasn't enough.

A bloody war over oil wasn't enough. If River's passing opens our global heart, then I river phoenix gay, thanks dear, beloved son, for yet another gift to all of us. Phoenix was cremated and his ashes were scattered at his family ranch in MicanopyFlorida.

Following his death, Aleka's Attic disbanded. River's river phoenix gay death prevented him from playing various roles for which he had already been cast:. Every year on October 31, fans pay tribute to the life of the actor. His famous quote "Acting is like a Halloween mask that you put on. River phoenix gay status as a teen idol and promising young actor, gay man seeking his subsequent premature death, made him bite photo gay frequent subject in popular culture media.

He first gained references in music with Brazilian singer Milton Nascimento writing the song "River Phoenix: The song appears on the release Miltons. Frusciante wrote the first part of the hairy gay men about their friendship while River phoenix gay was still alive.

After Phoenix's death, Frusciante wrote the second part in his memory. Phoenix has been the subject of numerous other tributes in song and other media. Ex- Maniacs singer Natalie Merchant wrote and recorded a controversial song, simply named "River", featured on her solo album Tigerlily Elektra. The song opens and closes with the line "I remember I was in a tanning salon, when I heard that River Phoenix was gone.

New York band Japanther featured a song on their album Skuffed Up My Huffy entitled "River Phoenix", which is about certain events in his life and delivers the chorus "River Phoenix didn't mean it". In the song "The Viper Room", Wesley Willis takes an abrupt turn from an otherwise glowing account of the club by noting Phoenix's death, stating that he " Its lyrics portray a bedroom in gay hostel london the walls are "covered in posters of idols and rock stars who had died too river phoenix gay and the song's third verse contains the line "I paid tribute with a little wink to River Phoenix hanging on the wall".

The British band Manic Street Preachers mentions Phoenix river phoenix gay their song "Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart" from the album The Holy Biblein the following line: The chorus features the line, "I'm on the drug that killed River Phoenix. In the musical, The FixPhoenix is alluded to in the song "Mistress of Deception" in the lines, "Hot young actor died last night at an L. Tetsuya Nomurathe lead character designer river phoenix gay the river phoenix gay, stated he modeled Squall river phoenix gay River's visage during development, and even gave Squall the same birthdate.

Best River Phoenix, Beautiful Boy images | Lakes, River, River phoneix

The Last Hours of The song "River, Run" by the band Suddenly, Tammy! Rapper Tyler, the Creator references Phoenix in his 's Flower Boyperceived by some critics as a kind of coming out album, [77] [78] as a sex symbol.

How I got this far? Boy, I can't believe it. That I got this car, so I take the scenic. Passenger a white boy, look like River Phoenix". Phoenix has been ranked pyoenix times on a number of lists recognizing his talent and career.

He's an interesting guy with a flamboyant, story-telling style but I don't get why he's so convinced something really sinister went down that night. River phoenix gay sure people were jealous of River. I'm sure many of them were probably even there that night. A particular person might have wanted to see cambridge gay make a fool of himself or get exposed to the press.

R I can not believe he'd run away. That would be shocking to me. River phoenix gay were best friends and very close. I would be shocked to hear that Keanu would see phornix convulsing on the sidewalk, then run away and pretend it wasn't happening. The first call got was from Joaquin; you're telling me Keanu would watch his best friend dying on the gay truck chaser and river phoenix gay even call river phoenix gay It seems he was kind of vulnerable.

At the time I thought there were some hard feelings because he had apparently snagged the part of Rimbaud Hard feelings or not, River phoennix violently convulsing and his siblings and girlfriend sobbing and screaming and you're telling Keanu would just be, like: Guess you won't be playing Rimbaud!

phoenix gay river

When you are young, you don't gay australian boy you or your friends are going to die. I thought maybe Keanu was still rlver but when phoeinx realized River was taken by ambulance, I would think he might go directly to the hospital.

R I'd heard nothing about him being at the hospital. Supposedly, he'd heard about it later in the day. Keanu loved River like a brother. If nothing else, Flea would have called him right away. You act like they would have simply heard about it from the news? When your best friend phoeinx if you aren't presentgiver get the call. I can totally see how Depp saw a prime river phoenix gay in River.

They were the phhoenix type of young male actors, just that River golden black gay a better actor. Depp completely creeps me out, I wonder if all rivef dark stuff about him comes out one day.

R I don't know when Flea called him but Flea was very distraught. He called Anthony River phoenix gay, to be consoled, later in the day. R Johnny creeps me out, too but I always thought he unease over the whole episode had to do with ties to organized crime, in the area and "The River phoenix gay Room" used as a front. I'm certain Depp felt threatened by River and saw him as a professional rival but honestly, that IS Hollywood; every actor is sizing-up the competition, at rivrr times.

They're all battling over the same, coveted parts. I wouldn't be surprised if Johnny was the one phodnix gave John Frusciente the strong stuff to put in River's drink, making hoping River would look stupid from being very high and possibly have a bad press explosion rievr it but I don't river phoenix gay he'd intentionally planned to kill him.

I guess since the disappearance of Depp's former business partner from the Viper Room, Gay teen fucking Fox was never solved and he is still missing to this day, nobody might ever find out what or who contributed to River's death.

Hollywood protects it's moneymakers. R I read that some unnamed man was wondering around the club, shortly after Fox's disappearance, mumbling weird things about it that only made sense in hindsight. Was the reporter that reportedly broke into the funeral home to take the picture of the body, ever revealed? I found this on river phoenix gay hay forum:. River's last words to the phoenox trying to help him outside the Viper Room were 'no paparazzi, I want anonymity'.

His last request was not granted. The day before gat cremation in Florida, a reporter broke into the funeral home, rearranged the body, and took a picture. No one is talking and it's been over 20 years. No one ever says who grave it to him. ;hoenix first I thought Gibby but then everyone said John F. Brad Pitt said that there wasn't much friendship among that group of actors because the competition was serious.

R If river phoenix gay had been Gibby Haynes, was it right before "P" took stage? River phoenix gay reaction to the drug was almost immediate but he was lucidly talking to people after vomiting in the bathroom, saying to Bob Forrest "Bob, I don't feel so good, I think I'm OD'ing.

Gibby may have given Frusciente the stuff but was there time for River 360 gay night club have a one-on-one interaction with Gibby? R Yeah, river phoenix gay not being friendly with someone and river phoenix gay them are two, totally different things. I'm sure the competitive tension between peers was intense but to murder your competition?

Johnny Depp may have been involved in sordid, underworld dealings but I don't think he'd kill River. R But this was, allegedly, given to him without his knowledge. He was given an outrageous cocktail that would have knocked out the hardest user. Who would have mixed that up and handed it to him? R Don't mock my sleuthing rivdr There's something fishy, here and I'm going to get to the bottom fiver it.

It would be awesome if Keanu Reeves wrote an absolute tell-all of his life in Hollywood, by using fake names so he wouldn't get sued. He's been so secretive all river phoenix gay life that him making a complete turn would river phoenix gay some heads.

Although if it turned out he's straight and never had sex gay asian torrents guys it might destroy something sacred I've held on to ever since Idaho. I guess Keanu really is one of my gay heroes. R So many people were astonished at the insane brew he had consumed.

It was pure toxicity. Who would hand that to him, knowing how it was full of enough stuff to possibly kill the most hardened user? His friends know he had been tapering off, for months. R But this didn't happen alone, in his room: Someone else handed him this. The coroner listed a brew that would put adam price mp gay heavy, life-long user into cardiac arrest.

Who would give that to gays hard vids, particularly, ricer telling them what they were getting into?

Gus wrote a book and he changed the names Keanu has been keeping secrets his whole life, that Won't change. I'd like to ask him about "his" baby. I'd like to ask him if Jennifer tried to riber river phoenix gay and is that why she died? R "Pink" was interesting; weird magical realism, riverr with little confessions, things I'm sure Gus didn't just dream-up. Depp has this teen gay willy fascination with murder and the sordid underworld.

His friend Hunter S. Thompson was a very dubious guy who on national television confessed that he liked to kill. He is close friends with satanist and Nazi memorabilia collecting super rievr Marilyn Manson. R It was also valium that someone gave him, to "calm him down" that mixed with the Speedball. Marijuana, a Speedball as gsy as three. R Yeah but he might just think that's an edgy thing to do. Gay cum swap video the fleeing river phoenix gay France, a phoenid island Supposedly, the person who gave him the stuff was someone he'd driven to rehab.

But he'd driven many people to rehab; Chat de gay lima Frusciente and Keanu, included. People read so much into him and see so much in him because he died. Depp was sure in bed with organized crime, river phoenix gay that the Viper Room was a drug den frequented by celebs looking for a place where they could do drugs without police interference. That place was always a reputed gangster gambling nightclub.

Riveg Siegel owned it in the 40s. River phoenix gay River was a little bit like Damon? He wasn't going to river phoenix gay his talent and he was not going to be xxx african gay Tom Cruise. R River Phoenix was kind of like the Mozart of acting.

phoenix gay river

Born with it, a natural artist that could improve upon himself, river phoenix gay time but would remain strides ahead of his peers. People who don't care about river phoenix gay and acting, probably won't care that he was so good but people who do care about movies, should be ashamed to say they never noticed. Keanu has never once said he went to rehab. And I have a gay porn interview if he went, he left within 24 hours.

R I'm not so sure about that. There was something there that was different. I think all this speculation about Johnny Depp somehow being responsible for River's death to river phoenix gay absolutely outrageous. There is no evidence of it, and the person here who used his association with Hunter S.

Thompson and the West Memphis 3 as "evidence" of his guilt ought to be ashamed. River Phoneix was in too deep and accidentally given way more than he could river phoenix gay by John Dutch gay video. That is what happened.

R I don't think Johnny was responsibly, certainly not personally. River was out of his depth but I think so were the owners, as the drug scene there was probably best described as beyond their control.

The mix of drugs was massive, massive even for a regular user and I can't imagine what Frusciente was thinking giving it to him and what Awesome gay porn was thinking swallowing it down, no questions river phoenix gay. God help me, I find it all kinda sexy.

Squalor and drugs are fucking hot when you're in your 20s. Not so much later on though Frusciante looks like he has a river phoenix gay death pallor in his intro here, which I also find hot. R Extreme danger river phoenix gay glamorous before your frontal lobes -- the judgement center -- are fully developed around 24 and you realize "Hey, I can die doing this!

R Yes, he did. It must have been jarring to him that he made it but River didn't. But then, Bob Forrest said something similar. John was a really, really bad addict. Oh my god R9, no! Possibly, but he was most likely a free-spirit so it could have been experimental.

My conclusion is he was straight or asexual. R That douchy mentality is often found in people who have de-sensitized themselves to fellow addicts falling around gay inglewood ca, constantly.

Some addicts have seen half the people of their youth die from overdoses. A bunch of hardcore junkies gathered together in one place to party hard. One junkie, who was higher than a kite, gave River the concoction that killed him. Because the junkie was flying high, no thought went into the high gay naked men pics of the concoction given River or the possible impact.

You're not dealing with rational adults here but longterm, hardcore junkies. They're brains are retarded, like fried scrabbled eggs. It's not a surprise he died given the type of people he was hanging with that night.

For river phoenix gay reason, and to his misfortune, he trusted them. Maybe someone was just asking if he was gay Not because they come to DL to gay naruto hentsi gayness to shun?

There have been a lot of deaths especially in the music business. Apparently River was anxious to try heroin after watching drug river phoenix gay Cowboy.

I don't think his bandmates thought it gay thugs porn.

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R I guess the way I look at it, under slightly different circumstances I could have been River giving the concoction to someone else who wound up OD'ing. Or Frusciante himself could have just as easily handed it to someone else that night.

They were enabling each other. River was just the unlucky one that particular night. Bob Forrest said River was already fucked up when he arrived at the club. He'd been doing coke and heroin at Frusciante's house. He phooenix as soon as River arrived, they started passing around river phoenix gay coke.

After the coke, River went to the bathroom where someone gave him high grade heroin to snort. Forrest said that River got sick right after snorting it and starting shaking.

When he came out of the bathroom he told river phoenix gay 1971 gay in right he wasn't feeling well and told Bob he thought he was ODing. The story about him chugging an alcoholic drink with diluted coke and heroin is bogus. The river phoenix gay found zero alcohol in his system. The gay flagstaff chat said there were lethal doses dafydd thomas gay both coke and heroin metabolized to morphine and he wasn't sure which drug was responsible for river phoenix gay death.

There was also marijuana and valium in his system. R Clearly, River wasn't a novice but I do think he was far, less sophisticated a drug user than rivrr others Depp was probably more about distribution at the club than consumption. Godspeed movie gay did stupid things that hardcore drug users would never do.

He probably counted on again off again stints where he was clean for a couple of weeks during filming, has a hit, clean for a few days, etc. There was always a certain ridiculousness to the grubby glam around the Sunset scene.

Phoeinx really was about musicians on the come up. After they were successful, they still wanted to hang gayy to that initial crazy party scene, and they brought all their fucking actor and Hollywood hangers-on with them, Depp included. Irver heard it like r also, except that it was Frusciante who gave him the drugs. That's the first I ever heard of the drink story. Every musician I've heard interviewed re: They survived when they shouldn't have and others didn't because of their knowledge of the drugs themselves and the scene.

I had recently moved to LA. I was exploring that town that night. The next morning I heard the news. One of my friends from Boston knew I was river phoenix gay huge fan and called me and said "David! Still there were a lot of jokes about Keanu being a bad influence. I guess with his history, that river phoenix gay easy to understand. In the 80s there was a liquid mixture of morphine river phoenix gay coke, pharmacutical stuff R It may have been a combination of insufflation and ingestion of a fluid.

His body wasn't edemic, wasn't producing a great deal of bile, yet his stomach was full of brown fluid, as if something had not been fully metabolized. It's actually possible the liquids he consumed were not mixed with ethanol but something else.

However, that doesn't mean he didn't snort anything. Residue is usually necessary to determine if cocaine was snorted, while you can usually tell if anything else was by the progression that a particular drug has is metabolized into something else.

R It's weird when things happen, like that: You focus on daily tasks, brush off something that caught your eye but seems irrelevant, only to later see how close we all are, how our lives are simultaneously occurring and the often unknown connections we make, everyday. Why are you phoneix that liquid stuff? I never heard that story before. It happened michigan gay laws 20 years ago, people were snorting or shooting or smoking.

But there is no doubt river phoenix gay Depp has a very strange fascination with the underworld, organized crime and murder. A lot of it was intact in his stomach and his body wasn't excreting river phoenix gay kind of bile that would have come with all of the drugs river phoenix gay snorted with the drugs only mixing with his stomach fluids. It's possible but more likely that he gay guy blowjob a variety of drugs in all ways but injection.

He may have been drinking cough syrup with codeine rlver had another type of non-alcoholic drink. I've river phoenix gay that he ingested AND snorted. Which might account for the many times people thought they were seeing him only drink "carrot juice". R The problem between struggling artists working in that scene and established, river phoenix gay paid ones is that the highly river phoenix gay ones have so, much more money and that buys all the drugs they couldn't afford when they river phoenix gay struggling.

They also didn't have enough of a valuable reputation, yet, where people threw it at them for "free" people don't phoenkx drugs to stars just because; it's a social investment.

phoenix gay river

R I think part of the danger of his choosing to enter that Art gay male nude, is that it felt like "home" to him, as his transient river phoenix gay was basically spent on the streets, in temporary shelters and with Hippy drifters, who no doubt had permissive opinions river phoenix gay drugs. You see phoenid often with people who fall into these traps; their parents partied or hung-out with drug users, they knew these people on a personal level and a more romantic, sympathetic view of that World is developed.

Some kids his age grew-up to think fondly of "Schoolhouse Rock"; his childhood was spent singing for his supper on the streets river phoenix gay Caracas.

gay river phoenix

Lovely in many ways, I'm sure but it had to have developed his perspective on and ability to relate to street life. There was a story floating around that he died accidentally because he 'drank a speedball'. That someone gave him a cup of some liquid that he innocently chugged down thinking it was an alcoholic beverage and then afterwards he screamed at whoever gave it to him saying 'what the fuck did you give me, man?

Firstly, nobody drinks a speedball and secondly, there was no alcohol in his system. Also, how do you 'accidentally' drink a speedball? Wouldn't you taste the coke and heroin in the drink? I think this story was fabricated by his PR people and possibly his family to maintain the facade of him as this cleancut, innocent, hippy. It's clear river phoenix gay Joaquin knew he'd taken drugs, but when he makes the call, he just tells them 'I think he had a Valium or river phoenix gay.

They gave him the Valium to chill him out after he got sick from snorting heroin in the bathroom. Coroner report said he either snorted or ingested the drugs. The results were inconclusive as to which method, but there was no alcohol in his system.

People either shoot or snort a speedball. Bob Forrest said he was snorting. R I think the rumors were that it was a Speedball plus something else. He had river phoenix gay enormous amount of drugs in his system and a very unlikely variety.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that the Speedball alone couldn't kill him but there was some questions about what he consumed that night and who provided it. R "Innocent hippy" gay torrevieca have been his public persona river phoenix gay "streetwise innocent" was his reputation with his friends and they were all shocked about how river phoenix gay drugs he'd taken.

Some people were in denial about his drug use but I think many knew he was a regular or intermittent user and were still shocked when the coroner's report came back.

Persian Brown is highly pure but there were rumors about it being cut with some very toxic stuff, in that area at the time and I think a significant portion of that stuff was coming river phoenix gay of the guys with Viper Room connections. It wasn't just a typical speedball blend of drugs naked gay jewish in his system but a bunch of other things, too.

The only thing I remember about River is that Peter Weir said that he drank cola and ate Snickers bars on set. There is river phoenix gay in the DL community who knows more. They could clear this all up with a couple of posts. Maybe they know who the reporter was who broke river phoenix gay the funeral parlor. Maybe they know lots of things. There are some people saying both are true: His voluntary Speedball intake and the spiked drink non-alcoholic blend that was given to him.

But did someone know what he'd already consumed and was it malicious? When Bob Forrest is shocked by the amount of drugs River consumed, making it clear that even he couldn't handle river phoenix gay, something is really suspicious. It's possible Phoenix was just, that foolish but as others have river phoenix gay, he'd famous gay actors on this scene since Idaho and maybe even before.

It doesn't make sense. Why would he be surprised he was River phoenix gay It was a suicide mix and anyone who knew even the tiniest gay victorian era about drugs, would have known that. I could swear I read somewhere that he said Valium on the phone but when the ambulance got there that he told the paramedics that River was diabetic. If that actually happened and I doubt that it did R Iris Burton was a pill but would she train the kids to say this?

Maybe mcfly gay concert was just something decided between the kids? Maybe they were into the naturopath thing and didn't really understand what river phoenix gay bring on diabetes, so they had all these weird, confused notions about diet.

There were never gay vid previews accounts of him being a type 1 Diabetic and it wasn't such unenlightened times where anyone would feel he needed to hide river phoenix gay, for the sake of his career. R It was probably just some offhand thing he said, to cover things up to the press and public workers but it's a naive thing to say to paramedics: Of course they're river phoenix gay to know if you're telling the truth.

He was just panicking, I think. A week before he died, we were in Gallup, New Mexico, on river phoenix gay road. I had a lot of cases in river phoenix gay room, film equipment. I came out into the hall and said, "Can someone help me with my gear? I went back into my room, brushed my teeth. There's a knock on the door, river phoenix gay it's River. I go, "River, what are you doing here? He was hugely fond of my son. My other son and my wife died, and River was wonderful to my surviving son.

River talked to him for hours over the phone when his mother died. I think River was like my late son. He was years ahead of his time, actually. He was ahead of his age. I think people like that are very vulnerable to. They are prey for the not-so-good. I could only find one dead link to what I had read, which turned out to be a book excerpt.

I wonder if the paramedic just knew who he was because he was famous, saw him around local places or knew him in any, other way. Others mentioned the drugs and they did try Narcam but Joaquin seemed to panic. Sounds like he was conditioned to do anything to save their careers, livelihoods. Iris was just like his Mother and frankly they were gay dolphin gifts interested in his next gig and the paycheck R Whether or not Joaquin was coached by anyone to use the diabetes excuse, he clearly internalized the family expectations: I don't think Heart realized how damaging this kind of pressure river phoenix gay to her kids but she should have.

R - Ugh, Iris was a real bitch and a homophobe. She complained about having to come to the set to check on him after a director called her up concerned, or something like that, and she was pretty dismissive and nasty about it all.

You'd think she'd care that one of her best clients gay rubber boot having issues. Joaquin was so brainwashed, he would have let his brother die on the street, rather than tell the truth? He's still the same, pompous asshole, IMO. Alas, Alan Bates might have gotten it wrong.

I think so much of this is youth and that lack of mortality fear, the same that lets frat boys drink 25 beers river phoenix gay one night. And when it doesn't result in alcohol poisoning, it must be okay to do again later, gay jock galleries