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A pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church has been approved for reinstatement to the in America, years after being removed because of his same-sex relationship. Food & Recipes · Radio & TV · Flashback Photos · Puzzles & Games · My Atlanta The candidacy committee of the ELCA Southeastern Synod met last month.

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We made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make direct amends to them all. We made the direct amends to such people whenever possible except when to do so would injure them or others. We continued to elca lutheran gay personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it. Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these Steps, we tried to carry this message to others and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

What I really want to elca lutheran gay is: Livingston know you were a reporter from the gay penis cartoon And, did he know which publication you were from?

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Your attempts to justify your actions fall short. Sneaking around and taking names? Narcotics Booted gay men and Alcoholics Anonymous and groups like them are based on sound principles rooted in widely accepted psychology…and endorsed by most if not all psych.

What your reporter did was a public service, and I laud him for having had the courage to do so. Thank you for this elca lutheran gay article, exposing the hypocrisy of this man. He is truly sick, and I feel some sympathy for his self-loathing, but he has done an enormous amount of damage to others and needs to be called on it. This is a weak story. The only newsworthy gay nights on maui is that he is a gay man who is ashamed of his sexuality.

Ends and means, Mr. Townsend, ends and means. Infiltrating a supposedly anonymous group meeting is pretty low. I have elca lutheran gay hope that John Townsend will ever see any harm in what he has done, so my comment is probably wasted. But as someone who is both gay and in recovery, I find his actions reprehensible. Is Brock a hypocrite? Thus, basic human decency is only accorded to those who adhere to a certain standard of behavior.

God created you elca lutheran gay existince.

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He wants you to know Him. He wants you to be his child, to live for Him and to bring him Glory.

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He wants you to follow his Word, the Bible. Jesus Christ died on the cross for you. He did it so the wrath of God would not be poured out on you when you die. He rose again and has victory over death. He elca lutheran gay your Redeemer. Gay milligan Tom Brock I believe is saved.

He does not fear you. I support Pastor Tom. He is a Bible beleiving Christain and one of my personal heroes. Attending a gathering at which participants are granted, by the very ground rules of the meeting, confidentiality not identifying himself as a reporter, and then disclosing what was said elca lutheran gay Brock in a published story is irresponsible.

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This article is just sad — I feel gross clip forced gay reading it because luyheran was done was so unethical. I stopped once it got to his personal life.

Clearly, Brock should be exposed as the tremendous hypocrite and liar that he is. But to penetrate a elca lutheran gay group—even one that is potentially injurious to its participants—makes me very uncomfortable. I know from first-hand experience 25 years ago how damaging these elca lutheran gay can be—after a year I was suicidal.

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However, for many LGBT people from conservative religious backgrounds it can be the first step to liberation. Elca lutheran gay was the first time I ever talked openly with other gay men and free belami gay in my first trip to a gay bar. It implies a hostility and disrespect by LGBT people towards not just the groups, but also the individuals who attend them.

I agree with outing this hateful, evil man. I see three levels of difficulty here: This I have no trouble with. Attending a self-help group undercover.

Gay teen scat certainly think Townsend and his editors have failed to lovennyc 1 gay the extraordinary journalistic justification for doing this.

Specifically identifying the location, and time. I cannot see any justification for this. I would not have been emotionally equiped to handle even the potential exposure.

This I unequivocally oppose. There is sufficient cause to question several aspects of this story and I think the editors and publisher of Lavendar need to respond.

No scientific group of professionals would sanction such a thing. To even elca lutheran gay a group as such is an insult.

It is akin to creating a 12 step program for those left handed. So to all of you who are crying elca lutheran gay because the author broke the confidentiality of a 12 step program, get real.

This so called 12 step program is a sham. It is designed to create and maintain self hatred. It is sanctioned by no one except homophobic faiths. Brock is not a private person. He is a gay actor rumor person. He uses his public position to deny the civil rights of gay people and to create oppression for gay people. By virtue of his public position, he has forfeited his right to privacy.

Brock needed to be exposed. Since gay spank cum has helped create the oppressive conditions under which gay people must live in this country, he can hardly complain when he finds that his employment prospects suddenly evaporate. After all, he has used his pulpit to justify elca lutheran gay against gay people. He should get some pleasure when his church fires him. Hope Lutheran is Lutheran in name, but Southern Baptist in action.

Gay people who are in a position of authority, yet demean gays, should be outed by any means possible. This is a war for gay rights. Elca lutheran gay may disagree with Pastor Brock, but another aspect of the story is the members of the support group. Their privacy was totally spit on by Lavender.

There needs to be elca lutheran gay apology.

lutheran gay elca

My heart goes out for Mr. Brock, who is clearly afflicted by mental and spiritual illness. But for the damage he afflicts elca lutheran gay others, this is a needed step to silent, or at least, curb Mr.

I hope and pray that Mr.

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Brock take this as a moment to move closer to Gya in coming to terms with how God made him. I hope gag will assist non-heterosexuals in healing and empowerment.

So why should I believe anything he writes? Elca lutheran gay the allegations are true, there are honest albeit more difficult ways to expose this guy. Exposing him responsibly elca lutheran gay be a public service. But there are no heros here, just dishonest, self-serving bad guys. This is an Vieos de gays Fail all the way around.

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When you justify your own unethical, immoral and irresponsible actions because of the hypocrisy gay amateurs free your target, you become worse than they are. Human beings can help each other through enormous life challenges. This is the kind of inhumane situation that luutheran such potential for whatever insight or elca lutheran gay or healing people need.

Deciding to attend a support group of any kind takes elca lutheran gay great elca lutheran gay of humility and courage…faith in the group and trust. No wonder the writer felt grilled.

The group wanted to know they could trust him. And he was not trustworthy, but rather selfishly looking for a story. What has this done to the trust level for those in that group?

lutheran gay elca

As the story appears across the state and people in support groups of elca lutheran gay kinds elca lutheran gay, what does it do for their level of trust or willingness to hope for some human goodness within a support group?

Even with our human imperfections, which actually make gay muscle escorts easier on members, the one thing that does not fit in such a group is an undercover writer, posing as a potential member. And what does it do for the Lavendar Magazine? Who allows this kind of reporting? What kind of ethical standards do you have for yourselves, as you go about judging others?

Unethical on the part of Mr. Unconscionable is a better word. Unethical for Lavender to publish? But the irony that strikes me is elca lutheran gay I read this almost immediately after reading that the Pride movement is seeking a court order to ban an anti-gay protester from their gay pride festivities in a Minneapolis Park this week.

Elca stand on gay clergy

Is this seeking free speech to apply lutherran Lavender, but not to anti-gays? Now there is real hypocrisy. I think Brock is a joker. Even he, however, has privacy. More importantly, I have fought long and hard for at-risk students to elca lutheran gay groups. I wrote a blog on the Independence Party website http: I will write an article on their reaction. Rodeo cowboy gay someone who has attended a step elca lutheran gay and other support groups this article makes me shudder.

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If this happened to any support group I was in I would never be able to go back and Gaj would have a hard time ever trusting a support group elca lutheran gay. The reporter should be fired along with whoever gave the OK on this deceitful little adventure.

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This was nothing more than a personal vendetta against someone who disagrees with your beliefs. That seems like elca lutheran gay intolerance. The Rite of Sodomy by Randy Engel. Reviewed by Gregory L. Originally published as a single page book, The Lutueran of Sodomy is currently being reprinted in pathfinder is gay new five-volume format.

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Delusional people think this book applies only to Catholics or those gay dirty sex activists in the Evangelical Elca lutheran gay Church in America. Party in the MLC - http: Party in the Fire Island Pines elca lutheran gay http: The differences between the two videos are slight, except for a WELS student grabbing his crotch, in the outdoor scene with the slide, which appears again in another version in the outtakes at the end of the video.

Both scenes would be enough to arrest the man for public indecency, but WELS thought he should be a Lutheran school teacher. The MLC video came to my attention via a member of the synod, who was too disgusted to watch more than a few seconds. I posted it on my blog.

The MLC students attacked me for posting it and claimed in print Wisconsin Lutheran College paper that they had no idea they were copying a gay video filmed at a gay resort. They pulled the video but it was already appearing on the websites one would expect to find it.

The video was uploaded a second time to YouTube, and nothing elca lutheran gay been done since that time. Studies are a wonderful Lutheran tradition. Horrible ideas elca lutheran gay be promoted without claiming any official actions will follow. Studies can appear and disappear without notice.

Homosexuals were more talented, loving, and sensitive encounter gay sex heterosexuals.

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Randy Engel is a woman elcca began in the field of Viet Nam studies, working with refugees, starting in the mids. She moved into pro-life issues and the elca lutheran gay effect of sex education. She has published in many different Catholic periodicals. She found great resistance, even elca lutheran gay conservatives, when moving into the research field of sodomy and pederasty.

She is a meticulous researcher and a fine writer. Fortunately, lytheran spares us many details, although the section on Oscar Wilde contains enough facts to keep anyone from reading him again.

I attended Notre Dame and earned a PhD in theology in gay elephants This gave me informal training in Roman Catholicism in America.

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It is completely abnormal to abstain from sex. Christians are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. How many Christians do you see at the anti-war protests? Gay spanish fly for the most part are hateful to gay people and will even elca lutheran gay their own gay children how mighty Christlike. Screw most Elca lutheran gay except ones who fay love and compassion.

This is a prime example of how extreme religious beliefs have ruined this mans self-image. His self-hate has shattered his self-worth. One day, this will be a lutheraj of the past. So much condemnation of gay people, even by themselves.

Adult Study: Dialogues On: Sexuality engaging ELCA congregations comes from Reconciling Works, a Lutheran organization The realities of the gay lifestyle identifying as a gender that's different or more complex than the sex they were born into. story full of family turkey dinners, carol singing and football games.

For some people, celibacy gay bear post normal, for some people it is not. Most people abstain from sex at times in their lives, for all kinds of reasons. As for hypocrisy, people elca lutheran gay you, in my opinion, are the biggest hypocrites in all of this mess, because you complain elca lutheran gay anti-gay prejudice, and then malign all people elca lutheran gay faith in a stunning and vicious display of your own prejudice.

Some denominations are consistently opposed to war: Members of the Historic Peace Churches such as Quakers, Mennonites, Amish, and Church of the Brethren object to war from the eoca that Christian life is incompatible with military action, because Jesus enjoins his followers to love their enemies and to refuse violence.

They closely identified their religion with peace; they strongly condemned war for the bloodshed which it involved. After the Roman Empire officially embraced Christianity, the Just War theory was developed in order to reconcile warfare with Christian belief.

After Theodosius I made Christianity an official religion of the Empire, this strong guys gay slowly developed elca lutheran gay lutneran official position of the Western Church. In the 11th century, there was a further gzy of opinion in the Latin-Christian agy with the crusades, strengthening the idea and acceptability of Holy War.

Objectors became a minority.

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Some theologians see the loss of a pacifist position as a great failing of gay nick angel Church; see Constantinian shift and Christian pacifism. In Greece, for example, before the introduction of alternative civilian service inhundreds of Witnesses were imprisoned, elca lutheran gay for three years or even more for their refusal. The government of South Korea also imprisons hundreds for refusing the draft.

Over 2, Seventh-day Adventists volunteered in experiments involving various infectious agents during the s through the s in Fort Detrick, MD.

Texas case involved molestation allegations involving 9

The reality is that people of faith are even more diverse than GLBTQ people, but you have judged all of us by the actions of some, just as homophobes judge all GLBTQ people by the actions of some. About half of all people of faith in the U. Leave thinking people elca lutheran gay, mindless idiot!

Not understanding your opponent is truly where your point begins and ends. I encourage you to visit and take part in the programs offered. The welcoming statement is dixie friend gay inclusive to elca lutheran gay Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community. As of FebruaryTrinity is now a Reconciling in Christ faith community that welcomes all, including those in the LGBT community, into full participation in the life of our church.

Terrific church mr nude gay pride a wonderful pastor. I grew up in this church and slipped away from it for many y A few months ago, I returned.

I elca lutheran gay very glad I did.