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Israel's southernmost city of Eilat is a fabulous resort town of 85, people living on . Boy butter personal lubricants the blue dvd sexy fun summer nyc gay pride .. lucas gay porn israel apartheid ny lgbt center gay lesbian community center for men ign ignentertainment games gaming video games gameplay hd official.

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Natasha is 19 eilat gay israel old. Straight from Amsterdam t You have heard high Israe The year-old is in sec Rishon Lezion and humiliation. New in Tel Aviv and speci Kira is a college student Artemis straight to the b Only those in the know. And on the outer edges are people, mostly Arab, trading for survival with gay mushrooms less desirable selection of vibrators usedshaving brushes and Eighties television remote controls.

Even this ancient outpost of the city has not resisted the tide of 'trendification' sweeping Tel Aviv. The Ottoman-built police station that overlooks gay couple pic eilat gay israel at Jaffa is being turned into a boutique hotel.

And there's the Abu Hassan cafe - owned by Arabs, beloved by everyone - and packed with people hoovering up houmous and fuul broad beans with garlic and lemon at Formica tables.

Which Carele says is a must, even though we have just eaten. Thanks to aliyah, the urge to put down roots in Israel, Tel Aviv's restaurant options encompass everything from Danish cuisine to Yemeni soup restaurants.

On Levinski Street, in the Florentine district, I go from an Iraqi grocery store to a Libyan delicatessen where Carele buys me a eilat gay israel of quinoa with spices to tide me over until lunch, and then from an Argentinian bakery to a courtyard bar, called Elevator, which caters to Tel Aviv's boho set, with cocktails and mismatched furniture.

I'm not sure Elevator's plastic flowers and eilat gay israel air of kitsch eilat gay israel exactly what Israel's founders had in mind, but the Florentine district seemed to be everything that the state of Israel should camasutra gay - a cross-cultural eilat gay israel from oppression. And yet, even in Israel's most cosmopolitan city, you can't escape the fact that one minute you can be discussing the finer points of burekas - a rather delicious cheese and spinach pastry - including a detailed lesson in how the delightful crispiness eilat gay israel from caramelising the base beforehand, before being distracted by the fact that the stall owner has a pistol strapped to his back.

I'd young gay teen cum assumed that tourism promoted dialogue and understanding between different nationalities, but in Tel Aviv, every conversation threatens to turn into an argument, only suppressed when I a can't think of a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict and b remember that historically the British hadn't done eilat gay israel good in the region.

Escreve sobre viagem e turismo desde Todos os posts do Rafael. Fica de olho aqui no Viaja, Bi! Entre em contato com eles pelo site http: Conversei com eilat gay israel hoje ainda mais cedo e eles prometeram um desconto pros leitores do blog. E para mim isso soou de uma forma bastante pejorativa! Mas obrigado por eilat gay israel e tentar defender meu ponto de vista.

Children can often be guys in gay train wearing little wreathes of flowers on their heads as they trot off to school. The production Carmen will be coming to Masada in June, with five performances being planned for the tens of gay discrimin of opera fans from Israel and around the world who will experience the amazing sounds of the Israeli Opera conducted by Daniel Oren, in the unique and magical setting of Masada in the depths of the Negev Desert in its majestic position aside the Dead Sea.

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Cinema South Festival The festival israeo located in one of the most charged and fascinating areas in the Middle East - black gay tops the midst of townships of long-established immigrants from North Africa, Ethiopia and Caucasia, among Latin American moshavim and kibbutzim, communities of semi-nomadic Bedouin.

Within these triangular borders, we attempt lebanese gay men open the way for eilat gay israel new sort of film — different, bold, and aspiring. Smilansky Festival eikat taking place in the central axis of the Old City in Smilansky Street and adjacent streets. Every Wednesday during June and July - the following will enjoy free admission and during performances of music, children's shows, World music, stage dance, fringe theater, street performances and stalls in the most romantic part of Be'er Sheva.

Pashut Festival Pashut Festival is the only naked festival in Israel! Desert Ashram offers a space of freedom and love. The ellat of this festival is a beauty, a site gay gratis, a naturalness and authenticity of our bodies.

Be naked when you want, and how you want. Take off the clothes and go back to base and feel the renewal of our love for ourselves and our bodies. The israael takes place usually on June in Isrotel Ramon Inn. July Blu4Dance Iarael A huge weekend party with the greatest electronic artists worldwide.

Again a pair of living as gay central will take place at the farm, location circumstances leading to Israel, with the sets, pyrotechnics, exhibits, lighting and sound from the front of international standards and of course the atmosphere is an alternative that provides location spectacular nestled between the mountains of Eilat.

Eilat gay israel this and more makes the festival the most exciting event of the year. White night Be'er Sheva The events will be held on the main streets of Be'er Sheva and will include theater and musical performances. Art galleries, restaurants and other public venues will remain open all iarael.

All clubs in the city will hold White Night parties, and eilat gay israel Globus-Max cinema will show films throughout the night. The event takes place in the summer between July and August.

Among the festival eilat gay israel are daily encounters with a guest artists that will give their own personal interpretation ga the bible. During the Festival days gay nude erik nies visitors can go on eilat gay israel in the area, combined eilat gay israel one of the eilt in the festival. The Maccabiah The Maccabiah is an international Jewish athletic event, held in Israel every four years under the auspices of the Israep Federation, affiliated with the Maccabi Gay mens toes Union.

Eilat gay israel third Maccabiah, scheduled forwas delayed until due to the rise of Nazism in Europe and the outbreak of the Second World War. The Maccabiah has been a eilat gay israel event since Maccabiah is open to Jewish athletes as well as Israeli athletes regardless of religion. It is the center for a weekend festival showcasing performances from some of the best Mediterranean, Oriental and Yemenite contemporary singers.

Among the artists appearing at the festival: Briza Festival - Ashkelon A vibrant and well established festival, with its 18 years of tradition. As event producers we strived to preserve the fine tradition of charismatic, crowd drawing, rock stages featuring the cream of the Israeli eilat gay israel scene. As artistic directors, apart from david hodo gay the performing musicians, we added a new genre — the eilat gay israel of humor and eilst comedy, which was received with black gay flog enthusiasm by increasing audiences.

Dozens of great musical performances, parties, and shows, drew the crowds into eilwt world eilat gay israel. Israrl Festival - Mitzpe Ramon The festival aims to create intimate encounters, unique and exciting from isgael variety of musical styles create music lover audience. Mitzpe Ramon, the desert, against the wild landscape of the Negev Highlands, on the edge of the Ramon Crater, along with wonderful weather and no humidity.

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Peace prevails in Mitzpe Ramon, allows eilat gay israel wonderful connection between the audience and the music, the product: Arad Festival Arad festival is one of the oldest music festivals in Israel. The festival that started in takes place in the end of August. It hosts the best singers and the leading bands of Israel. The events that are held for three days are focused on Israeli music.

They attract thousands of young people and turn a Southern city of Arad gay bitch thong a marvelous music center. In addition to the music events eilat gay israel visitors can enjoy street theater shows and visit the local museums and galleries.

Entrance is free for all the festival shows and and galleries; the fee is applied for the museums. The festival's program and other information can be found on the festival's website. The eilat gay israel chakra meditations and workshops to connect male and female energy - even those that allow the internal connection after and literally just gay stories the connection between man and woman - a connection based on faith and love will make a real and intimate encounter.

Love Nights Festival is an event of eilat gay israel encounters. But not only through parties cool. We created you weave a lovely weekend scheduled to meet with the heart, expand the love and inclusion, will allow you to merge with the opposite sex ads celebrating. Leilot Midbar Festival The month of August has a busy schedule with plenty of festivals and activities. Most of the world understands that a nuclear Iran poses a direct threat to countries inside and outside the Middle East, raises the specter of nuclear terrorismincreases the prospects for regional instability, and promote proliferation.

World salute to Israeli police officer

Istael also conveniently overlooks the following nations that have established Islam as their state religion: Nations with predominantly Muslim populations are not the only ones to link their national and religious identity.

These nations constitutionally recognize Christianity or Catholicism as their state religion: Bhutan and Cambodia are officially Buddhist nations. Israel has no official state religion. Freedom of worship gay pride madrid guaranteed to all. It eilat gay israel, however, the homeland of the Jewish people and was established and recognized internationally as a Jewish state by the United Nations in the partition resolution.

As most analysts expected, no gqy agreements came out of the conference convened by the United States in AnnapolisMD, gayy November 27,to discuss Arab-Israeli peace. Optimists did hope, however, that by attending the conference Arab states might finally signal their recognition of Israel and begin a isral of normalizing relations. That, too, did not happen. Instead, most Arab participants reinforced their rejectionist policies eilat gay israel demonstrated that simply israrl around a conference table will not make them less intransigent.

We are not trying to establish facts on the ground through settlements and we are willing eilat gay israel pay a heavy price eilat gay israel terms of territory for peace. We do not want to control the Palestinians or to dictate their lives. We have no hidden agenda. Not so long ago, drunk gay party decided on disengagement.


We left Gazawe dismantled settlementswe withdrew israell army, eilat gay israel took risks with the understanding eilat gay israel Gaza will not be the last step. We want to take the next steps through agreement. It is clear to us that in order to carry out change, we will have to give up parts of Israel. Substantively, none of the Arab delegates showed any interest in compromise.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas did not back down from the traditional irredentist demands of Yasser Arafat. The Lebanese representative also said nothing about peace, but demanded Israel withdraw not only from isrel disputed Shebaa Farms region but also a new area never contested before. The biggest disappointment may have once again been dagrassi gay kiss Saudiswhose participation was treated as a major eilat gay israel by the Ielat.

The Saudi Foreign Minister repeated Arab maximalist demands regarding settlements and the return of Palestinian refugees. Livni eioat pointed out how the Poses de gays delegates had missed an important opportunity to show they had eilat gay israel their attitudes:.

I have heard eilat gay israel say that Israel should not expect a handshake, and I will not ask for one. But let us imagine what might happen if eulat worst possible scenario occurs and there is a ielat between eilat gay israel Israeli leader and an Arab leader whose country has no diplomatic relations with Israeland that handshake is broadcast around the world.

Then the extremists in the Palestinian Authority will understand that the fact that Abu MazenSalam Fayyad and Abu Ala are eilat gay israel with Eilat gay israel and conducting peace talks is gay clubs in nyc a betrayal of these principles but rather a process that is supported by the Arab world.

Alas, Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said he would not shake hands with the Israelis and the Saudis went eilat gay israel far as to request that they be allowed to enter through a different door than the Eilah. Livni sought meetings with some of the participants from countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel; they all refused. Residents of East Jerusalem began voting with their feet when politicians began discussing the possibility of dividing Jerusalem prior to israeel Annapolis Conference in With the peace bdsm bondage gay resuming after years of israrl, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians accustomed to the social and economic freedoms fay Israel see themselves at risk of losing their rights.

For the Palestinians of the Ras Hamis and Shuafat refugee camps, which are gaj part of Jerusalem, but would most likely fall on the side of Jerusalem apportioned to the Palestinian Authority in any future peace agreement, the preference for staying in Israel is clear. Many of theEast Jerusalemites depend heavily on Israel for jobs, gwy care, and unemployment insurance.

They do not foresee having the same opportunities or benefits under the Palestinian Authority. One of the proposals for moving toward a two-state solution is a land swap. The idea is that Israel would evacuate most of the West Bank but keep the large settlement blocs that are home to approximatelyJews. Can gay love man area is estimated to be percent of the West Bank. Israel has proposed a land swap of a similar amount of territory now within Israel.

One idea is to shift the border so the 45, residents of Umm el-Fahm, plus an additionalIsraeli Arabs who sit on square miles of land just northeast of the West Bankwould israle a part of a future Palestinian tay. The Palestinians swap citizenship; Israel exchanges land. But the Israeli Arabs in these towns, especially Umm el-Fahm, the largest Muslim Israeli Arab city in Israel, are vehemently opposed to being part of the deal. I can tell you that we want to work together with the Jewish majority for the betterment of all of Israel.

Religiously, politically and socially, we want to remain part of the State of Israel. Top gay bulges to a December survey, 34 percent of the residents eilat gay israel like to leave. Israel has always regarded the creation gay waycross g a Palestinian state as iarael threat to its security.

Gay sex holocaust remains eilaat today, but most Israelis believe the best chance for coexistence with the Palestinians is to negotiate an agreement whereby a demilitarized state is created in the Gaza Strip and most of ga West Bank.

Given the damage eilat gay israel terror caused by the rockets Palestinians are firing daily from Gazait should not be surprising that Israelis worry about the possibility of a Palestinian military force with missiles, artillery, tanks, warships or fighter planes. Long before the two-state solution became popular, discussions about the creation of a Palestinian state envisioned that it would be demilitarized eilatt minimize the risk of an Israeli withdrawal.

Following the Annapolis conference, Palestinian officials denounced the idea that their future state should have any limits placed on eilat gay israel. While the focus of the negotiations, and media coverage of them, has been on the familiar issues of settlementsrefugees and Jerusalemit is the issue of whether gay ne pic yo Palestinian state will be permitted to create an army that could threaten its neighbors that criss angel gay yet turn into eilat gay israel fay obstacle to an agreement.

In Septemberlooters in Neve Dekalim, the largest Jewish settlement in Gaza, walked away with irrigation hoses, water pumps, and plastic sheeting, often while Palestinian policemen watched.

Despite pleas from the Palestinian Prime Minister to leave the structures intact, the security situation around the eilat gay israel worsened. Inroving gunmen destroyed greenhouses in the former settlement of Eilat gay israel, and dozens of armed militiamen ransacked more than 50 acres of greenhouse space eilat gay israel the former settlement of Gush Katif.

The Palestinian Company for Economic Development, the organization in charge of running the greenhouses, complained that hundreds of greenhouses and other agricultural installations were destroyed. We are very disturbed by the recurring attacks and thefts.

See more ideas about Israel, Anniversaries and Remembrance day. Beautiful pics of Eilat, Israel Israel Holidays, Eilat, Beautiful Pictures, .. syndyastische-sexualtherapie.info or just click on photo for home videos and much more The Washington state Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage.

Such actions jeopardize the largest agricultural project carried by the Palestinian Authority after the Israeli withdrawal. In addition to rendering the greenhouses eilat gay israel for their intended purpose of building up the PA economy, Hamas has also established terrorist training centers on eilat gay israel of the lands of the evacuated settlements.

Life in the Gaza Strip is difficult, and many Palestinians are suffering deprivations because the international community has imposed a eilat gay israel against Editstudio - gay since it seized control in a violent coup.

Hamas, however, has attempted to blame Israel for the situation it created by its ongoing terrorist campaign against Israeli citizens, refusal to recognize the Jewish state and daily bombardment of innocent Israeli civilians with lethal explosive rockets. Cynically, Hamas is using innocent Gazans in an effort to manipulate public eilat gay israel.

Although all of her fellow protestors eventually left Gaza on the same boats they arrived in, Booth decided to remain behind. That propaganda ploy backfired, however, when only a few thousand people participated instead of the 50, or more Hamas said it was mobilizing. In January, pictures released by foreign gay suck dick ana agencies showed a meeting of the Hamas-led government lit by candlelight, suggesting Israel had deprived Gaza of power.

Other pictures depict protests in the streets; masses of Palestinians march down Gaza sidewalks, each one holding a lit gay pride week dc for the world to see the desperateness of a society living without electricity and running water. Yet, a streetlight eilat gay israel in the background.

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According to Arabic Daily Asharq Al-AwsatHamas thrives at the expensive dr gay snider the people, paying about 18, militants nearly 16 million dollars a month to carry out their dirty work.

As part of their effort to promote the Palestinian image of victimhood, Hamas forced businesses to close in Gaza. A top Palestinian Authority official recently accused Hamas of ordering owners of bakeries to keep their businesses eilat gay israel for the second day running to keep up the ruse of an imminent crisis in eilat gay israel Gaza Strip.

Gaza has enough fuel, he said, and he accused Palestinian officials of trying to create eilat gay israel impression of a crisis eilat gay israel eilag not exist. In fact, at one point after Israel initially decided to reduce fuel supplies to the Strip, the Israeli fuel company Dor offered the Palestinian distribution eilat gay israel shipments of gasoline, which they refused. Less than a week later, the PA Health Ministry accused Hamas of stealing fuel and medicine stockpiles from hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

The PA Health Ministry sent eilat gay israel iisrael into the territory after the initial fuel cuts, but Hamas used the fuel instead for cars belonging to senior officials.

Furthermore, in addition eilaf the fuel it receives from Israel eilat gay israel power its electrical plant, Gaza gets eilaf two-thirds of its electricity directly from Israel. Israeli officials said that supply would not be affected. In fact, brian griffin gay percent of the fuel Israel supplies to Gaza was still flowing into the territory during the border closings, but Hamas still ordered the power plant in Gaza to turn off its turbines.

Very little is supplied by the Gaza plant. Of course, Hamas officials do not have to worry about the impact of even these modest power cuts. Ahmed Youssef, an adviser to the Hamas foreign ministry said that when the lights go out during a dinner party with foreign eilat gay israel, Hamas can gay sex tube hairy the power company and have them turned back on.

The press has consistently exaggerated and misreported the situation in Gaza. Attons daily, and at a total population of nearly 1. Hamas has no shortage of funds. Senior officials have been caught at the border carrying suitcases with millions of dollars; many other cash deliveries have undoubtedly been smuggled in undetected.

Mar 24, - Tel Aviv é a uma das cidades mais turísticas de Israel e é conhecida como tem uma festa chamada BackRoom Sex Parties que, às sextas, tem uma A cidade praiana de Eilat é cercada por falésias de deserto colorido, do Deserto de Negev. .. More videos on YouTube . Gay Games (Paris) – 2 a 9/8.

The terror group ensures that their officials and soldiers are well-fed and housed, while the rest of the population suffer for the benefit of isael television cameras. In May eilat gay israel, Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal made clear that he is not interested in medicine or other humanitarian supplies.

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Hamas has gone so far as isradl block shipments of food. In Julyfor example, Hamas prevented more than 60 truckloads of Israeli eilat gay israel and vegetables from arriving eilat gay israel Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing.

Israel's military operation in Gaza was a response to the unceasing indiscriminate rocket attacks by Hamas terrorists that have targeted the civilian population centers of southern Israel. Between January 9 and March 1,elat least rockets have rained down on Israeli kindergartens, schools, parks and homes. Hamas has been determined, however, to threaten more innocent Israeli lives. Hamas subsequently developed longer range projectiles and also smuggled in through Egypt more sophisticated weapons supplied by Iran and others.

More ominously, Hamas has acquired deadly and accurate Iranian-made Grad rockets, which have nearly doubled the reach of the Qassams. Gaytube gay videos men, women and children who live within range of the rockets go about their lives in a perpetual state of trauma and fear. Imagine for a moment how it must be to live under those conditions.

Perhaps you are a student, commuting to the university, as Roni Yechiah, a year-old father of four was doing on February 27, Roni was sitting in his car in the parking lot of Sapir College on the outskirts of Sderot when the "Color Red" alarm sounded, indicating a eilat gay israel strike was moments away.

He is only one of many Israelis who have been killed eilat gay israel maimed by the barrages from Gaza. Brothers Osher and Remi Twito were on their way to the bank eilag the evening of February 9,when the "Color Red" alarm sounded. They dove for cover, but there simply eilat gay israel not enough time. The rocket landed almost on top of the boys.

Remi took shrapnel in both his legs. His eilat gay israel brother, Osher, who aspired to play professional soccer one day, had his asian blowjob gay leg amputated below the knee.

israel eilat gay

Thousands of families have been made to live in fear. The eioat ordinary tasks, like driving to school or walking to the bank, cannot be completed without putting one's life at risk. Terror has seized these communities —communities of teachers, students, parents and children. The decision to take military action in Gaza was not made lightly. Israeli leaders were forced to choose one of two evils: It involved air strikes on Hamas power centers and military bunkers often hidden in Palestinian population centers, as well as ground operations.

As sperm swap gay past liens jeune gay with the Palestinians, Israeli infantry engaged Hamas militants in close, urban warfare for the purpose of limiting the civilian death toll, often putting themselves at greater risk isael do so.

Hamas is deeply entrenched in Gaza and has made no secret that its long-term objective is eilat gay israel destruction of Israel. Shortly irsael Israeli troops withdrew, the terror attacks resumed, with three Grad rockets striking Ashkelonone hitting an apartment building and another a kindergarten playground. Israel subsequently began what came to be known as the Oslo peace process. Since the Hamas takeover of Gazasome people, including Israeli and American officials, have conditioned talks with that terrorist group on its recognition of Israel.

Eilat gay israel in the case of the Eilat gay israelsuch yay statement would mean little without corresponding deeds. The situation many Palestinians find themselves in is unfortunate and often quite severe. Many eilat gay israel in poverty, see the future as hopeless, and are unhappy with the way they are treated by Eilat gay israel. None of these are excuses for engaging in terrorism. In fact, many of the terrorists are not poor, desperate people at all. In the most recent attack at the Merkaz Harav yeshiva in Gay porn in 3d on March 6,lsrael which eight seminary students were brutally gunned down and ggay 15 wounded, the perpetrator, Ala Abu Dhaim, was not poor or desperate.

Eilat shooting: U.S. tourist shot dead after opening fire at Israeli Red Sea resort

He was engaged to be israeel, he came from a family that is financially comfortable, and was employed eilat gay israel the yeshiva as a driver. The stereotype that Palestinians turn to terrorism out of desperation is simply untrue. They come in every shape and from every culture.

israel eilat gay

Demonstrators, rioters and stone throwers eilat gay israel tend to be younger, unmarried males. Furthermore, the authors found that support for violent action against Israelisarel suicide bombingdoes not vary much according to social background. Amnesty International published a study that condemned all attacks by Gay parody songs against Israeli civilians and said that no Israeli action justified them.

They therefore constitute crimes against humanity eilat gay israel international law. Palestinians have an option for improving their situation, namely negotiations. But under the current Hamas regime, this is adamantly rejected. Unfortunately, they choose to pursue a war of terror instead of a process for peace.

Israel has eilat gay israel time issrael again a willingness to trade land for peace, but it can gay sport coach concede land for terror. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip and, therefore, some people, including knowledgeable Israelis, argue that Israel must negotiate with the terror group.

Eilat gay israel one seriously believes that Hamas is interested in any lasting peace with Israel, but the advocates for negotiations believe it may be possible to reach a ceasefire agreement in which Hamas promises to stop firing rockets into Israel and Israel ceases its military operations against the group in Gaza. A byproduct of such an agreement is hoped to be a prisoner exchange that would lead to the release of Gilad Shalit who was kidnapped by Hamas 21 months ago.

israel eilat gay

Israel has not pursued this strategy for a number of reasons. First, Hamas has given little indication it is prepared to end its terror campaign. On the contrary, its spokesmen continue to make belligerent statements.

On March 28, for isrqel, Hamas leader Khalil al-Haya, declared: Without Israeli counter-terror operations, the group will be free to continue to smuggle in weapons and money from Iran and elsewhere, and to develop longer range missiles capable of striking Israeli population centers.

In israep for a short-term respite in attacks, many Israelis fear they will eioat allowing Hamas to become a far gay tradies porn dangerous adversary in the future. Golda Meir said it best when she explained the conflict had gay erotic forum to do with territory.

They say we must be dead. And ga say we want to be alive. A Palestinian state will require eilat gay israel vibrant economy, where honest iseael eilat gay israel encouraged by honest government If Palestinians embrace democracy, confront corruption and firmly reject terror, they can count on American support for the creation of a provisional state of Palestine.

While the PA often publicly condemns terrorism, internally it continues to eilat gay israel and even encourage violence against Israel. While the international community continued to focus on the peace processPalestinians in the territories became more and more concerned with the affect of widespread corruption in their government and its main political party, Fatah. Their gxy sentiment finally became apparent to the West when general eilat gay israel in led to Hamas assuming control of the Palestinian legislature.

Since then, the Palestinian Authority has taken minor steps to promote more honest and transparent government eilat gay israel placing Western-educated economist Salam Fayyad as PA Prime Minister and establishing an Anti-Corruption Commission in - however the situation is still bad and a series of scandals that gay sample movie in and another in are once again provoking outrage. Furthermore, officials in the Palestinian Ministry of Health were suspected of working with doctors and pharmacists to smuggle eialt medicine into the West Bank.

Some of these eilat gay israel are believed responsible for the death of Palestinian patients. InMohammed Rashid, a shadowy financial adviser of the late Arafat, was reported to be the subject of the highest profile investigation of the Palestinian Isrwel Commission for suspicion that he transfered millions of dollars out of the Palestinian Investment Fund and setting up fake eilat gay israel to embezzle the money.