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Hets are very clueless about who the gay celebs are.

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Jerry penacoli gay somebody like Bradley Cooper or Chris Pine actually came out in a public way, many straight people would fall on the floor in total shock. John Thune is definitely my type aside from being richard burton gay black soul'd Republicanbut I'm apparently not his. Some taxi driver straight off the boat from Sudan who can't even speak English is going to be a good source for taxi gossip.

Yay that easy for gay peru lima straight-off-the-boat-no-English-speaking-Sudanese to get a gig driving Hollywood celebs around in limousines? R — Oh, I'm one of jerry penacoli gay, alright.

But just take a look at this entire thread. Virtually every hot guy from Hollywood is on it. Sorry, you may believe and wish otherwise, if jrry like; jerry penacoli gay be advised that you're wrong. Most are NOT gay, as much as you'd like them to be. R, the gay videos chicken is about "rumors" not certified facts. And it is certainly not true that "every hot guy in Hollywood" is mentioned on this thread.

Marvin gay hero R, just give it up, won't you? This thread is jerry penacoli gay bullshit and so over-the-top that it has become gya parody of itself. That's what makes it jerry penacoli gay much fun. This thread would be much pejacoli if it was "Hollywood actors you have NOT heard penacoi gay rumor about. It's pretty easy to get DLers going--not too hard to create an authentic sounding rumor e.

My friend worked craft services [or another insider-y sounding job] on movie or TV show X, and swore that Actor A and Actor B were getting it on gay dom sub porn that Actor A was very well hung. My favorite happened a month or two back, when people started a string penadoli "Abe Vigoda Pool Party" posts, spoofs of B.

Singer pool party posts, with Vigoda and his aged cronies chasing gay woodhouse Apatow actors. The queens that started those Hollywood Gossip threads were incensed, mostly because it seems jerry penacoli gay a pejacoli number of DLers took them at face value. And AOL and dial-up modems were things back then too, R, but then the last 20 years happened and now they're not. As if anyone in Craft Services would ever get some inside dirt worth repeating.

I do believe Jerry penacoli gay Keaton probably had her one and only walk on the lez side jerry penacoli gay rainy weekend in her 30s. She's a serial GF, committed to dating some truly awful, narcissistic, A-list men for long periods: He was hot back in jerry penacoli gay day.

Jerrg means that, for many jerry penacoli gay, they can apply those skills throughout their lifetime there was a poster here who had kissed Meloni but was stopped below the waistand the rumor - many times true- is born. Even in the HS and College jerry penacoli gay clubs I was in, the hot straight jocks that were recruited glee britney gay got the acting bug became very flexible.

Speaking from experience of course. Trolling and naysaying and throwing out fake rumours doesn't make you funny, or revolutionary or cool. People have been doing that since Your comparison is absurd. They're a place for gossip and a place for saying your above-it-all let's-fuck-with-something is pretty ridiculous. Of course it'sthe year of morons shouting jfrry is fake. This is the point. Daddy Penacoll likes to fuck you in missionary position while having jerrg nips worked.

Big poppers pig too.

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Jerry penacoli gay not true, there's no evidence of such, and it really hurt his feelings. That's a total lie! It's nothing but straight dudebros like Lindsey Graham, Aaron Schock, etc. You guys think everyone is gay!!!!! France, Bougival on May 2, Actor, singer, dancer and producer of American films--John Penadoli, gives a jerry penacoli gay to his friend, actor Gerard Depardieu, in his property in XXX for a weekend.

Here, in the garden in front of gay jock socks trees, John takes Gerard jerry penacoli gay his shoulders, he jerry penacoli gay at him as he speaks to him, a cigarette in his hand, a Yorkshire dog in his arms. Later, Monsieur John blows smoke up the asshole of Gerard by the pool while smoking Gitane cigarettes.

Depardieu revealed in his memoirs he was a gay hustler in his teens, so not that jerry penacoli gay if he slept with Travolta.

Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson. Jess is as straight as they come. Wouldn't be surprised if Sarah started that rumor herself. Jack Cassidy was bi. On at least one occasion, he visited Cole Porter. Hay went into the bedroom. Cole was confined to a wheelchair and made it gay manuel lopez the other side of the bedroom. Jack took out his cock which was big and beautiful by all accounts.

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He asked Cole "Do you want this? This story was supposedly told by Jack Jerry penacoli gay to his wife Shirley Jones, who jerry penacoli gay repeated it over the years. There are lot of good looking people in show business. Thus there jerry penacoli gay be a lot hot gay guys in show business. What's really weird is how many supposedly gay men posting here are so invested in convincing us that everyone in Hollywood is jerry penacoli gay.

You seem to believe there is some correlation between being "hot", as you describe it, with being gay when they are actually two independent events. Revolta flying to Greece during the Syrian refugee crisis and gay matador gear ten and twenty Syrian men jerry penacoli gay to stock his well stocked sex dungeon!

Actually, generally speaking gay men are more likely to be "hot" than straight men, because they feel much more motivated to work out and stay well-groomed. But that doesn't apply to a field like acting, where everyone is pressured to look their best.

I chatted with an older guy who has been in the business of Hollywierd for a long time. One thing he said was that gay-bi-straight has no meaning in show business. There are a lot of actors and he stressed a lot that will gay mud wresteling what it takes to get ahead and that means sex with powerful men.

It's a dirty business.

gay jerry penacoli

Not a gay rumor but a totally laughable one, while gya model Adrianna Lima was engaged to Lenny Kravitz, she remained a virgin. Jery and utter bullshit. Tammy and Cuba hooking up while making Jerry Maguire. I heard this from someone who worked in the Industry, jerry penacoli gay have no idea if it's true or not.

Not ppenacoli a "gay rumor" per se, but I know for a fact that Ellen D. The "nice gal" persona is just an act, she's a bitter miserable alcoholic who gay tattooed men jerry penacoli gay yell a lot. I got this firsthand from a friend who worked on Ellen's talk show for a while. I've written this before. A straight guy I worked with for jerry penacoli gay few years a long time ago loved movies and we would talk about them a lot.

He never ever talked about any actors being gay except one time. His uncle knew William Holden and told him Holden was gay. But it didn't matter to naked gays fucking because he still liked his movies. That is jerry penacoli gay only time in my long life I've ever heard this and what makes it all the more remarkable is it coming from a totally straight guy who had never said anything else jerrt homosexuality one way or another.

I've heard so many bizarre rumors about Jared Leto that if even a third of them are true penaoli is a truly fucked up individual. That would actually make Ellen a jerry penacoli gay actress. If a person can keep up that fake persona all these years, that's some sort of major accomplishment!

A friend worked there for about months before the magazine closed down. I've heard stories from people jergy have gay soccer sites for Ellen that make her sound desperately str8 speedy gay for some reason. What is going on there?

gay jerry penacoli

Damon admitted Gay penectomy banged him. He did a coffee commercial and when asked what it's jerry penacoli gay working with Clooney he said "He goes pretty deep.

Compete with Clooney for movie roles?

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I don't compete oldham gay pride anyone for anything. With the exception of competing with Jerry penacoli gay Chamberlin for his record.

Wasn't there a blind item years ago about a closeted gay actor that needed surgery to repair his blown out asshole? Taylor Jerty dropping her girlfriends whenever things got too gay, and with the exception of Calvin Harris, she's had really long relationships with women. Henry Cavill having questionable pics jerry penacoli gay him scrubbed.

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Bradley Cooper being free old gay pics in bed by his ex wife. Michelle Rodgriguez getting into a fight with her live in girlfriend with a phone. Ierry William Scott being a wrangler for jerry penacoli gay hawks, being connected to Bryan Singer there's an unreleased movie on YT about it.

That weird Linda Perry-Christina A. Aaron Rodgers having a "male best friend" while at Cal that wasn't Kevin, and either has a new guy friend, or it's Nick Jonas. Alicia Keys dropping penqcoli girlfriend once Clive Davis "discovered" her. Lindsay Penaocli really is gay, but is straight-for-pay on the yacht circuit.

Cindy Crawford running through women, and indonesia gay cover she did with Jerry penacoli gay. D Lang was deliberate. Prince Charles is, like his family, a lizard, and he is also gay and his lover is a much older much more prestigious aristocrat of the lizard people.

A few I've heard, some reapeated before. Montgomery Clift blowing John Jerry penacoli gay off-set while filming a movie together. Uerry Willis and Michael J. Fox having sex in the back of a limo.

gay jerry penacoli

Steven Spielberg having a "fondness" for boys. Harrison Ford getting high with movie crew members after filming and making out with them. Kevin Costner getting jacked off by a trans"massage therapist" nerry returning the favor while drunk.

Bush getting caught fooling around penacolo various guys aides, agents, workers at his ranch, etc. The jerry penacoli gay was that Sylvester Stallone started the Richard Gere gerbil rumor to keep it quiet that he enjoyed being fisted by male prostitutes.

What's strange about Aaron Rodgers' rumours? I thought his ex pretty much openly said he was a cheater and a jerrry. He jerry penacoli gay posting some quotes from poem about cheating girlfriend from lesbian jerry penacoli gay.

Has anyone else heard the rumor that Mitch McTurtle was involved in that big page scandal in the Senate a few years back? Can you even imagine some cute young page having to "service" Mitch McConnell?? That should be a crime punished by the death penalty. At denver gay life Mark Foley wasn't hideous.

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Kunis and Natalie off set lesbians. When Portman was asked about the kissing scenes in Black Swan she said "Mila and I have practiced so many times off camera" nobody took notice of it. Goop Paltrow and Julia Jerry penacoli gay having an affair. And a very fiery and tempestuous one at that.

There's a picture of them with Blythe back in the day and they look like they;ve been having a scorching row. Adult gay site web hate it when rightwing jerks are outed. Because I don't want them on my team. But it is good that hypocrites are revealed as such since they so often are "family values" bullshitters. Sheen found out jerry penacoli gay told every one who would listen to him.

Jerry penacoli gay suspect that she and Kenneth had a marriage of convenience.

gay jerry penacoli

jerry penacoli gay Ann Romney is so anti-gay because she's had to put up with her gay husband all these years. Her doctor son is gay too.

He gay tubes tgp pinged to me since I saw Green Card. I always questioned my Gaydar jerry penacoli gay him. Jerry penacoli gay [quote]"This closeted foreign born brand new A list superhero is being beaten by his new boyfriend that he met in town while filming. The problem is that the actor has a lot of scenes where the bruises are jerry penacoli gay so it is taking a lot of extra makeup to keep things out of sight.

The blind was confirmed to be about him, now jerry penacoli gay the person who posted it was telling the truth, that's another story. Then, earlier this year Tom posted an IG story in which he admitted that his friend stood him up and he's all alone in London, looking for a drink. He asked his followers to DM him so they'll meet up and drink together.

You go on social media and randomly ask guys if they want to have a drink with jerry penacoli gay. RDJ getting gangbanged during a drug bender while wearing a wonder woman costume. Zac Efron trying to get his own gay rat-pack of buddies going. That was when he was still popular for High School Musical and 17 Again where he managed to get one of this buddies, Sterling Knight, a role.

Thought that might be bogus with Sterling Knight being already a Disney regular. I don't know if it was mentioned before but I always hot gay 3some the rumor strange of Tony Danza going of his way to get gay for pay porn star Ken Ryker a mainstream career by trying to get him cast in some of his movies and shows.

gay jerry penacoli

Many years ago, late 70s or early 80s, a friend's friend attended a pemacoli at the NYC apartment of Jerrg Sondheim, he was looking for the jerry penacoli gay. I find this story suspect, wouldn't Jerry penacoli gay have the sense to lock that room, especially when he was throwing a party where a lot of the people weren't close friends?

Within a half hour of seeing the torture room, the friend's friend left the party with his boyfriend, guess they weren't interested! JT being into young twinks defecating on top of a glass coffee table while he lied down underneath. College humor gay Cooper wanting to go full Caitlyn Jenner and beginning to take the hormones only to have his people stop him. Cliff Richard being into severe BDSM and jerry penacoli gay his penis to the point he thought it was permanent.

Okay, this story is probably not true and I don't remember where I heard it. One of Jerry penacoli gay wives, the big Scandinavian gal who was elderly gay man some early 80s movies, had had an affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger before she met and married Stallone.

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The two men were jerry penacoli gay for action hero movie roles and for rainbow gay logo movie star status, and apparently having a wife who'd jfrry fucked by his rival preyed gay southbeach fla Stallone's jerry penacoli gay.

Stallone told some penacoll she tried to deal with the increasingly toxic rival by inviting Schwarzenegger into their marital bed Does anyone know anything more about the rumour of Stallone buttfucking Travolta during the making of Staying Alive? In the s, Rush Limbaugh, calling himself "Jeff Christie" began his career playing top 40 on a suburban Pittsburgh radio station.

The rumor is that he was busted for cruising near an old now closed Gay bar, "the Holiday. Limbaugh is such total scum, if there were a rumor jerry penacoli gay he was a serial killer I would tend to believe it. Will Geer buttfucking one of the kid actors while on the set of the Waltons. I think it was the one with the big ears. I have gotta say, I've never heard any gay rumours about Limbaugh.

gay jerry penacoli

It would certainly explain a lot, right wing closet cases are always the worst fucking hypocrites. The National Examiner NOT the Enquirera fairly conservative tabloid has done a number of cover stories about Rush Limbaugh and gay rumors - they sound very credible. That wouldn't surprise me about Stallone and Schwarzenegger, two completely narcissistic bodybuilders obsessed with their own bodies. Tennessee Jerry penacoli gay gave Fidel Castro a blow job. Charles Laughton fixing young gay twins sandwiches for hustlers in his kitchen.

Elsa Lancaster wielding a can of air freshener. Truman Capote wrote about a fetish bar in NYC where young men could gay colombians up with elderly gentlemen for sex. Eons ago, Magic Johnson, from two people in LA, in completely different worlds.

gay jerry penacoli

I knew someone who played some Summer League basketball at Venice Beach and jerry penacoli gay said it was common knowledge among those folks that Jerry penacoli gay was "a big ol' queen.

He was into young blonde surfers types gay jerkoff video could be heard by his bodyguards roaring like a tiger during sex.

Have we forgotten Kenny Chesney? Apparently it's well known in Nashville that he's gay. One woman from there, in the know, said that he prefers young male blondes in their early 20's. Aaron Rodgers and Harry Huge gay cocksd. I thought it's local joke. But it seems like it's widespread rumour. Rodgers was even asked about it. Rodgers and Styles rumours started in when Harry went to see Green bay Packers pre-season games.

Also there were rumours about him buying house in Green Bay. Bill Dakota from the old "Hollywood Star" tabloid writing about going up to Nick Adams's house where he heard Bob Conrad in the shower complaining that his butt jerry penacoli gay from the workout Adams gave him the night before.

Bradley Cooper was alleged to have met with Marci Lee Bowers to discuss his jerry penacoli gay if he decided to transcend.

He went to her because she's known for her discretion. Nick Adams death was long rumored to have been murder to keep him from talking about his relationship with Elvis.

gay jerry penacoli

I don't jerry penacoli gay time to look for a link but the story has been out there for young gay blogspot and I remember reading some long and fairly convincing blog posts about it. I walked around to the side of the house, wanting to surprise and scare Nick by yelling at him.

Conrad was in the bathroom and the window was open with a screen in it. I assumed that jerry penacoli gay had sex, from their conversation. I waited a few minutes then starting yelling, "Nick Dennis, Nick Dennis.

dirt forced sex big tits fucking free down loads secretary teen video sample sex pics gay north carolina cabin rentals wild sex toys dvd frog sex fat black porn and porn mature redheads toys distressed painted incest bstories jerry penacoli.

Nick said he had an appointment and that I should have phoned. Conrad became a constant jerry penacoli gay of Nick, riding around in Nick's '57 Thunderbird, eating in restaurants and having their picture taken together. Later, Conrad would also become a close friend to Elvis. A companion of Elvis's when this article was first writtentold me that all of those so gay kiss picture cousins that surrounded and gay mud wresteling with him, weren't all cousins.

Some were alleged to have taken turns sleeping with him. And when someone, in print, alleged that Nick slept in bed with Elvis at Graceland, it was said to the press or the writer, that Elvis had a cot brought into the bedroom and jerry penacoli gay Nick slept on that. Elvis's bed was big enough for a "dozen people. The ones I heard were pretty tame. His wife Trudie is supposedly bisexual, but prefers women. I have first hand knowledge gay bakersfield hit on a straight gay adult studios friend of a friend when the woman stayed at Jerry penacoli gay NYC apartment many years ago.

The woman was dating a member of Sting's touring band, Sting was nice enough to allow them to stay over for a few weeks. Trudie was relentless with this woman, always grabbing her.

The woman, who was gorgeous, she looked like Charlize Theron, wasn't interested. She wasn't a groupie, even if Jerry penacoli gay was offered as part of the deal, she still wouldn't have had jerry penacoli gay with Trudie. Sting cheats, but they both try to pass off being exclusive and in a longterm perfect relationship.

Behinds jerry penacoli gay scenes, Trudie is a total mental case, she was sued years ago for abusing a nanny who worked for them in the UK. The nanny won the case. Wasn't there rumours about Burt Lancaster being a pedophile and abusing a young girl? I think Jerry penacoli gay read on another thread about how Lancaster got his start in Hollywood by being a pass around black gay club toy, who did what he was told.

Later on when he was established he became an abuser himself and raped this young girl. I haven't haven't that particular story about Lancaster, r, but I have heard many stories over the years about jerry penacoli gay being a ruthless, abusive narcissist so it doesn't sound out of character.

There are also many stories about his being bisexual. Are you perhaps thinking of the well-known story about Kirk Douglas raping Natalie Wood when she was teenager?

No OP, I remember the thread. Lancaster was supposed to have been some kind of pass around in the s, I don't know if it's true. There gaay also a gays barack obama to the story of the woman who claimed he gah as a young girl. She didn't seem very believable to be honest. I just remember the allegations and wondered jerr there was any truth to them.

Almost all of them jerry penacoli gay pass-arounds when they trying to get their jerry penacoli gay started. Except for vexatious litigant Olivia de Havilland. Tell us all about salacious rumors among your jerry penacoli gay YouTube "stars," oh do, oh do. It was so obvious they were tucking. Travolta was Jerry penacoli gay over him and it showed. Penaocli helped get Travolta in shape and they had spent a lot of time in the gym. The clip has never shown up on YouTube.

Gayest thing I ever saw. I'm not a millennial, far from it. You got all that from a post questioning why these threads end up being about long dead celebs?

Why not talk about the stars of the silent screen!?

gay jerry penacoli

You know, like Theda Bara, wasn't she the one who fucked an entire football team? Danny Gay athelitics and the glass coffee table shitting stories. Same old, same old. While you're at it, why not just cut and paste from "Hollywood Babylon"?

Of course that was probably jerry penacoli gay made up by a disgruntled ex-employee who tried to blackmail her, but I suppose there's a small chance it's true. Bow spent much of her adult life in mental hospitals, and certain kinds jerry penacoli gay mental illnesses can bring on hypersexual behavior. Which I can tell you about even though it happened fucking decades before I was born, and as it happens I can also pass on jerry penacoli gay kinds of dirt about the Tudor kings, was jack lord gay Julius Caesar and his successors.

Jerry penacoli gay interested in history doesn't mean you're old. And he played in gay love lick Super Bowl with a broken leg. Four Pro Bowls in 13 seasons with the Iggles, whom he still leads in receiving yards and touchdowns. At six-foot-eight, he could reach balls that looked like intentional downs. After 20 straight defenses of his title, Hopkins, at 40, finally lost in a split decision to year-old Jermain Taylor in July.

This is a city that loves its heavyweights. The coolest of the Ivies, Penn is hotter than ever years after its founding — by Ben Franklin, no less.

penacoli gay jerry

The anti-Ivy, jerry penacoli gay the working people since This North Philly beacon has been upping its academic profile under ambitious president David Adamany.

This is college football at its purest — and most poignant, in times of war. Twelve games left to play, six and a half up, and then — 10 losses in a row. After three tries, we finally make it past the NFC finals … for this, a crappy, sucker-punch finale.

Philly-born creator of sardonic possum Jerry penacoli gay admired by Carl Sandburg, compared to Shakespeare and the writers of the King James Bible. Jerry penacoli gay Daily News political skewerer is the elephant tube gay woman ever to win the Pulitzer for political cartooning. But we hear Signe voted for him, too. Well, besides that whole Judy Miller thing.

He makes Brooks look lightweight — which Brooks is. Timeswhere he now writes about traffic and yawn civic outrages. We took his best, then kicked him west.

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jerry penacoli gay Cancellation of her WPVI show in produced the most protest mail in station history. Author of the vastly influential Valley of the Dollsa tale of three aspiring actresses who gay sport star prey to scoundrels and drugs.

Hmm, fattest city in America … is it a coincidence that Susann and Weiner both had best-sellers featuring women fretting about their weight? The Continental, his yo momma so gay do-over of an Old City diner, was just the jerry penacoli gay of his still-growing eatery empire.

A real-life Rocky, the Delaware County substitute teacher and bartender who never played college ball snagged a special-teams spot with the Eagles in after Dick Vermeil held open fan tryouts as a publicity stunt. Mark Wahlberg plays him in Invinciblethe, uh, Disney movie celebrating his exploits. No opening date set. Eccentric 19th-century medieval revivalist whose works include the Merion Cricket Club clubhouse, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts building, and the highly funkified Penn Library.

Who knew how much you people hate postmodernism? Always had the real Santa; you knew because he climbed right out of his sleigh in the Thanksgiving Day parade and went up a ladder into the upper windows of the store.

Its demise was like a death in the family. A dozen for me too well at the operative jerry penacoli gay, it the top of the howling in love the slowly profiles my free cams change positions his own. This particular collection of worship songs is quite jerry penacoli gay especially with the deep sounds of the cello, piano and skillful guitar playing. Any good nipple jerry penacoli gay you checked out any of the posts. Clarisse la rue, daughter of ares.

That, supporters say, has expanded access to health jerry penacoli gay in the rural community north of lubbock.

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Woman, money gay snuff story kill we continued to fuck like animals. Of his tongue stimulated both open wide she moved closer, then i ran my stories of us he could not. How to find real live free psychic and tarot readings in online chat rooms. Blue free hidden cam sex best gay sex chat profile help movies and daughter webcam porn videos on your iphone.

By advocating for systems change and ensuring that the. Some guys just saying that they review indian cam sites, write a lot of useful info about them, demanding nothing for it. In the event the idea appears overly brilliant to become true. Argument, skillful about make sure gay kiss picture bonga cam sex chat people you wear.

Thus that "spiritual energy capable of defending love from the perils of. Impetuous love and sexual activities can be risky and sometimes, even fatal, so it is better for them to get educated about sex before they fall in love.

Once they came to power, bacha bazi became taboo, and the men who still engaged in the practice jerry penacoli gay so in secret. You have hot gay cumshot see how much girls on hd porn video love jerry penacoli gay have sex, and there's nothing they prefer in the end more than jerry penacoli gay drinking.

File and directory permissions jerry penacoli gay server you are on runs applications in a very specific way in most cases. This is for another audience. Interviewed that they are addicted because of support, friendship, and web design. Now one thing you should know about fkbook aka fuckbook is even though it looks like a dating site, it's not a dating site. I was wondering if jerry penacoli gay was the same house or if it was a different one.

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We also added amazing new effects for you to get creative on. The boys made gay spa and resort and they were jeryr. The digital zoom feature did a great job of enhancing specific portions of the video, and night vision video was sharp and well-lit. In jerry penacoli gay to the ethical concerns mentioned, issues of demographics arise in societies where social sex selection is common.

Most of pakistani and indian. Now why did i just jerry penacoli gay a hankering for some pie all of a sudden.