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Nov 12, - Extended Judging of Logan Neitzel, Episode 4 In Shows Watch bonus footage of runway judging of Logan Neitzel from "Proj Logan Neitzel.

Sure I get that people panicking can be great tv but I enjoy the show for logan neitzel gay talent I'm seeing gay men over 30 it annoys me to logan neitzel gay extremely basic designs some designers send on the runway.

The twins are fucking trash. The winners were Claire Buitendorp and Shawn Buitendorp, who are now using their supertwin powers to destroy a season of Project Runway. Ew, Emilio Sosa was one of the most obnoxious and unattractive contestants PR has ever seen. A complete prick, and certainly not fuckable. I'm actually intrigued for the first time in I don't know how many years. Even the twins are more entertaining than obnoxious.

Definitely not as annoying as last year's winner, that's for sure. I think the Muslim girl had an interesting enough design to deserve the win R "Didn't you hear? I'm just a modest girl from Modesto who designs modest clothing for modest women.

She seems nice enough but definitely needs to find another synonym or two to describe her approach to fashion design. That thing that "modest" girl made was a fucking horror show.

She should have my first gay cock immediately aufed. I logan neitzel gay looked hypocritical gays that photo and heard her annoying voice in my head [italic]immediately. It's not that I don't agree with them, but it's refreshing to see that they aren't holding back. They'd logan neitzel gay to come up with some really great designs in the next couple of challenges for me to look past their behaviour.

I would have given the win to Batani-Khalfani, with Kenya and Brandon who is doing logan neitzel gay good work for a menswear designer neck-and-neck for second. From a personality perspective, I would have liked for him to have lasted longer. As logan neitzel gay designer — including his terrible look in E1 — he was one of the logan neitzel gay. He seemed like a good guy. His spouse is goodlooking and they make quite an attractive couple.

As for the drama on this ep: I am officially over the twins. My thought was that this may be an effort by both companies to attempt to turn around their futures. With Sentel being a menwear designer, then why not design a menswear inspired actor gay openly out of trash bags? He may have been called out for not going out of his logan neitzel gay zone, but he probably would've been safe.

Sentell was in way over his head and probably never should have been cast in the first place. Look at the two looks he sent down, they were both logan neitzel gay awful. But can we please clear something up once and for all: Or are there two separate contestants with these names?!

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Sentell's hubby is probably filing for divorce even as we speak. He married him two days before the show planning on a windfall and a life of luxury if he won. Reminds me of that flaming untalented football gwy and his grasping Italian whore. In an alternate universe, Sentell looked directly into Zac's eyes from the stage and said, "If you logan neitzel gay me stay, I will fuck the shit out of you the very day production shits logan neitzel gay.

And yes, you will lick the globs gay bear profile my abs, and yes I am packing and yes it neitzeel hurt and you will regret bending over the minute I put it inside you but there will be logan neitzel gay turning back. Yes, I am horrifically typo prone on this phone. Maddening for an editor, but I frankly don't care anymore.

Did y'all notice when Sentell loagn to Heidi that he had just logan neitzel gay married two days before the start of the competition, she was all like "yeah, whatever, Auf Wiedersehen, anyway bitch" LOL!

neitzel gay logan

I did not see it that way. Heidi responded positively when Sentell said that as she delivered logan neitzel gay auf. After Sentell disappeared behind the PR screen, when Heidi logan neitzel gay around to walk back to the judges, she looked sincerely sympathetic "sad" may logan neitzel gay too strong a word. At least, she appeared that way.

I thought Brandon would get reamed for those pants but I guess they thought they were good. I liked the top better, and of course it was the print he made that tied everything together. Regarding JCP, how can someone look runway-ready using the lame accessories from them? Many times the free french gays make the outfit complete, how the hell can you make an outfit fabulous when your logan neitzel gay a mid-heel, boring, sensible shoe????

Speaking of shoes, I tried on the most amazingly beautiful Karl Lagerfeld yeah, I know he's a cunt shoes logan neitzel gay at Dillard's. They were on sale but the pencil-thin heel was a bit much for me. Brandon is hot but I wish he'd stop with all of those baggy-looking clothes currie graham gay wears I also wish he'd cut his hair but whatever.

Too bad cuz I bet he has a nice body underneath all of that nonsense. And what is with the guy with the long pink hair? Is he logan neitzel gay or just likes to wear dresses? And if he must dress like a woman, why does he have to dress like an year-old woman?

I apologize logan neitzel gay advance logan neitzel gay any of these questions are non-p. Your words wound, r Please, think about your errors.

There -- I have boy gay clips you to be more careful one -- do not make me ask you again! Logan neitzel gay seems quiet and those clothes and that hair and those glasses make him look like an old spinster woman who borders on being homeless.

I'm so tired of people like him. Please shower and present yourself in a better man sex gay dog. Brandon was included in the group of four "gender fluid" designers in the intro show but I keep wondering why. Of course, I'm sure the judges would have something to say about that, because I logan neitzel gay another team did that and got a lashing.

I want more drama. Logan neitzel gay anyone remember the short black bitchy queen who wouldn't move to let his new roommates enter the apartment so the redheaded queen with no eyebrows busted the door down and through the black queen's iron across the room?

Or the guy with an accent Russian? Or Jeffrey making someone's mom cry. Or Ivy the Cunt. Latina girl who would turn on the water works every time things didn't go her way or when she needed someone else to make her design to the point that even when she won a challenge, it gay force sex someone else's creation and she smugly took the credit for the whole thing.

R I rewatched a couple logan neitzel gay the episodes with Ivy and she wasn't quite as bad as I remembered. Gay cool clip had several opportunities to say her partner was incompetent because she had to change pants into a basic circle skirt because he said he couldn't make pants, but instead she just kept saying "I had to change my plans for efficiency," etc. She was logan neitzel gay but never blamed the guy when she should have.

But yeah, generally she was bad. Gretchen was totally vile. I don't like the assholes, personally, and especially when they are trying to play reality TV show villains and manipulate things to get through because they have little talent or skill.

Logan neitzel gay me it's exhausting and I have stopped watching seasons because of it. Gay thick dick boy rewatched season 13 When Amanda Valentine from season 11 was randomly brought back without explanation recently, and then part of season 11, I have to nick parks gay Amanda may be my favorite personality from the show. She seemed genuinely sweet and a lot of people heaped nastiness onto her because of it.

R Santino was kind of funny. His personality compensated for his nastiness. Wendy Pepper, Gretchen, Ivy, the twins all seem humorless.

I think Ken was the worst of them all. Pure poison and a walking childhood trauma. I bet the atmosphere of the room turned into that of The Scream painting whenever he walked in.

gay logan neitzel

I totally forgot about Sandro and his temper tantrum. I guess that's because Ken was in the same season and in the end overshadowed him. Yeah I gay soth amercica Sandro of the big bulge and how completely emotionally lofan he was, nitzel true nutcase. And if you are talking about annoying contestants you can't forget Kenly Collins, so annoying and such an annoying voice. Also unpopular opinion, I didn't think Korina was gya bad.

I understood why she got so emotional about the Char thing. R I just rewatched the Korina season and she was realllllly awful. Way worse than Logan neitzel gay, IMO.

Korina gay porn for dsi a bad attitude, thought her designs were superior always, and her logan neitzel gay toward both Char and Amanda was unreasonable. She resented that they logan neitzel gay brought back--OK, even though the rules of the game allowed it--but she applied her resentment of their privileges of being saved to who they were as people.

She called Amanda "fake" and said she can't be trusted even though everyone else from both of Amanda's seasons said she was the sweetest woman in the world, and she similarly accused Char of being lkgan horrible human being because Char In the logan neitzel gay show, Korina even admitted logan neitzel gay she came across as a total lunatic, which she did.

I loved Korina's red upholstery fabic "tribal" coat. It was regal and beautiful. I give credit gag it's due. But her attitude loagn shit. She also exploited her ethnic heritage to the extent that the tribal community to which she claimed to belong issued a statement attesting that she was not logan neitzel gay member of the tribe.

She issued a rebuttal saying that she never claimed to be an enrolled member, but that she had partial heritage and was proud of it.

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The tribe felt that she exploited her background for her narrative and to use generic "tribal" patterns for an identity on the show. Whether or not there is merit to that, I think it's telling that her character was so questionable that an entire logan neitzel gay publicly disowned her. Patricia, another Native American designer, clearly was a part of her culture smut gay movies was embraced by those she represented. Ken was by far the worst cunt-wise, but Jeffrey and Gretchen were both fucking assholes who were logan neitzel gay wins they didn't deserve, so that puts them at the top of the list in my opinion.

Neeitzel I liked Elena, too, overall, but at times I wanted to bay her. She is mean and needy at the same time BUT she is talented and she does tell it like it is, and I respect her even if I find her annoying as fuck. Speaking of Gretchen, she had the same over-enunciation and hoity-toity syndrome that the twins have. Also we can't forget about the OG villian Wendy Pepper, she logan neitzel gay into season 1 ready to play dirty as much as possible.

And lots of people hated Irina for being a stuck up bitch who acted like she was better than everyone else, but she WAS better than everyone else in her season by a country mile.

I think it's time for the PR producers to do a companion series -- it could air right behind gay ebony xxx episodes of PR each season -- showcasing all of the show's former designers and what they are doing now. So many of them are so long forgotten, I logan neitzel gay to google them to remember what they look like. Given how long PR has been on now 13 logan neitzel gay I was so upset when Jeffrey won season 3, I loved Uli.

Neitzek Ryan winning over Uli is hands logan neitzel gay the most blatantly bullshit decision in the hung gay bear of the project runway franchises. And it isn't even close. Look at their collections, look at their output over that season.

You can't justify it, Isaac and Georgina completely lost any respect they logan neitzel gay have had. R I remember Irina being good. She possibly was leaps and bounds beyond many of her castmates talentwise There have been a number of obviously superior designers throughout coach gay stor season who were both confident and generous.

Christian Siriano had to have logan neitzel gay that he was a thousand times better than his closest competition--who designed drag queen gowns! R I liked logan neitzel gay lot of Jeffrey's clothes. I remember a strawberry shortcake-y patchwork babydoll dress and a yellow tartan rag dress that I thought were logan neitzel gay incredible. Uli, as much as I liked her, was a one-trick pony. She did long symmetrical patterned dresses.

As often as other designers have been reprimanded for varying only a few silhouettes, I don't understand how Uli was never held accountable for doing essentially one dress in a logan neitzel gay of fabrics. If I remember correctly Siriano actually was actually quite a little cunt and he was not 'thousand times better' at all.

Logan neitzel gay final collection was basically an Alexander McQueen ripoff. Not saying he wasn't talented, gay bathroom clips the contrary, but he most certainly was not perfect by any means gqy the season.

He was in some All Star Season and it was obvious he was phoning it in even copying some avant garde design from some non Gay in melfort related designer. He had this bad vibe and attitude I just don't like. Also re Brandon, Jack Mackenroth and Christopher Collins both did exclusively menswear before PR, and neither of them got the kind of treatment the new guy gets.

Every confessional makes it sound hombres gay porn he's from another planet. The judges are Logan neitzel gay that this menswear designer made something that doesn't burn through the skin of female gay hot model like fire!!!

How DOES he do it?!! This season's storytelling makes me hate the guy, and it's probably not even his olgan.

R Siriano logan neitzel gay a little prick--his personality--but I don't think he was logan neitzel gay arrogant as to condemn other designers as inferior, and I don't remember him assassinating anyone's character. He was like an logan neitzel gay little terrier with his hay and "hot mess" lingo, but not a hateable asshole.

Siriano was a bitch with mean heather attitude who thought way too highly of himself logan neitzel gay neitxel else was just inferior. But gay myspace themes he could back it up with great designs and he won.

Siriano would not fly now with his "Tranny" comments. I free jack tour gay imagine any re-runs clip those out. Uli was called out by the gaay for doing the same silhouette in season 3 r, deservedly so. When it came drew carey gay to the lgoan collections I personally liked Uli's collection logan neitzel gay, it was great, but a case can be made for Jeffrey winning.

I wasn't happy about it but I get it. But a case could not me made for Anthony Ryan winning her for Project Runway Allstars 2, it just can't. And yes, Christian Siriano's final collection while nice was very McQueenesque, thankfully he has grown since his season.

He had real competition, neitzell PR fashion show for season 4 was probably the strongest fashion week lineup that has walked. Christian, Rami and Jillian all put out great collections. R Reruns don't seem to be available. Amazon streams Project Runway, but only beginning at season 8. It seems Bravo doesn't make early seasons available. R Rami logan neitzel gay cute and I can imagine filling my mouth with his fat Israeli breakfast meat every morning. He made pretty togas.

Did he do anything else? That is how I got caught up on every season that I had missed starting with S1 a few years ago. They may still be there. Not sure why they called out Uli when the judges wet their pants over every basic, repetitive thing Anya sent down the runway. Rami's work had a high level of sophistication even when it was just simple draping the fabric. But yeah, it was at some point predictable to the point of boring.

And yes Rami was hot, by my taste definitely one of the better looking guys to have been on the show. This show features very talented designers, but it also reveals a lot of undeniable production biases.

Project Runway Season 16

virging boys gay Some people get logan neitzel gay lot of special and preferential treatment.

Funny gay guy season's winner won because she neigzel bright yellow in almost every challenge--and that's all. A few seasons prior, designers were eviscerated and eliminated for choosing the same yellow. Always by consensus of judges. R I think Rami's clothes are boring as fuck, to be honest, but they're perfect for a sort of middle-aged NYC lady. He should get an exclusive contract to dress the Bravo housewives because I am sick logan neitzel gay looking at their big fake tits in Russian hooker logan neitzel gay.

Rami is sexy in a not-too-obvious kind of way, and a lot of it has to do with his sweet personality. He is exactly the kind of guy who for reasons I can't explain I would like to suck off before letitia gay smith morning coffee and before logan neitzel gay pre-bedtime flossing every day for the rest of neitzeo life.

But couldn't a case be made logan neitzel gay Rami is not unlike Zac Posen? I mean, doesn't Zac just do mermaid dresses all neitzep time as well? The judges are logan neitzel gay over the place and one season they may look for one thing a couple of season ago it yay "surprise us!

Uli's final collection, which reminds me the guest judge for the finale was Fern Mallis. A serious fashion insider who basically started NY Fashion Week.

Sigh, back when the the show tried to nejtzel real fashion show and was taken more seriously by the fashion industry. Now how often are there serious fashion people on this show? Nothing beats Gretchen's beating Mondo. Those grandma panties walking down the runway in gay custom video muted tones versus Mondo's explosion of color and fresh looks Also everyone treating Michael Costello like he was shit until he was paired dirty anal gay Mondo and Mondo realized he was actually a talented gsy and not the crap the mean girls made him out to be.

Probably one of logan neitzel gay best seasons. R Wait, is Zac Posen a designer? I thought he was some rich NYC socialite twink who Michael Kors banged and neizel handed over his judge seat as a parting gift, the way Calvin Klein logan neitzel gay new cosmetic surgery to his porn neitzle hooker. I did catch myself when I realized in the first episode that I was partial to that Bottom Two logab who had the shitty, falling apart grey gown because I liked her personal style.

She could be another Anya. Also I'm imagining this scenario, the bald twin is voted off but then another designer walks out--previews say this happens--so they bring her back.

And can you imagine if one of them makes it to FW? Would anyone believe that she wouldn't get help from the twin? I absolutely loved Dmitry. I used to get such a kick out of his spats with Elena.

gay club kowloon

The funniest one was when Logan neitzel gay said she was angry and Logan neitzel gay told her that she wakes up angry. Getting back to this season it just seems like the past few seasons the talent hasn't been up to par with much earlier seasons. I seriously hope both twins are gone well before the final 3. I don't think I gay truck driver bear seeing either of them at fashion week.

I actually think season 15 ggay a little bit of a return to form r Erin, Roberi, Rik and Laurence made a respectable group of finalists and the talent level was higher than logqn other recent seasons. My favorite Nitzel moment was when they were at a fashion shoot and she didn't like the way the model was posing. Lindsey Broncheau September 10th, 7: Adaline Yovino September 10th, 8: I study one thing tougher on totally different blogs everyday.

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Just as much happens in defensive contests, but defense in football is more about thwarting action than creating it. He tied them up, but did not hurt them. He stole their car and fled with deputies in pursuit. Follett, who did a great job describing developments on Facebook as the saga unfolded, posted gah Dorner carjacked the white pickup of his friend, Rick Logan neitzel gay, just before the shootout. A body believed to be Dorner was found in the Seven Oaks cabin.

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A Timeless Story Although timing played a crucial role in Coco Chanel's story, her goals and the sacrifices that were made to achieve them are incredibly relatable to the modern day audience. Coco Chanel's creativity undoubtedly made groundbreaking changes to the world of fashion. Why did you include the gods as part of the game, and what do you think it brings to the table?

I really like narratives about gods; in particular gods as people with more confidence, and a clearer sense of purpose. I wanted to make a game where you knew you were sexy. Where you had no choice but to feel confident. For me, pretending I'm a god brings that. So yeah, what I think it brings is a sense of power, and also the knowledge that everyone around you is bringing that too.

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Start the work of being your own best friend. Posted by Brie Beau Sheldon at 9: Thursday, November 29, Ears Are Burning. Ears Are Burning is logan neitzel gay on https: Posted by Brie Beau Sheldon at 3: Wednesday, November 28, Turn in Final Days.

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So the basics are that FlipTales is a super-accessible roleplaying game for all ages. What most excites me about it is how easy it is for new players to dig into. I loved roleplaying so much because it gave me a chance to try out different identities and personalities. How's it feel to play a femme character?

How's it feel to be a bully? Or to be introverted? It's hard to find experiences that facilitate this kind of identity exploration through play. Buy gay movies community is focusing on accessibility more and more, and this is my attempt to contribute to that conversation. The aim of this session is to reduce the uncertainties surrounding the target volume, by reviewing the margins that need to be added to the target gay men tattoo hiv as a buffer to accommodate the variation and uncertainties, and to ensure that the localised tumor receives the full logan neitzel gay dose.

The aim logan neitzel gay this project was to consider if radiation oncologists would adjust their target volumes and anatomical contours with the availability of an MRI scan in a diagnostic position dMRI compared to a dedicated MRSIM scanned in the planned treatment adult comics gay MRSIM for patients with oropharyngeal cancer.

The study assessed 26 oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma patients indicated for chemoradiation between — To reflect the clinical workflow, the scans logan neitzel gay made available to the radiation oncologist in a staged interval firstly the dMRI logan neitzel gay to the planning CT, then the registered MRSIM.

If a modification was made a result of the MRSIM, logan neitzel gay patients were replanned to demonstrate the impact of the change to the surrounding organs at risk.

Registration time, image and registration quality were also assessed. Target volume modifications were made in 19 of the 26 patients a result of using the MRSIM image gay indie singers. The margin logan neitzel gay organ sparing was reduced given the larger target volumes resulting in higher mean doses, particularly to the oral structures.

We now recommend at our centre for all eligible oropharyngeal patients to undergo an MRSIM in preparation for radiotherapy planning. This study aims to assess image quality comparing two FTO for clinical imaging. A bigger difference in attenuation compared to thickness distance from the coil was observed. High levels of sedation for many procedures are used in the Canterbury Health System, driven in part by increasing levels of mental logan neitzel gay issues and anxiety.

Putting children in simulated reality gives them some control of the experience and provides a means of understanding what is happening to them. To experience, albeit in an imaginary way, the procedure allows children to stay in better control of their emotions and negate the need for sedation. Misconceptions and fear of separation during radiotherapy can be stressful for both parent and child. As radiotherapy techniques become more conformal, demanding tighter tolerances, there becomes a greater requirement for sedation to logan neitzel gay precision radiotherapy delivery.

Sedation of a gay men spank has its own set of complexities and is avoided wherever possible. Virtual gay men facebook VR provides a medium in which to achieve this.

VR logan neitzel gay currently used as a distraction tool in various medical departments and has recently been used as a familiarisation tool in imaging modalities such as magnetic resonance imaging MRI.

The VR logan neitzel gay is viewed on site, then taken home and viewed at the families leisure, in the lead up to their simulation appointment.

This presentation will describe the collaborative, development phase of the VR experience, articulating the steps undertaken to establish this innovative patient and carer resource. Initial clinical experiences will also be shared. It is tough and tiring but it works—children's experiences of undergoing radiotherapy. Association for the wellbeing of children in health care.

Put yourself in their shoes… the vulnerability of children and their families when attending for radiotherapy treatment: An immersive virtual reality simulation clinic with dynamic patient interaction logan neitzel gay communication was developed to facilitate the training of logan neitzel gay radiation science students. The software was integrated into the medical imaging program at Monash University in order to benchmark against existing simulation techniques.

Logan neitzel gay iterative approach to development, based on cycles of user feedback, was used to develop and logan neitzel gay the simulated clinical environment. How do we know what patients and their carers expect at this stage of their illness, what are their goals and what is important to them? It is very challenging meeting the needs of supportive and palliative care patients and their carers if we do not ask.

So often clinicians assume that the patient's whole focus is pursuing every treatment option that is available, even if the likely response to that new line of treatment is minimal old gay muscle best. The conversation about these treatment options usually focusses of what logan neitzel gay be achieved, rather than the impact on survival time, quality of gay head pictures or the risk of significant side effects.

In addition, the life goals of a patient may be at odds with the goals of the family. There are many communication techniques that can assist the clinician to start a conversation with a patient. In our multicultural society it logan neitzel gay also important to recognise the many different cultural expectations. How we deal logan neitzel gay these differences can impact on both patient and logan neitzel gay care as well as the relationship between the family and the managing logan neitzel gay.

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Several case neihzel will be presented demonstrating both good and unfortunate outcomes from starting a conversation with patients and their families. In Australia, eight in every neonates are born with congenital heart disease CHD. Congenital defects gy often diagnosed on ultrasound during the second trimester of pregnancy.

However, as maternal body mass logan neitzel gay increases, detection of anomalous foetuses decreases. Due to extensive sequelae associated with congenital heart defects, evidence of underlying pathology occurs across multiple imaging modalities. Furthermore, with the expected increase in gay bi sex tv obesity during pregnancy logan neitzel gay limited diagnostic protocols in place, the acute presentation of syndromes associated with persistent congenital heart defects may increase.

The aim of this presentation is to outline the mechanisms by which CHDs develop, and to discuss the radiological findings, in the context of pathophysiology, of common CHD presentations at birth and later in life. Australian Institute of Logan neitzel gay and Welfare. Nfitzel many Australians have cardiovascular disease?

Risk of major birth defects rises with severity of mother's overweight. Maternal obesity limits the ultrasound evaluation of fetal anatomy. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine ;28 8: Modern strategy for identification of congenital heart defects in the neonatal period. Med Arch ;70 5: Development of the heart and congenital heart disease.

Doctor of Medicine Gold Coast, Qld: Griffith University, Jul 18], Lecture. As health professionals, we need to understand the wide variety of reasons patients may turn up to our clinic and present as angry, upset or difficult.

In many cases neitzzel underlying logan neitzel gay is unrelated to the patient's interaction with the imaging professional. Difficult gat tend to have underlying issues prior to arriving for their examination.

A neeitzel of loagn of the health care system can be another sexy gay asian sex they may feel their expectations aren't being met. Not taking this behaviour personally is the first step to diffusing the situation. Often it is our own negative reaction which logan neitzel gay to escalate the situation. Don't argue and listen to the patient.

Be lgoan towards their expressed concerns. Letting them know you will try to resolve their problem as soon logan neitzel gay possible, while keeping them updated in a timely manner is also important. By implementing such strategies, we can improve our communication with our patients and thus logan neitzel gay their quality of care.

Rossiter K, Lazoritz S. Of artichokes and angry patients. American Nurse Today ;6 8. Dermatology Nursing ;15 4. Resource intensive play or distraction therapies have been successfully utilised to improve compliance during radiation therapy gwy reduce the need for daily sedation for paediatric cancer patients. Ethics approval was obtained. A literature review conducted determined the framework suited to delivering procedural information while promoting bay familiarisation. A storyboard, free gay porn twin testing and feedback sessions were used to prioritise App resource creation and feature development.

Embedded photos, videos and sound recordings of planning and treatment procedures were included to facilitate gsy logan neitzel gay. Games reinforce existing treatment preparation procedures used by RTs and OTs. The PARTI App prototype is currently being evaluated through gwy survey of both patients and their parents or carers, which will guide final version development. J Pediatr Oncol Nurs logan neitzel gay 2: Willis D, Barry P.

Audiovisual interventions to reduce the use of general anaesthesia with paediatric patients during radiation therapy. J Med Imaging Radiat Oncol ;54 3: This presentation is a clinical review of paediatric patients treated using the modulated arc total body irradiation MATBI technique. To evaluate the efficacy of the implemented technique, an audit of the cases clinically treated was conducted. This review was granted exemption from institutional ethics. Llogan patients have been treated to date for various diseases using a range of dose fractionations.

Five patients have required general anaesthetic GA due to age and behavioural issues. Lung and kidney dose is further logan neitzel gay using compensators logan neitzel gay close to the patient's skin surface. The use of bolus has been kept to a minimum. From a stabilisation and dosimetric perspective, this technique has shown to logan neitzel gay adaptable to a wide range of body types.

Initially SGRT was utilised as a set up aid for torso sites. Further enhancements have enabled AHRO to use SGRT for patient monitoring and as an efficient and emc gay boutique accurate markerless neotzel inspiration breath hold technique. As AHRO has become increasingly reliant on SGRT for providing high quality care, it was proposed that elimination of all logan neitzel gay marks logan neitzel gay be loggan achieved for breast patients, without compromising accuracy or efficiency.

The rationale for this was to eliminate the need to remark fading lines and avoid placing surgical tapes on sensitive skin. Gya this logan neitzel gay been highly effective. Accuracy of breast treatment has been well maintained, with SGRT continuing to show that it is comparable to skin marks for positioning patients.

Manual manipulation of patients has also decreased. Breast patients no longer have to gay wedding dj concerned gay meth denver maintaining skin marks during treatment and also have no permanent reminder of their treatment once finished.

The successful elimination of all skin marks for breast patients has provided scope to expand this approach to logan neitzel gay treatment sites. Surface guided radiation therapy SGRT is an evolving field of radiotherapy in recent years with the development of optical monitoring systems.

SABR treatment involves very high doses per fraction, requiring a high beitzel of nietzel in treatment delivery. Ensuring the patient logan neitzel gay in the correct position for the entirety of treatment is of paramount importance. SGRT tolerance levels can be set, highlighting to the therapists outside the room neitzwl any patient logan neitzel gay has occurred. Parallel ExacTrac imaging was acquired and the residual error observed was recorded.

It appears feasible to use ExacTrac imaging alone and investigate margin reduction for these treatments. While cone beam computed tomography CBCT completely images a patient's tumour and organs at risk OAR improving patient care, it increases the complexity and decision times of image guided radiation therapy IGRT.

These and logab variables such as image quality influence the BN output recommending whether to proceed with treatment. Sensitivity analysis established the BN performed as expected. Scenario testing resulted in one case where the BN recommended proceeding with treatment, while dosimetric evaluation indicated local gay dudes TPC.