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Reading t hroug h the text s gay boy mpers oned abov e, one f inds an overw helmi ng sense of turmoil and. Particu larly in the examples o f Haraway and Posterfrom the writing st yle.

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However gay boy mpers, many of the st udies limit ed. Readi ng through t hese earl y accounts s hows that sex uality was often. However limit ed, studies focusi ng on. The sec ond wave f urtherm ore bro ught for th one set of researc h texts that at fir st glance at least. A deeper look at tho se, howeverstill poi nts to an awkw ardness typical of the. While the s econd wav e went for descr iptive if often still s boj s hallow accur acy an d.

Its puber ty is a ster eotypical bou high sc gay boy mpers type.

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The k ey that sta rted the t hird way to which we t urn next men gay modeling, in. The curr ent, thir d wave till present gay boy mpers primari ly character ised by in som e sense a growi ng.

Ex amples of thi s. Montola0a retur n to seein g some s exual ac tiviti es as gay boy mpers ntially games Brown, 2. Harv iainen, 1 and f inally legal and popul ar concer ns about perce ptions of s afety a nd. In ma king a broad ge neralis ation, boyy he topics of conver sation in t he third wa ve have n ot changed. Rather tha n fuelling f ears of moral panics or not daring to engage wit h sexuality in. Subject s and method s still carry t he broad ra nge of.

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A recently p ublished st udy focusin g on W o gay boy mpers of W arcraf t erotic role.

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Resear chers study ing such a perso nal and politi cally. Further more, i t is easily assum ed that to gi ve an hon est accou nt of such f eelings and bia s is a. A sign of ma turati on gay boy mpers also t hat the s ubject i s mpdrs inter est love cock gay tube om scholar s outsi de game. For exa mple, sex ologist Gay boy mpers ate Fra nk 3, pp.

In many ways, howev er, the reac tionary. As the begi nning of this arti cle note d, history is creat bboy by those who wr i te it. Alth ough as resea rchers we kn ow not to make.

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Throug h critically evaluati ng the past 37 y ears of sexua lity in game s gay boy mpers, t his articl e has. The s ubject of the risk a gay chub erotica the awkwa rdnes s just cha nges fr om one wave t o the next. Even sol itary pl ay is now of ten gay boy mpers l, as i ts practices are sha red online, and this has lar ge. If we think ba ck to our own li ves and our own.

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They have mostly limited their discussions to the binary of whether or not the relations were 'homosexual', all the while emphasising the physical relationship between the two. Hoy are broadly two schools gay boy mpers thought. One school emphasises that the relationship was 'homosexual', while the other insists Rumi and Bo were mystics, far beyond 'earthly' needs and interests, and that their relationship certainly did not include physical romance.

From prostitutes gay evidence gay boy mpers have available today, we by neither prove nor reject bpy of the points of view. Indeed, whether or not the relationship included sexual intercourse is not actually of great significance: And although mystical homoerotic love retained its place in Persian poetry, with the passing of time more and more poets gay boy mpers gay huge pass tended to discard the 'spiritual' aspects of same-sex relationships and to move towards tay explicit descriptions of the sexual act, or even the physical properties of their pubescent beloved.

Post-Sufism, Homoerotica and Pederasty in Persian Literature There are numerous Persian language poets - and occasionally writers - whose work abounds with homoerotic references and allusions. Saadi and Hafezboth from Shiraz, are the most renowned and admired. Today Saadi Shirazi is mostly known for his humorous anecdotes which usually have a strong moral conclusion. His poetry and prose are featured in public education mpres textbooks for Iranian children from an early age.

This notwithstanding, both of his books Golestan The Rose Garden, written mainly in prose and Bustan The Orchard depict beirut band gay same-sex, pederastic experiences. In his 13 th century living conditions gay boy mpers Shiraz, slave children were no longer feasible and gay boy mpers potential pubescent passive sex partners tended to be young interns who were hired gay boy mpers masters of a trade such as carpenters, blacksmiths and so on and due to their social statues and accessibility they were potential teen boy gay sex for adult men who were seeking same-sex relationsships.

Booy dichotomy is very important in the sense that it shows us, from an 'insider's' perspective, that in 13 th century Iran, the practice of pederasty, while widespread, was not commonly acceptable - gay boy mpers, perhaps, to the perception of prostitution in contemporary society.

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In another example, a poem from Bustan, Saadi tells the story of a father who shaves his beautiful son's hair to make him look plain, because he fears that a gay boy mpers pederast is showing a sexual interest in him Bustan, p. Hafez is believed to be one of the most important contributors to Iranian classical poetry. It is worth noting that his book of Gah is the second best-selling book in today's Iran, topped only by the Koran.

And while he is known to Iranians as the poet of profound and romantic love, and to a Western audience as a great mystic poet, the majority or arguably all of his poetical romantic references describe young pubescent boys gay but squirt have shown the first gay boy mpers of growing facial hair Khatt and who are in the prime of their beauty.

He further combines the aesthetic properties of various schools of Persian poetry. His 'beloved' looks like the Khorasani poet's ideal male: On the other hand, however, his object of love is a 'reflection' of God's mightiness, just like the Sufis pictured the male 'beloved'.

Shamisa notes that Hafiz's homoerotic poetry is not limited to describing gay boy mpers pubescent beloveds and that some of his romantic lyrics goy actually eulogies dedicated to the Emirs of Shiraz. In these poems the praised are described in the same manner and using the same vocabulary as the poet would use when writing about his beloved, which adds another dimension to Persian homoerotic poetry.

From the s through to the Qajar Era The tradition of homoeroticism continued to dominate Persian romantic verse and prose through until late Qajar era. During this time, much like before, two literary trends are visible: For the latter, the poetry of Vahshi Bafghi gay boy mpers an illustrative example. Bafghi, a poet of the Safavid era, is mostly known in Iran because his Farhad kpers Shirin, which retells the classical Gay muscle escorts love story, is mentioned in high school textbooks.

Besides the tale gay boy mpers the romantic heterosexual love story, however, he has masterfully composed a long verse 'Nazer and Manzour' which tells the tale of a loving relationship between the 28 Shamisa sons of a Sultan and gay homes vermont grand Vezir. The story begins with the Sultan's and the Vezir's hottest gay scene being born on the same day.

As they grow up together they fall in love. Their teacher threatens to reveal their love to the king, gay boy mpers the result that the Vezir is forced to send his son away in order to protect gay boy mpers.

Voy, however, things come together and Sultan's son, Manzour, settles in Egypt, later succeeds the king and finally becomes re-united with gay boy mpers lover, Nazer, appointing gay boy mpers as his Vezir. Socially, pederasty remains the dominant form of romantic gay boy mpers during the Safavid period and onwards, since women were seen as only retro gay tube to take care of the household and reproduction.

Gay boy mpers relationship between two grown men was not the norm: Amrads and younger gay gladiator were sources of pleasure for kings and the common folk alike. Apart from literary sources, we also know just how widespread this phenomenon was from the mers memoirs of European travellers.

During this period, 'Amrad Khanehs' male brothels were founded in Iran. Their existence was formally recognised by the state - they gay boy mpers, after all, tax-paying establishments.

The Qajars were of Turkic origin, much like naked gay vids of the other dynasties who ruled post-lslamic Iran. They ruled untilwhen they were replaced by the Pahlavi dynasty. The late Qajar period sees Iranian society go through fundamental changes politically, economically and intellectually. The beginning of Qajar dynasty is quite similar to previous centuries when it comes to same-sex relationships in society and their reflection in literature.

The only exception is that, with the passing of time, same-sex relationships becoming increasingly unequal and indecent, with pederasty becoming bo. Afsaneh Najmabadi notes that in the early Qajar era "beautiful men and women were depicted with very similar facial and hot gay teen ass features". This certainly true in the case of the Amrads, who were expected to possess qualities that by today's standards are regarded as feminine.

It is crucial to note that despite the subjective mprs of later authors, such as Najmabadi, Amrads were gay boy mpers no way a 'third' gender: With the appearance of the first signs of a moustache, the Amrads were considered to be at the peak of their beauty.

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Yet this short-lived period would boot gay rubber be over and the Amrad boy would be considered unsuitable for a relationship.

Many verses and proses from this era the millennium ga pederastic relations express the writer's fear of his young beloved's puberty, which would inevitably end the relationship - a relationship which from the outset was based on gay boy mpers pleasure and not on mutual feeling or consent.

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This aspect is what certain researchers focus on in their attempts to portray Shahed- bazi as an exotic 'oriental' gay sex poistions of modern homosexuality, which they deem a 'Western' phenomenon.

Whilst pederasty ,pers relations with gay boy mpers Amrads were totally common both in urban and rural eras during the Qajar period, it was mpera privilege of the upper classes and specifically the aristocracy and the royalty to have concubine gay boy mpers who served them sexually The most renowned example is probably that of Naser-aldin, the Shah of Qajar, who had a sexual relationship with the young nephew of one of his wives. The shah called Naser-aldin 'Aziz-al-Sultan 'the Sultan's precious' and was commonly known by his nickname: The king gay boy mpers developed feelings for the boy since the boy had turned five and kept him in his vicinity himself until the boy reached his early teenage years before his pubertywhereupon he was married to one of the king's gay black raw. It should also be noted that the relationship between an older man and an Gay boy mpers would often commence long before the boy had reached puberty.

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The relationship usually began when he was still considered a 'child' - not gay boy mpers by today's standards, but also according to the people who lived in that age. Shamisa refers to the relationship between the king and the child as 'Sadeh-Bazi', which is different from the relationships with Amrads and pubescent boys, since a 'sadeh' literally meaning plainis younger than an Amrad, probably less than ten years old. Examples of 'Sadeh-Bazi' are not limited to the royal courts either: Iraj Mirza, a famous poet of the 20 th century Constitutional Revolution, also portrays 'Sadeh' boys in his poetry: Memoirs and travel diaries become more common, the first novels are written and magazines luckas wilde gay newspapers appear in the new Gay boy mpers public sphere for the first time.

The new forms were born as a result of fundamental changes pro gay business Iranian society and in their quest for further socio- gay quebec city change they also sought new types of relationships - primarily a modern romantic relation built gay boy mpers a man and a woman.

We shall return to this topic later. Despite the growth of other written forms, the dominant form of Persian literature remains poetry. Similarly to the previous century, same-sex relationships were demonstrated in the poems of this era, although they were much less impressive on a literary level and tended more towards describing the act of sex.

Shamisa, for example, describes such poetry as obscene. One example is the Resaleye Fojooriye gay boy mpers written in the late 19 th century by Shahzadeh prince Voli Ibn Gay boy mpers Gorji at the personal request of king Naser-Aldin of the It should be noted that sexual relationships between two adult men would also take place. These relationships would be based on a strict binary of gay boy mpers passive Maboun and active partners, and the relationships would mainly be sexual.

Unlike the relationship with an Amrad, there was no glory in having sex with gay boy mpers Maboun, nor would poets and writers fall in love with gay boy mpers passive sexual partners who were considered adults, hence the absence of romantic and other types of verse gay boy mpers prose about adult same-sex relations.

According to Najmabadi, an Amrad was expected not to enjoy the relationship sexually and eventually to 'outgrow' his passive role during adulthood and gay boy mpers form a regular family - even finding grand canaria gay own Amrad as he grows older Najmabadi While this practice has been mainly abolished in Iran, it has continued in gay boy mpers Farsi-speaking country, Afghanistan.

Gay boy mpers Afary notes an instance of one of such kind of relationship which took place under Taliban rule in the s. Although the book is worthless from a literary perspective and is written in very amateur language, it is unique in the sense that it is a pornographic confessional memoir book from 19 th century Iran in which the writer anal gays fuck recalls his sexual experiences with aristocratic women, prostitutes and finally male and female slaves and servants.

Unlike his detailed and excited description of his sexual relations with aristocratic ladies some of whom gay forced fucker the king's distant relatives - something that does not prevent Gorji from naming names!

The first category consists of his personal servants and others. These personal servants consist of 27 people in total, including his cup bearer, horse tamer, cleaner etc. The youngest one quite possibly started 'serving' at the age of nine.

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However, it is suggested that some of these servants gay boy mpers older and even senior. The other category of males, 65 gay boy mpers total, consists of those who were not his servants. Again the ages gay boy mpers to vary: Daddy gay free of these men, with the exception of one or two that he had raped while they were drunk, appear to be other people's servants, dancers, singers and the young interns of craftsmen and gay boy mpers.

All these men, with one or two exceptions, were paid by the author for their tube of gay porn -either in money or gay boy mpers goods such as clothing, daggers and so on This book is probably the clearest example we have today mpets provides us with an overall image of the unequal and horrific gay boy mpers of most same-sex relations in pre-modern Iran, where being sexually abused by one's boss was apparently part of the job description and luring and raping children gay johnsons something to boast about by the highest authority of the country, i.

The example shows that what Foucault enthusiastically praised as an exotic eastern Ars Erotica Erotic Byo, as opposed to the Western Scientia Sexualis, Sexual Science 37was rooted in significant class, gender and racial discrimination.

Female same-sex relations There is little gay boy mpers of female same-sex relationships in the pre-modern era. Unlike men, most women, at gay bill of rights in urban areas, were restricted to their homes and had little 36 Book accessed via: This does not forbid or rule out certain types of gay rimjob clip, whereas Western sexual science is restrictive in nature.

However, as society was segregated, homosociality became increasingly the norm for both women and men. Pride slogans gay was not mpfrs for ordinary women to socialise with men other than their Moharim an Islamic term for man related to a woman - primarily as gay boy mpers mperd, brother, son or husbandso inevitably they turned to other females for meprs and gay boy mpers.

On occasion, these friendships would gay boy mpers very special for both parties, leading to bonds and oaths of sisterhood. Bonds of sisterhood were common among married women, while single women were prohibited from entering into such relationships. The tradition dedicated that one who sought another as 'sister' approached gay boy mpers love broker gay arabic clips negotiate the matter Before exchanging vows of sisterhood, it was customary gzy the two women to socialize for several months.

They might send gifts to gay boy mpers other including spices and herbs, which symbolised their love and longing for each other. Literary sources are also not really helpful on this score, because the majority of the literary written joe mcelderry gay preserved from the period were written by byo who have clearly gay boy mpers documented same-sex female bky.

Moreover, the works of the few female poets and writers do not gaj any significant hints at lesbian relationships. The one possible booy can be found bot Gay boy mpers memoirs. Taj-al saltaneh was the daughter of the Qajar king Naser-aldin-Shah.

She grew up in Naser-aldin's haram and, after his assassination; she was married off to the son of a wealthy family. She is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of women's rights in Iran. Her memoirs mainly focus on her childhood memories and her relationship with her husband, whom she had divorced by the time she wrote the gay boy mpers. She highlights the special relationship bay had formed with a Christian seamstress and confidante and describes how sad and lonely she noy when she had to leave her and travel back to Tehran.

While Taj does not elaborate further on the relationship, her style of writing and the words she uses suggest that the relationship had romantic aspects: She spent gay boy mpers of her time at my place. Tear drops always shined like brilliants in her black eyes and with her pleasant voice she would say: Her gqy penetrated the depth of my heart, and I always wanted to hear her say it bog, It is quite possible that the supposed homoeroticism of the female harem was more result of the Orientalist imaginations of the travellers than based on facts.

The Transformation of Society, the Constitutional Revolution gay boy mpers the Pahlavi Period As gay boy mpers previously, the late nineteenth century which coincided with the late Qajar period saw a traditional society challenged by its changing infrastructures and the pursuit of modernisation. The construction of a modern Iranian nation-state called for fundamental changes in various aspects of society. Unlike many other countries during gay maidstone similar time- gay boy mpers, Iranian rulers did not show much interest in keeping up to gay boy mpers with the inevitable changes that were on their way to happen.

The Iranian intelligentsia took over instead and tried to introduce features of modernity to Iranian society. In the free environment that was created after the revolution, the already-existing demands for freedom of speech, a functioning parliament and a modern bureaucratic system, social demands for the improvement of living conditions amongst the lower classes, gender issues and questions of women's liberation came to the fore. These concerns of the Iranian elite in this period also led to a rethinking of dominant sexual practices.

The quest for modernisation was a multidimensional phenomenon that was influenced by both internal and external noy. In the recent years mers has been suggested that hetronormativity gained hegemony in Gy society as a result of the efforts of the Iranian Westernised elite. Scholars who are more liberal in moers have even blamed the effect of Marxist ideas on the supposed growth of homophobia in early 20 th century Iran. Gay teen meet Iranian intelligentsia was primarily opposed to traditional, unequal same-sex relations.

On the other hand, status-defined same-sex relations occurred between two adult males. The status was based on their role in sexual intercourse, active vs. In fact, renowned Islamic scholars such as Mohammad Ibn Zakaria Al-Razi CEclassified the male desire to gay boy mpers the role of a passive partner in sex as a disease as early as the 10 th century This negative point of view towards the adult passive partner in sex was a heritage gay extreme videos pre-modernisation Iran and unfortunately remained in existence after the Constitutional Revolution.

Is exists until today regardless of Western influence.

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It was actually another issue that the Iranian elite at the turn of the nineteenth century were outraged about and opposed to: Objecting to these types of unequal relations that one of the parties had to submit to due to inferior age or social-economical class occurred simultaneously, and was of the exact same nature as the Iranian intellectuals objecting to other forms of sexual abuse, such as the master sexually abusing the female servant. An example of the latter bky well documented and portrayed in many works of early and mid th century Persian literature 42 For more information, cf.

So although Iranian intellectuals in that particular period were in no way gay boy mpers of bias, and had many theoretical and practical shortcomings when it came to homophobia, and although the understanding that many of them had of women's liberation was quite superficial, their opposition to unequal same-sex practices was certainly one of their vices, and can in no mpsrs be equated with free gay hazing homophobia.

Moving gay boy mpers to gay boy mpers subject of literature, the poetry of gay boy mpers prince Iraj Mirza title: Jalal-al-Mamalek gay boy mpers embodies the complete transformation of Iranian society's attitude towards same-sex relationships.

In his early life the gay boy mpers prince practiced same- sex relations and portrayed them in his poetry. The nature of these relationships mpefs exactly as it was common amongst and expected from men in his social position: Similar to other gay finance advice of his era, his poetry in most cases lacks the Sufi- influenced mystical homoeroticism that was a characteristic of the poetry of previous centuries; instead he inclines towards story telling in the form of verse.

In another poem, deploying the satirical style he is known for, he jokes naked gay dick his contemporary poet, gay boy mpers famous poet of the Constitutional Revolution, Aref Moers, about Aref's protectiveness of his young male 'beloved' In the later stages of his life, Iraj Mirza, influenced by ideas of the Constitutional Revolution, reproaches his sexual practices and becomes a critic of gay boy mpers own past.

Similar to what Najmabadi has argued, he comes to the conclusion that his same-sex practices were a result of women's segregation from the society. Iraj Mirza is the last Iranian poet who features pederasty in his poetry, and the first kehinde wiley gay For other aspects of Gag Mirza's life and poetry in English, see: His shift is a signifier of the changing social patterns in Iranian society. Summary and Conclusion Post s Persian literature, both in forms of verse and prose, features biy homoerotica and reflects the male same-sex relations that were common in the society.

The relations described in these works are based on inequality and are status-defined: None of the widely available homoerotic poems of classical Persian poetry have been written by a 'passive' partner: The reflection of homoerotica gay boy mpers same-sex relations in classical Persian literature has exhibited various gay boy mpers throughout the centuries.

For example, the poets of the Khorasani School of poetry deployed a straight forward language whereas Persian mystical, Sufi-influenced poetry tended towards complication and symbolism gay johhny castle description of same- sex relations.

Examples for this trend are some of the Ghaznavid era's poetry, where the poet's 'beloved' was a military soldier. The reflection of Shams and Rumi's relationship in Rumi's poetry and the example of Vahshi Bafghi's lyrical love story between the sons of a Sultan and a Vezir are a further example. The first trend which features gay boy mpers relations with pederastic characteristics has been the dominant trend in Persian classical literature.

Despite being widespread, pederastic same- sex relations were not acceptable to many layers of ree gay se movies Iranian society in their own time. During the gay boy mpers 19 th century and the Iranian constitutional revolution and its aftermath, Iranian intellectuals opted for eliminating pederastic same-sex relations in the society.

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They believed that these relations have become common as a gay male hazing of women's gay boy mpers from society. Their positions against gay boy mpers practice were expressed in tay Iranian public sphere through their numerous magazines and papers etc and became popular.

However, the consequences of opposing the pederastic form of same-sex relations mperrs complicated. It is true that they were mainly successful in eliminating the sexual exploitation of children, servants and so on, but in subsequent years the Iranian intelligentsia and society generalised its experience and understanding of the traditional practice of unequal same- sex relations to the emerging phenomenon modern homosexuality, assuming them to be the same thing or very similar.

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Bot the other hand, the historical Iranian-lslamic heritage of considering an adult man who assumes the passive role in sex as 'diseased' and abnormal remained gay boy mpers and was even further strengthened when it became acquainted with modern Western heteronormative narratives.

To make matters even worse, the fundamentalist Islamic movements, which were growing in Iran as well as the rest of the region, called gay boy mpers a stricter implementation gay male site Islamic Sharia law, which similarly to other Abrahamian religions prohibits same-sex relations, which resulted in the further suppression of the emergence of the Alan menken gay LGBT community in gay boy mpers Iranian public sphere for the most part of the 20 th century.

Pahlavi Era When Reza Shah was declared the king of Iran inthe last traces of classic homoerotic and pederastic poetry had already disappeared. In the last page of his book on homoeritcism in Persian literature, Sirus Shamisa writes: The disappearance of the traditional form of homoerotica that was reflected in Persian literature, to the extent that it had become one of its meprs characteristics, did not coincide with birth of a self-conscious LGBT literature.

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This period, which spans almost fifty years, can john harder gay called the era bot the absence of same-sex relations and LGBT issues from Persian literature. In the Pahlavi era, a sudden, boh gap is formed when it comes the presence of non-heterosexual feelings in Persian literature. During this period, most avant-garde and creative writers and poets explore expressing their feelings about the opposite sex and are often praised by the intellectuals and progressive layers of society for their courage in portraying the physical properties of romance and love.

The Pahlavi era tends to equate modern homosexuality with the traditional same-sex sexiest gay porn that were common in the past, seeing them as a social taboo and wrong doing that was mainly conducted by writers and intellectuals. Besides that, during this era there was an intentional and ongoing effort to eliminate homoerotic Persian literature. Intellectuals and educators pressed for the elimination of poems with homosexual themes from school textbooks.

Here, the best-known advocate richard wattis gay the noted historian Ahmad Kasravi, who helped shape many cultural and book gay lesbian policies of the s and s Kasravi supported socially-engaged forms of poetry that gay boy mpers concrete problems.

The poems of the great Sufi masters which dealt with homosocial love, wine and drugs did not fulfil these criteria. For Kasravi homosexuality was measure of cultural backwardness. One might think that this is not that strange considering that we are discussing a 'Muslim' country in the early to mid-twentieth century, but the fact is that in that period the Iranian intellectual sphere was quite 48 Shamisa,49 Afary ga, p.

However, due to gay boy mpers reasons which were briefly discussed previously, the Iranian intellectual sphere, which had already denounced traditional pederastic same-sex relations, was not yet open to understanding and accepting gay boy mpers homosexuality. This is the reason that even a gay boy mpers as significant as Sadegh Hedayatwho is regarded as the greatest contemporary Persian writer and well-known for challenging all types of social prejudices, such as religion, is reluctant to write gay boy mpers his homosexuality openly and only mentions it in a letter that he writes in French to a friend Gay boy mpers mag 50 and whilst he explores many subjects and writes stories with a variety of characters and narrators, his gay character s always remain in the closet.

It is only by reading gay boy mpers between the lines that it can be possible to link gay boy mpers of his stories with his non-expressed homosexuality.

An example is his short story bombast dead-end form the collection: Sage Velgard Tramp Dogwhere it is implied that the main hd gay trailers, Sharif, is homosexual, but it is not said so explicitly. Recently, one of Hedayat's former companions and close friends, M. F Farzaneh, wrote a trilogy about Hedayat's life and work, in which he mentions that Hedayat was homosexual.

The memoirs also mention going crazy doctor gay gay bars with Hedayat in Paris. The book is about a school principal's struggle in a gay boy mpers Iranian boys' school, which symbolises Iranian society, and the man's efforts to control the chaotic situation in school. The book is a perfect example of Ale Ahmad's and the general Iranian intelligentsia's critiques of Gay boy mpers politics and Iranian society prior to mper revolution.

During the course of the story, the school situation keeps getting worse, and everyday a new catastrophe occurs. Despite his efforts, the principle is unable to keep the situation under control. He has inherited the school in a chaotic situation after the 50 boh During the academic year he loses two teachers, his third grade teacher moers also arrested by the intelligence agencies for similar reasons, and his fourth grade teacher has fallen victim to cons gay right drunk-driving American expatriate.