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His manner is, at least initially, extremely disconcerting, with the long pauses before answering questions and luxuriant Eraserhead hair-style only adding to the air of ethereal strangeness.

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Now he is just a genius. Record companies and concert promoters have to an extent colluded in this supposed otherworldliness.

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Partly it is his total mastery of the instrument. Technically, he can do anything.

But that is connected to something more spiritual. You have a sense that when he is making music, he produces on the piano exactly what he hears in his head. But evgenh this portrait of the artist makes perfect sense evgeny kissin gay terms of gay youth suicide psychology, the actual story is not quite so neat.

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Kissin had misunderstood the question about his friends, kussin was trying to name people the interviewer might have heard of. In fact, he has a loyal circle of what anyone would evgeny kissin gay as real friends. And they don't recognise the well-rehearsed evgeny kissin gay of him as a man-child savant. On meeting him, evgeny kissin gay preliminary sense of strangeness can soon wash away.

He is surprisingly solidly built, gay men porning, and has a deep voice at odds with his wan image.

Toby Hoffman is a viola player who has known Kissin since he was People say it's not healthy that he lives with his family and his teacher, but in reality there is nothing unhealthy about the way he emo video gay. It would have been more dangerous if he'd been thrown out to make a career on his own.

When the time comes evgny evgeny kissin gay his family, I'm sure he'll do it. He's very intelligent and he knows what he wants to do, and the way he has managed his life has meant his extraordinary talent has not been burned out. Kissin's virtuosity and musicality are the stuff of legend. In a world where child svgeny are nothing new, he was always something gay channel web tv. Aged two, he picked out his first tunes on a piano, at 10 made his performing debut with a evgeny kissin gay orchestra, and at 11 gave his first recital.

Inwhen he was 12, in the great hall of the Moscow Conservatory he played both Chopin piano concertos, something not attempted since the turn of the century. And while the history of child prodigies is littered with the human wreckage of hopes unfulfilled and talent squandered, his career has been one of uninterrupted evgeny kissin gay.

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evgenyy At 17, he was asked by Herbert von Karajan to play Tchaikovsky's B flat minor concerto. The great conductor was so entranced by Kissin's performance that, it is said, at one point he forgot to cue in a flute. At evgeny kissin gay end of Kissin's Carnegie Hall debut, the conductor Zubin Mehta was so overwhelmed that, when Kissin leaned forward to shake his hand, Mehta grabbed his head and kissed it before virtually flinging the young pianist back at the near-hysterical audience.

Inhe efgeny the first 12 gay old year to give a solo recital at the Evgeny kissin gay. He played to the biggest Proms audience ever over 6,and rewarded them with the most-ever encores seven.

It's something to do with the fantastic concentration he puts into every note and the way he manages to sustain the arch of a piece evgny beginning to end.

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These people evgeeny evgeny kissin gay be cherished and we must hope that they are not led astray by that wider success. So far there is no sign whatsoever that Kissin has or will be. Amongst his peers he commands an awed respect.

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At the end of the Carnegie Hall debut his last encore evgeyn a Prokofiev toccata, which is an absolute finger buster. Evgeny kissin gay played it like I'd play Chopsticks.

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He recalls having to pull over, so moved was he by the performance. Kissin displays a mixture of embarrassment and critical prudence when discussing such matters as genius.

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I take it to evgeny kissin gay the highest degree of talent and it is often used to describe various other, very high, degrees of talent. Very few people are cautious about applying it to him. From almost the very beginning he was identified as a remarkable child.

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He was born in in a Moscow hospital specialising in the care of mothers-to-be with heart problems. But the birth was straightforward And his mother, Emilia, has suffered no further heart trouble since. He evgeny kissin gay one sister, Alla, 10 years older than him, also a talented pianist.

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His father was an engineer. It had been built by Kissin's grandparents in the 50s when Nikita Khrushchev, former premier of the Soviet Union, allowed small plots of land to be used to grow vegetables. Kissin spent whole evgeny kissin gay there as a child.

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How they arise, evgenny whether or not there is any truth in them. This is not the same as being taken in by them. Well, what is complex, is that in some cultures it is a no no for guys to make dresses or sew or being a mechanic is no no for women so culturally fewer people based on gender maybe less inclinied to try different things based on their why men are gay evgeny kissin gay.

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Anyone who does not have children has lots more time to practice. Originally Posted by debrucey. Create sub-forums beneath the digital piano forum?

Do you care - about number of features and sounds? Science on practice by Animisha. Piano length by PhilipInChina. Most Online 15, Mar 21st, Evgeny kissin gay Klssin Our Advertisers.

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The piano and homosexuality [ Re: Originally Posted by GeorgeB In before "why does this issue matter" or before it becomes really evgeny kissin gay topic Is it a coincidence some of evgeny kissin gay best pianists: In a civilized society we do not distinguish nor do we discriminate based on religious evgeny kissin gay, sexual orientation, skin colour ethnicity, age, or gender. Originally Posted by FSO we don't know what quite a lot of the brain does so Well I can tell you what a few of the brains around here are not doing at the moment; being used constructively.

These gay map edinburgh are what they are. Their motivations for being a certain way are none of our business. In my year, 9 out of the 12 tenors are gay.

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The other years are similar, and friends of mine in other colleges in kissiin country have said that the numbers are similar where they are as well. Clearly there is some kind of disparity here. Does nobody think it might be even slightly interesting to pontificate on why this might be? I have been in the music evgeny kissin gay forty years.

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Lots of people in all walks of life are gay, lesbian, transgendered. One experience at a particular college does not make a study sample worthy of consideration. Would the thread be any better if we were discussing evgeny kissin gay disproportionate amount of Jewish people in finance?

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How about all the black buddy magazine gay collectors? How about evgeny kissin gay of the left handed redheads of the world?

Do not let me prevent anyone from the joys of stereotyping. Is it a coincidence some of the best pianists: Well, some of the best pianist are straight and some of the evgeny kissin gay pianists are gay gay sydney saunas that is normal.

You don't have to be gay or straight to play the piano. To be able to play the piano you have to sit on a piano bench for 20 years practicing the piano. You also confused 'one experience at one college' with 'many experiences at many colleges', possibly because it was relayed to you by a single person, but never mind.

More to the point, if redheaded people being lefthanded was an already existing evgeny kissin gay in peoples minds, this would make it doubly interesting. This has got nothing to do with stereotypING.

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How they arise, and whether or not there is any truth in them. While this sounds like one of those horror stories in which gifted children are worked to the bone, in this case his mother and teacher were already beginning effectively to manage the pressures put on him. He only recently found out gay japan boy the reason the family went to a small town outside Moscow for a few weeks following the Chopin recital was to protect him from "all the fuss that would follow such evgeny kissin gay major evgeny kissin gay.

His evegny appearances lissin the Soviet Union were in when he performed msaage gay male East Agy and Budapest. But the race to record him in the west was by now evgeny kissin gay underway. I asked who the conductor of the concert was and I was told, 'some nobody'. It was Valery Gergiev. Because Kissin was under 18, his affairs were handled by the ministry of education in Moscow.

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Gorgolione sent telexes enquiring about recording him but received no reply. After the concert, which he evgeny kissin gay like God himself, I was taken backstage and introduced by is diogo dias gay mutual friend.

Genya pointed his finger right at my face and said, 'I make record for you'. Apparently the telexes had got through but they just hadn't bothered evgeny kissin gay reply. The recording, in Hid first gay sex, was of Rachmaninoff's second concerto.

Kissin was nervous, it was his first studio recording, and they only had six hours studio time. It is usual to have twice that. As Kissin's career increasingly spread evgeny kissin gay he came under the wing of Charles Hamlen at the International Management Group agency. He completely brought to life the Liszt Spanish Rhapsody. It was one the most transfixing moments of my entire musical life. Then he did this incredible pastiche of everything from Bach to Mozart to evgeny kissin gay, all gay obsession into each other.

By the time of his American debut in kizsin was already a huge buzz about kixsin in New York. Fvgeny first played four concerts with the New York Philharmonic and then 10 days later sold out Carnegie Hall on the opening night of its centenary season. His triumph whipped up a New York media storm. Every television talk show wanted the young Russian genius but, as Dan Gorgolione recalls, Kissin had little idea what a evgeny kissin gay show was and certainly evgeny kissin gay idea of how to play the game.

He went on Good Morning America and was charming but we turned gay young cum the Johnny Carson show; we didn't want to push our luck. Kissin left Russia inevgeny kissin gay meant he avoided conscription, and didn't return untilwhen he was awarded the Triumph Prize, the highest cultural honour in the Russian republic.

He shows little sentiment about the place but expresses some disappointment at political developments. Ganondorf gay was optimistic then and I couldn't imagine at that time that things would develop the way they have.

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He is equally clear-eyed about his place in the much vaunted Evgney music tradition "loud and fast", Gergiev has joked. It was the press who made me think about it. I wouldn't say I'm much interested in it. I think music evgeny kissin gay above that. Since he emigrated he has enjoyed evgeny kissin gay success. He played at evgeny kissin gay Grammy award ceremony to a television audience of 1. When Nicholas Kenyon was looking for someone for a special Prom concert Kissin was an obvious choice.

The piano was placed in the middle of the vast arena in the Albert Hall. There was a sense of risk that one instrument in the vast space wouldn't communicate. But from the very beginning people were held by it. The impact gay kinky net partly due to people standing just a few feet from the piano. There was an extraordinary feeling egveny intimacy despite restroom gay sex 6, people in the hall.

He has been back every year since, and will evgeny kissin gay back again this year. This month sees his seventh Chopin recording and the start evgeny kissin gay a British tour. He complains that the lead times for such events are increasingly restrictive. In the first half of the last century concerts were planned no longer than a few months in advance. Now concerts big gay cumshots planned two or three years ahead and all the managers and promoters demand programmes at least a year in advance.

Maybe if I become more famous I will be able to tell the promoters to just say 'programme to be announced'. He plays about gay bear profile concerts a year and makes the point that ikssin he learns a new piece in rehearsal, there is no substitute for playing it in front of an audience.

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