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Duis luctus nulla metus. The two continued this routine, gently grinding into each other the whole while. When Logan's face was finally clean, Christopher leaned in and gently kissed the younger boy who eagerly responded.

When they pulled away, the year-old stood and pulled up his long-forgotten jeans before offering a hand to Logan. When they were both back on their feet, Christopher smirked. Logan looked confused logan comic gay looking down at the crotch gaay his jeans to see a giant wet stain from where he lpgan come.

Logan blushed causing best dark room gay older man to chuckle and kiss his forehead. I like that I affect you so much.

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You know how logan comic gay birthday is next Thursday? Well, I was thinking, what about a butt plug? You could wear a different one every day until next Thursday.

You of course wouldn't be allowed to masturbate and the only porn gay game you would be allowed to take them out logan comic gay be if you were getting gay jokes insults. He gay literocia his face back into Christopher's warm board chest and wrapped his arms around the other man's waist.

As he spoke, Christopher swayed the two of them, his hands gently massaging Logan's ass, every now and then forcing the younger man's hips to collide with his. Comix, if it'll make logan comic gay feel better, I can require that you text me a picture every hour.

After remaining at the logan comic gay for two more hours, Christopher drove the two back to his apartment where he fucked Logan against the door, the counter and the wall. It was after midnight by the time they logan comic gay. When Logan finally collapsed on the bed and was slowly drifting gya dream land, Christopher slowly inserted the first plug, which wasn't too bad, in Logan's stretched hole. The next morning, Christopher dropped Logan at home just in time for his mother to "wake him up" for school, leaving the teen with a box containing six other plugs.

And that is how it went.

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He'd wear the gay male penis plug logan comic gay day cojic matter what he logan comic gay doing, every night at midnight he would move on a size up, and true to his word, every hour, on the hour he would send a picture of his plugged ass to Christopher.

He had set his alarm clock to wake him every hour and had taken more bathroom breaks during one week than he had in an entire semester at school.

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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday hadn't been so bad, they weren't uncomfortable and had been more like dildos then plugs and he had even had to readjust a few time because they kept almost sliding out. Monday was when the problems started because not only was it longer, but it had grown in comiic as well and every time he walked he could feel it rubbing his insides. Tuesday's had required him to use lube and sitting down properly was difficult.

Wednesday had been a total mess. This one was wider than Christopher but the length was just right. Mikandi needs Javascript enabled to work.

Please enable Javascript and refresh your browser. Bad Girls in Detention S3 Extreme. This logan comic gay does not have a description yet. Step Relations - Samantha and Dean.

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