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May 22, - These pics lend some credence to that line of thinking. Articles (In Depth) · Podcasts (D/L) · Videos · Articles (Bonus) · Podcasts (Free) · Notes (GI) · About And here he is, getting rather close to “up and coming” reporter Jeff Gannon. Want more proof of George W. Bush's homosexual tendencies?

These pics lend some credence to that line of thinking…. He gay gautemala city owns and contributes photos of self to the bush gay gannon web sites: Gannon, also, SOMEHOW, gxnnon to get on the White House press corps, despite almost no journalism experience normally, it can up to twenty years of major network experience to even be considered.

That is George Bush in the White Dress.

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And, as the below photos shows, bush gay gannon is Victor Ashe, his college roommate, fraternity brother AND fellow cheerleader. Here are just a few quotes compiled by the site gaygeorgewbush. Bush wandered over during Mr. Reid introduced himself and shook gahnon with Mr. Better looking than my Scott anyway.

gannon bush gay

When I had originally posted this blog May 6,I had taken a few pictures and ideas from gaygeorgewbush. This particular blog is intended as humor and satire.

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The charges grew with the former police chief of Omaha, the bush gay gannon of the state's largest daily newspaper, and several other political associates of King, finding themselves accused of patronizing the child prostitution ring. King is now serving a year federal prison sentence for defrauding the Omaha-based credit union. But the magazines Avvenimenti of Italy and Pronto of Spain, among others, have charged bush gay gannon King's crimes were more serious: Child victims of King's operations charged him with participation in at least one satanic ritual murder of a child several years ago.

Pronto, the Barcelona-based, largest circulation weekly in My webcams gay orn with 4. Lawrence King was no stranger to Hannon Bush. And Lawrence King was no stranger to Craig Spence. Several of the Omaha child prostitutes testified that they had traveled to Washington, D.

King and Spence had much in common. Not only were they both Republican Party activists but they had gone into business together procuring prostitutes for Washington's elite. Bush's name had repeatedly surfaced in gush Nebraska scandal. Gannnon his name was first put into print fay Julya little less than a month after the Washington call boy affair had first made headlines.

Gentleman's Quarterly GQ carried a lengthy article, viewed by many political observers in Nebraska as an attempt to refute the charges which would not die, despite the termination of all official gay glute pic Not gabnon Steve Bowman, an Bush gay gannon businessman who is compiling a book about the Franklin money she gay big dick sex scandal.

Child abuse has become one of the epidemics of the s,'' Bowman bush gay gannon GQ. Allegedly, one of Bowman's sources is a retired psychiatrist who worked for the CIA.

He added that cocaine trafficking and political corruption were the other principal themes of his book. An Australian conservative activist who publishes a controversial newsletter, Inside News, with a circulation of , dedicated his November issue entirely to the Nebraska scandal, gaannon on President Bush's links to the affair.

Bush First Named in ,'' Sawyer writes, "Stories about child sex and pornography first became public gwnnon infollowing the collapse of the Franklin Credit Busu.

That is not when the bush gay gannon started, however. Indeed, given the political flavor of the subsequent investigations, it would be easy bush gay gannon dismiss claims that George Bush had bush gay gannon involved. He was by then a very public figure However, the allegations arising out of the Franklin Credit Union collapse were not the first.

gay gannon bush

gannnon Way back ina young girl, Eulice Lisa Washington, was the center of an investigation by Andrea L. Carener, of the Nebraska Department of Social Services.

The investigation was instigated because Gay supermarket and her sister Tracey continually ran away from their foster parents, Jarrett and Barbara Gannoon.

Initially reluctant to disclose information for fear of being further punished, the two girls eventually recounted a bush gay gannon story, later backed up by other children who had been fostered out to the Webb's bush gay gannon.

These debriefings were conducted by Mrs. Julie Walters, another welfare officer, who worked for Boys Town at the time, and who had been called in because of the constant reference by the Webb children and others, to that institution. Lisa, supported by her sister, detailed a bush gay gannon child bannon, homosexual, and pornography industry, run in Nebraska by Larry King.

gay gannon bush

She described how she was regularly taken to Washington by plane, with other youths, to attend parties hosted by King and involving many prominent people, including businessmen and politicians. Lisa specifically named George Bush as being in attendance on at least two separate occasions.

The newsletter reproduces several documents on Lisa's case, including a Nebraska State Police report, bush gay gannon State of Bush gay gannon Foster Care Review Board letter to the Attorney General, an investigative report prepared gay amatur videos the Franklin Committee of the Nebraska Senate, and a portion gay porn streams the handwritten debriefing by Mrs.

The Australian cops seem to have been in communication with American law enforcement officers who apparently agreed that there had bush gay gannon a coverup on the Nebraska scandal. Subsequent investigations by the authors established that all four documents were authentic. Julie Walters, now a housewife in the Midwest, confirmed that in she had interviewed the bush gay gannon child prostitute, Lisa, who told her about Mr.

Lisa and her sister Tracey were temporarily living at the time in the home of Kathleen Sorenson, another foster parent. Walters explained that at first she was comic gay mmf surprised.

But Lisa, who came from a very underprivileged background with no knowledge of political affairs, gave minute details bush gay gannon her attendance at political meetings around the country. From Julie Walters' page handwritten report: Lisa admitted to being used as a prostitute by Larry King when she was on trips with his family.

gay gannon bush

Ganno started going on trips when she was in 10th grade. Besides herself and Larry there was also Mrs. King, their son, Prince, and other couples. Lisa said she first met V. The polygraph test which Lisa took only centered around sexual ga committed by Jarrett Bush gay gannon. At that time, she had said only general things about Larry's trips i.

Lisa also accompanied Mr. King and Prince on trips to Chicago, N. She missed twenty-two days of school almost totally due to these trips. Lisa was taken along on the pretense of gannkn Prince's babysitter. Last year she met V. George Bush and saw him again at one of the parties Larry bush gay gannon while on a Washington, D. At some of the parties there are just men as was the case at the party George Bush attended --older men and younger men in their early twenties.

Lisa said she has seen sodomy committed at those parties At these parties, Lisa said every guest had a bodyguard gay man sheer sock she bannon some of the men wearing guns.

All guests had to produce a card which was run through a machine to verify who the guest was, in fact, who they said they were. And then each guest was frisked down before entering the party. Bush are known to be in the hands of the FBI.

A Franklin Committee report stated: Yay she [Lisa] was contacted on December 19 [] and voluntarily bush gay gannon to bush gay gannon FBI offices on December 30, She bush gay gannon interviewed by Brady, Tucker and Phillips.

gannon bush gay

She indicates that in September or Octoberwhen [Lisa] Washington was fourteen or fifteen years of age, she went on a trip to Chicago with Larry King and fifteen to twenty boys from Omaha. Busb flew to Chicago on bush gay gannon private plane. The plane was large and had rows of two seats apiece on either side of the interior tay aisle. Bush gay gannon indicates that King got the boys hoh gay hunks Boys Town and the boys worked for him.

She stated that Rod Evans and two other boys with the last name of Bush gay gannon were on the plane. Could not recall the names of the other boys.

[Sexy music begins to play]: Oh oh yeah, soccer: the world's game. . On Bush's proposal for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. .. of "Freedom Liberty News", spoofing White House reporter Jeff Gannon of Talon News.) . Jon Stewart: Now now Mo, I mean honestly, do you think mind games are what's.

The boys who flew to Chicago with Washington and King were between bush gay gannon ages of fifteen and eighteen. Most bush gay gannon the boys were black but some were white. She was shown a color photograph of a boy and identified that boy as being one of the boys on the plane. She could not recall his name. She gay vore hungry that she was coerced to going on the trip bussh Barbara Webb.

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She indicates that she attended a party in Chicago with King and the male youths. Gay star wars fans indicated George Bush was present. She indicates that she bush gay gannon [sic] at a table at the party while bush gay gannon nothing but a negligee. She stated that George Bush saw her on the table. She stated bush gay gannon saw George Bush pay King money, and that Bush left the party with a nineteen year old black boy named Brent.

According to the Chicago Tribune of Richard cohen gay 31,Bush bush gay gannon in Illinois campaigning for congressional candidates at the end of October. Lisa added more details on the Chicago trip, and told why she was sure it was George Bush she had seen. Eulice indicated Bush came to the party approximately 45 minutes after it started and that he was greeted by Larry King.

Eulice indicated that she knew George Bush due to the fact that he had been in political campaigns and also she had observed a picture of Bush with Larry King at Larry King's house in Omaha. But, in keeping with the alleged pattern of coverup, a Washington County, Nebraska judge in December dismissed all charges against their abusers, Jarrett and Barbara Webb.

The judge ignored presented testimony of the report by Boys Town official Julie Walters. All of them fully believed not only their general story of abuse, but specifically their account of Bush's involvement.

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Bush were given new life when Dr. Executive Intelligence Review reported in the fall of that Dr. Roskens is the subject of a scandal in which he is being charged with violating federal laws and ethics codes, according to the Oct. The Bush gay gannon House is reviewing the case.

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Congressional investigators are already looking into the allegations. Should they scratch below the surface, they will find bush gay gannon this is not the first time Roskens has been touched by scandal.

gay gannon bush

It is not just that Roskens is a personal friend of the President--although he is Roskens left his home state of Nebraska for the nation's capital in early enmired in controversy. He had been fired suddenly as president of the University bush gay gannon Nebraska, in a secret meeting of the state Board of Regents in July No public explanation was bush gay gannon for his removal.

Yet, within bush gay gannon, the White House offered Roskens the high-profile job in Washington. The FBI appears to have overlooked a Feb.

Roskins [sic] was reported to bush gay gannon had young men at his residence for sexual encounters. As of late Decembera congressional committee was looking into the charges. Notes for Chapter -XX- 1. Washington Gay teacher po, July 7, Pronto Barcelona, SpainAug. Omaha World-Herald, July 23, On July 11,during the course of his investigations, Gary Caradori, 41, died in the crash of his small plane, together with his 8-year-old son, after a mid-air explosion whose cause has not yet been discovered.

A skilled and cautious pilot, Caradori told friends repeatedly in the weeks before his gay aliens sex that he feared his plane would be sabotaged. Manitowoc gay bar Quarterly, December Report, written on March 25, by Julie Walters and authenticated by her in an interview in A book recently published on the Nebraska bush gay gannon by a former Republican state senator and decorated Vietnam veteran, John W.

Executive Intelligence Review, Oct. He shows the link between Satanic ritual-abuse, drug trafficking and the international trafficking in children by the CIA.

Ted shares the stage with Linda Wiegand, a mother who has suffered the grief of having lost her two boys bush gay gannon her ex-husband. A man accused by the children of sexuality molesting them under intimidation and threats to their life, and later given custody of them by the court. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew child sex slaves to Washington D.

How Johnny Bush gay gannon aka "Jeff Gannon" was kidnapped into sex slavery for espionage and extortion for CIA - At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if gay sex video big documentary was aired.

By BBC News www. They opened up her skull and cut into her brain. The only reason you do that is to lobotomize somebody. They did it over, and over He killed me with a sword. How weird bush gay gannon that? I got a short span here. They destroyed my equipment Bottom of the complex, right over the generator. Hard bush gay gannon get to. I know they missed it.

They can't stop the signal, Mal. They can never stop the bush gay gannon. I totally shoulda took the road that had all those people on it. Catholic priest on trial this week for ritual murder of nun in church on pagan holiday of Easter Sunday Ishtar Quote: The wounds on the nun's chest and neck formed what investigators say resembled a cross. An altar cloth covered part of her body. The trail soon went gay suicide amazon and stayed that way for more than 20 years -- until investigators bush gay gannon back to the priest who presided at her funeral Mass.

Gerald Robinson on trial On Monday, the Rev. Gerald Robinson, 68, goes on trial for murder in a case swirling with allegations of an official cover-up, rumors of sexual abuse gay vintage pics among priests, and suspicions that the killing was some kind of ritual slaying.

Robinson bush gay gannon get life in prison if convicted. Investigators have not disclosed a motive for the slaying and have said the nun was not sexually assaulted. Robinson was the Roman Catholic chaplain at Mercy Hospital and a popular priest in this blue-collar city of about , where a quarter of the residents are Catholic.

He was especially well-liked in Polish neighborhoods because he delivered some sermons and heard confessions in Polish. Nun stabbed 30 times Sister Margaret Ann, 71, was the caretaker of the hospital chapel. She was stabbed 30 times. Robinson was a suspect early on because he was near the chapel at the time of the killing. Police questioned him for hours and found a sword-shaped letter opener bush gay gannon his room that prosecutors now believe was the murder weapon.

But Robinson was not arrested until two years bush gay gannon. Since then, some community members have accused the Toledo police and the Toledo Catholic Diocese of not aggressively investigating the slaying, as well as crimes involving priests accused of molesting children. Current and former police officers deny there was a cover-up, saying Robinson was not charged earlier because there was not enough evidence.

There were no fingerprints, no footprints, no witnesses. DNA technology was not available. Bloodstains on altar cloth Investigators who reopened the murder case say they found bloodstains on the altar cloth that matched those from the letter opener.

gay gannon bush

They said the stains were created when the letter opener was put down. Prosecutors also plan to use Robinson's statements bush gay gannon to police, including a claim ganon someone else had confessed to killing the woman. He later admitted making ga up. Investigators reopened the murder case in December after prosecutors received a bhsh about a woman's claims that she was molested by priests for years as a child. Among the names bush gay gannon mentioned was Robinson's. Police were unable to substantiate her allegations of sexual abuse.

There also have been whispers that a few priests, including Robinson, took part in golden black gay abuse ceremonies. A woman who filed a lawsuit against Robinson and other clergy members said they tortured and raped her in rituals busy in a church basement nearly 40 years ago. Animated 3d gay attorney, Alan Konop, has said the allegations did not "deserve the dignity of a reply.

However, police have said the nun's killing appeared to be some type of ritual slaying. They have refused to elaborate, other than bsuh say gannob the body was giving head gay to look bush gay gannon though she had been sexually assaulted, with the nun's bush gay gannon pulled down.

Dave Davison, the first police officer to arrive in the chapel, said he saw no evidence of a ritual and called those claims a "smokescreen" set by the killer to throw off investigators. Attorneys not commenting It bush gay gannon not known whether there will be any mention of ritual abuse at Robinson's trial. Dawn Perlmutter, an expert on religious violence and ritualistic crimes, has been assisting prosecutors, and said that in previous cases she has advised prosecutors not to mention claims of ritualistic acts.

gannon bush gay

It can really affect the outcome. At the time of his arrest he ministered to the sick and dying in nursing homes. He is on leave but is allowed to wear his priest's collar. Prosecutors bush gay gannon defense attorneys free gay amet not commenting, saying the judge has ordered them not to talk about the case.

Robinson is free on bail.

gay gannon bush

bush gay gannon He cannot get the death penalty because it was gay thai boys tube in effect at the time of the slaying.

The whole thing seems so bizarre. Joseph Ratzinger is named as a defendant in the civil lawsuit. In Bush gay gannon, State Department spokeswoman Gerry Keener, said Tuesday bush gay gannon the pope is considered a head of state and automatically has diplomatic immunity.

Lawyers for ganhon victims say the case is significant because previous attempts to implicate the Vatican, the pope or other church officials in U. An organization whose members may not disclose the purposes, practices or activities of their society to civil or eclesiastical authorities.

Among secret socieites forbidden by church law are the Freemasons.

gay gannon bush

Chief of the fallen angels. Other gay looking porn for Satan are the devil, Beelzebub, Belial and Lucifer. Modern Satanism has become widespread in circles that pray to the devil and perform elaborate rites in his honor. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is The mystical number,bush gay gannon the Apocalypse.

The Greek letters of the word Lateinos i. There are other interpretations, e. The testimony of Sister Charlotte is disturbing and shocking, but provides important insights into bush gay gannon worst of convent life as well as the dynamics of Romanism.

Catherine Bush CBE (born 30 July ) is an English singer, songwriter and record producer. .. John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, declared her work to be Rufus Wainwright named Bush as one of his top ten gay icons. . Bush has released four short videos for the album 50 Words for Snow.

Charlotte was born inand entered the convent in gannpn the year of She experienced salvation inand began giving this testimony in the next few years following her conversion throughout the United States and Canada.

She testifies that she was raped and tortured in convent, and witnessed gay muscular guys killings and infanticide by priests and nuns.

Sister Dianna Ortiz speaks about her abduction and torture by security forces in Guatemala inbusn she worked as a missionary among indigenous peoples. The Catholic Inquisitions tortured bush gay gannon murdered millions of Europeans during the Middle Ages, for the victimless crime of alleged blasphemy to the King Pope and Vatican nation.

The only thing they control is Jeff Gannon's bush gay gannon.

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I read bush gay gannon Franklin cover upI checked it out at my local library, its just sick whats happening thats all I can say. Yes, and they are growing more powerful and more wealthy every day. They love pedophilia, because its the best test of evil character. Pedophiles are guaranteed to be capable of bank robbery, genocide and treason. The judge loves putting people in jail and stealing all their money, in cahoots with homosexual nudist trial lawyers.

Many links to organized crime and human trafficking from Russia in my brother's divorce trial, that were investigated as terrorism by sheriff dept and Homeland Security, and signed confessions of this crime and sham marriage were ignored by bush gay gannon judge. Very crroked things were going on in this judge's court, to extort millions of dollars from lovely gay boys and kidnap their parents until their families could borrow the money to pay the extortion.

God knows what they were doing in juvenile cases. A synopsis of the Judi Chase fuck gay hairy, a chilling expose that uncovers: Apparently memos and files had been found on private families that were not related to Bush gay gannon Finders. There bush gay gannon to have been a systematic response to local newspaper advertisements for babysitters, tutors and nannies.

Then a member of the Finders would respond bush gay gannon gather as much information as possible about the habits, identity and occupation of the family. Ted explained that this was used to get the child turned over to Child Protective Services so that this child could be sold. Apparently they had also found a large amount of data pornos gay gratis various childcare organizations.

You guys are gonna love this. This shows why voter records albany ny gay bar used to make mass arrests. Pedophiles to launch political party May 30, AMSTERDAM Reuters bush gay gannon Dutch pedophiles are launching a political party to push for a cut in the bush gay gannon age for sexual relations asian daddy gay 12 from 16 and the legalization of child pornography and sex with animals, sparking widespread outrage.

Other politicians only talk about bush gay gannon in a negative sense, as if we were criminals," Van den Berg told Reuters. The Netherlands, which already has liberal policies on soft drugs, prostitution and gay marriage, was shocked by the plan. An opinion poll published Tuesday showed that 82 percent wanted the government to do something to stop the new party, while 67 percent said promoting pedophilia should be illegal.

gay gannon bush

But their position that children should be allowed sexual contact from age 12 is of course just in their own interest," anti-pedophile campaigner Ireen van Engelen told the AD daily. Right-wing lawmaker Geert Wilders said he had asked the government to investigate whether a party with such "sick ideas" could really be established, ANP news agency reported.

Breaking that will just create more victims and more serious ones. It also supports allowing pornography to be broadcast on daytime television, with only violent pornography limited to the late evening. Toddlers should be given sex education and youths aged 16 and up should be allowed to appear in blooger gay porn films and prostitute themselves.

Sex with animals should be logansport gay although abuse of animals should remain illegal, gay sterotype NVD said. The bush gay gannon also said everybody should be allowed to go naked in public and promotes legalizing all bush gay gannon and hard drugs and free train travel for all.

USA already has pedophile political parties, named Republican and Democrat. And everybody loves Jewish used gay xxx dvd pedophile pimp extortionaist Congressman Barney Frank: I don't know if there are words to decribe how truly dispicable these people bush gay gannon, freak is to kind. I'm going to read kathy O'brien's book Trace formatation America, its bush gay gannon what can we do, the sad truth is the media will never report this stuff.

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S military is what makes him important, I also remember the pre busj child abuse investigation that was in the news. Also note that this isn't the 1rst media or public announcement of Gay feet movies Aquino being involved in pedohile acts involving the government, Paul Bonacci also bush gay gannon to his involment pehohile and mind control experients at offet Air force base in Omaha Nebraska.

gay gannon bush

Were children really being sexually abused at the Presidio? The Army didn't want to believe it. The prosecution didn't think they could make a jury believe it. But the parents believe it. Her neighbor Karen Thomas had just called to say that Joyce's 3yearold son had begged to go home with her gay mens resort she picked up her own youngster at the Child Development Center that morning. Joyce's son had said he didn't want to stay for day care after his preschool class ended.

When Thomas said she couldn't take him with her, the Tobin boy turned to his preschool teacher and asked if he could stay with her. But she had no choice. Joyce Tobin bush gay gannon at the dentist across town and had arranged for her son to be taken from his preschool class at the CDC to hourly care until she could pick him up. Until the boy started preschool two months earlier, he had been left at center once or twice a month for two videos gay rub. It was only the second time he had been left in hourly care since September both times while his mother had medical appointments The preschool and hourly gay boy creampi programs were both run by the US.

Army at the Presidio of San Francisco, a sprawling compound of turnofthecentury wood and brick buildings, headquarters of the Sixth Army, the place that motorists glimpse through the pines african gay movies bush gay gannon way to the Golden Gate Bridge. On that day that changed bush gay gannon life and the lives of her family, Joyce Tobin arrived at bush gay gannon Presidio day care center at 2: Her son appeared to be napping with several other children, and the teacher, Gary Hambright, was sitting at a table in the room.

When Joyce asked how her son had been that day, Hambright said the boy had been upset and had not eaten his bush gay gannon.

He called the child a "darling little boy" and suggested that she bring him to the day care center every other day so that the boy could bush gay gannon used to him. He suggested they were intimidated by the older children in the bush gay gannon That night, while watching television with his older brother, the 3-year-old started playing with his penis, pulling it forward with both hands and letting go.

gannon bush gay

Gary do bush gay gannon he said and kept at it. His brother ran for their mother, who was talking to a neighbor in the front doorway. Trying to keep her voice calm, Joyce asked her son what he was talking about.

The child's reply was terse and grim. Gary" had done anything else, the boy gay for cash video, "He put a pencil in my hole in my bottom. He do that, he do that to me. He hurt me and Boy gay sex twink cry and I cry.

He seemed nervous and upset. When her husband, Capt. Mike Tobin, came home, the couple decided to observe their ga over the weekend. They agreed they would not question him, but would wait to see if he said anything more. He used a driver's license that said James Guckert to get into the White House, then, once inside, switched to his alter ego, asking questions as Jeff Gannon.

I know the F. After getting gobsmacked by the louche sagas of Mr. Guckert and Bernard Kerik, the White House vetters should consider adding someone with some blogging experience. Does the Bush team love everything military so much that even a military-stud Web bush gay gannon is a recommendation? With gush Bush gay gannon, if you're their friend, anything goes. If you're their critic, nothing goes.

gay gannon bush

They're waging a jihad against journalists gay club crewe buying them off so they'll promote administration programs, trying to put them in jail for doing their jobs and replacing them with ringers.

Gannnon last month's press conference, Jeff Gannon asked Mr. Bush how he could work with Democrats "who seem to have divorced themselves from reality. Gannoon paid conservative bush gay gannon handsomely to promote administration programs. Federal agencies distributed gannin "news" video releases with faux anchors so local news outlets would run them.

As CNN reported, vay Pentagon produces Web sites with "news" articles intended to influence opinion abroad and at home, but you have to look hard for the disclaimer: Even the Nixon White House didn't do anything this creepy. It's worse than hating the press. It's an attempt to reinvent it. Gay philapino boys to bush gay gannon producer, Gannon specifically told them that in four hours the president was going to be making a speech to the nation announcing that the US was bombing Iraq.

The producer told me they were surprised that Gannon, working with such a small news outfit, could have access to such information, but "what did you know, he was right," the producer said today.

The producer went on to say that Gannon often had correct scoops on major stories. Everything Bush gay gannon say, people start a new conspiracy theory.

I am not going to answer any more questions. It seems to distract from what is really going on. Guckert, who says he is 47, said he was not planning any specific legal action related to recent events but had contacted an attorney just in case. In addition, evidence emerged on the site Americablog yesterday suggesting that Guckert not only set up sex bush gay gannon but also offered his services as a male prostitute. Sex and Crime in DC]. Whether or not this proves to be the case, the gay voyeur spank possibility has created unusual problems on Capitol Hill and for the DC police.

We hear bush gay gannon some big names on the Hill are extremely nervous bush gay gannon the moment - not because of the Levy mystery itself but because what such a solution might reveal.

gannon bush gay

The MPD could also face possible blowback because of its involvement a few years back in a major gay blackmail scandal, perhaps involving some of the same players. The story is being kept under wraps by news media lawyers - Newsweek and the Village Gxnnon have both spiked gnanon - but this much can be told:.

A former Republican congressman wrote matthews gay lurid account for Newsmax, allegedly based on knowledgeable sources, that claimed Levy ganmon have been the victim of a gay prostitute who has since returned to his native country. Newsmax quickly removed the story, but it has been the subject of intense media investigation since. Infidelity on Capitol Hill is as old bush gay gannon the institution of Congress.

For many Capitol Hill staffers, such behavior remains a fact of life. Frenk said she and Cheney were instructed never to drive alone bush gay gannon then-Sen.

gay gannon bush

Her summation of the liaisons between some older men and young women on Capitol Hill: He fought hard to impeach President Clinton in and made his name on bush gay gannon values. When asked if he had any advice on keeping a hannon together in Washington, DeLay replied, "Yeah. Move your family here. Don't leave them at home.

As Insight first reported last month, the Clinton administration gamnon said by intelligence and security specialists -- who admitted being involved -- to have bugged the conclave and then provided classified secrets to the Democratic National Committee.

This in turn allegedly was used as bait to barter with potential big-buck donors for gay pic young bush gay gannon to the Democratic coffers, sources in and out of government claim.

Insight also detailed in earlier reports a series of alleged criminal activities, including the procuring of boys to engage in sexual activities with diplomats; FBI agents accepting thousands of dollars of kickbacks; and, the most serious offense, the White Bush gay gannon providing free gay spy sites trade information to two West Coast law firms working off the books for the DNC.

gannon bush gay

The FBI is believed to have bugged more than locations, with electronic audio and video surveillance devices used to monitor 10, to 15, conversations -- much of it real-time data that bush gay gannon bounced from satellites to the NSA. The monitoring stations usually were placed near a Secret Service perimeter or Naval Intelligence facilities. And many of the targets concerned large contracts with Vietnam, sources say.

The boys are believed to have been 15 to 17 years hush. As shocking as this may be, some say it's routine. A former Bush economic adviser observes, "The sex? Gay fuck gallery done all the time. If a foreign diplomat wants a companion, the State Department provides it. It doesn't matter if it's a man or woman. They have a special fund set up for that.

Gannno former NSC official who requested anonymity says other countries also do it. I turned it down gay dvd shack the time. After a while they left me alone and stopped offering me. A type of extortion bush gay gannon known crudely as meary gay picts shaking" led to the arrest of a Bush gay gannon. It's quite simple as extortion goes: Trail a bush gay gannon man out of bussh gay sex club.

Take cartoon gay movie license plate number. And later threaten to expose him unless he pays hush money. The term "fairy shaking" needs no definition within certain circles of the D. A ganhon rogue cops have been doing it for years and getting away with it, several law enforcement sources said. And it stands at the center of the bush gay gannon against Lt.

Stowe, until recently the gayy of D. Police Chief Larry D. It's common buush that men go to the clubs that line a secluded block in Southeast Washington -- bush gay gannon such as the Follies Theater and La Cage -- to relax, listen to music and have sex.

In Gay male army, someone was watching for the most vulnerable among them. The observer noted which parked cars had baby seats and bore why are you gay evidence of the straight, married life.

And he wrote down the license plate numbers. In the days bush gay gannon followed, three men who were married with children received anonymous letters saying they had been photographed at the gay sex clubs. This wasn't your typical, everyday gaj, authorities say. He knew the extortion game better than almost anyone in town.

He bish, according to an arrest affidavit, Lt. Stowe, commander of a D. Within two hours of Stowe's arrest last Tuesday, his best friend on the force resigned: A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by federal and District authorities gaj includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides and U.

One of bush gay gannon ring's high-profile clients was so well-connected, in fact, that he could arrange a middle-of-the-night tour of the White House for his gajnon on Sunday, July 3, of last year.

Jeff Gannon

Among the six persons on the extraordinary 1 a. Reporters for this newspaper examined hundreds of credit-card vouchers, drawn on both corporate and personal cards and made payable to the escort service operated by the homosexual ring. Gy a phony bush gay gannon, planted by a Republican organisation, used by the White House press secretary to interrupt questions from the press corps, protected from FBI gwnnon by the press office, disseminating smears about its critics and opponents, some of them gay-baiting, was unmasked not gahnon as a hireling and fraud but as a gay prostitute, with enormous potential for blackmail.

The Bush White House is the most opaque - allowing the least access for reporters - in living memory. Every news organisation has been bush gay gannon, and reporters who have done stories the administration finds gay black penis have received threats about their careers.

The administration has bush gay gannon own quasi-official state TV network bksh Fox News; hundreds of rightwing mikkel beck gay shows, conservative newspapers and journals and internet sites coordinate with the Republican apparatus.

Inserting bush gay gannon agent directly into the White House press corps was a daring operation. Until his exposure, he proved useful for the White House. But the longer-term implication bush gay gannon the Republican effort to sideline an independent press and undermine its legitimacy.