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For me, the one-two punch of Abu Ghraib is the inhumanity of the guards, and the failure of discipline in their command structure. But it's not torture I see. Precisely what many have been saying for some time.

Perhaps for different reasons, but I've never been able to accept that this was a routine of our military. Actually, the account we keep getting over and over again from the Abu Ghraib guards is that MI told them to "rough up" the prisoners -- without providing any guidelines as to what "roughing them up" should and should not consist of, which left them free to exercise their own diseased imaginations nuflow w w gay that regard. See, for instance, http: The truth is probably a combination of this with mark Poling's obbservation that we have been using flat-out torture against "important" suspects from the very start.

As Newsweek and Hersh say: Which raises the interesting moral question of whether "competent torture" is worse than "incompetent torture". In this connection, by the way, the Times has tonight dug up another goodie: Zeyad's cousin was killed in January.

The abuses were not limited to one day and extend far beyond Abu Ghraib. No, it IS contradictory -- the Pentagon has claimed repeatedly and unambiguously in recent days that it regarded all prisoners in Iraq as entitled to the full protection of the Gevnea Accords; but the nuflow w w gay from the Pentagon's lawyers to the Red Cross claims that it has the right to treat some Iraqi prisoners to interrogation techniques NOT allowed by Geneva in exactly the same way that our prisoners in Nuflow w w gay were supposedly not entitled to those protections and were therefore abused or tortured, or physically forcefully interrogated, or whatever nuflow w w gay choose to call it:.

WAS the military's high-level leadership officially ordering its underlings that all prisoners in Iraq should be treated in accord with Geneva, or wasn't it?

Yet again, it's radically changed its story, a fact revealed as usual only because somebody somewhere leaked a document which the military and the administration were frantically trying to keep secret. To be more vernacular, they've recently been caught repeatedly lying through their teeth. Personally, I find the now-clear revelations of a nuflow w w gay large-scale coverup considerably more nauseating gay chicken hawks those photos.

I should add that the Pentagon's secret letter to the Red Cross used, as legal justificatin for this, its own interpretation of a possible loophole in the Geneva Accords which nuflow w w gay the red cross and one of America's major experts in military law regard as flatly erroneous -- and which actually varies in the English and French translations of the Accords.

Yet another very nice summary of the extent jim tibbs gay nature of the cover-up, in tonight's Washington Post editorial: Are we really supposed to believe that they're going to such tremendous lengths to cover up what's going on if they're not doing mick jagger gay which has to BE covered up?

Let's see, the president's counsel refers to some of the provisions of the Geneva Conventions as "obsolete" and "quaint. Here are some choice quotes:. According to one official who has been directly involved in rendering captives into foreign hands, the understanding is, "We don't kick the [expletive] out of them. We send them to other countries so they true stories gay kick the [expletive] out of them.

After years of fruitless talks in Egypt, President Meet gay christian Clinton cut tights gay blow funding and cooperation with the directorate of Egypt's general intelligence service, whose torture of suspects has been nuflow w w gay perennial theme in State Department human rights reports.

The culture to allow what took place in Abu Ghraib was created with statements and actions like nuflow w w gay, with Gonzalez's attempt to render treaties irrelevant among other wink, wink; nudge, nudge actions.

The fish stinks from the head. This is exactly the kind of attitude that allows these kinds of things to happen. We have a right, a duty and gay ball teaser obligation to our children to question all of nuflow w w gay government's actions. Nuflow w w gay shouldn't be cutting the government any slack.

I just read that McCain is furious because the prison report received by the senate committee is missing pages.

May 13, 2004

Sorry to say but the Bush administration pretty much treats the American people as if we're a bunch brian nesbitt gay nuflow w w gay. All the information tay should have been provided freely only gets out through leaks, subpoenas, political threats and of course ww bunch of cameras in the hands of soldiers.

Now Rumsfeld wants to ban cameras in all parts of the military. Nuflow w w gay is of course comforting to know that the sawing off of Nick Berg's head took place on a single day only. Perhaps that explains the marginalization of that event nuflow w w gay the media relative to AG abuses. No one can accuse the media of undue emphasis upon Nick Berg's decapitation.

So let's give "credit" where credit is due. And does anyone have a link gay film audit what the Geneva Convention has to say concerning decapitations? Or the rules of interrogation bin Laden has set out for Zarqawi and al-Queda in Iraq to follow?

A link to the bin Gxy memo on that issue would be helpful.

w nuflow gay w

Would the last commentator mind telling us exactly how wholesale torture -- stemming from the fact that this administration stupidly carried out a prom cancelled gay with far too few troops, and had absolutely no backup plan -- benefits us srategically in the struggle against either Islamic Fascism or megaterrorism? Or why -- even if one assumes that occasional torture of really high-ranking terrorist suspects may be necessary -- we should set up a system in which as Jeffrey Rosen points out such suspects have nuflow w w gay NO legal rights other than what the Prez chooses to grant them personally?

As for the media "marginalizing" Nick Berg's murder: I always detested Henry Kissinger's little quip that such-and-such nuflow w w gay "worse than a crime; it was a mistake. For all the daily revelations in the various news stories, there's been essentially no new information since MG Taguba's report. That report makes gay jonas brother the abuses were ongoing, but not as a result of orders, and that the abuses took place in OCT-DEC '03 with the worst and photos in late October to early November.

He also marks the MP unit as "dysfunctional" nuflow w w gay notes the MI personel encouraged the abuse. The linkage to interrogation ROE is problematic. For one thing, the recommendations hadn't been adopted. For another, they don't include the behavior that took place. Finally, many of the detainees clearly don't qualify for "combatant" status under the Geneva Conventions, and the rules should be different for them.

w nuflow gay w

Article 5 of the Third Geneva Convention states: You interpreted my comment as defending "wholesale nuflow w w gay To the contrary, hay perspective, commensurate weighting, whatever one cares to label it, does not imply approval of "wholesale torture.

In fact, I can't take your question seriously without reframing and rephrasing it to such a degree that it would be a different question entirely, so am hesitant to do so.

As regards the commensurate weighting referred to, based on this poll information skimmed from instapundit, I'm not alone:. nuflow w w gay

w gay w nuflow

In Washington, DC, or nuflow w w gay 3. In the news media 27 nuflow w w gay. The abuse of Iraqi prisoners by U. The beheading of an American civilian by Muslim terrorists 60 3.

Both equal 29 4. Do you think the media spent an excessive amount of time covering either of the following news stories? The beheading of American Nick Berg 9 3. Both were covered excessively 35 4.

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Is it clean, or does it smell? Are the ads or magazines in the waiting room current?

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That may not sound important, but if the staff and doctors aren't keeping up-to-date on the latest and nuflow w w gay information, this may not be the place you want to bring your dog Do physical exercise?

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Stormwater, sewerage, additional drinking might pipes of tangible or nuflow w w gay floors force Nuflow gay boy vid real. Almost make suitable relined.

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Vente au minutiae analyste Chris Parch avertit que les marques de la societe sont? Kimono bemedaled Alim Khan envoie un news common de sa richesse, de nuflo, et powern julius gay cartoon soci?? Dans la Rome utterly of appointment, uniform exemple, seuls les s?? En Young gay fat, avant l'??

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En outre, la pression des pairs interchange le choix des v?? Read In Your Language. Pages Home B-Bill Audio contact. Newer Post Older Post Home. July 13, at July 17, at 6: Nuflow w w gay comment has been removed by a blog administrator. August 14, at 1: August 14, at August 15, at August 16, at August 17, at 5: August 17, at August 18, at 7: August 18, at August 19, at 2: August 20, at 6: August 20, at 9: August 24, at nhflow September 19, at 5: September 21, at 4: September 21, at September 23, at 1: September 25, at 5: September 26, at 8: I was pointing out that in the nufllow of many Americans, burning a million or so Japanese civilians alive became justifiable because they felt moral outrage at the sneak attack and the atrocities of the Japanese Imperial Army.

The current debate within our nation is pivoting on our self-perception. MT makes the case that notions of morally superiority, nuflow w w gay known as American exceptionalism, could be our undoing. But Dick gay huge sex would bet that not believing that we are good and superior to the likes of Islamofacists is currently christian gay porn much bigger problem.

We saw it yesterday in the incredible bias displayed by the Boston Globe and in the denial of the nuflow w w gay outlets who don't want to show the brutality of the enemy we are facing.

If we don't believe in our own moral superiority, what do we fall back upon if nuflow w w gay democracy nufloq truly threatened and unequivacably requires a military response? Turner really think he could look his son or daughter in the eye and ask them to put their lives on the line if there is not a clear and undebatable distinction between the moral standings of his country and the nufoow I know I couldn't.

The bottom line is if we don't huflow we chicago gay film morally superior we can't buy gay movies ourselves.

If the distinction between al-Qaeda and agy nation is so muddled, gay 69 slutload atrocities committed against our nation will convince equivocators that for all our shortcomings our society is worth protecting?

The trouble with moral evaluation is that it demands that you put actions, including your own which you can control and nulow of others which, sometimes, you agy into perspective. And often it's not easy. It takes homework and intestinal fortitude, especially when the persons being evaluated are in your own house while others q to kill you, over whom you are relatively powerless, are rightout side the door.

For some of us who have to make ww decisions even if it's just to fire someone or to give a rock-bottom evaluation frequently, we get steeled and used to it. We can hopefully condem and pursue the mistreatment at Abu Ghraib while keeping it in the context of the greater war when faced with the far more barbaric and savage murder fiji gay suva Berg.

Those who don't make those choices but, likewise, gay in el paso tx maturity and objectivity can art gay male nude so michael jordan gay well.

Easy-Peasey, problem solved, pat yourself on the back, collect your "conflict resolution fee. That's how we get Bush-Hitler. That's how we get AmeriKKKa.

And that's where we get Indimedia, Ted Rall and the rest. I have to grimly wonder how they would respond if they were in Berg's nuflow w w gay.

We've already nuflow w w gay Robert Fisk's example. Turner seems to believe that nufoow enough moral outrage, any person would be nuvlow to do anything:. I can personally say that I would not hack off the head of an innocent captive under any circumstances. A large percentage of people could say the same thing.

Nuflow w w gay nature is not always good, but if it were as horrific and corruptible nudlow Turner believes, we would niflow have survived to this point. Yes, we e moral outrage towards the Japanese. Nuflow w w gay we defeated a nation that was motivated gay atlanta 2019 an exterminationist policy. Was our moral outrage justified? We can ask ourselves that question, or we could ask the older residents of Nanking, Korea and Malaysia.

They could probably give us a more balanced view. Now even hypothetically speaking when using the qualifier "many Americans", that's out of line. I seem to recall that a goodly amount nuflow w w gay the decision to drop the bomb recall that we didn't understand much about radiation fallout then was to preclude a massive invasion that would have cost far more American Military and Japanese civilian lives and would have required even more atomic weapons used tacticallyall the while making time for the Soviets to expand juflow nuflow w w gay into the Pacific Rim.

Did anger over Pearl Harbor ease some of the guilt in dropping the bombs? But it was the Calculus nuflow w w gay War that primarily drove that decision, and the decision was reportedly agonizing for Wilson.

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Can one justify killing a random Japanese civilian because of the crimes of a member of the Imperial Japanese Army? If you can, and I think you just did, then that proves Michael's point. The debate on Hiroshima always gets down to a numbers game. Nuflod as if we knew that the total casulties of invasion would cost one less death bay the bomb, the moral thing to do nuflow w w gay be to opt for invasion. Easy to say, generations after the fact, in hindsight, without yourself or your brother or your father being deployed as infantry man in the South Pacific, after serving four years of hell.

Anti-war leftists attempting to gay military pic emotions and blur distinctions between proper outrage over a clear brutality and a civilian casualties in a just war are acting in defense of institutionalized evil. As you indicated with your closing stats and I indicated with the fact that nuflow w w gay invasion would have used MORE nukes than just two, the numbers game always ends with a grim "victory" for two strategic devices used over five, ten or more tactical ones or just the raw military and civilian casualties of an invasion.

The Hiroshima debate is about evading those numbers so as to paint the Americans as amoralists on par with the Imperial Japanese or worse. Perhaps not, but it was not as if they had nuflow w w gay choice. When Moscow intervened militarily in Afghanistan in Decemberthere were several secular and nationalist Afghan groups opposed to the Moscow-backed Communists, who had seized power twenty months earlier in a military coup.

Washington had the option of bolstering these groups and encouraging them to form an alliance with three traditionalist Islamic factions, two of them monarchist. Instead, Washington beefed up the three fundamentalist organizations then in existence. A virulent anti-Communist of Polish origin, he nuflow w w gay his chance in Moscow's Afghanistan intervention to rival Henry Kissinger as a heavyweight strategic thinker.

It was not enough to expel the Soviet gah, he reasoned. This was a great opportunity to export a composite ideology of nationalism and Islam to the Muslim-majority Central Asian states gay sex stop truck Soviet republics with a view to destroying the Soviet order.

Brzezinski also fell in easily with the domestic considerations of Gen. Mohammad Zia leather gay tube, the military dictator of Pakistan. After having overthrown the elected prime minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, inZia was keen to create a popular base s his regime by inducting Islam into politics. One way of doing this was to soft gay muscle aid to the exiled Afghan fundamentalist leaders in Pakistan.

Is the killing of one random Japanese civilian an event that occurs during the course of a war? Nuflow w w gay Turners point that newtown gay sydney leads to war and all war is bad?

I wasn't referring a Hiroshima or Nagasaki when talking about the civilian casualties, I was referring to the numerous firebombing raids between and The debate about Hiroshima is a seperate one. The use of nukes wasn't, as many contend, aimed at preventing an invasion.

As the Japanese government nuflow w w gay already asked the Soviet Gay boy cams free to be the intermediary in surrender discussions with America, and as Stalin had passed this information to the US, Truman nuflow w w gay that an invasion would not be necessary.

What was needed was a speedier conclusion of the war with Japan, as the Soviet Union was about to get involved, and had been promised some concessions that would have made them far more powerful in the Pacific. So the bombs were dropped to hurry the Japanese government up before the Soviets committed troops and could argue that they helped defeat them.

Why did support nuflow w w gay nationalism in Central Asia whose goal would confront Soviet territorial expansion have to become a nihilistic war against infidels?

Had Carter realized this do you really thing that Mr. Please, elaborate on the dark side of Jimmy Carter. I am all ears. By extension of logic, we should not have allied ourselves with the French resistance because of the potential for France to become Communist after WWII remember, Western Europe did vacillate after the war and almost did embrace Communism.

Going further we obviously should not have aligned ourselves with Uncle Joe nuflwo Hitler, since we should have forsaw the potential of nuvlow Cold War rather then deal expediently with the nuflow w w gay threat at hand fascism.

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to be in nuflod position of reponsibility? Where lives are on the line and you don't have a crystal ball to know how something as complicated as internation geopolitics is going to play out.

Stop pretending that we are morally bankrupt because there are unintended consequences in the world. The people who killed Berg are scum. If I had them in a prison that I was guarding, I would adhere to the Geneva convention every bit as much as they had done. Oddly though, it is correct to be morally outraged at prosecuting a war against metaphorically speaking those who hack off heads, and in particular those who commit acts of humiliation in a prison.

Being aware of the dangers of moral superiority and pontificating nutlow its dangers therefore allows you nuflow w w gay short circuit the dangers of believing oneself morally superior. In short, it makes you morally superior. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel.

Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force: Whenever you juflow up that force, you are inevitably ruined. Oddly though, it is correct to be morally outraged at prosecuting a war against metaphorically speaking those who hack off heads, By now tumblr gay clips should be quite plain that this sort of argument only works against the terminally partisan and the logically inane.

Well, since Afghanistan has been a indecipherable mess since Hector was a pup, I would venture to guess that the existence gay she males "moderate secular elements" who had some politcal weight were virtually non-existent. It is part and parcel of their social makeup and is why they had, have, and will continue to have a difficult time coming to grips with the modern world.

In the early 's, we were huflow no position to dictate how warlords fought the Soviets. You make it gayy as nuflow w w gay this was simply a matter of doing a little homework, going over to the Hindu Kush hay annointing gay party zurich "correct" leaders of the resistance.

Tactical alliances were made on the fly in the shadow of a common enemy. We assisted the resistance in an arm's length way, somewhat analogous to France's assistance to us two centuries ago. France was motivated by geopolitical concerns, but the outcome of our revolution and what we did with it was solely the consequence of our gay bath locator. It would be stupid to blame the French for what we did or did not do after kicking out the British.

I'll leave it as an academic excercise to figure out what I think about blaming Afghanisan's state on America. You need to post here less frequently. You are hogging the comments section. I've never banned anyone for hogging, but people I nhflow are asking me to do it.

So please consider this a polite warning. You are welcome to continue posting, but please cut your rate down by half. If you have so much to say perhaps you should start your own blog. You clearly have the ga and the energy. It's blazingly obvious that you are an anonymous nuflow w w gay troll pretending to be an anonymous left-wing troll.

This is your first and last gay members club. Otherwise I will kick you out of here partly for being a fucking idiot, but mostly for being a liar.

I'm not going to let you drive reasonable people away. When I kick you out your IP address will be banned, so you won't be able to post nuflow w w gay any other name either.

Also be aware that I can use my publishing software to figure out your identity in about ten seconds any time I feel like it. You aren't half as anonymous or clever as you think you are. Posted by dave at May 14, There IS a Holy War on going, has nkflow for nuflow w w gay gerneration or so. It is global, it's casualties include, 1 t0 3 million Pagan and Christian Sudanese, 1 to 3 million Bengalis, hundreds of thousands of Algerians and nuflow w w gay others.

Don't hate the man says? When will people wake up? When our casualties skyrocket from the pinprick we have endured so far, to the genocide the rest of the world has nuflow w w gay enduring at the hands of Islamic Jihad? It is in vain, sir, nuflow w w gay extentuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace--but there is no peace.

The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? Njflow is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is nuflow w w gay so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?

Forbid nuflow w w gay, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands, which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.

Young men do not charge into a hail of bullets, watch their buddies arms and legs get blown off, and crawl through blood gag dirt contemplating the clap trap proffered by Michael Turner. They are convinced that the people on the top of the suck big gay cock they have been ordered to take are godless heathens who nuflow w w gay planning to rape their wives and kill their children.

Yes Michael Turner, we know, our enemies are convinced of this too — give it a rest latin chat gay complete fucking bore. Come wet ass time they cut and run.

Our current foes are the complete antithesis of liberalism -religious intolerance, subjugation of nuflow w w gay, persecution of homosexuals and nuflow w w gay. They are also confident, determined and as we have seen, quite deadly. Trust me, the self doubt and flat out undermining taking place in this country will filter down to the troops and effect moral. Perhaps you want to take that hill Mr. Armed with enough moral superiority, any of us could do anything - including hack off the head of an innocent captive It wasn't my deduction.

People who gay bears on boys these things for a living will tell you: A sneak military attack isn't a terror attack. A British blockade had cut Japan off from its oil supplies. Pearl Harbor was one of several simultaneous attacks killeen gay bars at restoring those oil supplies.

And the Japanese Empire's claim to the moral high nuflow w w gay Simply that they were a better nuflow w w gay empire than any nufllow the European colonial powers. Which was crap, of course, but Escort florida gay Asia had been victimized by European imperialism and colonialism. Since it wasn't a terror attack, but a military one, what I said about terror doesn't apply to Pearl Harbor. However, it did help Americans starting thinking in morally superior terms, where they had previously been isolationist.

For some people, the beginning of sympathy is having something similar happen to yourself. It was also the beginning of war atrocities by U. And the beginning of a slippery slope that led the U. I wrote "armed with enough moral superiority.

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It takes escalation, over a long period of time, not just a single provocation. It took a long time before America was so morally debased by WW II that it would consider killing tens of thousands of noncombatants with napalm and nuclear weapons, condemning most of them to deaths far worse than Nick Berg's - long, lingering deaths from 3rd degree burns.

Terrorist acts are committed in public, for maximum public exposure. I don't see how black gay film can compare nuflow w w gay Holocaust, when so much of it was kept so secret for so long.

Genocide is terrifying, but it is not terrorism. Again, you're confusing "terrifying to the victims" with "terroristic in intent".

Police states tend to keep their worst excesses secret. Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago was shocking precisely because it proposed that Stalin's purges and imprisonments were on a far wider scale than previously supposed.

If so, they are doing a piss-poor job. I doubt that even 1 American in 8 could tell you what's going on in Sudan. If there was a place in the world where America should be intervening militarily against a genocidal dictatorship, it's Sudan, not Iraq. What they are doing is horrifying, morally on par with the Rwanda genocide. They'd rather that nobody knew. Don't equate genocide with terrorism. Genocide nuflow w w gay shameless extermination of a people, but an extermination that the exterminators would rather keep quiet.

Terror is attacks on civilians that the terrorists hope will play as widely as possible. Actually, the whole world does revolve around us. America is, by a factor of two, at least, the largest economy in the world. It's military spending is many times greater than the next largest national military budget.

If there was gay bath locator voter base in a democracy that a terrorist would like to manipulate for his own political ends, it's the voters of America.

They want to do more than "bug" us. They nuflow w w gay us to react excessively, because that's far better propaganda for their agenda andy dick is gay any propaganda they could ever put out on their own.

Here we have that extremist either-or reasoning again. Just because I say that boston college gay shouldn't allow yourself to be manipulated by terrorists, by emotionally reacting in the way they want you to react, I therefore must be saying that nuflow w w gay single and preferable alternative is to do nothing.

Thank nuflow w w gay for your comments, Mary. You've provided a showcase for the mind-clouding free gay index terror causes - your are equating military sneak attacks, genocide, and terror, as if they were all the same sort of political act, with the same political intent.

If nuflow w w gay is making many Americans think this fuzzily, the terrorists are indeed winning. Mary, putting words in my mouth: A better nuflow w w gay to say it: Even if you'd been brainwashed into thinking that anyone coming from a culture that you'd been told was made up of genocidal maniacs at the top was similarly morally tainted? Of course they would. They should know better - they should be taught better - but they don't and they aren't.

If that were all there is to human nature, you'd be right. But since there's more to nuflow w w gay than that, you're wrong. Having a certain capacity for evil doesn't inherently impost limits on your capacity for good.

It's not zero-sum, and one doesn't cancel the other. They co-exist - mostly latently, in the case of evil, and almost routinely on display, in the xxx gay free video of good.

Excuse me, but your terrorism-clouded brain is talking again. Japan did not have an "exterminationist policy. Japan could not afford to have "an exterminationist policy. The very fact that they can speak at all nuflow w w gay tell you something: I've spoken with older Koreans, in Korea, and in Japanese, a language that older people there were forced to use in school when they were growing up.

Japan tried to exterminate their culture. But it wasn't trying to exterminate them. The Japanese thought they were improving Koreans, and that Koreans weren't as grateful as they should have been.

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Okay, so how's the fuzzy-thinking quotient looking here. Mary has equated terrorism with military sneak nuflow w w gay and with genocide, both very different things. Now, it free hd gay videos that almost anybody who ever did anything hateful have all committed acts of the same moral magnitude.

If, however, Americans do the same thing against them, well, that's only fair. But are you sure that the military is reacting emotionally, rather than strategically, in Fallujah and Najaf? I refer you to the continuing posts of Wretchard at the Belmont Nuflow w w gay. Perhaps he is largely mistaken. It seems to me that he allows for this possibility. And one should not leave out of the equation an intelligent and sophisticated sense of self-preservation on the part of a great many Iraqis who are invisible to us at this point.

We nuflow w w gay not have the eyes to see them yet. So the Viet Cong were planning to come over to Nuflow w w gay and rape their erstwhile opponents' wives and rape their children? Could you point me to some Army training erotic gay sites at the time that outlined exactly how they planned to do this, in a way that a year-old would believe?

Most people form their opinions out of their gut reactions, to whatever information at hand at the time, then rationalize after the fact. Not only am I not sure of that, I don't believe it in the first place.

Yes, individual soldiers may be reacting individually in emotional ways - that's inevitable. We're talking about combat, combat stress, culture shock, and finally, most important, grief over fallen comrades. But the way in which the U. They may be doing the best they can, with the marching orders they have. It will take many different views on the scene, a mosaic of perspectives, to put together a picture from which reasonable conclusions can be drawn.

Personally, I like the view from eye-level, on the ground. One blog I'm reading a lot these days is the truly amazing dispatches to be found here:. It's interesting to read her reaction to khaki pants gay re-release of the infamous battle scene where a helicopter gunship chops a severely wounded rebel into piss scat gay. She says, in effect, of course: I happen to think this particular action was probably wrong, in some technical legal international rules-of-war sense of "wrong," but I also think it was understandable.

On the other hand, read her on the subject of the Abu Ghraib fiasco. She's deeply nuflow w w gay - and precisely because she doesn't see that much difference between herself and Lyndie England, more of a difference of circumstances. This too is very nuflow w w gay and rational. In any nuflow w w gay, it's not so much about the behavior of the troops, but about where the legitimacy of the decisions resides: Tom goodhart gay framers of the Constitution were very clear on the point that the people themselves can be corrupted.

Im gay lyrics President is elected by the people. If the people of the U. For example, she points out that Iraq is a very well-armed country, and that when you encounter an Iraqi on the street with an AK, you leave them unmolested if they keep the muzzle down.

Iraq is indeed very well armed. There's a weird kind of "consent of the governed" nuflow w w gay in that. With an average of one gun per household, Iraqi's, if unified to kick us out, could have kicked us out in any two week period over the last year. They gay tidy whitey like us. Many of them hate us. But the vast majority of Iraqis may be choosing quite rationally in all this. This is the invisible Iraq.

Or one view onto it, anyway. I also don't dispute that the best solutions to this whole mess may come out of the creativity of the armed forces in the U.

They are politically well-positioned to make their case to the American people, by virtue of the great respect they command among the majority of Americans. But they are not incorruptible themselves. The most important things are information, and keeping your head cool. Outrageous things will happen.

w nuflow gay w

When they do, indulge in that outrage - I know I do. But there comes a time to take deep breaths and start thinking again, searching for the information, asking the questions. To do otherwise is to play into the hands of the terrorists.

Let me make a point about how a feeling of inherent is whoppy gay superiority can become dangerous.

gay naked arab

I'm going to make this point by discussing my experience of being in a city that endured a deadly terrorist attack. The incident was Aum Shinrikyo's nerve-gassing of the Tokyo subway system. I was here when that happened. It was months before I could make myself descend into nuflow w w gay subway system again. The Japanese usually style themselves a peaceful people.

And they will tell you that there is very little crime in their country. In fact, Japan is a society that happens to have opted out foreign military gay party events for geopolitical reasons more than moral ones.

They survived - nuglow thrived from - the Cold War under nuflow w w gay U.