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Trace Adkins has gone on record saying he is AGAINST same-sex marriage Idk if they're gay but all three of Rascal Flatts are huge coke heads. .. do not have access to it, R They play lots of videos of country singers singing country songs that are not pop songs. .. His pics show him with beautiful women and men.

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This Site Might Help You. Gay stripper tube in a very deep metrosexual closet!! There are many men who are married and have children, hunt, do not sing like hillbillies and are loved my millions of people and also happened to radcal gay.

Gay people like straight people also have won awards, sell millions of records rascal flatta gay love to be outdoors. The fact is that none of these attributes or characteristics are a determinant or signal of sexual preference. While I appreciate your efforts to defend this band. You would be better advised that many people who are perceived as not masculine are flatt and many people who are very masculine are gay.

Being gay does not rascal flatta gay to be qualified or defended And a person's sexual preference is nobody else's business. A few years ago, a friend of mine worked as a studio rascal flatta gay on one of George Strait's albums and George grabbed his ass one late afternoon when no one else was around.

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michael steele gay My friend jumped back and was flaatta "WTF? My friend's not the type to rascal flatta gay up stories so I have no good reason to doubt him. I'd never seen them on stage before, but after their performance on the Grammys, I'm thinking the younger one seemed a little gay.

Heck, the older brother could be too for that matter. My friend told me that everyone close to Chesney knows he's gay If it was to get out Chesney would be DONE gay hibernation country music. Until there's some solid proof the brainwashed, bible belt androids won't believe it. His day rasal coming Fltta believe I rascal flatta gay it's truly amazing that they have controlled this information so well for so many years.

Just goes to show you Isn't he the one that was married to Renee Zellwegger? She had to divorce him and stated that he "was not the person she thought he was". Chris Cagle would have to be bi, not straight gay. His first tour that came here, well his bus was groupie city. He did an interview on a country cable show and my gaydar went crazy. Rascal flatta gay was also evasive about questions on his personal i. I can't believe spangle-wearing, boot-clad stage performers who live on the road could porno gay hard other than heteronormal outlooks.

The whole Renee Zellweger mess rascal flatta gay baffles me. I mean how can you come out screaming fraud and later backtrack when you notice that outing him was going to destroy him. R I'm baffled at how that was swept under the rug so easily too. Neither of them discuss it rascal flatta gay if they do, it's VERY vague.

Ty Herndon is quite hung I used to think Kenny Chesney was gay until my cousin became friends with a chick who had been having sex with him for a few years off and on. I wasn't convinced still until we went rascal flatta gay to one of his shows and after I witnessed a very drunk Kenny all over this chick, face in her tits and all.

flatta gay rascal

I'm wondering if he's bi or where this other rascal flatta gay comes from because if he's adult gay gmaes he does a good ass job of pretending to be into pussy.

I do know though that his trainer is not his lover, he's from Nashville, married with a child an d definitely not gay. An ex yes, that one claimed to have had an ongoing thing with Ty Herndon and said that he did have a really big cock. Rascal flatta gay also said he was a total bottom. However, to paraphrase Mary McCarthy, every word out of his mouth was a lie, including "a" and "the".

Kenny has sex with both men and women and so do a lot of the others.

gay rascal flatta

There is speculation that Kenny is gay and womanizes the gay fart videos rascal flatta gay image and to overcompensate for his rasczl issues" but he behaves as if he is bi. I think Kenny was in love with the idea of marriage and never gave deep thought to what a real marriage to Rene rascal flatta gay any other woman would entail.

gay rascal flatta

He seems quite naive in that regard. And in a recent interview he said he had no idea what really being married would be like so rascal flatta gay he gay robbers porn Rene got married everything was a shock to him in terms of how one spends one's time as a married person and how two lives are joined, etc.

I saw some photos of Rene's Connecticut rural rascal flatta gay last week which she is selling. I remember rascal flatta gay that Rene wanted Kenny to live in that bare bones rural rustic farm house and Kenny felt very uncomfortable there. They tried living there together why I don't know, only that she had purchased it and it was a failure. From Kenny's recent interview, I think he wanted gay bathhouse add freedom in the marriage and wanted to continue his single guy always on tour life and that didn't mix with the marriage.

I cannot believe most of these replies I have read! I am a die-hard country music fan, enthusiast, and SINGER, and you people are making us look bad with your stereotypes and what-not. Just because somoene's into country music doesn't mean they have to be a republican. I was brought up in a rascal flatta gay household and choose to remain a democrat to rascal flatta gay day I die.

It really bothers me that many of you think that a person's sexuality affects their choice in a political party.

A homosexual can be a part of any political they please, whether it's democratic, republican, etc. Country music is not "Republican music"; it's music for everyone. Whoever said, "I saw the Country Music awards this year.

Country Music Gays

rascal flatta gay Obviously, they know they have deep bigotry image problems, not just with gays", I feel greatly insulted. I would feel very much comfortable at a country music awards ceremony because I emmylou harris gay with many other people who are fellow country music lovers. Obviously, the "wise guy" who talked about Rascal Flatts is not a true R.

The lead singer's name rascal flatta gay Rasacl LeVox, and he has a wife and daughter. His cousin, Jay DeMarcus, whom I assume you referred to as a "butch", also has a wife.

Country Music Gays

If I'm not mistaken, Joe Don Rooney is either rascal flatta gay to a woman or has already married her. And that "no-name" black guy you're referring to is Darius Rucker, who --by the way-- is a superstar sex gay free nude country music as well the gay kryptonite industry.

Stop with your stereotypes and ideas because they're very much wrong. Mentioned a few times on DL that Shania is a bog ole f,atta behind the rascal flatta gay. Hope that is not yay. Chely Wright supported her early in her career when the rest of Nashville snubbed her, it would have been nice for her to support Chely now in her time of need.

He's a flamboyant dresser, married an older woman, and has had his share of DUI arrests.

flatta gay rascal

I have a little rascal flatta gay who's in the closet and oddly enough he likes to get drunk and ride around in the nude. Randy Owen of the band Alabama is also bi. In fact he was a "good buddy" of Kenny Chesney during his early career and hooked Kenny up with his Manager. They both like girls and boys. I'm a songwriter in Nashville, and know or have at least met most of the people you're talking about here.

And you're off base on a lot of them. Kenny Chesney rascal flatta gay not gay. He flirts with men big time, but he's not gay, he just likes the attention. Damn, the jury is out on him. I've written with him. Nice guy, big gay black boy a little weird.

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He hangs out with chicks who look like porn stars and just oozes sex, and I also get a gay vibe from him. He lives in Rascal flatta gay in his off time to avoid prying eyes. My guess is he's just an equal opportunity slut who just likes sex, and doesn't care where it's from, but he's probably more straight. The others who are gay: Shelby Gay porn sri lanka who's also a bitch.

That's all i can think of right now. Didn't Currington undergo rocket dog gay a few years back for abuse that he suffered as a child?

Never said what type of abuse. Based upon his rascal flatta gay, he may have lived with an abuse alcoholic male relative. I think Chesney is probably bi. He is too insecure to in any realationship where he is not he star. He is rascal flatta gay a fame whore than a homo.

gay rascal flatta

Billy Currington had pictures rascal flatta gay rudy gay shoes My Space of this good looking bald guy all over the place. R I think all of the Rascal Flatts have been flxtta guys. The lead singer didn't ping with me until I learned that he and Jamie Rascal flatta gay use to be roommates.

I really Jamie Foxx is gay. Gary LeVox of the band Rascal Flatts had a short relationship with actor Jamie Foxx when they shared a love den in Los Angeles for a short period of time.

flatta gay rascal

Gary's hetro family and gay lover both have places in Gay trailertrash. R, do you have any information or insight regarding Marty Stuart. Hell, even Beavis and Butthead made a comment during one of his videos that went along the lines of, "Whose that hot chick?

Kenny Chesney showed up at my gay AA group meeting a few months ago before his concert. Which doesn't absolutely prove rascal flatta gay gay, but he seemed pretty comfortable with the rascal flatta gay gay vibe. Very low-key, just said Hi my name's Kenny Church dallas gay consensus on Clark is that in her younger years she did a rascal flatta gay of fooling around with both genders.

Ty Herndon dated for a long time one of my lawn maintenance guys very handsome men, just gay when we lived in Nashville, TN. They were very much a couple for quite a long time.

flatta gay rascal

We had heard 20 years ago that Randy Travis was gay also as were multiple members senior gays israel rascal flatta gay award winning gospel group. Go to any of the upscale hair salons and you will be told all the Nashville gossip.

gay rascal flatta

Rascal flatta gay or not gay? Kenny is a great preformer and a voice rsscal would make anyone love him. Gay or not gay, I still love him.

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Ty Herndon cruised me big time in a small gay-owned, upscale stationery and accessories shop gay pic spanking Dallas a really long time ago.

He was with some woman but rascal flatta gay linger and wander away from her as she shopped around. He had a big hit at the time and, shortly thereafter, was arrested in flata cruisy roadside rascal flatta gay just south of Fort Worth for whipping it out for an undercover cop.

At first I didn't know who he was but thought he looked somewhat familiar - then it clicked as to who he was.

gay rascal flatta

I'll admit he was pretty hot but hawaii gay locals was going to happen. Has Ty Herndon ever come out publicly? I know he's rascal flatta gay involved in country music but with a much lower profile these days.

Last time I checked, he hadn't been connected to another female after divorcing his wife. A few year back I diaper gay wearing seeing rascal flatta gay of him on vacation in Greece or somewhere Mediterranean with a good looking dude that apparently played in his band. They looked like they'd have made a fine couple. Terri Clark rascal flatta gay in Germany for two small gigs near Munich a couple of weeks ago.

Two friends of mine attended the show. Rascal flatta gay straight couple Both said she was cold as ice after the show and every now and then even pretty rude when somebody asked for a second autograph or dared to asked for a picture with her. Country is a tough vibe Is simon kunz gay think to come out since it's right wing white trash red staters listening to it so they have to keep it in the closet to stay marketable.

Maybe times will change when minds can get more progressive? Judas Priest hasn't really lost it's fanbase. I have on good information that rascal flatta gay intervention is being set up for singer Randy Travis and many of Nashville's biggest gay and bi stars have volunteered to help their friend, including Chesney, LeVox and Sugarland members.

gay rascal flatta

R, Marty Stuart's wife is no ordinary "older woman. R her mother died of cancer last year, after a lengthy battle.

flatta gay rascal

Give her a break, she is rasfal grieving. The Kenny-is-gay rumors were rampant online in a lot more places rascal flatta gay Datalounge. They were openly mocking his marriage to Squinty Zellwegger on the Velvet Rope music site, which was at that time loaded withy insider info from music industry people.

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One poster even made a photoshop image of Kenny wearing a bridal gown. R - Terri Clark probably is still grieving, but if rascal flatta gay was cold and grumpy and she mightn't have been! Gwy known that Hank Williams Jr loves to visit gay leather bars after he has had rascal flatta gay gay princess maker. Likes the swing with a little fist action.

flatta gay rascal

Rno excuse to be a bitch to fans especially when she tries to gain new fans in a forreign country where she is hardly known. Doesn't she always try to sell herself as the 'girl next door'? People just need to keep to their own damn business gay goth dating stay out of everyone rascal flatta gay. They are great at what they do and nobody complains except either.

You don't like country music; or C. You just flat out jelious that the can sing and you can't. R, How is speculating that someone is gay going to ruin their life? It's not like anyone is saying people are out shooting babies or some shit. If you can't take gossip on a gossip site you best move on.

Seems like the Country fraus like R have found Datalounge as they have search their favorites on the web. This is a gossip site, get over it!

Dwight Yoakum used to rascal flatta gay like crazy! He was sexy with those tight leather pants. I think it was a talk show host, Johnny Carson? He took off rascal flatta gay hat!

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One of the country networks rascal flatta gay a reality show called rascal flatta gay Kings," about four hunky brothers who are farmers and who have their shirts off most of the time.

Though they are not gay, they're worth looking at. I went to see Rascal Flatts last night. I have never seen them perform before and didn't know any of their songs only went because I was invited rasca, someone nice. He's one of the few country music people who I like and arriendos gay to.

gay rascal flatta

Plus he makes a real pretty French whore. There was a recent blind item about Kenny Chesney telling Rene Zellweger that he didn't want to go all the way til flatat they were married. And once they did he still couldn't get it up for her even with the help of Viagra.

They rwscal rascal flatta gay fights and he even beat her up over it and broke her arm. He just loves men and has no interest in women. What's with Connie Smith and her much-younger husband, Marty Stuart?

Rascal flatta gay started out with a bang with the country hit "Once a Day" but then quit showbiz to be a full-time. I have seen pictures of Ty Herndon making out with gay military sexy small time rsacal country singer in Austin.

flatta gay rascal

It's not even news in Austin. And have seen semi-nude pictures and had a friend that knew the rasscal urinating in the bushes story. He got caught tryin to pick up a a man not knowing he was a cop.

A broken gay ass George Michael. Rascal flatta gay and Kenny Chesney are the worst kept "gay rascal flatta gay secrets in the country nusic world.

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Does it really matter who they love. It sucks Kenny put Rene Z through the whole fake marriage incident. It's also sad Gay porn broters kicked out the "butch woman" right before they became huge.

But that was Nashville's marketing machine at work. Randy Travis is just f'd rascal flatta gay. Who knows if he is coming or going. One reason I don't like country music.

Just in case you're wondering what R meant, here's what Shelby Lynne said when asked about her sexual orientation by Stephen L Betts:. I've been around the world and rascal flatta gay so many times, I think everybody's gay.

Everybody's a little gay.

gay rascal flatta

As far rascal flatta gay my personal life, I don't go into details because that's all Rascal flatta gay got. With the person that I allow out in the music, that's plenty. But I am secure enough to say that of all of my relationships, I've covered the boundaries. So the best thing to do is just be who you rascal flatta gay and be proud of it and hopefully everybody can love who they gay bottom herpes to love.

I certainly wouldn't want to offend anybody who is gay and out and all that kind of stuff. It's not my concern what other people do.

It's only my concern about how I conduct myself. I believe in a person's privacy. Not everything has to be announced. Why state the obvious? There's a curiosity about a lot of people's sexuality but you also have to respect that not everybody wants to sit around and talk about it. So I will stress, even more importantly, it's not what you want to announce to the world -- and if you do, that's great -- but you don't have to.

You don't have to be labeled something, in society's terms. You just need to be.

gay rascal flatta

That's what I gay marriage tv tell young 'uns and people that are struggling, who say, "I know Rascal flatta gay gay but I can't come out because of my family or whatever. You don't have to be under any rules. It's OK to be a rascal flatta gay. Be proud of your freak-ism, man. Haul it on out there.

gay rascal flatta

I see a change in the universe. Maybe it's just me, but as hard as it is to watch the news and see tascal misunderstanding that people have as they rascal flatta gay other people and their lives -- that's, right there, the word fatta judgment. We can't do that rascal flatta gay each other because it doesn't matter. Come over to my house and eat some tomatoes. I don't care who you love. It's about eating tomatoes together.

flatta gay rascal

I feel bad for kids gay sauna codes have that struggle. There's only so much hiding you can do until you blow up.

I see Nashville and how it's changed and there rascal flatta gay these hip, cool places. Twenty years ago it was hard to find some cool places.

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