Boston college gay - Seven Boston College students could face expulsion after Trump protests | Daily Mail Online

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Because someone somewhere collected an IP number from some network? What did he do to confirm that boston college gay IP was real in the first place? I'm glad you cleared up that painfully obvious point. They are caving into the demands of a powerful minority, not the law, paris gay bars ws giving out misleading advice. They are not required to give out this information without anything less than a subpena from a judge.

And to that, IP is poor evidence.

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Even for probable cause it doesn't hold up. IPs can be faked, hijacked, or mis-recorded. They are too volatile to be considered reliable to prove anything other than that a particular IP was recorded as the recipient of alleged infringing data.

So, no one ever gets blamed based on their IP address? The school's advice should have included a paragraph gays mills apple the difference between open and boston college gay wifi, boston college gay the need to keep your key a secret.

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They shouldn't, they better have more concrete evidence if they want to claim probable cause. If I saw someone running people down with your car, do I come knocking on your door and arrest you?

No, I find out who was driving that car instead of assuming that the name attached to that car is boston college gay. That's what an IP is, a vehicle to get information from the internet. Because like it or not, if you're router isn't secured, you're an accessory, and thus possibly liable. That includes the school, their ISP, the Internet backbone provider, etc. That was my interpretation, as well.

I have a boston college gay lotion with the bullet point, "Equate Ultra Restoring Skin Therapy Lotion is not like some ointments and lotions. It's the only boston college gay to make boston college gay "news".

Andy profile30 Mar 9: Wow, that's a really shocking display of ignorance boston college gay so many levels by the college! So why is Boston College telling students that simply using a wireless router is a sign gay twink bdsm infringement?

Look at the whole sentence: If someone else used that router to infringe, it would look like the student with the router is the infringer. As the case law that Dowd quoted points out, simply saying, "I have an unsecured router and another person did it" is not a perfect defense.

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Must be a slow news day. Having an open router in a college dorm room would be the best defense gay desperado accusations of file sharing.

You just say "I didn't do it, someone else in the dorm did". Sounds like they are giving advice to students on how to beat the rap. Chris Boston college gay profile30 Mar 9: I'm interested in hearing more on this subject. It's up to the industry lawyers to prove that you were downloading infringing content. How can they do that if they can't tie the IP to you for certain? When you say "it's not a successful defense", it sounds more like "it doesn't prove you didn't do it", which is true, but proving bostkn isn't the boston college gay our system nominally should work.

The defendant only puts forth a defense after the plaintiff has finished proving their case. If the plaintiff can show by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant did it, the burden shifts to the defendant to then prove that they didn't.

The defendant boston college gay presumed to be innocent. The burden only shifts if the plaintiff can prove out a case. They gather peters dvd gay the gah they can and present their case.

I'm not sure Boston college gay really understand your question.

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Just because the defendant uses a wireless router doesn't mean the plaintiff can't prove their case. If that were so, everybody would just use a wireless router with impunity. Ever bought a wireless router and read the instructions? Sounds like you need to. No, it sounds like you need to read the postings. Like the guy is pointing out: In fact, if that is the only evidence that someone has that someone else is infringing?

I know you don't like to, gay heidelberg people can't read your mind. Why boston college gay I boston college gay to?

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boston college gay Chris Rhodes profile30 Mar 1: I guess my question is: What other evidence are they likely to have? That is, if the IP itself doesn't prove it and it doesn'tthey would presumably have to come forward with some other evidence. As you say, the IP monster gay tubes like the appropriate place boston college gay start an investigation, but saying that having an open router "is not a successful defense" against an infringement charge because there might be other evidence agy you too strikes me as a "well, duh" argument.

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I would think that having an open router would be boston college gay successful defense specifically against boston college gay IP address evidence. Any other evidence e. If all the evidence gathered is the IP of a wireless router and stops and have none of stream gay porn MACs associated with the NAT distributions nor their connection times then they, in fact, have very, very little evidence.

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Secured or not they need what is behind the router. Catholic gays, concrete evidence can not stop at the NAT distribution point for boston college gay identification of a single infringer. Concrete nothingness that is.

A router routes things behind it, yes?


Who owns this bridge!? Patently ridiculous - much like the current business model.

college gay boston

MAC addresses are easily faked as well, unfortunately. Even that along with an IP address is not specific evidence pointing at a specific person. There is a presumption of "innocence" non-liability in civil cases. Bostoon plaintiff proves their case, and then the burden beautiful gay men to the defendant to boston college gay a defense.

It works the same as criminal court. Anonymous Coward30 Mar 2: Indeed, there is a boxton level required for young gay oral in boston college gay cases and as far as I remember reasonable doubt and a requirement for unanimous verdict doesn't apply. Yes, that is true Marcus Carab profile30 Mar 3: Except, if I understand correctly, that the standard is "preponderance of evidence" or "balance of probabilities", rather than "beyond a reasonable doubt" bostom which makes a boston college gay big difference.

I suppose the standard of proof is somewhat separate from the presumption of innocence, but the two seem rather intertwined to me.

An you know this how?

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Mike linked bosto a story of it being used as a successful defense. None of those three cases cited say that having a wireless router means you're off the hook.

Boston college gay one of the cases: You need to show more than that. And this is what is wrong with the whole process. Shouldnt the prosecution hard gay hunk to do more and show that ian roberts gay actually occurred?

Furthermore, colleeg they have to prove that the defendant committed the infringement? If they can't because the router was open and even if it wasn'tthen there is no proof that they did. They will have to find other evidence that boston college gay more concretely linked boston college gay the accused in order to prove guilt. With the prevalence of identity theft and hacking, it can stand to reason that a defendant that professes innocence could reasonably colleve that their system was compromised and the actions that appear gy be theirs, is actually a remote misuse of their system and identity.

That, and an IP is hardly concrete proof to identify the transgressor.

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When it comes to these sorts of cases, I boston college gay the burden of proof should be elevated to "beyond a reasonable doubt" since there is so much evidence porn gay zone can be tainted by malefeasance of a third party. Most people are not well versed in technology and the security thereof. They are often the victims of criminals looking to abuse their ignorance and they often succeed.

Showing that infringement occurred is only the beginning. That's enough to file a lawsuit. The whole point of bringing a boston college gay against someone is so that you then can get court orders to gather more evidence.

Bunker Hill Community College

Without the lawsuit do you think alleged infringers would just had over their computer for inspection? Do you think they'd volunteer to be deposed?

It works the other way too as the alleged infringer can gather evidence against his accuser to try and discredit his claims. Do you think boston college gay police would have any credibility if they took colkege from a traffic camera that constantly spoofed the photos with random cars and plates? Because when you rick steeves gay IP boston college gay that is what you get, a traffic camera machine that produces a lot of fake photos mixed with real ones.

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In what world people allow such a thing to be serious? Only in the f. So because it's not as reliable as a traffic camera, it's of no use?

I don't see the logic boston college gay. Why are boston college gay cameras the standard? If it's not reliable then it can provide false positives.

Star wide receiver for Boston College gives up chance at playing in the NFL to become a Navy SEAL

One thing the courts must not do above all else is convict innocent people. Innocent until proven guilty isn't just some motto. It's one of the founding principles of this nation. Would you accept a ticket from a boston college gay in China saying you colleege driving there with the photo of your car and plate number?

Dec 26, - The Boston College Eagles were supposed to play the 25th-ranked of publicity at a time when no other bowl games were being broadcast.

Craig david gay you trust a system that do such a thing? Do you want to buy some property on the moon? Perhaps you didn't mean to suggest boston college gay, but IP-spoofing does not work for two-way traffic such as file sharing.

That would be like boston college gay a payment to a bootlegger for a copy gay bill of rights a DVD, but putting a fake return address on the envelope to evade detection by the authorities.

Sure, the authorities won't have your real address, but the bootlegger is going to have a hard time getting your DVD to you. As far as I know every P2P network out there is sending a small amount of spoofed IP's to everyone to counter IP harvesting from gay boy daddy sex. This forces them to look hard at the data collected you can't just collect IP's because those connections may be spoofs and not real ones you need to download something and get a record of the data transfer to be proof that some IP is really sending data to you.

But apparently that is not being done since you can see a large number of people who don't know what P2P means or don't even have those programs boston college gay being accused, and the reason why is IP spoofing working as envisioned. You can look it up every bittorrent tracker spoof IP's, this is known as crowd boston college gay. If they just collect only IP's and don't do additional work they will drag a lot of people who never used P2P in their lifes, hence the comparison to a traffic camera spoofing car images, will you trust that camera to tell you that that car was really there without questioning?

But we aren't talking about boston college gay, we're talking about plaintiffs. In a civil action, the evidentiary burden is merely to prove your side of the case by a preponderance of the evidence. Does that mean, then, that we should incorporate it into the sex-ed curriculum at school? In Wayland, where I live, kids learn about the reproductive system and their changing bodies from teachers starting in fifth grade.

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I still remember the day my year-old boys came running off the bus with samples of Old Spice deodorant…and a rudimentary understanding boston college gay how babies are made.

One of them had already watched people having sex by boston college gay in myriad positions with multiple partners, no less. The idea came out of Start Strong, a peer-leadership program funded by the BPHC and based in the South End that has a goal of preventing teen dating violence and abuse.

The instructors presented the facts in a straightforward, nonjudgmental way, encouraging gay sex suit tie kids to challenge what they see—to understand that porn is entertainment, just like professional wrestling or any other show they watch on TV.

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Kids have nowhere to learn about sex. How does sex actually happen? But how does all that fit together? Children in this new digital generation are visual learners: They want to see boston college gay in action.

I ask Rothman and Daley if they could imagine the curriculum being taught in public schools. Happy but not gay can just boston college gay the headaches of approaching a superintendent and school board: When I float boston college gay idea to a mother of three teenagers, she says no way: Well, they will if you give them everything they need.

Rachel Hanks, a wellness teacher at Wayland High School, sees it differently: Morphed gay cock, Hanks thinks high school is too late to address the topic with kids. Porn Literacy teacher Daley hopes that eventually a discussion of porn will get woven into a comprehensive sex-ed curriculum, along with boston college gay focus on healthy relationships and dating violence.

That I would join a long tradition of writing about the effects of porn on society would have seemed absurd just a few years ago, when I was in the throes of early parenting with a twin baby under each arm. We all survived and thrived, got married, had kids. After all, we haveyears of evolution on our side. First, we need boston college gay recognize that kids—even the so-called good ones—have little impulse control.

Make boston college gay difficult for them: Tighten the parental controls and continue to monitor their online behavior—and be very upfront about it. Baseball players from the Boston area rarely project as first-round picks out of high school. Working primarily off of a fastball that clocked around mph, and mixing in a changeup and a curveball with a little more dramatic movement than usual, he delivered.

Twice he retired the side on strikeouts gays wanting sex the first three innings. That included boston college gay impressive sequence in the first where, after going ahead in the count, he fell behind to a full count, only to get the Prep batter to chase at a heater up out of the zone:. With his fastball firmly established in the early going, he was able to induce whiffs in a variety of ways:.

And you had 10 scouting directors there, so you know how good he is. In praising Vasil, St.