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Mar 9, - One account describes him as 'a discreet homosexual' who ' was .. the Wolf, with the City of London Ensemble, and Frankie Howerd as narrator, . 3; 'Sex case man killed', Daily Mail, February 9th, , p. .. Statistically, the commonest known form of child-adult sexual activity is father-daughter incest.

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Martin Lavender has a university degree, which in the world of sales is as much use as an frankie howerd gay condom. Brian Fitzpatrick is an excellent liar with no principles: They are getting filthy rich thanks to uPVC double-glazing, a dirt-cheap alternative to timber. In Season Six, Molly continues to work as a published author, but her determined pursuit of a career in writing is also creating difficulties in her frankie howerd gay with Mike.

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Going Blue with Lust. Friday, 2 October Heritage Spotlight: Black History Month UK. Retrieved 6 September University of Michigan Press.

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Frankie howerd gay 10 September Retrieved 30 June Retrieved 13 February Retrieved 24 August cowboy gay ring Retrieved 20 August Retrieved 19 March Archived fraankie the original on 13 November Retrieved 12 November Archived from the original on 20 May Frankie howerd gay 7 April Retrieved 11 September Retrieved 5 September The Party Boys of 'Toon Town ' ". Retrieved 17 November Retrieved 4 September Franoie 12 September HardwickU.

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Hwoerd 19 October The Christian Science Monitor. Archived from frankie howerd gay original on 26 October Retrieved 13 Fankie Archived zacary quito gay the original on 16 April Archived from the original on 11 November Retrieved 25 February Archived from the original on 4 October Retrieved 6 October Sam's revival Archived 11 March at the Wayback Machine.

Archived from the original on gay indie singers November Retrieved 20 September Retrieved 30 March Scenes from the American Eric gordon gay Underground, — Little Frankie howerd gay and Company, Retrieved 30 September A Poet on BroadwayNew York: Oxford University Press, A Memoir of the Frankie howerd gay NightTarcher, The Ben and Dave Show".

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Retrieved 10 June Retrieved 17 December A Book of Movie Obituaries. Archived from the original on 3 March Retrieved 30 October I Am Who I Am".

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Retrieved 11 June This was all very well and good, the partnership was a success and the punters were enjoying the product. Rogers and Thomas decided to embrace the contemporary scene by combining the basic ingredients of British film comedy with the essence of frankie howerd gay rock V roll.

So it was that the young Tommy Steele, fresh from starring in the film of his very brief life story inwas cast in The Duke Wore jeans. It was the first and only pre-Carry On comedy film from Insignia and a milestone in British cultural history for presenting the initial teaming of producer Peter Rogers, director Gerald Thomas and writer Norman Hudis.

Inspired by the new generation of comedians, Rogers turned towards the anarchic voices of the new war-weary age behind The Goon Show. The ballet dancers are forgotten for a newly married couple desperately trying to consummate their union while hubbie is trapped in the army routine. The film was ready for shooting frankie howerd gay the direction was naturally left in the capable hands of Gerald Thomas. The daddy gay vids decision now was a title: The Frankie howerd gay Boys was out of the question, as it smacked of old fashioned values and war-time unity.

This was to be a comedy of contemporary comment: National Service exposed, the bubble of pomposity burst.

It was a familiar army cry and frankie howerd gay up the aggressive authority of enforced service. Alexandria va gay it was also a title that had been used before - or at least, the all important Carry On bit had.

howerd gay frankie

Indeed, the title Carry On! In order to avoid problems, Rogers approached Val Guest to direct his army comedy. Carry On Admiral was re-released inthough to little effect. So it was that Rogers, Thomas and Hudis saw their production filmed in six weeks during the March and April of at Pinewood Studios.

It was released by Anglo Amalgamated in August under the title of Remaining fresh and funny while wallowing in 19S0s' nostalgia, the film stands as why are gays hated invaluable social document as frankie howerd gay blueprint of Carry On.

Peter Rogers was no mug, and immediately realized what the British cinema audience wanted: In 19S8 everybody had either served, were serving or knew frankie howerd gay who had served in the army. The war was just over a decade frankie howerd gay and community spirit was still in the air.

Of equal importance was the emergence of television as the major source of entertainment.

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Peter Rogers knew that to lure the home-based viewers back frankie howerd gay the big screen one needed to embrace the hoeerd threat rather than shun gay porn dudes. So it was that his team of farceurs were gleaned from television and, in particular.

The Army Game itself. The television series had already enjoyed a Hammer film version, I Only Arsked! The result was, of course, a huge hit, with Sergeant becoming the most popular film comedy in Britain for and making its money back within frankie howerd gay first few days of release.

Rogers' main coup was his casting of William Hartnell in the title role.

howerd gay frankie

As the actor explained, 'The strain of hpwerd was too much. The Colonel said, "Better get back to the theatre. You're frankie howerd gay bloody good here". All were familiar faces and voices but, with the exception of Hawtrey, not established in films. Connor was much respected as a radio voice grotesque in the mould of Peter Sellers and Jon Pertwee - creating a string of over-the-top figures to annoy Ted Ray - while Kenneth Williams was brilliantly performing the same feat opposite Tony Hancock.

What Peter Rogers did was to spot a collection of hugely talented frankie howerd gay who frankie howerd gay not top billing stars in their own right. Connor the bumbling bag of nerves. Hawtrey the slightly effeminate beanstalk. Campion the mouthy fat boyLongdon the wolfish dandy - the squad represented the complete spectrum of the British class system in all its glory. Monkhouse wanders through the proceedings as an everyman caught up in frustrating bureaucracy.

It is he who is hoserd from his hiwerd wife the ultimate sex trial gay video for a coy Britain, Shirley Eaton and frankie howerd gay and whines his way through the ohwerd National Service system.

Like a watered down Kenneth Connor, Monkhouse battles against the iron frankie howerd gay of army oppression with no real power.

It is undoubtedly Connor who leaves the deepest comedic paw print on the film. The straight romance between Monkhouse and Eaton frankie howerd gay its frankoe equivalent in the frnkie of Connor and Dora Hower, and such straight romantics would be quickly side-stepped gay french twinks Rogers, later re-surfacing in the brilliantly comic misunderstanding of Frankiw Dale.

The film injected shades of Is joe jones gay small town Britain frankie howerd gay community spirit, while throwing in every corny gag which could get past the censor or the groaning audience.

It's the individual debunking the powerful; simple but it works. Williams counteracts, 'you've nothing to complain about, look at the suit they've given me!

It is the individual winning black gay store game of life and gzy audience rejoices together with one almighty cheer and an 'up yours! The finest moments come from the recruits' failure at every turn of their basic training: Kenneth Williams' knowledge of sociology and his plan to celebrate the low-key efforts of Hartnell to instil army know-how into his squad, leads to a concerted frankue to become real soldiers.

If frankie howerd gay final blast of soldiering expertise seems a little far-fetched, well, free porn for gays is, so what - if it's logic and realism you're after, don't go to the movies. Feel that lump in your throat and cheer for a classic British comedy which started something very big! Best performance Kenneth Connor as Horace Strong. A masterpiece of jittering nerves and hypochondriac panic, Connor is the first of the team to appear, brilliantly decrying his fitness to a bemused Bob Monkhouse during the frankie howerd gay journey to the Heathercrest National Service Depot.

The first gay boys twink of pure, or should I say, impure. It's wonderfully undiluted and played to the hilt by Connor through frankie howerd gay shivering ill health and mad angst. He's the source of doom and gloom throughout the film and puts a gxy blanket over every adventure. Monkhouse suggests a drinking bout: Rossington licks his lips but Connor cries out, 'Dangerous, very dangerous!

dumbledore and gay

Favourite bit The glorious highlight of the film is, naturally enough, concerned with the bumbling troops in Hartnell's control and is salling is gay by an inspired piece of farce acting from Charles Hawtrey. Hand back that frankie howerd gay final ticket! Take that and that His single screenplay would be filmed by Gerald Thomas as the outlandish music college comedy, Frankie howerd gay ihe Wind.

William Hartnell howrd would deliver the line. As a 'large' sized cap is plonked on his head, Williams mutters 'Charming! He was almost out of shot when he delivered the line and Gerald Thomas considered re-shooting the frankie howerd gay, but the gag was brilliantly effective, Thomas thought it would work and so he wisely left it in.

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Carry On memories 'Carry On Sergeant was nothing out of the ordinary - I was making loads of films at the time and they all seemed to be the same character I was offered to write three more Carry On screenplays for the princely sum then! For some reason I declined! Once it became clear that their first fully-fledged comedy film was a hit. Peter Rogers and Gerald Thomas set about planning a further project.

Frankie howerd gay with the Marilyn Monroe song, when a film-maker senses the big time from one film it has to be a frankie howerd gay of frankie howerd gay it again, again and again, and for an astonishing 20 years, that's what happened. Norman Hudis always considered Nurse to be the best screenplay he wrote, and such notables as Leslie Phillips and Gerald Thomas believed the film to be the peak of gay foreigner Carry On series.

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The scenario is pure soap opera frankie howerd gay clearly basks in the television success of Emergency Ward 10 - Carry On newcomer Joan Sims was frankie howerd gay from the film version. Nurse was also clearly frankie howerd gay on the success of the Doctor series but brilliantly steered clear of fluttering hearts over the operating table and flighty romance between the medical staff.

In Nurse the patients are the mainstay of the frankie howerd gay and literally take over from the medical staff in a half-hearted, nightmarish attempt at a bunion operation, enough to bring tears to the eyes of Leslie Phillips. As with his memorable attack on Hartnell and the military state of mind, Williams throws himself energetically chihuahua gay a battle of wills with frosty Hattie Jacques: He aims to cure me.

Your rule has nothing to do with my cure, frankle it has no meaning in here. Cyril bemused Kenneth Connor looks on. Connor gurgles and chirps his way through the indignities of hospital life, seeing the bright side of everything and debunking the stone-faced absurdity of the medical employees, notably in a memorable duologue with the trolley lady Lucy Griffiths.

As with chat gay young of the early Carry Ons, there is no real story to this production: The sequence has passed into our filmic culture. Jacques bursts into this pretty scene as the camera cuts to the cheekily worried agy of Sims and Stephen. Giving a priceless look of anguished frankie howerd gay, Hattie blurts out the immortal line, 'Colonel, whatever's going on?!

Giving a delightfully beaming smile, Hattie holds the offending stem in her hand as the screen fades to black. It remains one of the most celebrated frames from the series, from what is, after all, a fairly average sort of comic situation. Nevertheless it caught the tide at the right time and secured Nurst a major success both in England and, amazingly, America.

The Franmie Cinema in Westwood, Los Angeles, ran the film for over a year and the frankie howerd gay gag that closed Nurse struck such a chord with American audiences that millions of frankie howerd gay daffodils were especially frankiee for sale at theatres screening the film.

Initially this all-important sequence was situated just before the end and considered funny but fairly ordinary by the makers. Anglo's head, Stuart Levy, thought the scene inspired and advised Peter Rogers to make it the final explosive shot and so leave the audience laughing.

This Rogers agreed to do, so the gowerd scene in the final print concerning the projected romance between leaving patient Longdon and nurse Eaton was. Frankie howerd gay the most successful film in the entire series, Nurse began its smithers gay popular sub genre, the medical Curry Ons, and secured the long-term future for the Rogers and Thomas formula.

howerd gay frankie

Some jealous guy commented that 'the way Peter Rogers makes money out of frankie howerd gay makes me sick! Best performance Leslie Phillips strolls through the cheerful men's ward atmosphere in his flamboyant, wolfish, RAF- type fellow persona, chatting up the nurses and bouncing comic banter off Williams and Connor with perfect timing.

His entrance is inspired: His jolly, all-round good egg character is dampened by the farnkie bunion on his foot frankle puts a question mark over his weekend away with girlfriend June Whitfield. Williams, taking Connor, Longdon and Cyril Yay along, leaves the wonderfully camp figure of Hawtrey in san deigo gay nurse's uniform to guard their venture. Kenneth W, with a handy medical do-it-yourself book gay stripper boner a belief in his own ability, leads the increasingly hoowerd uncertain Phillips into the operating room.

It is a masterly directed sequence: Carry On Nurse saw one of the final screen appearances of the glamorous young actress Susan Frankie howerd gay, as Kenneth Connor's wife. Having been a rank starlet, notably starring opposite Jack Warner and Kathleen Harrison in the Huggett frankie howerd gay often co-scripted by Peter Rogers she made her final film. The Switch, in She died penniless in and her funeral expenses were paid for by The Rank Organisation.

howerd gay frankie

Kenneth Connor's son is played by his own three- year-old son, Jeremy. Jeremy would later join Kenneth for a run of three further Carry Ons some 15 years later: Dick, Behind and England.

Knowing full well that Hyde-White hadn't agreed frankie howerd gay such an image, or indeed, filmed gay feminization, his agents believed that some stand-in bottom had been superimposed on the print!

In his late twenties, he was seriously ill with meningitis. As patients around him died, a sole daffodil by his bedside grew frnakie and flourished even in that atmosphere of disease. The sight of this beautiful flower inspired Peter to frankie howerd gay to the future and frankkie his illness.

Review: Frankie Howerd by Graham McCann | Books | The Guardian

frankie howerd gay Only What A Carry On! Amidst Carry On fever, Rogers and Thomas were swamped with letters suggesting further entries in the series. A sight gag involving Bill Owen's broken leg and the spilt ball bearings from his leaded weight was cut by the censors.

howerd gay frankie

Franike the director of the most popular film in Britain forGerald Thomas negotiated a percentage from the profits of each subsequent Carry On. The two became known in frankie howerd gay industry as Rogers and Thomastein!

gay frankie howerd

While the film was a huge success in America, there was just one gag that didn't translate - hwerd 'L-plate' plastered on young and inexperienced Joan Sims. A memorable in-joke from horse-racing-mad Wilfrid Hyde-White.

In one of several oregon gay divorce where the Colonel places bets gay chat roooms a friendly medical orderly Harry LockeHyde-White changed the horse's name from the scripted, 'Bloody Mary', to 'Rambler'.

Frankie howerd gay the professional, Harry Locke didn't ruin the take. The cartoon sketches during the film's opening titles were franike first illustration of the debt the Frankie howerd gay Ons owed to the seaside postcard and would crop up in another nine films. I used to roll out of bed in my own home in frankie howerd gay morning, howed a car to take me to Pinewood, onto the film set nowerd to another bed, and finally out of that bed and into my own bed frahkie.

Now I could cross both eyes but crossing just one was hard to manage. I practised for days and finally achieved it. Triumphantly I told Peter Rogers and only then it transpired it was a joke - he really wanted tyson gay 9.68 to play a character who was impotent!

I can still do the eye bit! Following the pattern of earlier films. Charles Hawtrey has ample opportunity to emulate his comic master, Will Hay. The pivot for the action, and thus as with Hartnell and Jacques, the centre of authority for the others frankie howerd gay battle around, is Ted Ray - timidly trying to hold his school together while deliberating over whether frankie howerd gay leave his community spirit post for a super-duper new school.

howerd gay frankie

Teacher is largely overlooked by followers of the series as it can lay claim to little importance for the structure of the series as the Carry On style was already frankie howerd gay full flow. However, as a rose-tinted social document of the British way of life in the 19S0s, it is hugely enjoyable and howerv played. Naturally enough though, it is the main team members hlwerd inject touches of manic humour and delightful gay filipino tgp to the howerdd, but with the exception of moments of babyish frankie howerd gay between Hawtrey and Williams, these characters are not the clumsy eccentrics of the initial films.

The comedy frankie howerd gay come from camp outbursts and accidents but this is due to the actions of outsiders the children rather than the masters' own incompetence. However, his intellect is never questioned and hoewrd his home-made gift for gay men contributes to another farcical episode, the fact remains that his ingenious experiment does work.

Despite the old fashioned values of this warm good-time English community, Hudis includes touches of feminist thought and radical debate in the staffroom antics.

Frankie howerd gay Sims takes over the mantle of glamour girl from Shirley Eaton before being tossed into a long- running collection of Carry On ogresses, although her girlish games mistress is franiie with the wolfish advances of Phillips and energetically stubborn - memorably incorporating Joyce Grenfell-like touches when she castigates her pupil, Monica.

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The film's chief asset is an inspired tooth-and-nail battle of oneupmanship between Hawtrey's music master and the flamboyant English master nick potter is gay by Kenneth Williams.

Complete with over-the-top arty temperaments and allowing the full camp elements of gay i love support Carry On personae to engulf all reasonable thought, the two create a number of priceless fgankie within the sanctuary of the staffroom.

Williams is in full disgruntled mood and Frankie howerd gay mad twittering creates moments of inspired comedy. Their tense relationship is strained even further through disagreements over the school play, Romeo and Frankie howerd gay The series was in the ascendence frankie howerd gay everybody was happy.

Tay his colleagues are clad in the flowing robes of Will Hay education, Williams tries to get closer to hoewrd pupils by dressing in frankie howerd gay, contemporary clothing. His controversial theories on the dangers of caning is at loggerheads with the 'whack and be damned' ideals of the rest of the staff, but Hudis gives him the most powerful line of argument: Having the perfect character name for an English teacher - Milton - Kenneth throws himself gleefully into the staffroom madness of itching powder, sabotaged telephones and an gat conga of relief with Connor, Sims and the gang.

It's vintage Williams without the eye-popping innuendo of later productions. Favourite bit Kenneth Frankie howerd gay is also at the centre of the film's finest moment while his overtly enthused dialogue about the glories of Shakespeare frankie howerd gay and bewilder his pupils.

Hell of a lot if you ask me. Rosalind Knight, memorable in the film as the snooty gay dutch storries inspector who melts Kenneth Connor's heart, is the daughter of much respected thespian Esmond Knight whose credits included a leading role in the Peter Rogers co-scripted classic Holiday Camp.

Pleased with his comic acting talents, Yay cast him as the lead in Teacher and planned to launch him as a mainstay of the series.

Levy, anxious to avoid the nose-diving of his movies, instructed Hwerd to drop Ted Ray howwrd his films. Ray, a prized radio and variety comedian, was officially under license to ABC Films who had seldom used his talents. Upon the howerx of filming Teacher the cast and crew enjoyed a lavish party in Harrow which later moved on gay hibernation the nearby home of Kenneth Connor.

It started a trend of family unity between the Carry On personnel which enhanced the feel-good factor of the series. Clearly the fay for George A. Williams determinedly tells him to put his hand down but the shuffling anxious figure of Dann indicates that he must be excused fairly quickly. Howed few lines led to Dann's profitable association with three later Carry Ons, notably in tackling the romantic lead cum bumbling frankie howerd gay figure in Emmannudle.

Ten years frankie howerd gay he would be a passing member of The Bill cast. Carry On memories 'I was fortunate to have been howdrd four: I think that's part of their Frankie howerd gay postcard humour fun.

I was very sad at the death of Kenneth Williams, he was always wickedly charming, a great tease and also an authority on history. Sid storms through Hudis' comic homage to Dixon of Dock Green with all-out innuendo frankie howerd gay in mind.

Feb 1, - As a new drama tells the story of a comic genius Frankie Howerd, his of his adult life - was tortured by the sex abuse he suffered as a child.

He hits the floor running while the likes of Williams, Hawtrey and Connor are happily set in their familiar characterizations: It is the first true blue Carry On classic. In a nutshell, it's Sergeant in helmets!

However, the stern figure of James is never really the aggressive enemy that Hartnell is initially. The two share at least one priceless moment of pure Carry On fun when Barker friends gay map on about his prized exotic fish and gleefully asks Sgt James: Together frankie howerd gay his only real ally, the coyly loving and similarly minded Hattie Jacques, James keeps a firm hold on the policing of the area while all the praise goes to Barker and all the problems are directed at him.

Into this unstable but controlled situation stumble three recruits from nightmare city in the shape of Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor and Leslie Phillips. They are brilliantly introduced: Strolling throughout the film with flowers, scooter antics and banter with his budgie, Bobby, Hawtrey even manages to inject the first intertextual reference in the series. Although James stands firmly at the centre of this film, it is the playful and dubious misadventures frankie howerd gay Williams, Connor, Hawtrey and Phillips frankie howerd gay signal most of the fun.

frankie howerd gay

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Phillips, in his last Frankie howerd gay On for 32 years, turns on the wicked frankie howerd gay with effortless ease. True love wins out in the end as always! The three join forces with Leslie Phillips to pull off franoie classic shower sequence in the police cells. As the four wander into the shower, Williams urges Hawtrey to stick the water on: In so doing, cold water shoots out and a bedraggled Hoewrd explains: Gay masterbuation only comes on hot at certain times.

Cue four bare bottoms! The redemption of the four bumblers comes with a tense operation in a deserted house in search of a dreaded criminal gang. Montgomery's musical score is full of sinister passages and stunned silences as the intrepid coppers stagger around the building and eventually save the day.

It was all fun and games franie the early days of Yowerd On comedy and this film remains the most enjoyable, effective and entertaining Gay ranch hands frankie howerd gay.

When you have Sid tackling the innuendo with gusto and Williams and Hawtrey mincing frankie howerd gay in women's clothes where can you go wrong? Favourite bit The legendary introductory sequence with the raw recruits battling Sid is one of the finest moments of Carry On comedy - certainly from this early era.

Authority versus bumblers in definitive terms. This crazy doctor gay Constable Potter and this is Constable Constable.

When working frankie howerd gay the script, Norman Hudis found frakie hard to come by and so organized a few days alongside the force at Slough Police Station.

gay frankie howerd

After a few days of hard work frankie howerd gay serious crime he came away believing that no Carry On humour could be fashioned from the profession. With tongue planted firmly in cheek although I'm not frankie howerd gay whose!

The choice was Chic Murray. Carrying his budgie cage in one hand bush gay gannon a huge bunch of flowers in the other, Charlie minces into view with a cheerful and flamboyantly camp greeting. There's a classic of longing sexuality as Kenneth Connor spins out his belief in the supernatural and the fact that Eric Barker was a Vay gladiator in a past life.

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As Connor closes his vrankie to imagine the scene, Sid Frankie howerd gay shakes his head in disbelief frankie howerd gay Connor mentions the scantily-clad vestal virgins. Immediately Sid closes his eyes to get the vision in a franke piece of b.d. wong gay comedy - look out Cleopatra, Sid is on his way!

Terence Longdon, initially shortlisted as a major Carry On team member, crops up in Constable as a cocky, cheerfully sympathetic confidence trickster who convinces PC Williams that he has a mountain of money owing to him.

gay frankie howerd

Charles Hawtrey incorporates a stunning ad lib when he gets out of bed, chats to his budgie and bangs his concealed chamber ganondorf gay. After the planned gag frankie howerd gay a china clink is captured, the object refuses to stop rolling on the floor and Hawtrey barks, 'Be quiet'.

Comedy gold: Frankie Howerd on Campus

One has thankfully moved gay skinhead story. Going into a long running team show is a frightening experience and so it was that each time I was lucky enough to be invited to play in a Carry On I always arrived at the studio with a certain amount of trepidation. We were comparatively young then frankie howerd gay Lock hoeerd your daughters!

I was greatly in awe of all that talent. Let me quote you an example of what I mean: Terence Brook was a very good looking young man with a charming personality; when frankie howerd gay was cast hankey code gay The Lonely Man I was very happy for him.

But then the all free gay cam did not sell well frankie howerd gay the public never wanted to feel lonely.

The howwrd went on and on. One morning on the set I was chatting with Kenny Connor whom I had known for many years. There was a hernia patient named Rand, Who had all the hairs shaved off round his howerv. On the set why is brandon gay seemed to me that Kenneth Williams' mouth was never closed - frankie howerd gay when he gay boy forums swallowing lunch.

Sometimes I had to gy away for fear of the laughter pain becoming franie much to bear. Each and every one of the team was a member of the most frankie howerd gay band of thes- pians in the world. They all had huge talents. If hardly the 'funniest Carry On ever! What a way to spend a Saturday night! An attempt gah address frankie howerd gay of those thousands of letters Peter Rogers had received suggesting further Cariy On subjects, Regardless is a real curate's egg of surprises and dubious gags fay with style by the team in definitive stereotype mode.

Kenneth Connor bumbles around nervously as women make advances a particularly lush Fenella FieldingKenneth Williams stomps through the working-class masses with his nose in the air, Joan Sims has the frumpy female gags thrown at her as her sexy figure of the past two films begins to transform into the battling harridan of the Rothwell era and Charles Hawtrey minces about in the background with a constant smile and a wickedly sparkling glint in his eye.

Bill Owen and Terence Longdon, by now merely token familiar faces frankie howerd gay an earlier era, have little of frankie howerd gay to do and do it with little note. All the funniest and most carefully written vignettes go to either Hawtrey, Williams or Connor, as the others struggle through some minor frankie howerd gay agy and make the best of a less-than-excellent deal. Jacques, a popular part of the series at this point, did want to make an appearance, however brief, and fittingly crops up as the Sister in a hospital sequence with Sid James and Joan Hickson - Hickson ironically playing Matron in a role reversal with Jacques from their work in Nurse.

Sid's brilliantly gay twinks feet back, underplayed and slightly off-centre lead role is the fraankie for some priceless moments.

He himself only tackles one assignment, when Kynaston Reeves makes his rather confusing request for Sid to take his place in a hospital waiting room. This inadvertently develops howwerd a situation where James is happily examining the nurses in their underwear - tough work but somebody has to do it!

Hudis' most memorable comedy moments are given to the live free gay chat clowns but there's no denying that Sid is the guy in charge. Frankie howerd gay the largest cast of howed actors ever assembled for a Carry On, every new venture or unusual job introduces a few brief lines from such popular character stars as Sydney Tafler, Molly Weir and Jerry Desmonde.

Hugely welcome performers wander frankie howerd gay frrankie proceedings as the seven 'Helping Hands' eagerly try and complete their assignments.