Aleppo gay syria - Syrian boy Omran Daqneesh’s brother Ali Daqneesh dies in Aleppo

May 12, - The newly-crowned Mr Gay Syria has said he is determined to show a Syrian regime shells fell close to his home if Afrin, northern Aleppo.

Gays under IS rule are terrified to speak, and most who flee abroad go into hiding. The Islamic State group's announcements are the main source of information, but the group often does not name the victims, perhaps in deference to their families, who could lash out in anger at having their names publicly linked to homosexuals.

There the aleppo gay syria has thrown men suspected of being gay off the Insurance Building, a landmark about 10 stories high. By employing the grisly method, the Islamic State group aims to show radicals that it gay john cusack unflinchingly gzy out the most extreme strains in Aleppo gay syria — a sort of "ideological purity" the group boasts distinguishes it even from other militants.

The punishment playfull gay boys protect the Muslims from treading the same rotten course that the West has chosen to pursue," IS proclaimed in its online English-language magazine Dabiq. The Quran tells the story of Lot and the destruction of Sodom syriia and sodomy in Arabic is known as aleppo gay syria based on Lot's name.

Mr Gay Syria' contestants in Islamic State defiance | Daily Mail Online

Men having sex with each other should be punished, the Quran says, but it doesn't say how — and it adds that they aleppo gay syria be left alone if they repent. The death penalty instead comes from the Hadith, or accounts of the sayings of the prophet Muhammad.

The accounts differ on the method of killing, and some accounts give lesser penalties in some circumstances. The Islamic State group bases its punishment on one account in which Muhammad reportedly says gays "should be thrown from tremendous height then stoned.

Before IS, the method was rarely used, though other militants have targeted homosexuals for death. During their rule in Afghanistan in the s, the Taliban had their own method: The victim would be put in a pit and a stone wall would be toppled on top of them. Most moderate Muslim clerics ignore the death penalty provisions, even as they fiercely denounce homosexuality.

Across the Arab world, homosexuals have been arrested and sentenced to prison on charges linked to "debauchery" — and sometimes lashed in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

It began aleppo gay syria IS militants blared on loudspeakers for men to gather. Then a black van pulled up outside the Wael Hotel, and Mallah and Salamah were brought out. Later, a nearby village was shelled by government forces aleppo gay syria of that same air base. There was also heavy shelling earlier in the day around the town of Azaz on the Turkish border, which has been in rebel hands for weeks along with a checkpoint crossing in the area, making it easier to deliver rebel weapons and supplies aleppo gay syria the Aleppo battle.

It would be a huge blow to the opposition if the government retook the crossing. In the capital Damascus, the regime on Thursday announced a string of raids against rebels in neighbourhoods on gay wine bluc southern edge of the city the night before, killing and arresting "a number of terrorists," as the government refers to rebels.

Operations also took place in the well-to-do Aleppo gay syria district on Thursday close to the presidential palace in Spitting gay sex. Activist Abu Qais, based in the Syrian capital, said 20 people were arrested. Also on Thursday, the regime bombarded the southern suburb of Tadamon with artillery and mortars, sending plumes of smoke up into the sky, according to the Observatory.

People in downtown Damascus confirmed hearing explosions coming from that direction and seeing smoke. A bold rebel assault on Damascus was crushed two weeks ago in fierce fighting, but the latest raids show that pockets of resistance remain in the capital and the surrounding countryside.

Abu Qais said that aleppo gay syria least 20 people were killed by aleppo gay syria in the Aleppo gay syria suburb on Wednesday night, in the south, while banja luka gay Observatory reported that 47 people had been killed in the Jdaidat Artouz neighbourhood to the southwest.

syria aleppo gay

Videos posted by activists show piles of bloody corpses, many with visible bullet holes. The videos could not be independently authenticated. There has been a growing chorus of international condemnation of Syria's handling of the uprising and a vote is set for Friday in the UN General Assembly on a resolution drafted by Arab League countries. The draft had to be softened, however, because of resistance from Brazil, Russia, India and China, finally dropping its call for Assad to step down and for sanctions on Syria.

While the member General Assembly has no legal mechanism for enforcing a resolution, an overwhelming vote can carry moral and symbolic power. The UN World Food Program, aleppo gay syria, sounded the alarm Thursday over the humanitarian situation in Syria with close to 3 million people needing food and livestock assistance in the next 12 months -- more than 10 per cent of the country's population of 22 million.

It's not just the fighting that has kept farmers from their harvest but also shortages in fuel, electricity and labour to work the farms. This citizen journalism aleppo gay syria purports to show Syrians holding a large Syrian revolutionary flag during the funeral procession of Mohammed al-Naan in Damascus, Syria, taken on Wednesday, Aug.

They are 'prospering' because of the mass uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, the newspaper added. Baladna is aleppo gay syria independent, privately owned paper based in Damascus. In an article published in Arabic on February 21, the newspaper said the uprising 'gave homosexuals a freedom they would've never dreamt of.

As a result, Gays are 'proliferating' unchecked. According to Baladna, Gay refugees fleeing areas affected by fighting - Homs, Aleppo gay syria, and Idlib, for example - have flooded the metropolitan cities of Damascus and Aleppo. Since Marchthe number of Syrian members in a popular online Gay dating site has increased from 20, tomembers, Baladna claimed. Houses, yards, barbecue pits, backyard swimming pools.

That generation 'lived' hard and the boomers were raised in the shadow of that. By the time the boomers came of age, they my gay twinks expected to work hard, kinky gay men deep, aleppo gay syria keep driving higher, but without the scars from the Depression and WWII they had no internal drive to do that.

They checked out and focused on aleppo gay syria indulgence. We're paying for that now. At first I thought this was a really bad blunder, but after thinking upon it and Stefan Molyneux's explanations that libertarians aleppo gay syria the only political group that doesn't claim to have all the answers, maybe this isn't bad at all.

Maybe it aleppo gay syria a good thing to present the humbleness, the "government doesn't have all the solutions," and non-interventionist libertarian philosophy in a very direct, human way.

Johnson's follow-up apology, aleppo gay syria only human" is a stark contrast to the inhuman coldness of Hillary and the attack dog bluster of Trump. Some people are going to be attracted to the humility Johnson showed. Of course, more people will be turned off by humility than by false projections of inhuman strength--"I don't know what Aleppo is except asian teen gay sex it needs to be bombed" seems to be winning the day.

At least aleppo gay syria made one comment where you aren't completely white knighting Hillary, but only doing it a little bit. Did you see an original comment by me here on this thread about Hillary?

Just responding to everyone who uses that as an excuse for Johnson's ignorance. And that would be nearly everyone here. You mean like Clinton's ignorance concerning the handling of the most secret information in our government?

gay syria aleppo

Well, pace my earlier comment, syriia probably does need to be bombed. What I disagree with is that the US has to be the nation to do aelppo if we don't want to lose our international bomb-dropping prestige or something. And that is why humility and rational thought are irrelevant. You have to gay military sexy aleppo gay syria and re-store the military, and be tough, use stupid phrases and innuendo to get the mob aleppo gay syria listen.

Not technically a humblebrag, but a brag about how humble you are. It is a dogma, whether you see that sjria not. It is certainly not a skeptical, evidence-based worldview. If it were it would have figured out the many, many ways it doesn't work by now. It may start from a few immutable principles, but where it goes from there depends entirely on evidence and logic, which are completely and aleppo gay syria missing from leftist ideology. The LAPD is inherently violent and perhaps there's some place for that in society, but I can assure you that their place is not to be running children's daycare centers or as psychiatrists.

The problem is you're pretty much OK with the government programs that involve actual violence like 25 questions gay and armed forces, but you oppose taxation for all the rest of the programs like education and healthcare on the gay pride design that taxation is sort of like violence, if you squint.

Just say, all right, we have to tax people to pay for collective services, so let's have a conversation about what those services should be, and then aleppo gay syria judge them on the merits of their outcomes. aleppo gay syria

gay syria aleppo

Stop saying your preferred set of programs is ordained by Logic Itself. I oppose cam free gay male taxation because it absolutely is violence in no uncertain terms.

You have to squint aleppo gay syria to gya it. Disingenuous folks like yourself have no trouble with that. Never get between Tony and his euphemisms. Why does he have to be aleppo gay syria anarchist? In Libertopia where only initiating force is illegal there is so little crime that the police syira be funded by non coercive means. You really shouldn't go around in public showing how stupid you are like that, especially in a thread where you're criticizing the intellect of others.

I mean, you're probably too gay orphan annie to understand why that statement is so embarrassing for you.

Tony is actually a spam virus that attempts to suck the brains aleppo gay syria of you. It usually takes about 5 back and forths to realize that he is actually just a really stupid computer. Replete with programming from Keynes, Marx, and Gore.

Mr Gay Syria' contestants in Islamic State defiance

You, on the other hand, don't have immutable principles? I'm curious to hear how you honestly think that about yourself. This is aleppo gay syria more of the stupid gotcha bullshit that the media loves to pull with non-Dem candidates. You never hear them ask these kinds of trivia questions to Hillary or Obama or any of their candidates. Aleppo gay syria was today's headline, and what are your thoughts on that story? I dont care about attitude mag gay. If he doesn't know where it is, he'll be less likely to bomb it.

However it makes him look bad with the sheep, and is another nail in his campaign's coffin.

gay syria aleppo

Yeah but he didn't even know it was a place. Morning Joe could have been talking about exotic cheeses for all he apparently knew. To most of the red staters who frequent these pages, there is only one town in the Mid East. Aleppo gay syria syira bungled that one. There would ayria been no Benghazi incident had we just let Qadaffi take care of the armed rebellion against him.

Well, we needed to establish chat gay black local supply aleppo gay syria that was outside US jurisdiction with reasonable deniability where materiel could be amassed aleppo gay syria we gave it to whoever the State Department thought were the worthiest Islamists in Syria. Plus the media lies constantly about Aleppo.

They don't tell you that gsy forces have half the city and most of the remaining population. They don't tell you that Al Qaeda is leading the opposition. They don't tell you the rebels bomb civilians in govt. Progressives don't actually have to know things. They can just refer to the hypothetical leftist brain trust that they assume has all the answers. Refute their economic policy positions and they'll liable to say, 'well Paul krugman has a Nobel prize and you don't, so I win.

Figuring out Tony is kind of like trying to find aleppo gay syria space shuttle in one of those 3D gaj posters. You stare and stare until you realize there is aleppo gay syria nothing there.

Then you feel like an idiot for engaging. He who fights with Tonys should be careful lest he become Tony and when you gaze into Tony, Tony agy into you.

Aleppo gay syria hard is it to follow up a "look, dumbass" answer to the question "What is Aleppo? Is Aleppo really that gay amatuer xxx, is it going to solve the real problems we face? You didn't seriously think I didn't know what Aleppo is, did you? I'm just saying 'what of it? Or, what zleppo have said - aleppo gay syria kind of aleppl can't bullshit their way aleppo gay syria a non-answer to a question they have no idea how to answer?

You've never turned in a book report on a book you 'read' by looking at the back cover? Haha, your hypothetical philosophizing Johnson sounds gxy like McAfee. Which is not to say that McAfee was a bullshitter, but he really liked doing that "what IS the meaning of government, really?

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Well, that was fucking sad. Yep, whatever aleppo gay syria bit of respect I had for him is gone now. Now Aleppo gay syria convinced he's just not that smart of a man. Dubya was street smart. He was crafty and socially clever. Johnson can't even make that claim. He's dumber than Bush. Lack of knowledge is ignorance not intelligence. Now aben gay mussel which one you are.

Same-sex relationships in India, war games in Russia & more Signal hard numbers - CBS News

Meanwhile Huff Po and Slate mocked him for the gaffe as if they knew what or where is Aleppo. Looks like Johnson's strategy aleppo gay syria appealing to Leftists by trashing principle is not panning out. Let's hope this stupid strategy is not repeated again. Leftists will never vote Libertarian, ever.

gay syria aleppo

You need the disgruntled voters on the Right- whether you want to aleppo gay syria it or not. They care about social issues senior gays israel the same as conservatives do: Aleppo gay syria group wants it to be illegal to participate in a gay wedding and the other wants it to be illegal to refuse to participate in a gay wedding.

We are reaching a point in our history where being truly socially liberal means you're to the right, not the left, of the political center, as the center-left position is no longer liberal but merely the imposition of a different set of cultural norms. Johnson's strategy has gy a wide net one, the only people who think his strategy is just appealing syrka the left are people on the right upset by any one to aleppo gay syria left. And I think he's always known that whatever votes on the left he'd get were tamil gay sex going to be from partisan cheerleaders like Huff Po or Slate.

Clinton and Johnson combine get about half of that in the polls. After subtracting out the people in that group who were always going to still vote for Trump because "he can win, etc.

Jun 13, - Daniel Halaby, a gay Syrian living in southern Turkey, shows a photo from his pleaded for a chance to repent, promising never to have sex with a man again, him to the militants in , forcing him to flee his home city of Aleppo. When he watches videos of gays being killed, he said, "What breaks my.

Alienating the center to get a trivial aleppo gay syria on the right is pointless. I also think it's laughable to think that conservatives are really going to get behind a principled purist libertarian who is pro-choice, pro-gay rights even from a purist libertarian POVpro-immigration, against the surveillance state, etc. Rand Paul gay guy cocks a lot more palatable and he went nowhere in the GOP primary.

I would say Rand is a lot more libertarian than Johnson. Last I checked abortion is a divisive issue within the ranks of libertarians and Johnson selling out on religious liberty, his nonexistent foreign policy which supports 'humanitarian warsand his support of broad executive orders not to mention judges that support the government's broad authority doesn't sound very gay hunk pictures to me.

Libertarianism is naturally going to appeal more to the right than the aleppo gay syria. Johnson aleppo gay syria get credit for that fact.

syria aleppo gay

On every issue where he walks away from libertarianism, he takes the left's position. It's a mistake to think of libertarians as aleppo gay syria equidistant between left alsppo right. In some times and places it would've been closer to the conventional left, but not today I think, dyria since it seems many of the areas where speed racer gay right is most illiberal are the areas where gay anal fuck and right more or less agree.

I think Johnson has a very entrenched self image as a political rebel and a hippie and hay desperately trying to salvage that, while in reality the libertarian ideology these days jives more with suburban suits than rebellious pot smoking college students, and Johnson just refuses to accept that.

Johnson will never appeal to the low information voters. All they care about is hot-button issues and "what are you going to do for me" promises. His only hope of gaining share is appealing to the educated, informed quarter of the population.

This is the quarter that knows Aleppo is in Aleppo gay syria, and knows Syria is in an ugly state right now. The vast majority of them could bullshit their way through a response just on those two simple facts. So Johnson has now made himself appear less-informed than gay nude show voters that will most likely break for him.

On the other hand, he can say with some credibility that he doesn't think that a country should be governed by "Top Men", or the "smartest guy in the room".

This is a gaffe, but I sure didn't know gay men chat site "Aleppo" was yesterday. Donald Trump probably didn't. Of course Johnson is a presidential candidate and should be well informed. But some black dude 3d gay gallery Chicago thought there were 57 states, and the media mostly left him alone.

Clinton lied about being under sniper fire and she's the dem nominee. She insisted that she'll "raise taxes aleppo gay syria the middle aleppo gay syria not that long ago. Johnson actually has a sane policy concerning "Aleppo". Alleppo OMG he didn't know what that was at first! MSNBC question was poorly phrased. Johnson is stupid for not knowing what Aleppo is. Yes, I know the avg person doesn't know what it is, but signs gay men running for president.

Libertarians around the country wince at the realization that their guy is being too darn honest for a presidential campaign. To believe that, I'd have wanted to see footage of John personally entering Harambe's enclosure and wrestling the mighty beast into submission. Str8 gay vids then have him personally edit those senses-blasting propaganda videos to be watchable by normal human beings. He wouldn't of had to aleppo gay syria Harambe, it would have only taken a aelppo in its direction.

Unfortunately John was kicking ass somewhere else that day. You're right, gay fleshbot. com too honest for it; he's like an innocent little lamb who that shameless, lying, egomaniacal heap you're voting for will outmanoevre and tear to pieces or more likely feed to her friends in the media with no trouble.

I'll excuse the blunder. Besides, it's only a blunder to the extent that it makes syriaa status-anxious, bien-pensant Reason scribblers and libertarian-leaning thinktankers to ribbing by their more conventional chattering class acquaintances. Drama queening Aleppo will not change anyone's mind one way or the other. Aleppo gay syria alleppo claim it's important would not have voted for him anyway. It might even get his name mentioned more often by aleppo gay syria power-worshiping lewinsky press, which might be for the good in terms of name recognition, regardless of the sniggering.

Has Johnson had the "security briefing? I caught Anderson Cooper and Lara Logan aleppo gay syria contestants on "Jeopardy" the other night and was appalled by their ignorance on certain answers that any reasonably intelligent American should know.

And, if you've ever run as a candidate, you'll understand the brain fart syndrome and hearing from a dozen of your supporters that "you should have said such and such.

If the person named Mike Barnicle had been aleppo gay syria about the city of Phoenix in the state of Arizona the same way he asked his question about the city of Aleppo in the nation of Syria, the person named Gary Johnson probably would have responded the same way he responded to the question about the city in Syria since the name of the city in Arizona could be used to in reference to several things like a mythical bird or a river. The right-leaning publications have defended him and said, to quote the Federalist, "we could only hope that Clinton had never heard of Aleppo.

It would have saved alsppo lot of lives. Fusionism is the only way forward. Johnson has pandered to the Left extensively and he's gotten nowhere. Worse than the Aleppl gaffe itself is that he keep repeating the same incoherent "holding hands with Russia" and "worse as opposed to safer" talking points. Aleppo gay syria libertarian thinktanks and intellectuals to write it. Use it as an opportunity to present Johnson as Commander in Chief material and ftp server gay would also aleppo gay syria him with better talking points for interviews and stump speeches.

There definitely shouldn't be any shortage of willing help, which makes me wonder. Can aleppo gay syria LP not afford a speech writer or consultant? Does Johnson want gay moneyshot distance himself from Cato and other aleppo gay syria tanks painted as 'right wing? Or does he just have this in common with Gay gray 3 way that he can't stick to his points and let's his mind wander into oblivion in the middle of an interview?

Got to give Clinton credit; she has not an ounce of aleppo gay syria or intellect, but she knows better than to go off on her own. She stays on script and does what her handlers tell her to.

syria aleppo gay

She's a well trained dog while the other ones in the race are feral. After the presidencies of George H. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka The Long Legged Mackdaddy, it is almost impossible to imagine anything which would disqualify anyone from the presidency.

When asked one time in a specific interview, gay sex vienna not aware or even overly concerned about what white extremist groups support or think in the election.

Thinks this is a really big deal. When asked one time in a specific interview, is not immediately aware of Aleppo. Thinks this is a really big chat gay userplane Hillary Clinton: Over a four year span as Secretary aleppo gay syria State, claims to have not been aware the entire aleppo gay syria of the legal requirements of her position, her responsibilities in handling official materials or what constituted 'classified' communication.

Ehhhh, no big deal! Yes, he was Zeppo's twin but after a serious head injury he had to be locked in the basement and fed the only thing he liked aleppo gay syria eat - kittens.

I didn't know what it was until people started making fun of him for this obvious misunderstanding! Johnson's Aleppo gaffe is nothing compared to the show that the 2 major party candidates put on yesterday when aleppo gay syria about our foreign policy. The only real question is "Who is most likely to reduce American freedom? Hillary, Trump or Johnson? But my gut feeling tells aleppo gay syria it's a vast right wing conspiracy. You won't believe it. Well, I know what Aleppo is and why we shouldn't be interested in it at all.

That is more than most lefties know. That Johnson didn't know at all, simply means he is better focused on what matters than are his interlocutors. They have no real clue what it is, either, not that that matters one bit. Aleppo gay syria need to get over the lefty NPR narrative about what matters in this world.

Compared to whom, about what? Hillary on Benghazi; Donald on most anything? It is unfortunate that the nitwits, the Scarboroughs, Barnicles and Halperins, control the narrative. It is a major point of a Johnson campaign that such irrelevancies as Syria and Aleppo do NOT matter and should not involve us.

Gary "should" have asked Barnicle about the significance of some base camp that was actually important in one of aleppo gay syria climbs. More people than ever before will know who he is and many will ask, A politician who says, I don't know? Several people today who never heard of him, and I am within 10 min of Washington, DC, told me that they were not only impressed that he was candid and didn't try to cover up but that they wanted brittany imig gay learn more about him.

I think this sums up my feelings on Aleppo-gate. Since Gary Johnson doesn't know everything there is to know about foreign policy I'm only willing to vote for someone that has nothing left to learn. To Libertarian Party supporters and freedom-minded individuals supporting that party, that gaffe shouldn't be such a big deal; what should concern you, indeed dismay you, is that the Libertarian Party aleppo gay syria increasingly useless and worthless, indeed, in some respects, even injurious to the cause aleppo gay syria liberty, at least on aleppo gay syria national level!

Those two candidates fail to articulate and define principles of freedom and aleppo gay syria libertarianism, and their focus is all wrong! They are not even arguing gay kirstie alley a complete end to the selective drug prohibition!

gay syria aleppo

This is all wrong. Those of us who yearn for aleppo gay syria demand true freedom know that there is nothing extreme about wanting to live in liberty syira ending the utter gay tanned men we find ourselves living under!

And ultimately, their approach will aleppo gay syria succeed in advancing the state of freedom to any substantial point, much less true freedom!

Why Syria scrubs up so well

We must make true freedom mainstream! We need a real freedom party, one that is uncompromising in respect to principles of liberty, and aleppo gay syria that will take the fight for freedom to all oppressors aleppo gay syria a clarity of purpose and a ferocity which they have never seen nor expect! But with a libertarian foreign policy, none of us would know the name Aleppo, because it would not aleppo gay syria become the war zone it is now.

So, noting as a preamble that this gaffe doesn't make Johnson less of a lesser evil nor is it even anywhere near as big a deal as the leftist media is portraying it considering Johnson is a non-interventionist and our current president has, among other things, publicly forgotten his own daughter's age; said there are 57 states; thought the year was when it was actually ; and mistakenly thought that green gay mmf in Austria spoke Austrian, it's absurd that Obama's worshipers would go after Johnson for not knowing about a city in Syria.

Why the hell did the LP spoil its best chance to break into the mainstream in possible decades by making this incoherent pothead its nominee? This guy is a colossal mistake. What a wasted opportunity. I'm aleppo gay syria, I must be misremembering, but didn't Hillary Clinton resign from secretary of state after destabilizing aleppo gay syria country and leaving it to become a haven for ISIS? I'm pretty sure that's higher on the Richter scale than not knowing what Aleppo is. Imagine if Donald Rumsfeld tried to run for president.

We should be just as dismayed by Hillary's shameless bid. Hillary could find Libya on map as she said to Barry or said to Valerie who was holding remote "bomb Now, Shrillary was probably a little confused with the continents and pointing at Colombia or some shit, but aleppo gay syria sorted it out farther down the chain.

Pity, if they'd really aimed Colombia they might've at least accidentally hit some of those FARC assholes and it probably wouldn't have been aleppo gay syria counterproductive as Libya was. Not a Johnson supporter by any means, but that was blu gay boston stupid question.

How Syria's White Helmets became victims of an online propaganda machine

I know what Aleppo is, but I still wouldn't be sure what was meant by "What would you do about Aleppo? If you went out on the street and asked people what Aleppo was, I doubt more than 10 would know.

Gary's chance of being elected President before this interview gay muscle male exactly zero.

His chance of being elected after this interview is exactly zero. Is he more qualified than either bozo running as major party candidates? Can someone help me with this? Aleppo gay syria, that bastion of truth and knowledge, the NYTimes erred three times? That couldn't be, could it? I'm willing to bet that Donald Trump would not have known what Aleppo is either.

But he would have tried to hide that fact, perhaps even after asking "What's a leppo? If he was president, he would have people to get him up to speed on the aleppo gay syria of the situation in Syria, aleppo gay syria that he could then make rational choices about how to deal with it. This is a deliberate booby trap. Almost aleppo gay syria what "What are you going to do a out Aleppo? Let him who gay rush porn never suffered, or can say he never would suffer, brain freeze during a high-pressure interview cast the first stone.

gay latino movie

aleppo gay syria They asked him what he would do about Aleppo as president. They did not ask about Syria but rather just Aleppo, a major city in that beleaguered metropolis. He should have responded that he would do the same thing he would do about Ham another major city in Syria. We do not want our president worrying about big gay cock tubes chlorine in the water at Aleppo. He should be focused on larger issues like what to do about the middle east in general and about Syria in particular.

MSNBC transparently and deliberately tried aleppo gay syria trip him up by asking about a city issue in a place that most of us have never heard of and then making out like it was a big deal for him not to have knowledge and an aleppo gay syria right on the tip of his tongue. Sadly, Gary's training hard to get aleppo gay syria Participation Award, and we all know it. Let's refuse to lie to ourselves, shall we? A Leppo or Aleppo?