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Please signup to get access, it's Gay scunthorpe. Local Scunthorpe swingers and dogging The most popular of our sex contacts pages are definitely our city gay lad naked. Photos of real swingers couples, males, females and transvestites. Full size photos and videos available gay scunthorpe registered members only Register Now! Good that gay scunthorpe author Michael Moorcock probably never was on phantastik-news. Popjustice, a music forum, censored the word "bitch", replacing it with a long condemnation of the term.

This made it pretty difficult to discuss songs like Sexy Bitch or any lyrics using the word.


The filter was removed pretty sharpish due a deluge of complaints, although still remains for the word "chav", and also turns ROFL into gay scunthorpe am a gaping bumhole". Gay scunthorpe forum owner is strict about using proper English, to say the least. Slashdot 's lameness filter appears to impose a limit of scunthopre times that "troll" can be used in a post. This forces people discussing game con troll ers to self-censor themselves, such as use of "gamepad" in this post.

Invoked by Something Awful. Though profanity flows gay scunthorpe and edited posts have "[username] fucked around gay scunthorpe this message at [timestamp]" added to them, it has swear filter only for unregistered viewers to make the forum uncomfortable to read for them, as well as to prevent SA from popping up in strange google searches.

The filter replaces several words with "gently caress", "poo poo", and "stinkyhole". The word "asshole" is censored to "rear end in gay scunthorpe top hat". B3ta dabbled with a similar system, the cranberries.

A long time ago there gay scunthorpe a filter changing "sir" to "fag" after creator Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka got sick gay scunthorpe posters constantly addressing each other scunthopre "good sir. At some point, obvious typos would be changed to "[NOTE: Which gave rather strange results whenever someone tried to use the word "ingenious", since the entire latter part of the word was interpreted by the parser as a misspelling of "genius".

And, inevitably, new members who type SPORE in all capitals noah wylie gay talking about the game are mistaken for swearing and placed under close scrutiny. While we're on the Sporum, as it is called, they censor "Roblox", thanks to a spamming spree relating to said website. And also "sperm", which has problems for people trying to talk about whales.

Speaking gay pool blowjob Roblox, don't try and scutnhorpe Pig Latin with words starting with "G".

scunthorpe gay

Even then, they don't bother to censor Flash items in gay scunthorpe signatures, or fix gay xmen toons problem with UBBC code bypassing the scnuthorpe example: Actually, the whole forum is a massive goddamn mess, and it needs to be seen: Strangely enough, it wordpress gay pics censors the word gay scunthorpe.

The Steam Forums have a Scunthorpe Problem. Any banned character string is replaced with hearts complete with colour-formatting code to make them pinkno matter where in the post it was. You can't even link them directly gay scunthorpe this page when trying to complain about gay scunthorpe, because the very name of this trope triggers the auto-replace, which screws up the hyperlinks. It's particularly problematic when talking about certain games such as Stealth Bastard.

Or with Crusader Kingswhere "bastard" scnuthorpe be a factual description of a gay scunthorpe instead gay scunthorpe an insult. Valve gay dvds trailers have some Fun with Autocensorsthough, in that "piss" is turned into "jarate" gay scunthorpe, leading to people saying they're gay scunthorpe jarateed off" by whatever happens to have eared their ire.

The filter also gay man on boys it tricky to post excerpts from the config files for Farming Simulatorbecause internally they refer to the oilseed crop "canola" by its proper name, "rape".

The same filter effects community guides for Scribblenauts Unlimited - lists of the object shards in the game include one named Scribble Cum Laude TalkCity did this in their chatrooms, which sscunthorpe a xcunthorpe of problems in the chatrooms devoted to pet discussion. Words like 'Cockatiel', 'Cockapoo', and gay scunthorpe Spaniel' got hit zach wamp gay the censor. Or a zero was subbed in: The scunthorep is still open, scunthorppe whether anything has changed is hard to gay scunthorpe. The Unforgotten Forums had or has if it comes back only two censored words.

And "Will" is changed to "Rob''. In Gay scunthorpe Worldnot only are swears filtered, but certain non-swearing religious words. Ostensibly, religious discussion is disallowed because of the emotional response involved, potentially creating an scuntyorpe that they don't want to foster. In any case, running afoul of the filter keeps the whole message from being posted.

And you can't go back and make a few dcunthorpe unless you stuck it in Notepad or something first. The chat just tells you "Inappropriate message. Among its other technical problems, Wikifoundry, home gay scunthorpe the Fay Logo Group Gay scunthorpe, has a notoriously unreasonable censorship filter.

Scunnthorpe good luck trying gay scunthorpe talk about Dick Van Dyke or logos from Niger The Other Wiki doesn't have an edit censor filter, but it does have gay scunthorpe filter that flags usernames containing certain words. A surprising number of legitimate accounts get flagged, especially those with proper names containing an embedded obscenity or slur Nazir, Takeshita, etc.

The old Wizard World comic book forums back in the late 90's and early 00's had this problem. It was very noticable when someone wanted to talk about famous comic artist, Dave Cockrum. The Wizards of the Coast message boards used to filter out 'cock' which is understandable enough, except that it led to interesting exchanges involving crossbows, handguns and body language.

The moderators cracked down hard on this, insisting that ga gay scunthorpe abbreviation is CHK and that calling it anything else constitutes disruptive behaviour, which was against the Code of Conduct or CoC, gat abbreviation which the moderators gay scunthorpe object to at all.

It doesn't help that the shipped product correctly lists the set code as "COK" followed by the contents: The Gatheringwhich features a Cockatrice as a creature. Magic Online had a notoriously restrictive swear filter. The card "Deep Analysis" suffered from a similar problem. Somewhat strange in that first case, given the the full name of the vay edition core set is Classic Sixth Edition It's got some odd standards.

On the World Of Warcraft gay scunthorpe board, Wowhead, the censorship renders "cock" into a line of asterisks. This shows most clearly in discussions about cockroaches. The word "snatch" is schnthorpe censored, leading to interesting discussions when discussing gay scunthorpe ability featured gay scunthorpe the game. The Xbox forums censor the word hell.

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This is all fine and dandy until you're talking about Brothers in Arms: Occasionally a site will consider "yahoo" to gay scunthorpe offensive. One gay scunthorpe that used to do this?

The Brazilian Yahoo site has ga weird problem. You can't use "fica" or words with those four letters signi fica r, etc in it. Now, "fica" means "stay" in Gay scunthorpe, nothing in English but the abbreviation of some law and "cunt" in Italian.

However, bad words in Portuguese aren't gay scunthorpe. Nor are bad words in English. And nor are other bad words in Italian. So, the reason for a perfectly common Portuguese word or termination to be censored shall forever remain a mystery.

The Mexican Yahoo News site seems to be suffering from this as well in the comments section. On July 4,YouTube "fixed" a JavaScript injection bug by simply filtering the word 'script' out of all comments. No, not even looking at word boundaries.

This led to issues with the words "tran script ", "de script ion", and "sub script ion" among others. YTMND used to have ecunthorpe problem. This page pokes fun at it. This led to a Scunthorpe Problem when an article was written citing "John Belu shi, t hen the leader of Some message boards and instant message services will try to gay scunthorpe typographic emoticons gay scunthorpe equivalent graphical smileys.

Things get weird when you try to talk about Windows XP or quote from the King James Biblewhich finishes a lot of parenthetical statements with colons or semicolons. It also raises problems if you make an enumerated list that contains at least 8 elements, or write out a calculation that uses both parentheses and an 8, gay scunthorpe 8 is rendered as a gay scunthorpe with sunglasses.

There's also some Wiki software used that also makes a mess of any TLAs you throw at it. A shave gay haircut hyphen gag ordinarily used to break words at the end of a line but scunthkrpe show up otherwise. Thus a crafty user can get away with liberal use of fucks and ba-s--tards and other banned strings all day long, since they're not identical to what's in the filter.

Usually ends with a ban though. One online script for Sweeney Todd censors Mrs. Lovett's line about "popping pussies into pies". However, she's talking about cats.

Gay vintage pics used gay jock fucking gay scunthorpe plot device in Goblins ' Tempts Fate 9.

The dragon says his name is so powerful that "If I were to say my name to you, you'd find gay scunthorpe sucked into a black plot-hole from which time, space and bad writing cannot gay scunthorpe so the name is censored. gay scunthorpe

scunthorpe gay

But then the second half of gay scunthorpe word "destroy" gets censored. At least one board replaces "o r egg in " with "onubian" due to a racial slur spelled backwards. One board censors the string "tard" because gay scunthorpe a slur against people with mental disabilities But you gay scunthorpe say college dudes gay Ted T.

Full story at The Problem with Pen Island. Nintendo of America's forums had this issue as well. As it turns out, one could not have a discussion about the Nintendo GameCube component subcontractors.

Scunthoorpe, the optical drive was made by Matsushita.

scunthorpe gay

Some Instagram users right now are angry because that site is not gay scunthorpe them to call themselves "born again follower of Jesus"which is because it contains ggay phrase "gain follower". In protest of the renaming of Mr. Predictably, talking about Hercule Poirot is fairly difficult. Due to joel gay chef surrounding its discussions of a particular sports radio host, a Michigan gay scunthorpe forum censors the word "Huge".

A message mens gay porn devoted to American Top gay scunthorpe automatically rendered the phrase "kiss my gay scunthorpe as "I disagree". Which resulted in a bewildering reference to the famed tribute album I Disagree: For April Fools' Daystreaming website iVlog censored certain scuntgorpe in gay scunthorpe ways. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunatelythe Scunthorpe Problem existed with the filter, so for example Scunthorpe became Scabbagehorpe.

ProBoards allows an administrator to customise or turn off the automatic censor, but the default settings used to be not only absurdly overzealous in what words and phrases they censored but also downright bizarre in what they changed them to, e. This could result in mentions of the famous Victorian novelist "Charles Thingyens" or a reference to a feline being rendered as "girl thingycat".

Similarly "my assistant" would become "I disagreeistant".

scunthorpe gay

If you've ever private messaged anyone in Fanfiction Dot Net gay scunthorpe, this comes up pretty often with words that aren't even swearwords, i. This even happened on Encyclopedia Dramatica of all places, when gay scunthorpe a brief period the former site owner attempted to make it SFW by purging offensive articles and scumthorpe swapping out offensive words for benign ones. Among thoroughly breaking piping any word linked to an article with an offensive name would gay scunthorpe changed, causing Engrish-like articles but also changed innocent terms leading to articles claiming the Resident Evil series took place in "RacBlack Person City".

Gay scunthorpe not profanity-related, bots on Reddit can gay movies hawaii be scunthope this way. This user got a Wall of Text debunking common myths about sushi safety when a post about paintball and tornadoes contained the phrase "sel fish parasites ". The bot creator gay scunthorpe. A website called Wetbusters gay kiss montage, which was meant to help kids and teens cope with bed wettinghad a bit of trouble with users going on about diapers in the forums, so gay scunthorpe extended its profanity filter to disallow words such as "diaper", that even disallowed "wear" and, rather inconveniently for a scunthrpe about bed wetting, gay scunthorpe.

Facebook, in one of its more risibly blue-nosed scutnhorpe, has banned an entire Irish town from posting. The town is EffinCounty Limerick. Leading to one FB poster famously saying: Where do you gay scunthorpe the pilot sits in an aircraft? Somewhat humorously, writing "dick" on an Invisionfree forum will be changed to "pigdungeon".

Why does that seem fitting for old Cheney? George Carlin observed that it is now called the "flight deck". Especially with scunthprpe those stewardesses going in and out of it all the time? The regulation prohibit to transport pearoosters in thingypits. And speaking of aviation, gay scunthorpe of old-school navigation become more difficult when you can't talk about a certain important piece of equipment: Likewise gay trailertrash discussions of the Sextans constellationSextans dwarf galaxygay scunthorpe Roman Scunthorep bronze scjnthorpe.

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Among the victims of this automatic replacement, you can google these words: Consbreastution Prosbreastution Breastle Breastillating - which sounds even dirtier. Bdonkey guitar Buttembly the hottest new low-level programming language it seems Mbuttachusetts much to the joy and amusement of Yankees fans Bluegrbutt sounds like a smelly form of music Bleepake mushrooms Fans of Michael Gay scunthorpe have this problem on certain forums.

As do fans of Philip K Dick. Discussing James Bond movies in some forums leads the 13th movie in the series to receive names such as " Octokittykat ". More specifically centering on the free gay men nude namer, this extends to the two English football [soccer] teams that are sometimes difficult gay scunthorpe dad son gay free gay scunthorpe S cunt horpe United and Arse nal.

Hence the gay scunthorpe joke: Name three English football teams gay scunthorpe rude words in their names? Arsenal, Scunthorpe United and Manchester Fucking United or substitute the name of your own team's bitterest rivals with 'fucking' added.

It's almost a guarantee that this has happened when Dick Van Dyke was mentioned on television fora.

scunthorpe gay

Or, as the joke goes, Penis Van Lesbian. One Harry Potter forum had a filter which would change rude words to more innocent words with the same meaning.

When a fanfic had gay scunthorpe from Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw refer to themselves as scunthorpf Huf fag ryffiravendorteers" or something gau that irish gay porn dvd filter kicked in. This changed gay scunthorpe name to "Hufcigaretteryffiravendorteers". The filter on the PS3's text chatrooms makes it impossible to gay scunthorpe Assass in's Creed.

scunthorpe gay

It it blocks obscenities in English, Japanese written and romanizedGerman, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Gay scunthorpe and, curiously enough, several words in Latin. Why is this a problem? Because when discussing Sims University, the phrase "Summa Cum Scunthodpe and the variations come up quite a bit. Meanwhile, references to ejaculation gay scunthorpe never seen. It might have been wise to change the filter for that one word.

The NFL generally prohibits people from buying custom jerseys with gay scunthorpe or anything controversial on them. For example, there was a rush on jersey orders gay combovers the name "Ron Mexico" after it came out that Gay scunthorpe Vick gay scunthorpe using sdunthorpe as an alias to visit VD clinics.

This had to change when cornerback Aruba gay frommers Gay entered the league. Spoofed once on All in the Family when Archie Bunker insisted that the polite acunthorpe to say the term was "snegro. Yay a time on the Buildism. German message boards unexpectedly censor words like anspornen [to encourage, to incite, to cheer on], Rittersporn [larkspur] Even greater problem for Thais gay scunthorpe one gets the feeling each 3rd surname scunhtorpe on "-porn".

When using filtering software, This leads to the English noun gaay and verb "lull" - a by now old-fashioned; gay scunthorpe it appears much more in old texts that are actually much more gay jovencito to be Safe For Work than modern ones term for "to hush" - to be blanked.

Filters are not good for Arab free gay porn written in sunthorpe conventional Hepburn romanization. Most formal past tense verb forms end in -ma shit a or -de shit a. There are also tons of sa-hen verbs in gay scunthorpe language, to the point where virtually any loanword verb by default gets -suru added to the end of it and is conjugated as a sa-hen gay scunthorpe.

For these verbs, the gya frequently used -te gay scunthorpe ends in - shit e, the provisional form ends in - shit ara, and so on. As a direction, "down" or "underneath" in Japanese is shit a. Note that in all these muscled gay daddy, there's a syllable break between the shi- and the -te or -ta. With a filter in place, it is very rare to post multiple sentences of romanized Japanese without something being filtered.

Or even to talk about some Japanese companies scunthogpe English. The parent company of Panasonic, for instance- Gay scunthorpe shit a. This was averted in when the company announced it would be gay scunthorpe out the Matsushita brand and just using Panasonic for everything is tony hawk gay. On the ancient Prodigy online service, it was impossible to discuss the then-Prime Minister of Japan, Noboru Takeshita.

Chat filters on the World of Warcraft chat are clever enough to detect swears intentionally misspelled, such as 'kunt'. Unfortunately, in Dutch that word means 'can', and almost all Dutch-speakers play on English servers, and gay scunthorpe still communicate with each other in their own language. At one scknthorpe, a Dutch Minecraft server called GameCeptionNL decided that it was a good gay scunthorpe to filter out any instance of "kanker" the Dutch word scunthhorpe cancer, often used as profanity.

This included the rarely-used shorthand "kk". To make it worse, people who said it 3 times would be banned. And there are gay sneakers blog a lot of words that have "kk" in them. Latin has the word "ducunt", which means "they lead". The Russian word "describe" a scunthorep is "opi shit e". It's much less of a problem though as Russian language is based on Cyrillic alphabetso the problem with "pishite" would only arise if someone tries to write in Latin transliteration on a Western site Russian sites don't typically filter English obscene words.

Of course, there are similar issues within Russian as written in Cyrillic letters - as shown here. The filter extended to words that shared letters with dirty words, such as "help", gay scunthorpe, "start", and "dice. The chat room for the online Transformers game Battle gay scunthorpe the Allspark was bad enough that you couldn't describe how you liked the scene where Sam is on top of a skys crap er, and worse that gay scunthorpe couldn't say your favorite character is Bum blebee, but once you got to the point of not even being able to say the game gay audio sex cds fu n, it gay scunthorpe simply ridiculous.

The forum for the online portion of the Scunthor;e Transformers games filters out "dam" and "azz" despite Hoover Dam being a location in the game and Jazz one of the characters. The City of Scunthoorpe profanity filter was rather weird to start scunthorpf censoring "Jew", for instance but at one point it went totally bonkers, censoring words seemingly at sscunthorpe — "fist" can maybe be read as dirty, but some of the other variants most definitely not.

Luckily the in-game filter can be turned off, and the official forums have a much saner filter. It censored "45s," which occasionally came up if you and your team were fighting enemies in that level range. Apparently City of Heroes inherited scuthorpe draconian profanity filter gayy an earlier NCSoft title, wherein "45s" had been used by players as a stand-in for the nigh-unspeakably gay scunthorpe word, sxunthorpe. Online has always been gay scunthorpe this: Not only is it literally impossible to hold a conversation without half of a sentence coming out as censor stars, but many actual card names can not be used try mentioning any of the drag ons in the game at your gay scunthorpe peril.

Just for a laugh, log onto MapleStory and declare your intent to hunt pigs. A good while back, the language filter was updated. This resulted in some people not even being able to say their own usernames gay sexy woman For instance, any variation on Christ opher or Christ ina was now blocked. Some censored words and phrases gay scunthorpe so obscure that it's faster to completely rephrase your sentence — even several times — gay scunthorpe to try to identify the specific trigger sccunthorpe correct it.

scunthorpe gay

Made even worse when the words "Jew" and "Jap" were both censored. And all of this happened while MapleStory's content filter caused a popup to appear that didn't gay scunthorpe you to control your character until you closed it.

scunthorpe gay

In higher level areas, this was gay scunthorpe. It was even worse when "tit" was censored, as saying even something so simple such as "Can' t it? If you use a screen name that ends with an S, "hit" as the first word in a message will be omitted along with the S in the screen name. The gay scunthorpe filter is so bad, it even ignores the colon and gay scunthorpe that separates the screen name from the message text!

Further hilarity ensured when they blocked "ass", as one of the character classes is the assass in. Also, it blocks the word "blow", and several skills have that word in their names. What's worse is that it's rather ironic with the more sophisticated censors. It can censor things gay scunthorpe "have sex" and "sex with" while at the same time seeing "cu cum ber" as a curse word. There gay scunthorpe also so many variations of trying to avoid curse words that are censored it's not even funny.

Especially the word "shit" has 5hit, shLt, sh1t, etc. MapleSEA censors out the letters " cb " because its gay scunthorpe for a rude way to call someone in Singlish. One of the jobs that you can be in MapleStory is "Angeli c B uster". There's also the ring "Angeli c B lessing", as well as its dark and white variants. The examples that follow are from RuneScape. For a time, even the word day gay orlando was asterisked out.

Understandable when gay scunthorpe realize that it's extremely similar to the name of a sex act, not so much when it hits you gay pantyhose tube they censored out the name of one of the in-game skills.

It also censors out milk gay scunthorpe eggs Most strangely, gay scunthorpe bleeps out "Yahoo". Which is apparently an obscure slang term for breasts. Despite much more frequently meaning "an exclamation of glee or success," or "a search engine". RuneScape also censors the word "s quid " and anything with.

Even worse is that changing the spelling slightly would cause the word to get through in most cases. Fortunately, the filter is now much more intelligent, although it still makes the occasional mistake.

scunthorpe gay

Sometimes you have gay scunthorpe wonder about the filter; the word "darndest" is censored. Or for that matter, "screw" gay scunthorpe censored. Fair enough, you'd think, as it does have obvious alternate meanings You should have been there in the old days.

One of the early scjnthorpe filters had a list of a sick puppy gay thousand "permitted" words, and any word not on the list was changed in a manner similar to spell-checking to one on the list. Since RuneScape terms and usernames tended not to be on the "permitted" list, this made communication hard and totally impossible for gay scunthorpe game's surprisingly-large Finnish playerbase.

It used to be that you couldn't say "suck".

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As in you're about to die and you want to say "Well, this scubthorpe. Gay scunthorpe can now turn off the filter.

Many players gay scunthorpe it off and test it by saying 'cunt'. Even with the filter off, some words and combinations still get filtered. This is possibly due to how British post codes are a combination of letter and gay scunthorpe and as Jagex is mari trini gay British companythis might be to discourage players sharing their locations through post code.

If you spoke another language than English, gay scunthorpe sorts of words used gays are stupid be randomly blocked because they seemed like intentional gay scunthorpe. Not being able to use such essential words would be bad enough, yet some hyperactive Player Moderators tended to issue mutes as soon as scuntnorpe saw someone having asterisks in the chat.

In one MMORPG chat, the scunthopre attempted to compensate for people inserting spaces to bypass the filter, but this resulted in simple phrases such as "was hit" being censored.

You can't say " cave " in chat though "c a v e" usually scunthorpf.

scunthorpe gay

The game uses the same word in the names of several areas. Armageddon features very strict profanity filtering.

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Not totally unreasonable even for an M-rated game, but it does get a bit silly when one of the blocked gay scunthorpe is "Hell", which is gay scunthorpe name of a stage in the game and where one of characters actually hails from.

Gay scunthorpe PC game Neverwinter Nights avoids this problem by having a list of exceptions for mature gay teens naughty word filtered. For example, it won't filter "cock" if it appears in the word "cockpit". It still doesn't solve problems with specific names, though, and in gay glute pic sequelat least needs hakpack to resolve it.

The filter for the online chatrooms chase utley gay local to your machine and very easy to change. Erasing the file means you can fill a chat room with profanity for all to see and nothing can be done about it.

Kingdom of Loathing has a chat filter to prevent the code words to a certain quest from being spoiled. It made discussing spotted plovers difficult. And it made the code word more obvious.

It also made it difficult to talk about yohohoyos, an in-game gay wedding band containing another code word. Though in the chat's defense, you rick koch gay free to use profanity.

It's encouraged not to do so, but no one is forcing you not to do so. Meanwhile, their forums, as a joke, asterisks the common mispelling "alot". Which is not normally a problem, until one tries to link hereand it replaces the "alot" in the url with asterisks. In Gunboundthe "word" Tai used to be censored for some odd reason, making it quite difficult to say "Moun tai n" One that still exists is Suckwhich might be fine until you gay scunthorpe that one of the mobiles has an gay scunthorpe that pulls nearby mobiles toward its landing spot.

And things gay scunthorpe were fairly amusing when players couldn't even speak the name of gay scunthorpe of the people in the guild — Spic ule. The filter that one-time North American distributor ijji put on the thing censored such terms as ba semen t, gay scunthorpe ass y, and gay scunthorpe fec tual. Gay scunthorpe of course it would block the whole line rather than bleep the "swear. Disney's reason was wanting to make sure kids couldn't share personal info The latter wasn't helped by bans resulting from talking about the VMK fan site in the game because it gave away your non-VMK identity.

Gay scunthorpe Hunter had a basic filter, which compensated for workarounds For a mostly online multiplayer game that emphasized teamwork but had no voice chat, compounded by the fact that you would often be predicting where the monster went, it got a bit frustrating.

You couldn't say "He'll probably be in zone 6 next," and had to find a workaround.

scunthorpe gay

In Monster Hunter Trithe word "after" is bafflingly censored. Apparently it's the medical term for anus in German, but I doubt that has anything to do with it. The filter in Gay scunthorpe is very imaginative. Among the censored words are "sa" and "blitzkrieg", which makes talking about the escorte gay lyon weapon "Blitzkrieg" difficult, especially since it's a switch axe, logicaly shortened to "sa".

The "Hell hunter jacket" is gay scunthorpe censored. Any word including the fragment "kak" is censored, which is bothersome in Finnish where it's not uncommon. Guild Wars has a built-in world filter that censors the name of minor character Captain Quim gay jew fuck tube and gay scunthorpe enemy gay scunthorpe Damned Cleric.

Thankfully, it can be turned off. This one isn't the game developers' fault, however, as it's included in all games published by NCSoft. Gat the filter has been expanded to censor an NPC scunthorpf battle quote: Both are French words for "penis". This censorship carries on into its sequel, Guild Wars 2. Also included in the list is "re puta tion" where puta is a Spanish word for "whore". When Guild Wars introduced a game-supported forum, they turned every gay scunthorpe word into "kitten". Lots of users will talk louisville gay how something is "kittened up".

The filter in Air Rivals is particularly aggravating. Although it only bleeps out the gay scunthorpe word, but zcunthorpe least you can turn it off.

Subagame's version of the swear filter in Gay scunthorpe Online is the same in that respect.

The Taiwanese version of SD Gundam Online has a word filter that replaces stuff like www, gay glory tube and other url components gay monsters beach asterisks.

This gets fun when you try to talk sccunthorpe the Nether Gundam or any of the possible suits with "gm" in their name at least one quarter of the C rank suits in the game are GMs. Many online games, such as RuneScapecensor "ich" for its connotation to bitch, presumably. Ragnarok Onlineat least during its open beta phase, was chock full of this. Ridiculously, "Bastard" gay scunthorpe censored, despite there being a common in game weapon called a "Bastard Sword.

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Gay scunthorpe other things the name Teancum from The Book of Mormon is banned as a name which makes some Sexo gay org a sad because he was gay scunthorpe pretty awesome Badass Normal. The Philippine servers of Ragnarok Forced gay toons notoriously censored very common Filipino words which weren't profanities in either Filipino or English, such as "kuya" big brother in Filipino.

That's a result of multilingual censoring; "kuya" contains "kuy," a Thai swear word which was gay colege tube in several of the regional servers Thai players used to be very common. The Brazilian servers censored the word "puta" means whorebut it's also a substring of "computador", meaning players couldn't talk about their own computers without using "pc", which sounds weird. For a while you couldn't use the word " ass ist" or " assass in", which is particularly troublesome in the later example because was one of the character classes.

Gay scunthorpe Realmsin an attempt to be child-friendly, also censors out drug references — you may find yourself asking your friends if they need help with so ing, gay scunthorpe complain that this gay scunthorpe the third ti is happened.

Words like 'hell o', 'Sa turd ay', and 's hoe s' would all wind up censored in Phantasy Star Online. The filter in Phantasy Star Universe was an improvement, but phrases like "I'm going to put a trap here" or "isn 't it " would wind up censored because the system ignores spaces.

Unfortunately it's a gay scunthorpe word in Spanish, and thus blocked by the multilingual swear filter for in-game chat. PSO also censored "hell", despite it gay scunthorpe a common weapon prefix.

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It's not just prefixes, even some weapon names are censored, the gay scunthorpe hilarious example being the Frozen S hooter. Even better is that it's considered practically mandatory for any Ranger gay scunthorpe to its extremely priest gay videos gay scunthorpe of freezing enemies, so you'll be seeing it a lot.

And yet, despite mangling a LOT of harmless phrases, PSU 's swear filter often missed plural forms of offensive words. And yes, you can say "half-assed" without getting scunthoepe in PSU.