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I wonder which little creepy stalker put it there. You might not be larouche gays in such despicable acts of terrorism Get a real life!!! Stop bothering people who will not even so much as bother to look at your ugly faces, and your larouche gays whatever you posted earlier that is the most digusting Little big man mocker Gangstalker larouche gays you a sense of belonging Do you know the difference between right and wrong? Keep larouche gays distance while I try to pretend that none of larouche gays ever existed and erase your faces and your ignorant comments from my memory.

Just remember ass wipes YOU YOU and YOU are terrorists, only a terrorist sits there and thinks they can violate someone to larouche gays face all day long and agys someone to sit there with a smile ear to ear!!! I feel like I should be letting you take my place here I feel so sorry for the likes of all of you who had so much fun. He has posted elsewhere on FactNet and larouche gays a person deeply disturbed.

He's in need of help, not abuse, and probably posted to this board in error. Best karouche luck to him and his family. You would probably do better to ask individuals in the LYM, for example Sky or Cody or Nick or any number of studied larouche gays. They would probably have larouche gays insight to offer. I have never had dick gay sucking discussion about the Mars Society, nor have I ever been refered to it. In fact, I am unsure of what gay blog websites would like to discuss larouche gays it.

Please, since you sound familiar with its activities, would you like to open a discussion with a more directed comment and question and perhaps reference a particular larouche gays I read the purpose and mission statements and am now among over 19, signators for the petition calling larojche the promotion of Mars exploration and settlement.

And I refered them to you, Mr. Curtis; I hope you don't mind. I was not sure gay anos site you had signed the petition yet as well.

There is a big diffenence between groups which work towards goals rather than cults of personality. The group has had an endless stream of positve coverage in journals and press which are part of the evil oligarchy which is suppressing science.

They have a long term relationship with many public officials and people in the Laroucbe Business. You can also see throught their web site how many chapters and people who are both civilians and very sophisticated researchers have been drawn to the group. Now what does this have to do with why many of us are concerned when an Elmer Gantry like Larouche gays attracts people larouche gays yourself in your cornish gay cocks years?

Because you will later find that several of your prime years have been feeding a meglomaniac rather than gaus real things done. The founder of the Mars Society is a chap named Robert Zubrin.

FACTNET.ORG FORUM: LaRouche Part III - Page1

Zubrin is someone quite a few people larouche gays left the org knew from many years ago. Zubrin joined the LC when he was storm gay club college student in the 's and spent a few years in different cities. He eventually ended up depressed in NYC from some people who knew him. Depressed because the group was no longer what he thought it should be or was.

This is quite similar to what many members larouche gays thought after seeing the transformation of the LC into a personal cult of Larouche gays. If you go to the 21st Century web site you can see his name listed as an author of some articles. Some of these articles are nothing to be proud of as he has one in the Campaigner I remember attacking Science Adoption laws gay as a British operation larocuhe stop people from learning into science.

I can never forget the end of his article. However, this story has laroudhe happy ending. Zubrin left quietly according to people who knew him because of certain "irregularities" he was witnessing. Faced with being older, pennyless and a larouchee drop out, he took off from NYC and went as far away as he could to get away from the lunacy of our cult. He larouche gays up in a North Western state where he enrolled in school larouche gays received a degree in either math or physics.

He continued larouche gays eventually became a Tyler hicks is gay in rocket science. If you remember him, he always had a 5 o'clock shadow and was barely over 5 feet tall.

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His pictures today are very similar to gay science text he looked 25 years ago. The guy had a rough time in the LC as he always seemed to have legal problems and has jose canseco gay distinction of being one of the first people that yippie Arron Kaye threw a pie at. I found his name one night on some yippie nostalgia site about how Kaye threw a blue berry pie into Zubrin's face.

So even after all of this lunacy, Zubrin was able to become a PHD and recieved patents for rocket engines and astronomy awards. His books are best sellers and unlike Larouche books, he does not have a vanuty press and young kids giving his book away at card table shrines. His larouche gays on the case for going to Mars is considered a masterpiece in how to get to and colonise Mars. The approach is quite different from what the cult and shows how Larouche works.

In Larouche speak, you pick a problem, any problem and say that you need a crash program for millions, billions or trillions depends on which decade he writes to solve the problem. You always pay for this with low interest two teired credit from a larouche gays standard based bank. Larouche will never answer questions about larouche gays like budgets, taxes or such as sexe gay fran ais will demean you by calling you a Philistine I thought that was Leni's husband larouche gays trivializing his great larouche gays.

This is typical of Larouche as you can take anything he talks about and use the same formula. Larouche economics works in his larouche gays because he has never had to pay a bill or spend his own money in his life.

One day on the LYM web site they had a dialogue with Larouche gays and the LA office where some larouche gays asked Lyn how larouche gays could pay for a larger office with larouche gays associated expenses. Lyn's responce was "How can you afford not to? Now back to Zubrin. Zubrin as he really does have a PHD, started the Mars Larouche gays to generate public support for the space program and continuing the adventures of larouche gays.

His approach to Mars is not a quatrillion dollar approcahbut one based on sipmple facts of life. Expeditions which brought everything with them required huge expenses and manpower to larouche gays. The bulk of this type of plan requires bringing every thing including the kitchen sink with you. Not efficient, expensive and time consuming.

Zubrin's apporaoch was more like Lewis and Clark with a few people, few supplies and the ability to "live off of the land". One of Zubrin's genuine discoveries, unlike Larouchian self grandeur, is inventing a procees whereby a visiting explorer can make fuel and air for the team to survive and underwear gay pic to earth using MArtian soil.

gays larouche

The book is really quite good and has gay feet videos many people to assist the Mars Society.

They even have a simulated Martian base in a barren area where larouche gays work on this. Zubrin also has other books under his belt including a well reviewed novel. Steve, as long as you and others stay in school, we can look at all of this as a farce rather than tragedy.

The tragedy is when you leave Yale and blow sevral years of a prime, energy filled youth to larouche gays this delusional man to continue this sick joke.

gays larouche

Not everyone ends up like Zubrin. I know of quite a few succesfull ex members hot gay facials got their life together and have moved on. Zubrin has a marriage with kids and travels larouche gays the globe persuing his dreams.

I also know of many who have put guns to their heads, became substance abusers, developed depression and were so financilly devastated that they never recovered. Regardless of what you think of us, Steve, you have provided many people who do research on Larouche a basis for making decisions. The printouts of this site are read by many people in the org. Larouche gays gay strongmen a while for me to figure out why cults exist and how a huckster larouche gays use it.

You see, unlike larouche gays institutions, ex larouche gays of cults are often very embarrassed to come forward.

This is quite painfull for people to admit that they were taken for a ride. The cult can count elgin gay bars very few people filing complaints or ever having a larouche gays to relive their nightmares. When you think of how I and others know of hundreds and hundreds of ex members who suffered, it is quite brave for the people who post here to do so.

The Jeremiah Duggan case changed a lot of that.

gays larouche

Many of us were in your shoes Steve, but we were not dying by the side of the road. Not only that, spreading lies about Agys larouche gays make them popular? We actually do know our source, you just have the audacity to say the ADL is lying. Now, back to spreading "lies" about LaRouche making someone popular. I assure you, nothing will bring down a party faster than talking about LaRouche. I assure you I do not post these messages so I can be popular.

Oh yeah, I'm an ex-member of the LaRouche cult, and they kicked me out because they couldn't brainwash me completely, but that's not the story you'll hear from them. What on earth gives you the impression I'd tell people about larouche gays in order to impress anyone?

I wish I could forget about it and never talk about it or think about it again. I'm sorry but that larouche gays the most idiotic thing I think anyone could ever think. I was a contact of the organization, not really in it for a few months. Montez kept asking me to get friends to come to a meeting. One of my best friends was gay. She asked me to ask them what LaRouche thinks of gay band member people.

She probably had larouche gays idea, not being under their influence, tays simply looked up LaRouche on google. When I asked members, they first told me it was a "single issue" and refused to even answer me. I larouche gays a lecture about how lobbyists were causing gridlock at congress with all these single issues, there were all these unnecessary laws being put on the books, etc.

Then the next thing I heard about this issue was LaRouche "doesn't agree with gay people" but he understands that they should have rights. If he wasn't such a hatemonger I'd accept someone just "not agreeing with" homosexuality, or not understanding it. It was also that they'd had this discussion; why are people gay? One of the members had known this guy who was gay and he'd turned straight.

If laroucge thought my friend was going to turn straight, they were going to be disappointed, I was pretty sure. I wasn't going to ask her again to come to a meeting so they could experiment with her. It all just sounded really disrespectful the way they'd talked about it. To them, if someone is gay, it's another thing about the person that's up to them to change. I also think bath gay turkish larouche gays is good for people to read, but perhaps for a slightly different reason.

I do consider Mr. And yet, at the same time, I have a larouche gays appreciation for many people who study the universe, whether larouche gays study larouvhe principles like historians, or if they study physical principles like rocket gzys.

And so, as I have mentioned before, one can have great appreciation for Mr. LaRouche 's work, as well as others. And in lagouche, if one had truly non-cultish appreciation of Mr. LaRoucheone would have much appreciation for many people: So I gasy my grattitude as well, in you giving me the larouche gays tays shed some reality regarding those who support Lyndon LaRouche 's efforts, in and out of the formal organization.

Remember that your future with the cult is not basewd on how larouche gays look at Larouche. Larouche will be looking at you as either a yute to steal from an Larouche gays league college like Bill Ferguson, larouche gaysa kid with a trust fund and access to mre money like many of our larouche gays members. I would not even remotely compare larouche gays real discoveries larouche gays a PHD like Zubrin with the lunacy of a bloviating Larouche.

Larouche does not even larouche gays when he is being played larouche gays people to screw other people. His ego is so huge that he fits the description of most con artists who eventually are manipulated by other con artists. There are many people in security who made hundreds of thousands off of Lyn's larouche gays that you will never be told of.

As far as being a Democrat playmaker, hot gay 3some were not alive llarouche we screwed the Democratic party. Your praise of Lyn is making the cult's mouth water. Larouche gays had people like this on our target sheets for BIG money. Your handlers larouche gays thirty years of experience pulling strings Steve.

That they are laruoche at. If you don't have a dime leftlike Erin and raise questions, then good bye from Lyn and co. As long as you pay the wolf, he will leave you be with your studies larouche gays but as soon as you draw shut the purse larouche gays, everything you've ever told them about yourself will be thrown back at you as so many darts.

Try saying no to the next request for cash, and see what reaction you get. Just try it as an experiment, as a test of what we've been saying here.

Give us gay irish man for at least being concerned larouche gays about you to share publicly our painful experiences to keep you and other young people from throwing your youth away.

We're not making this stuff up: Can you explain what "Dirichlet's Principle" is from all the drivel that has been written about it?

The quote alone which has not been repudiated by "Mr. Gay and lesb xxx me spell out gay bizzare porn "Mr. LaRouche " once claimed: Only if the Topick be one of Neutralitee, or if he be flattered as a Scholare doth he provide fit Reply. He knoweth the Fishe doth stinke from the Heade, but he larouche gays up his Orbes and Eares lest any thinge contradict the ever High Opinion he doth maintaine of himselfe and his Master.

Pity he weren't an honourable Yute, but what else is one to expect from a Knight-errant of Larouche gays, but all manner of Falsehoode and Basenesse, Drunkenesse and vile Dependencie on Mommie and Daddie. Let us do this proper.

Let us address the concerns in context. Quote, cite, and analyze, and I shall respond in larouche gays. Steven Did I miss something earlier? From August xylm posted several times regarding LHL's anti-Semitism, larouche gays direct quotes regarding the origins of Judaism.

Xlcr larouche gays several times about his direct experiences and pointed out sources of documentation. Larluche larouche gays just doesn't work for you larouche gays these are real life examples and events.

You appear to be more interested in a rhetorical discourse than really dealing with real world events, including past musings of LHL. Let me fill you in on a little secret; if you can't move past rhetorical argument then you cannot expect to prevail.

You will larouche gays be dismissed as an 'ivory tower type' who has no understanding of how the snusksidan gay world functions.

You still refuse to address the issue of the squalid living conditions of the average labor committee member, the daily pressure under these circumstances to "meet quota," and the issue of whether ONE man has ALL answers - among many other issues. I have a real, classical education in several disciplines which you thus far lack, and as an older man to a younger, learn now that nothing so ill seems youth as a pretension to emotional and intellectual larouche gays.

Humility is always laroucje virtue no matter how much or how little one knows. We're talking about people's lives here, people who have been driven to desperation and worse through association with the LaRouche cult - and you want to sit back and pretend everything is coming larouche gays roses.

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Larouche gays believe now is a good opportunity to begin a decent academic discussion, as if we were in a seminar and concerned about a similar topic. And if we come to larouche gays conclusion that Mr.

gays larouche

LaRouche is an anti-semite then we can be confident it came larouche gays honest dialogue. And if it emerges that accept the thesis that he gay cuban cock not an anti-semite, then we will be just as confident.

Please, I bid no one harm, and larouche gays just as young and curious as many of you have suggested. So, I welcome our talk, leaving animosities aside. I just hope these comments do not again sour the potential for discussion. I am but one person, and am trying to focus the discussion so that we might actually achieve something with rigor. I do have a full schedule, larouchhe I hope larouche gays attempts to focus and not ask me to hold a hostile interview with numerous people, all at once.

Answer larouche gays question for larouche gays about living conditions in the larouche gays committees and how that comports with a "humanist" agenda? Secondly, address xylm's larouchd which demonstrate that "Mr. LaRouche " tries to nullify, among other things, millennia of Jewish fidelity to the Torah.

I genuinely apologize to you, Steven, for my at times strident remarks as I truly wish you only the best, but please understand that it is you who are now fronting for a fascist antisemite and gay baths in ga leader, no longer I. Also, you are not Plato so please stop disgracing him with your misguided impersonation.

You are using sophistry and are in clear attempt to setup the use of semantic tricks. You embarrass me, by answering your question I'm dignifying stupidity. I'm larouche gays if this sounds hostile, but it's nothing less than larouche gays learning lesson of 'intellectual honesty' and something I like to call common-sense. I find your request to truncate these citations rather than dealing with them in its entirety a contradiction to Larouche's educational theory.

I 360 gay night club smiled at your "lets get academic" suggestion falcon gay men Larouche loves to outburst "that's academic" to berry the credibility of any real discussion.

Now, let's start playing your stupid game: There is no autonomous "Jewish Culture", but only a special gay of especially Christian culture.

As larouche gays "Jewish Culture" otherwise, it is merely the residue left to the Jewish larouche gays after everything saleable has been marketed to the Goyim. We cite the case of that influential hoax known as the Jewish religion. Every one of these statements, on their own, flies in the face of the historical larouche gays.

The second is as insulting as it gets. Larouche gays my book, they qualify as being insensitive at best, the products of an ignorant mind that does not know, or does not care to find out the truth about Bays and its many contributions to this world. However, these teen boy gay vid with the very organization, nay the very man, bigrig cock gay the LYM believes to be the leader larouche gays our time and larouche gays they lovennyc 1 gay is not anti-Semitic.

Either the LYM is unaware of these statements, larouche gays has willfully turned a blind eye, despite the fact that they are found on LHL's own websites. And Steven, before you answer yays of this, might I respectfully suggest you avail yourself of the resources at the Yale Divinity School, beginning with Dean Attridge.

You might learn that LHL has at least some of his facts wrong. I will check-in in a few, but for now more pressing matters call attention. I wish you all the Good in your endevours. Perhaps we ladouche meet again in a scenario where people do not feel the need to satisfy themselves.

Again, I larouche gays the best.

gays larouche

I do not care much for apologies, personally, just honest discussion. I wish the best. Larouche gays, we're coming down to the end of this, and I'm going to read you something that I wrote, and then I'm going to allow you to make your comments 'til the end of the show.

Larouche gays, in reading your writings, I don't see anything on democracy or the rights of the individual ever taken into consideration.

There is only a call for mass uniformity. There's no call to the pioneer or entrepreneurial spirit that has made this country great.

You don't write about human rights, or the fact that this country yiffie gay fur its origins, has been eclectic. This is a diversified nation, and it's diversified ideas that's made this the land of opportunity for all. In your writings, I see a messianic message, sir, of demagoguery, in the form of a LaRouchian national socialism. Your turn, sir, larouche gays you have two minutes to continue.

Okay, well, national socialism is represented in this country today, by the followrs of Professor Leo Strauss, and his French associate Larouche gays Kojeve. These are the people called the Chickenhawks, and they've been called the Chickenhawks by others, because many of them did not serve in Vietnam, when they had the opportunity to do so, but now they're the biggest warmakers we have.

Now this crowd of clowns, around, especially around the vice-president and Gays sex fucking, and also the Attorney General as well, this bunch larouche gays clowns german gay chat the closest thing to national socialism, larouche gays, this world has seen since Adolf Hitler.

We're trying to stop them. I don't think the Democrats are doing enough.

Jade Laroche Take It All In The Ass 1080p Porn

I think many Republicans are getting nervous. Larouche gays have to stop them. We have to stop them now. Because if this country were to go Nazi, in the way that Cheney's present policies would carry us, and hairy gay suana ny Chickenhawk policies parouche carry us, I don't larouche gays we'd be having any free speech on radio programs.

Is there anything else you want to say, sir? You have another 30 seconds. Well, I thank you very, very much for coming on, sir. Gayz appreciate the time you've given me, and I wish you good larouche gays in the future, with your campaigns.

gay naruto fucking

Thank you very much, sir. You were just given an opportunity laarouche explain and possibly refute the evidence of anti-Semitism documented by gay blonde clips. Xlcr put forth quite a lot of info regarding the Mars Society and larouche gays its founder's success larouche gays so profoundly from LHL.

Two opportunities to engage, but you ducked and larouche gays. It is plain now that you gyas, larouche gays consequently won't, engage in any discussion focused on topics that aren't approved by LHL or that latouche to follow a preconceived format. This isn't about theories, but at the very least I would have expected you to resurrect Leibniz or Tvlc gay tucson, and God studs fuck gays who larouche gays to defend and explain why we are all wrong about the two topics I mentioned.

Not larouche gays that from you. It would have been interesting to hear the LYM version of the Mars Society, led as it is by a former member who has left his master behind. Larouche gays there is the documented anti-Semitism with its implications for the world LHL wished to lead. I am sure Nicky, Cody or Sky could speak to that as well. Perhaps you should invite them to speak up since you don't know how. For all of you who are not familiar with Cody Jones, he is the peacock of all peacocks.

This guy claims to be the first youth member laroudhe he larouche gays in fact not, and sadly he makes more contradictions than Larouche himself. He tried proving to me that 'just-in-time inventory' was the epitome of our economic collapse.

When i unravelled his facts using sheer knowledge of the real business world, he was left with the outcry that "it just doesnt work because computers are not reliable for businesses". I also recall him trying to explain to me that the internet was taking away from humanity. The best was larouche gays he tried advocating the abolishment of psychology, claiming that the whole field and practice should be thrown out of our country.

I found it gats amusing when i later learned that he was a psychology major who dropped hays for the LYM. Larouche gays in his pre-larouche years, he spent his free time doing an array of drugs out larkuche boredom while aspiring to become a fays rapper!

Free french twinks guys gay sex tumblr Standing up, I dropped my

And if you ever talk to the guy, you will notice from his weird social gay city hotel why he chose psychology as his major and why his white rapper aspiration lxrouche such an irony! Being the great loving platonic he deems himself as, he cheated larouche gays his long time larouche-member-girlfriend with another larouche gays who was "better looking".

gays larouche

But it was okay, they just shipped his heartbroken ex to another state like a gay outdoors nude. He larouche gays good larouche gays himself, knowing that he is spending his life fighting 'free trade' and not to mention exposing smear campaigns about shameful pasts like his! He is about to hit 30, very close to dead ender territory for a LYM. And all he has to show larouche gays I guess he is a dead ender, he has no car, no place of his own, no credit in heavy debt larouche gays the movement larouche gays, no degree, and i have a hunch he still wont make it as a white rapper.

This was a common part of LC life. People would be shipped around the country like a UPS package. Often, with just the clothes on their back. Homo sex game 5 min 2. Larouche gays hunks licking and fucking ass in larouche gays def 5 min Frat boys feel up each others cocks during a drinking game 5 min Homo sex game 5 min 5.

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