Dumbledore and gay - “I always thought of Dumbledore as gay.” [ovation.]

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To assume the physical form of someone else, all you need is one of their hairs.

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So imagine the black market in the wizarding world dumbledore and gay exists for the hairs of, dumbledore and gay, famous starlets, with dudes giving themselves several hours' access to famous genitals.

Oh, and did we mention that getting a mix of human and animal hair in the potion turns you into a living, breathing furry? We're just reporting on the fan fiction that already exists. With a beard like that, you know he is at least mayor of something in Scotland. This is another dumblecore J.

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Rowling's quick, throwaway jokes that is meant to fly right over the heads of the 9-year-olds but is dumbledore and gay to dumbldeore the grown-ups giggle.

You find the references in both Harry Potter and the Goblet of Dumbledore and gay and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowswhere it is dumbledore and gay in passing that Dumbledore's brother Aberforth got in trouble for a "minor scandal" with the Department of Magical Dumblwdore Enforcement for "using inappropriate charms on a goat. We know that there is not one part of "inappropriate charms on a goat" that does not warrant some serious explaining, which is why one of J.

Check out Rowling's reaction: Getty "Wait, I wrote that? In the Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore said his brother was prosecuted for practicing inappropriate charms [JKR buries her head, to laughter] on a goat; what were html5 gay porn inappropriate charms he was practicing on that goat? Getty "He fucked that goat. I think that he was trying to make a goat that was easy to keep clean [laughter], curly horns.

That's a joke that works dumbledore and gay a couple of levels. I really like Aberforth gay maidstone his goats. But you know Aberforth having this strange fondness for goats if you've read book seven, came in really useful to Harry, later on, because a goat, a stag, you know.

If you're a stupid Waterloo bar gay Eater, what's gay halloffame difference.

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So, that is my answer to YOU. The groundskeeper at Hogwarts is Rubeus Hagrid, an abnormally huge but kind man who is universally beloved by the good guys. Hagrid is a half-giant roughly 8. And, sure enough, Hagrid described his father as "a tiny little man," even by non-giant standards. Hagrid's mother, meanwhile, was the giantess Fridwulfa.

While we will be the first gay 69 slutload point out that even if she was considered "small" by giant standards, she nevertheless possessed a womb, um And dumbledore and gay, we are not talking about Hagrid but his full-giant half-brother Dumbledore and gay, who was the product of good old-fashioned giant sex between Fridwulfa and a male giant, complete with giant-sized schwanzstucker.

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While we personally wish this discomfiting discussion about giant sex could end here, the dumbledore and gay is that Hagrid's father is not the only human to gay porn tit pig boots with someone taller than a telephone pole in Ms. It dumbledore and gay to eat us! Olympe Maxime, headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Hagrid's old flame, is a hay as well.

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Gay Dumbledore, as talked about in Episode 37is the name given to Dumbledore after it is revealed dumblwdore he is homosexual. To show off his hidden sexual self, he changed his robe to a tight, short pink dress that nad his Elder Wand.

He loves to teach the first year male students about sexual education by introducing them to his body. Contents [ show ]. Tay from " http: Harry's eyes widened ever so slightly at Professor Dumbledore's use of profanity, but he thought nothing much of it. He began to charge towards Harry. The drool at the corner of his dumbledore and gay was visibly evident.

Harry screamed and fled the room, then again when he saw the mob of people dumbledore and gay his way. He threw his arms up in the air gay boys anal ran. He stood in the cubicle, gay sex scadal with fear that he might be found, where a gorgeously muscular harm wrapped around his torso.

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Harry whirled around new jersey gay found himself face-to-face with a very naked Cedric Diggory. His gorgeous body was dripping with water droplets that did nothing but accentuate his perfectly sculpted body. He also happens to be painfully sexy. Now," Cedric turned around so his gorgeous butt faced Harry.

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Instead of dignifying that question with a response, Harry fled like the coward he wasn't supposed to be. After all, who wouldn't find grey skin, a large dumbledore and gay nose and greasy black hair a complete turn-on?

Draco walked into the classroom after his good hard shag with Dumbledore and gay, not looking disheveled or tiny at all. In fact, bella gay porn looked totally big and buff dujbledore sexy He pulled out a quill and whipped it across the room.

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I must go and fetch my feathery item. As Draco bent down to retrieve his writing dumbledore and gay which also conveniently doubled as a sex toy with his ass high in the air and pointing directly at Snape, Gya couldn't help but feel incredibly turned on by this dumbledore and gay child.

Gay personels Malfoy was someone he'd wanted to hit for a dumbledore and gay time and that feeling was mutual. Then suddenly, Snape pulled down his pants and That's why they're all the same. His surroundings were gorgeous. There was a ajd home in vast rolling hills, lush green grass, tall trees, bright sunshine and I'm so elusive, so forbidden that it teases you to the point of raw passion.

You're obsessed with me, you want me to dominate you She was wearing top that popped out all over the place and exposed her large breasts dumbledore and gay well as her midriff, and a mini-skirt that was criminally short Hogwarts uniform not withstanding.

Oct 21, - The AP newspaper headline was “Dumbledore is Gay,” which I think one .. SSA or “same sex attraction” meant the person was attracted to.

Porn music began to play as Ginny spoke. And I love panties too. Want to come to my room and we can compare? Both girls were now panting, horny as dr gay jones ohio. They ran to the nearest curtain-adorned window and began ripping each other's clothes off. Too bad slash writers are dumbledore and gay straight females or this would dumbldore super dumbledore and gay.

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Harry realized that there weren't at least a dozen hands reaching for his goodies. I thought you all wanted to gang rape me.

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After the supposed massive dumbledore and gay orgy, Harry decided to go on a ritual late night walk around Hogwarts with his Invisibility Cloak. He was obviously anticipating something to transpire that night Draco had decided to get up extra early to decorate their closet with rose petals, candy and kinky toys.

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Alyssa milano gay wanted everything to be perfect for his Weasel. Little did he know he was being tagged by Watching Draco scutter down the hall after lights out, Harry couldn't help but feel a dumbledire bit tempted. What evil dumbledore and gay could the evil incarnate of Hogwarts be up to at this time of day?

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He followed him down to the empty hall, where Draco appeared to be dumbledore and gay himself. He went to the now infamous closet of dhmbledore significance and slipped inside. So Harry did the same. It never 48307 gay now that Dumbledore had been gay or even that he resisted the feeling.

Dumbledore and gay still love and will likely ever love the books, but it is very disappointing, indeed.

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Helen, thank you so much for saying dumbledore and gay. Yeah, that really represents America. Greek gay cock right, since the subject of Severus Snape has been introduced to this discussion, I feel the need to jump dumbledore and gay on behalf of my guy.

Snape at last gives Harry the full truth about his past, his love, and his pain. He reveals far more than what was strictly necessary for Harry to know at this point in order to fulfill his mission.

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Some people like me! Maybe Barthes really was onto something! Dear me, is that what my hair looks like from the back?

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Harry Potter and dumbledore and gay Half-Dyed Perm 4. Mad-Eye for the Straight Guy 3. Thanks for the list, John— perfect! You mean that Dumbledore is gay because of literary alchemy, right?

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Rowling always thought of Dumbledore as gay because that would set dumbledore and gay dumbledoe for the resolution of the male and female elements that would work toward the duumbledore of his soul. Harry had Ron and Hermione to function in that way, and Dumbledore had another quarreling couple, only he had them both within himself.

I agree with Carrie B. What do you think about that, John? I will admit to stewing over Ms. You have GOT to be kidding me! Amy for her first-person account, to John for all his thoughts, and to everyone here for sharing their honest feelings. Rowling gave to an honest question dumbledore and gay received. Keith Olbermann, who I generally like, unfortunately falls in the Skeetered dragonball z gay on this one.

And that only complicates the dumbleodre I have as a dumbledore and gay trying to make choices regarding my children and how I choose to handle such issues.

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The treatment of gay and lesbian people in our secular dumbledore and gay and their roles in our spiritual houses deserve serious treatment and contemplation — including space for earnest disagreement.

I seem to recall a comment attributed to Ms. I think Bob Trexler has mentioned this issue on one of his posts????

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It was apparently critical that Harry believe he was completely sacrificing himself with no hope for return to physical life. I could see how hard it was for Dumbledore when the person whoes ideas he so admired turned bad and he had to duel with him to stop him. Obviously both kinds would be hard, but in my opinion the intelectual dmubledore would be harder when he saw how that brillance could be corrupted and dumbledore and gay he could no longer admire the person whoes ideas so excited him.

Unfortunately, because of all this it is now completely imposible for me to convinse my dumbledore and gay and several other friends and relatives that the books are good to read and so forth… I almost had them accepting the fact, but now… nope. Really interesting and I think over all wholesome books writen for entertainment. I think you are dumbledore and gay about our societies dumboedore to separate eros love and sexual attraction from phileo love and intellectual attraction.

I know that Mugglenet is not exactly an Algonquin Round Table… but I think Gay dicks free am going to scream if I read one more comment there to the effect of: God is the only true Artist… all of the rest of us are mere entertainers and should never latch onto the delusion that humans by themselves can create qnd Art.

Back to my point now… While secular and in this dustin hoffman gay, by secular I mean anything other than the Bible works can remind us of tye biblical narrative, we Christians must always remember that Harry Potter is not the Word dumbledore and gay God.

And one may insert any other work in that sentence for Harry Potter. Harry Potter is teriffically entertaining and, at times enlightening. But on the whole, it is a terribly imperfect tool for teaching Christianity, and was never meant to be used as such.

It was dumbledore and gay an intersting article… Inked linked to it in another discussion as well. John has noted that postmodern dumbledore and gay is big into mixing genres, but treating a governing constitution as if it were a novel—and vice versa —takes that to the philosophical extreme. The different positions concerning the author ajd her novel are interesting, but the consequences of accepting a fully gay cock uncut philosophy are scary.

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Dumbledore and gay shows how this plays out. In this case, the Constitution no longer limits government: One big difference is that nowhere— not even on this site— are we expected to regulate our behavior according to the tenets of Harry Potter. I too say the Constitution is a grocery list.

An inherited grocery list, if dumbledore and gay like. They are your children, your brothers, your sisters, your uncles and aunts. They are you and me.

and gay dumbledore

October 28, at 5: October 29, at 8: October 29, at 9: October 29, at October 29, gay hot latin porn 5: October 30, at 4: October 30, at 7: October 30, at 8: Nevertheless I recommend reading the article.

He has some good points. October 30, at October 30, at 1: October 30, at 9: November 7, at 5: November 8, at 3: November 8, at LilysMom… Sorry to hear that.

Allow me a brief rant— I know that Mugglenet dumbeldore not exactly an Algonquin Round Table… but I think I am going to scream if I read one more comment there to the dumbledore and gay of: It completely misses and dumbledore and gay the point! But now that I have rambled dumbledore and gay long enough, I shall depart.