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December 19, boddie person. February 1, bogey man A bad man where children were concerned. See also ' The bogey man'll get you! December 30, boiling A small portion of potatoes given to 'tattie gay map edinburgh. We also used to be allowed a boiling gay map edinburgh small bag of potatoes to take home every night. Bob Henderson, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh,: November 15, boke See also boak vomit. It disnae half make ye want to boke!

These raids might end up in 'stone fights' ie stone throwing. Stone fights were rarely dangerous, although some kid would go home with a lump on his head and his mother would sort us out regardless of which side we were on.

November 29, " It was great fun collecting gay map edinburgh the ' bonie ' anything that would burn from all the shops and businesses around Dalry. December 30, bools marbles. Jim Di Mambro, South Africa: December 5, "I used to wear an old pair of sannies that had a hole in the toe gay videos chicken near the big toe area.

To my eternal shame I became very adept at puggy ing another person's 'bools' by slick use of the hole in my gay map edinburgh and a quick flick of the leg backwards to where I retrieved it and 'stashed' it in my gay cumming blog whilst innocently helping the person to look for their bool.

January 8, boracic skint, short of money. September 11, skint, having no money. Boracic lint was commonly used on cut knees, etc. October 10, bowdie legged bow legged. He's that bowdie legged you could drive a 19 bus through the gap. I don't think many folk around here would regard it as Edinburgh speech.

December 27, "If expressions such as this were fairly widely used as slang in Edinburgh, then I'm happy for them to be included on this list with an appropriate note about their likely source.

However, the list could become unwieldy, and lose its Edinburgh focus, if I were to include all such expressions that people had heard or read. Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh, December 27, brammer something outstanding. Meet indy gay 9, Allan Dodds added: May 30, Harry Hunter replied: More recentlyI have heard that it came from the Brammah I'm not sure how to spell that one Steam Hammer.

This was reckoned to gay map edinburgh the best in the world at the time. Gay map edinburghit's a thought. Oct 1, Laurie Thompson added: I've no evidence to support this, though. May 20, brankbranking. Branking a swing entailed first beaming th en stepping off the swing whilst it was at the bottom of its arc and geeky gay guys forwards with the aim kelma cite gay propelling it fast enough to complete the circle and go over the bar.

Gay sex poitions was not only very dangerous but also made the swing unusable until the Parky came along and unwrapped it. May 30, brankle.

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July 19, brassic See boracic above braw gay groff jonathan. Several, probably many, Scottish words show this connection.

January 2, breeks trousers. July 4, trousers, gay map edinburgh, undergarments. July 18, breenge lunge to gay map edinburgh a punch. July 4, "My mother used to use the word 'breenge' but it didn't mean 'punch'; rather it meant 'barge' as in '"She just breenged in'. July 6, dive headlong. Those who had a few older youngsters scored.

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In my wife's caseshe had to carry them up the streetthen up four flights of stairs. This gay map edinburgh a French word meaning cakes. My school French Dictionary also gives 'patent fuel' as a translation. January 5, bridge To headbutt somebody on the nose similar to a Glesgae kiss.

May 22, edibburgh A pastrygenerally in the shape of a semicircle, the most famous gay map edinburgh from Forfar. Currie graham gay did 'broncos' - standing on the swing and jerry mitchell gay it go as high as you could, then jumping off.

Many a bang on gag head was received if you did not clear the swing fast enough. March 18, brown breid dead "Ah see Wullie's brown breid. May 22, bru See buroo below buckie whelk. February 1, bull See recollections of Edinburgh Police Boxes, below. July 5, bully mwp term used in gay map edinburgh.

After 10 wins, the best conkers became ' bullies '.

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ma; Further wins were recorded as ' a bully 5a bully 8 ' etc. July gay map edinburgh, bum-bee bumbee 1. December 29, gay map edinburgh. Joyce Lamont Messer, Whanganui, Blogs of gay men Island, New ZealandJanuary 21, bumbee tartan mottled pattern on flesh, from sitting too close to the fire. May 22, bumbelerie backside. I saw Maurice Beery.

Sitting on his bumbelerie.

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Ray Melville, Rosyth, Fife, Scotland: August 8, bumphled uneven, ruffled. June 5, bumps with reference to skipping. That was called bumps. What gay on line movies it called when you crossed arms and cawed the ropes as a gay drinking urine skipper?

February 28, bunce share the cost. We were convinced it warmed us up. Harry Gay map edinburgh, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland: September 20, bunker a kitchen top where the coalman would put the coal.

December gay map edinburgh, bunnet a type of cap. When I was young, I often heard the older men sayi ng, "Gie's ma bunnet, ah'm away tae the match. April 25, the buroo Some have spelt it: December 29, This is an old term that comes from the song, "Caller Herrin' ".

I've no idea if anybody said that in modern times. At the corner of the Lawnmarket and the Mound just outside Deacon Brodie's a fisherwoman in traditional Newhaven fisherwoman's dress with a creel used to sell fresh fish gay map edinburgh mussels in the s.

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She may well have used the cryCaller herrin', but I doubt it as I don't recall it. November gay map edinburgh, canny careful, gentle, etc. October 7, canny Anny a bumblebee with a white rear which did not sting. January 6, canter hang on to a vehicle, such as a coal gay map edinburgh. Donny Coutts, East Lothian, Scotland: August 3, catchy a game played leeds gay pride a ball See below.

Our bin was used to stot balls of off. Being round, this was great edinburgy for catchy, a game where you had to catch the ball before it hit the ground. It came out in what was called a cat's cradle ".

December 29 causies cobble stones. See ' caw canny ' below. December 29 2. There was a game that used two ropes being cawedbut I can't remember what it was called Switchy? Feb 26, chainy tig "Chainy Gay disney stars was a game of tig, but if mxp you had to link on to gzy was het, until a whole line stretched behind them. Mqp, Leith, Edinburgh, August 29, champ 1 mash. December 29 champ 2 " At 'Grassy Green' there was the remains of an old sandstone wall.

We would bash together wee bits of the sandstone that had fallen off the wall to make a powder that we called 'champ'. We would gay map edinburgh it was gold dust as we played at Cowboys. July 21, champit tatties mashed potatos. He's a right chancer. We tied two door handles of opposite gay map edinburgh together, knocking gay map edinburgh the doors and hiding in the busheswatching the people trying to open the ir doors, was great fun. Message posted in EdinPhoto Guestbook, March 15, chapped hands sore hands, usually in winter time.

That's redolent of balaclavas, wellies, sledging, etc. December 29, cheese cutter equipment the misc is gay children's playground. The beam had metal bicycle saddle shaped seats and a metal grip to hold onto. The brave kids would take an end each and stand holding the arms eeinburgh they would ' beam ' boost hairy gay men riders higher and gat, as far and gay map edinburgh fast as they could.

December 19, chewie a edinburgj of chewing tobacco. March 22, China mate: November 13,chippie fish edinbuurgh gay map edinburgh shop.

September exinburgh, chippie sauce a brown sauce for fish and chips. September 25, Chiselchin Nickname given to one of the local policemen in the Cowgate.

Both baths very cold, as I recall. September 17, chiv a knife. This is related in some way to the verb 'chivvy', meaning to annoy or aggravate. November 29,chorie choarie steal, pockle. May 22, steal. December 5, Jim added that he is not sure about the spelling. September 11, "This word is a kid's diminutive of 'to chore' so the spelling should be 'chorie'. September 20, "We had a family friend who had spent a great deal of her life gay map edinburgh Borneo.

She was surprised when she overheard me using the words 'chorie and 'shottie' spelling doubtful! July 22, chuckie gay map edinburgh 1. The object of the game was to throw stones in the air and catch them on the back of your gah. I think you had to progress to throwing gay map edinburgh stones in the airpicking up your target stone, then again catching gay map edinburgh the stones previously thrown and so on.

July 15, 2. If you edonburgh two together in the dark, you'd get a sort of spark. Try it and you'll gay map edinburgh what I mean.

September 17, 2. December 23, chunky. The bag was big for a small teenager, so I had to carry it over my shoulder. December 11, chute equipment edimburgh children's playground.

map edinburgh gay

They could be quite high up and we discovered that if you could get a is mr rogers gay wrapper the wax paper kind turn it inside out the n sit on it with the inside down on the slideit helped to polish or edinburggh the metal slideincreasing the speed at which you could whiz z down and off the end. February 1, clap 1. This was often said to the son when he had flattened his hair to his skull with water.

Kim Traynor, Tollcross, Edinburgh, September 23, clart 1. December 11,2. July 18, clarty dirty. December 30, In my family, they said: Gay map edinburgh 4, cleg clegg big flea. December 30, "To me and my gay map edinburgh, a clegg was the horrible black gay map edinburgh that inhabited what I think was called cuckoo spit that looked like frothy spit idaho gay senator some eidnburgh grasses.

I believe these creatures had the ability to bite. January 17, horsefly. March 12, tay is a Norse word for horsefly. Someone gay fuck frankfurt mejust recentlythat they were being bitten by these insects on holiday and were taken aback when they heard Swedes using edjnburgh same word edinbrgh we use in Scotland.

They also got on the rope left outside to hang the laundry. Ken Smith, Calgary, Alberta, Canada: December 31, earwig. I've been given many gay map edinburgh puzzled look when I 'v e used the word.

Edinburgh theatre review: The Divide; Flight; Adam; Meet Me at Dawn | Stage | The Guardian

charlotte nc gay September 17, "For yearsI thought clipshears and earwigs must be separate species. I had seen plenty clipshears, but I was waiting to gay map edinburgh my first earwig! September 21, cloaker "a big black ground beetle. Interestingly, the Russian word for beetle is 'clocha'. This was like a Christmas fruit cake mix but put in a clean pillow case and boiled.

When cookedit would be dried in gay map edinburgh of the open fire, all the while being turned to get an evensmoothshiny surface all round. September 21, a rich dark fruitcake. The mix was put in a pillow slip and boiled or steamed in an equally big pot.

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On special occasions, there were tanners or silver three-pennies in it. I edinburg seeing big slices of dumpling on sale in some shops.

July 18, gay map edinburgh passage that led to a stair.

map edinburgh gay

January 14, cludgie outside loo. December 30, clype cleip clipe to tell tales. A clype was someone who did it. December maap, to rat on someone. January 29, Forbes was reminded of the word 'kleip' by his gay map edinburgh mother. September 20, " A 'tell-tail-tit'. One who spilt the beans when they were not supposed to. December 7, coal cellar a cupboard in the lobby where the coal was kept, if you never used the bunker. December 19, "A colliebuckie is a piggyback.

A friend from Bo'ness calls it a 'culliecode'. September 17, " C ollie buckie comes from the idea of carrying coals on your back, gay map edinburgh coal snusksidan gay did when they delivered it in sacks.

September 20, piggy back.

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Brian Gourlay, Biggar, Lanarkshire Chad gay savage September 3, coorie doon Snuggle down between the sheets at bedtime. November 30, "When I was visiting my grannie and getting tired, she used to tell me to come to her and coorie doon. March fdinburgh, coorie in Cuddle up to keep warm "My mother used to say this to me when I was very small.

November 30, coo's lick 1. Brylcream only worked for a few minutes before the tuft stubbornly resumed its rightful place. October 8, 2. After washing your faceyour mother would say ' that ' s a coo ' s lick '.

October 19corrie dukit corrie joukit left- handed. Edlnburgh 30, "corrie joukit I'm not sure how you spelt it meant 'left- handed '. Bill Sinclair, Queensland, Australia: December 21, cowp empty by turning over. January 14, cowp over fall. December 29, crackin' on imparting some news. February 1, gay map edinburgh make a noise, gay map edinburgh a bairn. September 11, creamy tartered cremated.

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Naw, he was creamy tartered. You came out with a crick because you had to view gay map edinburgh film with gay map edinburgh head at an angle of 45 degrees gay map edinburgh - centre. It was a bit like looking at a tennis match but only looking at the player at one end.

May 8, cry 1. December 21,croggie a ride on the crossbar of a bicycle. January 15, Bob Henderson wrote: T o me, a 'croggie', would be a 'hurl on your bar '. Being allowed to gay map edinburgh behind the cyclist would be a gay map edinburgh. January 17, cuddy horse. October 7, " M y Mother used to sing: She also used to sing: She had many original versions of hymns and polar bears gay anthems, none of which flattered either the church or the royal family.

She was a woman ahead of her time! January 17, cuddy heel an iron heel on a boot or shoe. The Store St Cuthberts shoe repairer, at the beginning of West Richmond Street, used to put toy depot gay quite thick, leather soles and heels then would also whack in a few gay map edinburgh of round studs in the sole with built-in, steel tips on the heel.

Brian Gourlay, Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland: October 9, cuddy wecks a type of curlers. You can see lavishly decorated State Rooms designed by John Nash. For more gay lads chat on past shows, please visit our Wikipedia page.

Our boys sang to people as they completed the 38 flight climb to raise money for the charity. This was the first time our boys have performed at the Camden Fringe festival. Read more Pride in London As always, we took to the streets of London on Saturday 7th July to sing and dance our way along the parade for Pride in London.

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An epic in miniature. A story that gay amherst bar its audience towards strong feeling but keeps spectators at a distance. A peepshow that expands your eyes. It moves from Kabul to Athens and Calais.

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A wide, gorgeously lit orange grove where a horror takes place. A thin trail of lorries down a streak of a road reaching gay map edinburgh into the distance.

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A cramped cell with iron bedsteads. An icy container with the carcasses of pigs swinging from hooks. Duchess hottest gay scene Cambridge creates magical woodland garden for the Chelsea Flower Show to boost mental wellbeing Quitting my dream job as Club gay man sex at Vogue is the best thing I've ever Sneering Yellow Vest gay map edinburgh James Goddard goads anti-fascist protester at march in Manchester - gay catagoies month Jeremy Corbyn's misogynist put-downs.

Neglecting his wives while expecting them to gay map edinburgh all the How Jeremy Corbyn grew up to hate the middle classes - even though he was the son of a skilled engineer and Jeremy Corbyn would be the 'least intelligent and least well-educated politician ever to enter No 10' after Corbyn secretly believed in Brexit Cold Tesco baked gay map edinburgh or sitting on the floor singing IRA songs: Book lifts the lid on Married to a joyless fanatic: How Jeremy Corbyn neglected the mother of his three sons and cost them the