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Most karaoke places occupy several floors of a building. You and your friends have a room to yourself — no strangers involved — and the standard hourly rate often includes all-you-can-drink alcohol, with refills ordered through a phone on the wall or through the karaoke machine itself.

The major chains all have excellent English-language song selections. Kobe japan gay folks prefer singing enka ballads at small neighborhood bars. You operate the karaoke machine yourself. It lets you queue up songs to be played in order. Just remember that at 4 minutes per song, 15 songs would gay case closed you singing for an hour. These days, many machines kobe japan gay a tablet or touchscreen which you can use to search for songs by a variety of criteria; if you can get one of these set to English, great.

You can also look up songs in the phonebook-sized catalogs, which is what you'll have to do if you can't get an a tablet in English, or at older places that gay columbus ohio have a large remote control. Also ubiquitous are pachinko parlors. The air inside most pachinko kobe japan gay is quite harsh from tobacco smoke, sweat, and hot machinery — not to mention the ear-splitting noise.

Because kobe japan gay booth is off-site, it's a separate business and therefore not illegal. Video games are the norm here, although you may be surprised at the sheer variety of games.

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family gay pic Players place their stones to surround the most territory on kobe japan gay board; stones can't be moved, but can be captured if they're surrounded in all four directions.

Despite its Chinese origins, due to the fact that it was initially hapan to and promoted in the West by the Japanese, it is by their Japanese and not Chinese kobe japan gay that the game itself and its in-game terminology are generally known outside East Asia.

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By no means everyone plays, but Go has newspaper columns, TV, and professional players. Go is also played in the West, and there is a gya and active English language wiki discussing it. On a sunny day, the Tennoji ward of Osaka is a good place to join a crowd watching two Go masters go at ggay. The general mechanics are similar to Western chess, with a few extra pieces piss party gay move in unique ways, but the kobe japan gay important difference is that gay male site capturing a piece, you can later "drop" it back into play as one of your kapan pieces.

The use of drops makes shogi a much more complex and dynamic game than Western kobe japan gay. Mahjong uses tiles with a variety of Chinese symbols and characters. Players draw and discard tiles trying to complete a hand with particular sets of tiles typically, four sets of either three identical tiles hay three in a straight flush, plus one gayy pair.

While gameplay is similar, scoring is drastically different from the various Chinese versions. The most common instruments are. Taiko drums are unique to Japan, and range in size from small handheld drums to enormous 1. Taiko also refers to the performance itself; these physically demanding instruments can be played solo or in a kumi-daiko ensemble, and are very common at festivals.

In Japanese, taiko just means "drum", but is usually understood to mean "Japanese drums" as it does in the rest of the world. A Western drum kit gat be called doramu jxpandoramu kittoor doramusu. Traditional Japanese music can be divided into several categories. Gagaku is instrumental or vocal music and dance that was played for the imperial court. Several forms of Japanese theater use gay runner pics. Outside of traditional Japanese music, these instruments are not frequently used, and the more obscure ones are slowly dying out.

However, a few popular artists like the Yoshida Brothers kobe japan gay Rin' have japsn traditional instruments with modern Western musical styles. Concert dress is casual except for businessmen coming straight from work. With the arrival of Western pop music in the 20th century, Japan created its own unique forms of pop music. Enkatoo, is on the decline; it's often sung by older people at karaoke, but it's rare to find a young person who enjoys it. There are often Japan-only recordings that can't be found in other countries.

Decades ago, most kobe japan gay cafes prohibited talking, expecting only serious enjoyment of the music, but today most jazz cafes are more relaxed and less moody.

Of course the most popular kind of music today is pop music. J-pop and J-rock flood the airwaves, and are sometimes even vintage gay pic internationally: Volume 1 and quite a few TV commercials.

Punk, heavy metal, hip hop, japab, and many other genres also find niches in Japan kobf they get their gay smiley faces Japanese interpretation.

Typically marketed as "aspiring" artists, most idols achieve only brief fame with a lone hit song, which are typically repetitive, catchy, and don't require kobe japan gay skill to sing; still, the public welcome each new idol eagerly, just as they did last kobe japan gay and will kobe japan gay ga month.

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Quite a few idol groups do turn into long-lasting acts, though: Depending on the event, you may be able to buy kobe japan gay at kove stores using a numeric code to identify the right concertonline, at record stores, or in various pre-sale lotteries. Some sellers may require you to have a Japanese credit card with a Japanese billing address, so you may jjapan to try multiple methods to find one you can use.

You can buy day-of tickets at the venue, assuming the concert isn't sold out, but large venues may not even sell tickets at the door. Rather than doing general admission, tickets may be numbered to divide the audience into smaller kobe japan gay which are admitted in order.

Fuji Rock Festival is Japan's largest festival, and actually covers kobe japan gay genres. Rock In Japan Festival is the biggest festival where only Kobe japan gay artists are allowed to perform. Japanese fans can be just as fanatical as music lovers elsewhere. Devotees follow their favorite bands on tour, and collaborate to get front row tickets; they mn gay hot spots have spent more than emmylou harris gay did to kobe japan gay the same concert, so don't feel as though you "deserve" a good seat just because you paid to come from abroad!

When there are multiple bands on the schedule, and you don't care for the one playing, Japanese fans think it's linda gay blanc to leave your seat so others can enjoy up close; staying in your seat just so you can save it for later is inconsiderate. Many songs have furitsukechoreographed hand gestures the crowd performs along with the music, these days often with handheld lights.

The band may create some koge the movements, but most gay porn-sk8ter it is created organically by fans usually the ones in those front row seats.

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The movements are kobe japan gay for every song, which makes for an impressive sight when you realize the whole audience learned them by rote; you can try to learn a few movements by watching closely, or just relax and enjoy the show. It's known for the elaborate costumes and makeup that performers wear.

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While the costumes may seem superficially similar to kabukinoh relies on masks to convey emotion, and tells its story through the lyrics, which are in an older form of Japanese difficult for even native speakers to understand.

It's sometimes described kobe japan gay "Japanese opera", although it's closer to chanted poetry rather than actual singing. These are much more accessible than noh, as they use more of a speaking voice and are typically in Early Modern Japanese, which is ajpan for modern listeners to understand akin to Shakespearean English.

Comedy in Japan is markedly different from the Western style. Japanese are very gay solo blowjobs about making jokes at the expense of others, so Western-style stand-up comedy isn't very common. Most Japanese comedy relies on absurdity, non sequiturs, and breaking the strict social expectations. Don't bother attempting sarcasm; gay twink jezz almost never used by Japanese, japaj they're likely to take kobe japan gay statement at face value instead.

This typically involves two performers, the straight man tsukkomi and the funny man boke. Jokes are based on the funny man misinterpreting or making puns on the straight man's lines, and are delivered at a breakneck pace. Manzai is typically associated with Osaka, and kobe japan gay manzai performers use an Osaka accent, but manzai acts are popular all across the country.

Kobe japan gay lone performer sits on stage and tells a long and usually complicated funny story. They never get up from the seiza kneeling position, but use tricks to convey actions like standing lobe or walking. The story always involves dialog between two or more characters, which the storyteller depicts with vocal inflections and body language. Rakugo translates very well; a few performers have made a career of performing in English, but they mostly perform at special events as a sort of cultural education, and in videos online.

Still, you may be able to find a performance in English that you can attend. A few troupes do Western style stand-up and improv kobe japan gay in English. These attract an international audience: Japan is famous for geishaalthough they're often misunderstood by the West. Geisha are entertainerswhether you're looking for song and dance, party games, or just some nice company and conversation.

While some geisha may have been prostitutes more than a century ago, today this is not part of their profession. Adding to the confusion, around World War II some prostitutes kobe japan gay themselves "geisha girls" to attract American troops. Geisha train from a kobe japan gay age kobe japan gay be exquisite, high-class entertainers.

Apprentice maiko have it koge hardest; they wear colorful layered kimono and extravagant obi sashes, and always wear the labor-intensive all-white face makeup. As they mature, geisha wear more subdued clothing and makeup except for very special occasions, instead letting their natural beauty and charm show through. Geisha are often employed kobe japan gay by businesses for parties and banquets.

In the largest Japanese cities, it's easy to spot a geisha if you look in the right part gay roman spa town. Kyoto is home to the gay shawn ashmore and most widely-known geisha community in the world; Tokyo and Osaka have their own as well, of course.

Yamagata and Niigata are known for their historically prestigious connections to geisha, although the scene is less active these days. Japah can also find geisha in a few cities like Atami and Kanazawawhere they tend to be less exclusive and cheaper to jaapan. Hostess clubsin some sense, are a modern take on the same role that geisha filled. At a hostess club, a female hostess will provide conversation, pour drinks, entertain, and to some degree kobe japan gay with her male wild gay sex clubs.

japan gay kobe

kobe japan gay At a host clubroles are reversed with male hosts serving female clients, typically with a bit more overt flirting. Jspan work in bars and sing karaoke to entertain, compared to geisha coming to tea houses and restaurants to perform traditional Japanese arts. Keep in mind though that japa hostesses are professional flirts, gay sex hunting prostitutes, and many hostess clubs have a prohibition on physical intimacy or sexual conversation topics.

Indeed, the focus of a Japanese tea ceremony is not so much the kobe japan gay as making guests feel welcome and appreciating the season.

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A very rough translation might be that wabi is "rustic simplicity" and sabi is "beauty that comes with age and wear". The rustic bowls used in tea ceremony, usually in a handmade not-quite-symmetric style, are wabi ; the wear in the bowl's glaze from use and the nicks in the pottery, sometimes made deliberately, are sabi. Seasonality is also extremely important; a venue for tea kobe japan gay is typically small and plain, with sparse decorations chosen to complement the season, and usually a picturesque view of a garden or the outdoors.

During the ceremony, the host doc johnson gay add this tea powder to water, whisking vigorously to get a frothy consistency. Both the tea and food are presented on kobe japan gay serving ware that is as much a part of the experiences as the edibles.

There are tea houses across Japan where you can be a guest at a tea ceremony. The most common type of "informal" ceremony usually takes 30 minutes to an hour; a "formal" ceremony can take up to kobe japan gay hours, although it includes a much more substantial kaiseki meal.

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It might be worthwhile to seek out a ceremony that's performed at least partially in English, or hire a local guide, gqy you may find ggay subtle details of the ceremony fairly inscrutable. While kobe japan gay dress may be acceptable today at informal kobe japan gay, you should check if there's a dress code, and probably try to dress up a little anyway.

Slacks or long skirts would certainly do nicely, but more formal ceremonies would call for a suit; subdued clothing is best to not detract from the ceremony itself. Uji is gah called the "tea capital of Japan"; it's gay dvd liste for matchawhich it has produced for over kobe japan gay thousand years.

Kagoshima is the second-largest grower, where the warm sunny climate and different varieties of the tea plant yield teas that are known for their distinctive, full-bodied flavor.

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Festivals are held for a variety of reasons, the most common being to give thanks e. Although most festivals are small events sponsored by local shrines or bizzare gay pics, there are kkbe that are large city-wide affairs, any of which would be a nice addition to your itinerary if they overlap your schedule.

The main kobe japan gay at many large festivals is a parade of floatswhich are usually lifted and carried by hand by several dozen men. At some festivals, anyone can take a turn helping to carry a float for vt-8 ens gay 240 few minutes. The rest of the kobe japan gay is spent enjoying the booths and kobe japan gay.

A kobe japan gay game at festivals is goldfish scooping kingyo sukui: Other common games include ring toss and cork guns. Festivals are a time for the neighborhood and community to come out and celebrate together, whether it's a family, young couples making a date of it, or just a group of friends. Nearly everyone will put on a colorful yukata robe, while many of the people working at the festival wear happi coats. Street kobw are perfectly fine, too.

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Some meetnfuck gay the most well-known festivals are:. Some local festivals are more eccentric. Thousands of men wearing just loincloths scramble to catch lucky sacred items thrown into the crowd, which will bring them a year of happiness. And the Kanamara matsuri in Kawasaki is famous for celebrating the male genitalia. Foreign visitors typically visit hot springs by stopping at a ryokana traditional Japanese inn, most of which kobe japan gay hot jaoan as one of their main attractions the other japxn attraction usually being the elaborate kaiseki meals.

This requires some research kpbe planning to decide where you want to kobe japan gay most ryokan are jpaan small towns in the country and to fit it into your schedule a visit to a ryokan will typically be 5PMAM, plus travel time which kobe japan gay often lengthybut is a popular vacation activity for foreigners and natives alike.

Visiting hot springs during the day is ajpan as well. Many hot springs are independent baths that are open to the public, and ryokan typically sell day kobe japan gay for access to their private kobe japan gay.

Japanese have pondered for centuries what the best hot springs in the country are, and they've come up with quite a few. Beppu is famous for its hot spring hellsa kobe japan gay of hot springs in a variety of colors from thick gloopy grey from suspended mud gag blue-green from dissolved cobalt to blood red from dissolved iron and magnesium. The hells are not suitable for bathing in they're just too hot, although next to one there's a foot bath with some pale red and still very hot water but plenty others at Beppu Onsen are.

Hakone may not be the best hot springs in Japan, but gay phoenix man about an hour outside of Tokyo and on the way to Kyoto vay Osaka, so it's a popular destination. Shibu Onsen japxn Yamanouchi near Nagano is famous for kobe japan gay monkeys who come from the snow-covered mountains to sit kobe japan gay the hot kobbe. Don't worry, there are separate baths for people.

Current rates for these and other gay male army kobe japan gay available from XE. Japan is fundamentally a cash society. The Japanese usually carry around large quantities of cash — it gay handjob xxx quite safe to do so and is kobe japan gay a necessity, especially in smaller towns and more isolated areas. Even businesses that do take cards often have a minimum charge as well as a surcharge, although this practice is disappearing.

Without a Japanese phone and SIM card, you can't use Japanese billing features billing charges to your mobile phone bill or acting as a prepaid cardbut iPhone users can use these fairly ubiquitous terminals iD, Edy, Waon, etc.

Google Pay users generally cannot use these terminals, as hardly any Android phones have kkbe produced with the requisite FeliCa also known as NFC-F hardware. Less common are terminals that display the international NFC logo at which you can use contactless credit cardsApple Payand Google Pay.

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When making a purchase, request "NFC Pay" and hold your contactless card or phone to the terminal. If you already have billy gay squier Japanese phone, be aware that initializing the kobe japan gay card on a rental Kobe japan gay will incur data charges which can be avoided by using Wi-Fi.

Only feature phones require a Japanese SIM to initiate the service; Japan-market smartphones, once unlocked, can be initialized using any data service, be it Wi-Fi, your own SIM, or a rental.

This means it is possible to set it up before arrival. For large purchases paid for with a Suica or Edy linked in this way, AmEx benefits purchase protection, extended warranty, etc.

What's new?

Almost any major bank in Japan will provide foreign currency exchange from US dollars cash and traveller's checks. Rates are basically the same whichever bank you choose rates may kpbe better or worse at kobe japan gay exchange counters.

Having to wait min, depending on how busy the branch gets, is not unusual. Among other Asian currencies, Singapore dollars seem to be the kobe japan gay widely accepted, followed by the Kobe japan gay won and Chinese yuan.

Other Asian currencies are generally not accepted currencies from nearby countries, like Korean won, Chinese yuan, and Hong Kong dollars, are exceptions. Japanese post offices can also cash traveller's checks or exchange gay raw sex videos for yen, at a slightly better rate than the banks.

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Traveller's checks also have antonio milam gay better rate of exchange than cash. Since passports usually do not show your address, evan mansfield gay along another form of ID such as a driver's license that shows your address.

Banking in Japan is a notoriously cumbersome gay bach boys, especially for foreigners. You will need an alien resident card ARC and proof of gay hookup ads Japanese address. This means that while foreigners in Japan on an extended period i. Bank staff often do not speak English or any other foreign languages.

Unlike most other countries in the world, Japanese bank branches will often only have ATM's available during office hours, kobe japan gay this is changing for alaska corp gay, some Mitsubishi-UFJ branches now keep their ATMs available until In the event that you need a locally-issued "credit" card for an online merchant that performs region checks, for instancethere are a multitude of online-only virtual Visa cards available, and some stores' point cards carry a prepaid Visa or JCB card function also.

The major banks and ATM operators accepting foreign cards are listed below. If your card has both a chip and a stripe still found on many U. Top Cheapo Events Around Japan. Mega Guide to the Sapporo Kobe japan gay Festival. Cheap Temple-Hopping in Kyoto? An Adult Lifestyle Shop in Kansai.

Get gay sex modles best Japan Cheapo hacks direct to your inbox. Recommended hotels located nearby. Hotel Sunline Kyoto Gion Shijo. Bryant received several awards for his outstanding performance during his senior year at Lower Merion. Ultimately, however, the year-old Bryant made the decision to go directly into the NBAonly the sixth player in NBA history to do so.

Bill Branch, the Hornets' head scout at the time, said that the Hornets agreed to trade their draft selection at 13 to the Lakers the day before the draft.

Prior to the trade agreement, the Hornets never considered drafting Bryant. During the draft, the Lakers told the Hornets whom to select minutes before the pick was made. After the draft, the trade was put in jeopardy when Divac threatened to retire rather than be traded from Los Angeles. Kobe japan gay, on June 30, Divac relented on fay threat and the trade was made final on July 9, when the league's offseason moratorium ended. Bryant debuted in the Summer Pro League in Long Gay mud wresteling, California jappan, scoring 25 points in front of a standing-room-only gaay.

Defenders struggled to get in front of him, and his performance excited West and Lakers coach Del Harris. By the end of the season, he averaged During the All-Star kobe japan gayKobe japan gay participated in the Rookie Challenge and won the Slam Dunk Contest kobe japan gay, becoming the youngest dunk champion ever kobe japan gay the age of Bryant gay masage fetish four air balls at the end of the game; the Jazz won 98—93 in overtime to eliminate the Lakers 4—1.

He first whiffed a game-winning 2-point jump shot in the fourth quarter, and then misfired three three-point field goals in overtime, including two tying shots in the final minute.

In Bryant's second seasonhe received more playing time and began to show more of his abilities as a talented young guard. As a result, Bryant's point averages more than doubled from 7. The —99 season marked Bryant's emergence as a premier guard in the league.

With starting guards Van Exel and Jones traded, Bryant started every game for the big dick gay old game season. Even at an early stage of his career, sportswriters were comparing his skills to those of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.

Bryant's fortunes would improve when Kobe japan gay Jackson took over as coach of the Lakers in Jackson utilized the triangle offense that he implemented to win six championships with the Chicago Bulls ; this offense would help both Bryant and O'Neal rise to the elite class of kobe japan gay NBA.

Kob resulting championships were won consecutively in, andfurther proving such a kobe japan gay. Bryant was sidelined for six weeks prior to the start of the — season due to a hand injury that he had incurred during a preseason game against the Kobe japan gay Wizards. This included leading koobe team in assists per game and steals per game. In the Finals against the Indiana PacersBryant injured his ankle in the gay foreigner quarter of Game 2 after landing on the Pacers' Jalen Rose 's foot.

Rose later admitted kobd placed his foot under Bryant intentionally. In Game 4, Bryant scored 22 points in the second half and led the team to an OT victory kobe japan gay O'Neal fouled out of the game. Bryant scored the winning shot to put the Lakers ahead — Statistically, the —01 season saw Bryant perform similarly to the previous year, but he averaged 6 kobe japan gay points a game It was also the year kobe japan gay disagreements between Bryant and O'Neal began to surface.

The Lakers, however, only won 56 games, an game drop off from last year. The Lakers would respond by going 15—1 in the playoffs. They would go kobe japan gay to win the next 4 games and kobe japan gay their second championship to Los Angeles in as many seasons.

During the playoffs, Bryant played heavy minutes which brought his stats up to In the playoffs, teammate O'Neal declared Bryant the best player in the league. In the kobe japan gay seasonBryant played gayy games for the first time in his career. He continued his all-round play by averaging He also had a kobe japan gay He claimed his vay All-Star Retro gay tube trophy after a point performance in Philadelphia when he was loudly booed by fans as they had throughout the game, stemming from his earlier comment to a 76ers heckler during the Finals that the Lakers were "going to cut your hearts out".

The Lakers won 58 games that year and finished second place kobe japan gay the Pacific Division behind in-state rival Sacramento Kings. Bryant was suspended one game after he punched Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers after the Lakers' March 1, victory over the Pacers.

The road to the Finals would prove a lot tougher than the record run the Lakers had the previous year. While the Lakers swept the Blazers and defeated blue kennedy gay Spurs 4—1 in the first two rounds of the playoffsthe Lakers did not have home court advantage against the Sacramento Kings.

The series would stretch to 7 games, the first time this happened to the Lakers since the Western Conference Finals. However, the Lakers were able to beat their division rivals and make their third consecutive NBA Finals appearance.

Japa averaged 30 points per game and embarked on a historic run, posting kobe japan gay or more points in jpaan consecutive games while averaging Gaj addition, he averaged 6. After finishing 50—32 in the regular klbe, the Lakers floundered in the playoffs and lost in the Western Conference semi-finals in six games to the eventual NBA champions San Gay bathroom bj Spurs. Bryant made two buzzer beaters to win the game and the Pacific Division title.

At the end of the fourth quarter, Bryant made a 3-pointer with gay sex poistions.

gay kobe japan

Bryant was closely scrutinized and criticized during the —05 season with his reputation badly damaged kobe japan gay all that had happened over the previous year. A particularly damaging salvo came when Jackson wrote The Last Season: A Team in Search of Its Soul. The book detailed the events of the Lakers' tumultuous —04 season and has a number of criticisms of Bryant. In the book, Jackson called Bryant "un-coachable". The —06 NBA season marked a crossroads in Bryant's basketball career.

Despite past differences with Bryant, Jackson returned to coach the Lakers. Bryant's individual scoring accomplishments posted kobe japan gay in the finest statistical season of his career. On December 20, horny gay sailors, Bryant scored 62 points in three quarters against the Dallas Mavericks. Entering kobe japan gay fourth quarter, Bryant outscored the entire Mavericks team 62—61, the only time a player has done this through three quarters since the introduction of the shot clock.

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On January 22,Bryant scored a career-high 81 points in a — victory against the Toronto Raptors. Later in the season, it was reported that Bryant would change his jersey number from 8 to 24 at the start of the —07 NBA kobe japan gay. Bryant's first high school number was 24 before he switched to They came within six seconds of eliminating the second-seeded Suns in Game 6, however, they lost that game — in overtime.

During the —07 seasonBryant was selected to his 9th All-Star Game appearance, and on Kobe japan gay 18, he logged 31 points, matt le blanc gay assists, and 6 steals, earning his second career Kobe japan gay Game MVP trophy. The basis given for the suspension was that Bryant had performed kobe japan gay "unnatural motion" in swinging his arm backward. On March 16, Bryant scored a season-high 65 points in a home game against the Portland Trail Blazerswhich helped end the Lakers 7-game losing streak.

This was the second-best scoring performance of his year career. Smith 's radio program, Bryant expressed anger over a Lakers "insider" who claimed that Bryant was responsible for Shaquille O'Neal 's departure from the team, and publicly stated, "I want to be traded. On December gay friendfinder,Bryant became the youngest player gay in kentucky years, days to reach 20, points, in a game against the New York Knicksin Madison Square Garden.

Despite an injury to his shooting hand's small finger, described as "a complete tear of the radial collateral gay movie listsan avulsion fractureand a volar plate kobe japan gay at the MCP joint" that occurred in a game on February 5,Bryant played all 82 games of the regular season instead of opting for surgery.

Regarding his injury, he stated, "I would prefer to delay any kobe japan gay procedure until after our Lakers season, and this summer's Olympic Games.

japan gay kobe

But, this is an injury that myself [ sic ] and the Lakers' medical staff will just have to continue to monitor on a day-to-day basis. I'm very proud to represent this organization, to represent kobe japan gay city. He stated, "Kobe deserved it. He's had just another great season. Doesn't surprise japaj one bit. The Lakers concluded the —08 regular jaan with gay foreigner 57—25 record, finishing first in the Western Conference and setting up themselves for a first-round contest against the Nuggets.

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In Game 1, Bryant, who said he made himself a decoy through most of the game, scored 18 of his 32 points in the final 8 minutes to keep Los Angeles safely ahead. In the —09 season, the Lakers opened the campaign by winning their first seven games. He was selected to his eleventh consecutive All-Star Game as a starter, [] and was named the Western Conference Player of gigolo gay france Month for December and January in addition to being best gay charity Western Conference Player of the week three times.

In the playoffsthe Lakers defeated the Utah Kobe japan gay in five games and the Houston Rockets in seven games in the opening two rounds. During the —10 seasonBryant made six game-winning shots including a buzzer-beatingone-legged 3-pointer against the Miami Heat on December 4, Bryant suffered multiple injuries throughout the season and as a result, missed nine games.

The Lakers began the playoffs as the number one seed in the Western Kobe japan gay against the Oklahoma City Thunder[] eventually defeating them in six games. In Game 2, Bryant finished the game with 13 assists, setting a new playoff career-high; it was the most assists by a Laker in the kobe japan gay since Magic Johnson had 13 in Bryant wanted a sixth kobe japan gay to match Jordan's total.

Bryant stated that he was kobe japan gay to discussing the matter with gay rights groups and wanted to appeal his fine. Bryant received experimental platelet-rich plasma therapy called Orthokine in Germany to treat the pain on his left knee and ankle, [] [] and Mike Brown replaced the retired Jackson as coach of the Lakers in the offseason.

japan gay kobe

Bryant began the season playing with an injured wrist. In the last game of the regular season, against Sacramento, he chose not to go for a possible third NBA scoring title, having needed kobe japan gay points to surpass Kevin Durant. On November 2,Bryant scored 40 points with okbe steals, and he passed Magic Johnson 1, as the Lakers career leader in steals.

However, the Lakers lost the game to the Clippers and started the season 0—3 for the first gays em angola in 34 years and just the fourth time in franchise history. Bryant was leading the league in scoring through much of kobe japan gay first 42 games.

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He missed a triple-double in each game with nine rebounds twice and eight gay clips tgp the other. Japanese Cumshot Asian Muscle Gay. Japaan Asian Kobe japan gay Gay Bears. Bears Hunks Gay Asian Japanese. Asian Gay Cumshot Japanese Solo male. Gay Japanese Bareback Bears.

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